(Post-Hardcore) Silverstein - Discography - 2000-2011, MP3, CBR 320 kbps

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Страна: Burlington, Ontario || Жанр: Post-Hardcore || Год выпуска: 2000-2011 || Формат: MP3 || Битрейт аудио: CBR 320 kbps || Продолжительность: 05:18:57

01. Waiting Four Years
02. Wish I Could Forget You
03. Friends In Fall River
04. Summer's Stellar Gaze
05. My Consolation
06. Forever and A Day
01. Red Light Pledge
02. Dawn of the Fall
03. Whish I Could Forget You
04. Bleeds No More
05. Last Days of Summer
06. Waiting Four Years
01. Sacrifice
02. Darling Harbour
03. Dancing On My Grave
04. Replace You (Acoustic)
05. Wish (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
01. Smashed Into Pieces
02. Red Light Pledge
03. Giving Up
04. November
05. Last Days of Summer
06. Bleeds No More
07. Hear Me Out
08. The Weak and the Wounded
09. Wish I Could Forget You
10. When Broken Is Easily Fixed
11. Friends in Fall River (Bonus Track)
12. Forever and a Day (Bonus Track)
01. Your Sword vs. My Dagger
02. Smile in Your Sleep
03. The Ides of March
04. Fist Wrapped in Blood
05. Discovering the Waterfront
06. Defend You
07. My Heroine
08. Always and Never
09. Already Dead
10. Three Hours Back
11. Call It Karma
12. Rodeo Clown (Bonus Track)
01. Sound of the Sun
02. Bodies and Words
03. If You Could See into My Soul
04. Worlds Apart
05. My Disaster
06. Still Dreaming
07. The Sand Will Turn to Glass
08. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
09. Vanity and Greed
10. Love with Caution
11. True Romance
12. Rain Will Fall (Bonus Track)
13. Falling Down (Bonus Track)
Chapter One: It Burns Within Us All
01. A Great Fire
02. Vices (Feat. Liam Cormier)
03. Broken Stars

Chapter Two: Liars, Cheaters And Thieves
04. American Dream
05. Their Lips Sink Ships
06. I Knew I Couldn't Trust You
07. Born Dead (Feat. Scott Wade)

Chapter Three: Fight Fire With Fire
08. A Shipwreck In The Sand
09. I Am The Arsonist
10. You're All I Have

Chapter Four: Death And Taxes
11. We Are Not The World
12. A Hero Loses Everyday
13. The Tide Raises Every Ship
14. The End (Feat. Lights)

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
15. Help (The Beatles Cover)
16. Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
17. Three Miles Down (Saves The Day Cover)
18. Total Bummer (NOFX Cover)
19. Broken Stars (Demo)
01. Medication
02. Sacrifice
03. Forget Your Heart
04. Intervention
05. Good Luck With Your Lives
06. Texas Mickey (Feat. Anthony Raneri)
07. The Artist (Feat. Brendan Murphy)
08. Burning Hearts
09. Darling Harbour
10. Live to Kill
11. Replace You
12. In Memory Of...
13. Burning Hearts (Acoustic)
14. Texas Mickey (Demo)
15. Intervention (Demo)
16. In Memory Of... (Demo)
17. Dancing Of My Grave (From Transitions EP)
18. Replace You (Acoustic) (From Transitions EP)
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