Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.53 [APP/ENG]

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[XBOX] Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.53 [ENG]

Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: Soft
Разработчик: http://www.aid.xbox-hq.com/
Язык интерфейса: ENG

Auto-Installer Deluxe это инсталляционная система сделанная для консоли Xbox, даёт юзеру обновить софтмод и программы Xbox, или подготовить Бокс к установке нового Жёсткого Диска.

В отличие от других автоматически устанавливающихся систем в этом релизе есть всё для настройке свеже купленного ящика, Auto-Installer Deluxe сделает всё что вам нужно и больше. Крутотени по одному клику сделают функции настройки Xbox доступнее для новичков , так же здесь есть всё необходимое для продвинутого юзера.

Возможности :

* Форматирование вашего нового Жёсткого Диска, прямо при загрузке диска.
* Форматирование вашего старого Жёсткого Диска для новой установки.
* Бек ап и восстановление сохранений игр, партиций жёсткого диска и т.д.B
* Залочить / Разлочить ваш Жёсткий Диск (в ConfigMagic).
* Установка одним кликом опций для Модчипа или Софтмода.
* Установка последней версии MS Xbox Дашборда.
* Установка / Удаление Homebrew Дашборда (Evox, Avalaunch, и т.д.).
* Установка / Удаление Homebrew Программ (Xbox Media Centre, и т.д.).
* Установка / Удаление Homebrew Эмуляторов (MAME, и т.д.).
* Установка / Переустановка / Удаление Софтмода.
* Установка Auto-Installer Deluxe на ваш Жёсткий Диск.
* Установка Phoenix BIOS Loader (PBL) на ваш Xbox.
* Установка XSelect на ваш Xbox.
The History of Auto-Installer Deluxe

The original Auto-Installer Deluxe was made back in December 2004. The main focus at this time was mainly just to build an installer system which could install various Dashboards (unlike Slayers Auto-Installer system which was the most popular at that time, which only gave the choice of one dashboard). As well as the different Dashboards to choose from, there was also an extensive collection of Applications and Emulators added, so that the user could get the full potential from their Xbox.

Version 2.0 came out in 2005, which was the introduction of a new system, where the installer disc could be upgraded with various addon and update packs. This system allowed the Auto-Installer Deluxe disc to always stay up-to-date with the latest bugfixes, new Software, Rom packs for Emulators, or anything else that needed to be released for the system.

The most recent version (v4.50) was released in April 2009, which basically continued on the work from v1-v3, adding some more features and software along the way. Update packs are released roughly every two months which will ensure that the Auto-Installer Deluxe system is the most up-to-date and the most flexible package available for the Xbox console.

2011-04-11 v4.53

* Updated: SID v5.10 was replaced with SID v5.11
* Updated: XBMC Application (revision 30836 2011-04-04)
* Updated: XBMC Scripts, Plugins, and Skins
* Software Added:
o Atari 7800X 6
o MekaX 3
o OdysseyX 3
o PCSXBox 21
o Surreal64 XXX CE B5.4
o Vice20X 6
o Vice64X 9
o VicePETX 5
o VirtualBoyX 3
o WinSTonX 9
o x68000X 5
o z26X 7
o ZsnexBox 3.7

2010-05-05 v4.52

* Updated: XBMC Application (T3CH Build 2010-04-27 SVN revision 29407)
* Updated: XBMC Scripts from SVN (revision 2606)
* Updated: XBMC Skins from SVN (revision 2722)
* Software Added:
o AdamX 5
o ArnoldX 5
o BlissX 9
o BlueMSXbox 4
o MednafenX-Lynx 6
o MednafenX-NES 15
o MednafenX-PCE 5
o NeoGenesis 25
o NeoPopX 6
o OdysseyX 3
o PCSXBox 21
o Surreal64 XXX CE B5.3
o XboyAdvance 24
o ZsnexBox 3.6

2009-11-09 v4.51 (Update Pack)

* Updated: SID v5.01 was replaced with SID v5.10 Final
* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added: Xbox Media Center SVN Build Revision 24368 (2009-11-06)

2009-04-15 v4.50 FINAL (ISO Release)

* Software Added:
o PCSXBox 20
o Xbox Media Center 2009-04-04

2009-02-22: v4.41 (Update Pack)

* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added: Xbox Media Center 2009-02-18

2008-12-11: v4.40 (ISO Release - Full and Lite Version)

* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2008-12-07
o XDSL 0.7 Beta 1

2008-09-30: v4.31 (Update Pack)

* Added: Option to access the UnleashX settings screen
* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o Atari7800x 5
o MednafenX-Lynx 4
o MednafenX-NES 10
o MednafenX-PCE 4
o NeoGenesis 23
o Xbox Media Center 2008-09-19
o ZsnexBox 3.5

2008-07-02: v4.30 (ISO Release - Full and Lite Version)

* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o AtariXLBox 7
o Xbox Media Center 2008-06-30
o XBpartitoner 1.1
o XDSL 0.6 RC2
o ZsnexBox 3.4

2008-05-05: v4.21 (Update Pack)

* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o MednafenX-NES 9 (Fixed version)
o Xbox Media Center 2008-05-04

2008-03-04: v4.20 (ISO Release - Full and Lite Version)

* Fixed: UnleashX Skin Packs
* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2008-03-09

2008-01-15: v4.13 (Update Pack) Includes v4.11/4.12 Update Packs

* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o AdamX 3
o ArnoldX 3
o Atari7800X 4
o AtariXLBox 6
o BlissX 6
o BlueMSXBox 2
o DOSXBox 13
o FCEUltraX 17
o KegsX 4
o MednafenX-Lynx 3
o MednafenX-NES 9
o MednafenX-PCE 3
o MekaX 2
o NeoGenesis 22
o OdysseyX 2
o PCSXBox 19
o ScummVMX 0.11.0
o Surreal64XXX Beta 5
o Vice20X 5
o Vice64X 8
o VicePETX 4
o VirtualBoyX 2
o WinstonX 8
o WinUAEX 17
o X68000X 4
o Xbox Media Center 2008-01-13
o XBoyAdvance 21
o Z26X 6

2007-10-22: v4.12 (Update Pack) Includes v4.11 Update Pack

* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2007-10-21

2007-09-18: v4.11 (Update Pack)

* Added: DHCP Pack (accidentally forgot to add it to v4.10)
* Added: Trainer Database for XBMC, no need to wait for it to be created anymore.
* Fixed: Bugs lurking in XBMC installations when using the Dashboard Installer.
* Updated: Better XBMC installations for Softmod and DHCP users.
* Software Added:
o NeoPopX 5
o Xbox Media Center 2007-09-17

2007-08-14: v4.10 (ISO Release - Full and Lite version)

* Added: New Lite distribution (eliminates the need to use Addon Packs)
* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Updated: Some of the AID Installer Icons
* Updated: Softmod Section for the AID disc, it now lets you choose any dashbaord
* Software Added:
o FuseX 0.6
o WinSTonX 7
o Xbox Media Center 2007-08-12

2007-06-19: v4.02 (Update Pack)

* Updated: UnleashX Skins (using .zip format for the skins now)
* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o UnleashX 0.39.0528 Build 584
o Xbox Media Center 2007-06-17
o Zsnesbox 3.3

2007-05-08: v4.01 (Bugfix Release)

* Fixed: Bugs in the installer and in SID 5
* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2007-05-07

2007-04-12: v4.0 Beta 13 *FINAL*

* Updated: AID and SID Skins - XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2007-04-08

2007-03-27: v4.0 Beta 12 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Fixed: Bugs with blank .zip files used by the installer
* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2007-03-23

2007-03-19: v4.0 Beta 11 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Fixed: Repaired some bugs in AID and SID 5
* Updated: Moved the Xbox Trainers to a Addon Pack
* Updated: Missing Emulator icons in the installer
* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2007-03-18

2007-03-13: v4.0 Beta 10 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Updated: XBMC Skins and Scripts
* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2007-03-12

2007-02-29: v4.0 Beta 9

* Software Added:
o ZsnexBox 3.0 Final

2007-02-27: v4.0 Beta 8 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Updated: Most of the XBMC Skinpacks
* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2007-02-26

2007-02-11: v4.0 Beta 7

* Software Added:
o FBA-XXX Pro 1.28
o Xbox Media Center 2007-02-09

2007-02-06: v4.0 Beta 6 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Fixed: Scripting errors.
* Software Added:
o DOSXbox 12
o FBA-XXX Pro 1.27
o Xbox Media Center 2007-02-01

2007-01-30: v4.0 Beta 5 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Software Added:
o FBA-XXX 2007-01-28
o ZsnexBox 2.99 Beta 2

2007-01-27: v4.0 Beta 4 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Fixed: ROM Folder location on the ISO, was in incorrect place.
* Software Added:
o DosXbox 11

2007-01-23: v4.0 Beta 3 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Added: Rom Installer.
* Software Added:
o DOSXbox 9
o Xbox Media Center 2007-01-16

2007-01-18: v4.0 Beta 2

* Fixed: Broken skins that were in the Evox Skinpack.
* Fixed: XBMC Skinpacks for the new AID system.
* Updated: Removed SID 3.1 and 4.5, replaced with SID 5.
* Updated: Designed new Installer Skins.

2007-01-11: v4.0 Beta 1

* Removed: All DHCP installations from the script. This makes the script a lot smaller and hopefully faster loading times. All DHCP usage will now be via the DHCP Addon Pack.
* Software Added:
o Dvd2Xbox 0.7.8
o ZsnexBox 2.99 Beta 1

2006-10-03: v3.10 (ISO Release)

* Added: Added Atari7800X, VirtualBoyX, and z26x to the installer
* Updated: Cleaned up and updated all the BIOS MD5 Hashes
* Updated: Added the config files for XBMC again
* Updated: Cleaned up the Main Menu
* Updated: Updated Atari7800X, MednafenX-Lynx, MednafenX-NES, MednafenX-PCE, MekaX, NeoGenesis, PCSXBox, Vice20X, Vice64X, VicePETX, VirtualBoyX, WinUAEX, XBoyAdvance, and Z26X to AmyGrrl's versions which don't save the Emulator data on E Drive, but instead it saves the data in the folder where it the Emulator is installed.
* Updated: Updated AdamX, ArnoldX, AtariXLBox, BlissX, BlueMXSbox, DOSXbox, FCEUltraX, KEGS-X, NeoPopX, OdysseyX, Surreal64, WinSTonX, and x68000x in the same way that is done for the above emuators, so the data is now saved in the same path as the Emulator.
* Software Added:
o Atari7800X 3
o Dvd2Xbox 0.7.7
o FBAXXX 2006-08-20
o FBAXXX Pro 1.26
o PCSXBox 18
o VirtualBoyX 1
o Xbox Media Center 2.0.0
o Z26X 5
o ZsnexBox 2.98

2006-07-30: v3.04 (Update Pack)

* Removed: Unrequired config file installations for XBMC
* Software Added:
o FBAXXX 2006-07-18
o FBAXXX Pro 1.21
o Mimesis 3
o Vice20x 4
o Vice64x 7
o VicePETx 3
o WinUAEX 16
o Xbox Media Center 2006-07-25
o ZsnexBox 2.2

2006-06-10: v3.03 (Update Pack)

* Fixed: Problems with the One-Click Install

2006-06-07: v3.02 (Update Pack)

* Added: One-Click Install for SID 4.5
* Updated: Trainerpack compiled by Mikerowesoft
* Software Added
o Dvd2Xbox 0.7.6
o FBA-XXX 2006-05-28
o FBA-XXX Pro 1.17
o MAMEoX128 Plus 2006-04-12
o MednafenX-NES 8
o WinUAEX 15
o Xbox Media Center 2006-06-06
o Xmac 0.2
o Xthom 0.3
o Xzx81 0.2

2006-04-08: v3.01 (Update Pack)

* Added: One-Click Install and Uninstall features
* Updated: Trainerpack compiled by Mikerowesoft
* Updated: Evox MD5 Hashes
* Software Added:
o Dvd2Xbox 0.7.4
o FBA-XXX Pro 1.12
o MednafenX-Lynx 2
o MednafenX-NES 4
o MednafenX-PCE 2
o MelaX 1
o NeoGenesis 21
o Surreal64-XXX b4.95
o UnleashX 0.39.0222 Build 572
o Xbox Media Center (PIMPED Build) 2006-04-01
o Xboyadvance 20

2006-02-01: v3.0 Beta 18 *FINAL*

* Added: New up-to-date Trainerpack compiled by Mikerowesoft
* Software Added:
o Dvd2Xbox 0.7.3
o Xbox Media Center 2006-01-29 (T3CH)
o Xored ETM/XBTF Engine v2.2 (with custom skin from Mikerowesoft)

2006-01-22: v3.0 Beta 17

* Removed: Media X Menu.
* Updated: Finalised SID 4.5 System.

2005-12-22: v3.0 Beta 16

* Fixed: Small glitches in SID 3.1.
* Software Added:
o Dvd2Xbox 0.7.2
o X-DSL 0.5
o Xbox Media Center 2005-12-16
o Xmac v0.1
o Xored Trainer Launcher v2.1
o Xthom v0.2
o XVectrex v0.1
o Xzx81 0.1

2005-12-05: v3.0 Beta 15 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Added: Minor tweaks to the install scripts.
* Added: Soundtrack for AID 3.
* Updated: Finalised all the skins for the AID / SID systems.
* Software Added:
o ScummVMx 0.80 WIP

2005-11-22: v3.0 Beta 14

* Updated: Screenshot icons for the AID menu.
* Software Added:
o Mimesis 2

2005-11-20: v3.0 Beta 13

* Added: Option to install Dashboards set up for DHCP.
* Added: Reserved spot for SID 4 N-Knave in the Advanced Tools section.
* Removed: Static / DHCP switch. There is now an addon pack which will let you use DHCP whilst using the AID disc.
* Updated: SID 3.0 Lite to SID 3.1 Lite, now runs on simlar system as SID 3.1 Final.

2005-11-16: v3.0 Beta 12 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Changed: SID 3.1, now it supports all games on one 8mb Memory Card.
* Software Added:
o Surreal64 XXX Beta 4.9
o Xored Trainer Launcher 2.0

2005-10-28: v3.0 Beta 11

* Fixed: Some more minor bugs.
* Updated: Game Trainers to the Mikerowesoft Trainer Pack 2005-10-23 package.
* Software Added:
o Dvd2Xbox 0.7.1

2005-10-05: v3.0 Beta 10 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Added: Screenshots to AID 3 menu.
* Fixed: Small typos in AID 3 menu.
* Software Added:
o X-DSL 0.40
o Xbox Media Center 2005-09-30

2005-09-28: v3.0 Beta 9

* Added: Made it possible to install Applications to C Drive.
* Fixed: AID 2 ISO Updater for AID 3.
* Software Added:
o Chimp 2.6 (both as an installable application and in the AID menu).

2005-09-23: v3.0 Beta 8 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Software Added:
o Xbox Media Center 2005-09-22

2005-09-21: v3.0 Beta 7

* Changed: "Patch MS 5960 Dash" option in AID, now a MS backup is not needed as it's directly loaded from AID.
* Fixed: Problem that occured again with DHCP switch.

2005-09-18: v3.0 Beta 6 - RELEASED TO TESTERS

* Fixed: Small problem with the DHCP switch. Basically a file was missing and the switch would only work when the BIOS Addon Pack was used. Also fixed some more small menu bugs.

2005-09-18: v3.0 Beta 5

* Changed: Changed all the files back to ZIP due to problems with RAR compression.
* Changed: Removed all the dashboard skins (besides default if need be) to make it possible for CD-R / CD-RW users to use this disc. The skins can be embedded into the ISO if need be via Update Packs.
* Fixed: Fixed a few bugs in the menu script.

2005-09-14: v3.0 Beta 4

* Fixed: Finalised SID 3.1 Final Softmod engine, and incorporated into AID 3.0.

2005-09-15: v3.0 Beta 3

* Fixed: Just minor altering and fixing of the installation scripts. Hopefully they are now finalised and won't need any more editing.

2005-09-06: v3.0 Beta 2

* Added: New skins for the installer.
* Added: Option to Boot MS Dashboard with PBL (Advanced Tools section).
* Added: Softmodding section is the same as SID 3.1 Final.
* Added: Static / DHCP mode switch in installer. The installer has config scripts correctly configured for both setups now, without the use of an update pack.
* Removed: EvolutionX 3921 Dashboard, it was pointless to keep both 3921 and 3935 versions.

2005-09-01: v3.0 Beta 1

* Added: BIOS Flashing menu which was in AID 1.0, but wasremoved in AID 2.0 due to reports of it not being able to flash. The list of flashable ROMs has now been updated so it hopefully should be able to work with most chips. This comes in the form of an addon pack, becuase the BIOS files take up nearly 50mb, which can be crutial CD space for CD-R/CD-RW users.
* Changed: Backup / Restore system, now it will just copy the backup to your selected location instead of zipping it. Plenty of bugs were removed too.
* Changed: Most install files now use the RAR compression system (this reduces the filesize a little). The Emulators are still left in ZIP for backwards compatibility with any Rom Addon packs that were released for AID v2.0.
* Fixed: Error when installing DaphneX to E Drive (would install to F instead).
* Software Added:
o Dvd2Xbox 0.7.0
o FBAXXX 2005-08-26
o X-DSL 0.3
o Xored ETM Mini Launcher 1.0

2005-08-04: v2.11 Final - Quick bugfix release to fix some of the minor problems.

* Fixed: Problem with XBMC keymap.xml file (I got reports that the latest keymap file didn't work so I used an older version (from the previous day). Still had problems so I compiled XBMC 2005-08-03 to resolve the problem.
* Fixed: Problem with text in the screensaver for the AID 2 Install menu. The text was taking up too much room on the screen so I made the text smaller in length.
* Fixed: Problem with the music in the AID 2 Install menu. It would be very jerky and cut off the tunes prematurely, so I re-encoded them and now they are fine.
* Software Added:
o FBAXXX 2005-08-02
o Xbox Media Center 2005-08-03

2005-08-01: v2.1 Final

* Added: SID 3 Lite, installable via the Advanced Options menu.
* Dashboards Added:
o Anod-X v1.02.1
o Avalaunch 0.49.3 Build 142
* Software Added:
o Dvd2Xbox 0.6.8
o FBAXXX 2005-07-23
o MAMEoX128 Plus 2005-07-26
o ScummVMx 0.71
o Softmod Installer Deluxe v3.0 Lite
o Xbox Media Center 2005-07-31

2005-06-30: v2.02

* Software Updates:
o DVD2Xbox 0.6.7
o SC3X 0.05
o Surreal64 XXX Beta 4
o UnleashX v0.38.0515 Build 565
o X-DSL v0.21
o Xbox Media Center 2005-06-29

2005-05-18: v2.01

* Updated: Problems with NKpatcher and PBL installations within AID 2.

2005-05-12: v2.0 Beta 18 *FINAL*

* Updated: Implemented the new version of UnleashX for AID, SID, and dashboards.
* Updated: Skins for AID and SID to fit more text (mainly for the multilingual versions).
* Updated: Gamesave Icon and Gamesave Title for SID 3.
* Software Updates:
o UnleashX 0.38.0501 Build 562
o X-DSL v0.2
o Xbox Media Center CVS 2005-05-10
* Translation Packs: German, French.

2005-04-30: v2.0 Beta 17

* Removed: Full version of SID 3. Since the Lite version can get you to the point where you can use AID 2, there's no need for the Full any more. The Lite version has had the Evox dashboard included, so now you can easily install Evox to back up your HDD Key and Eeprom.
* Software Updates:
o FBAXXX 2005-04-26
o Surreal64 XXX Beta 3b

2005-04-18: v2.0 Beta 16

* Fixed: Small problem with Softmod Installer Deluxe. It will now clear the C Drive before installing a softmod, so backup of the MS Dash is vital before this.
* Software Updates:
o Linksboks 0.99
o Surreal64 XXX Beta 3a
* Translation Packs: Bulgarian, Greek.

2005-04-05: v2.0 Beta 15

* Fixed: Skin location problem with MXM when installed as an Application.
* Added: Install Dashboards (for softmods) as an app. A softmodded xbox requires a different filename for the MS Dashboard.
* Software Updates:
o Surreal XXX Beta 2
* Translation Packs: Danish, Dutch.

2005-04-01: v2.0 Beta 14

* Added: Option for Softmodded Xboxes to boot the MS Dash (meaning no hacked dash). This update was only applied to AID 2, and not to SID 3.
* Fixed: XBMC RSS Newsfeeds to obtain news from www.xbox-hq.com.

2005-03-30: v2.0 Beta 13

* Added: X-DSL (Xbox - Damn Small Linux) so it can be installed as a dash or app.
* Updated: SID 3 installer menu, it will now also give you the option to install directly to any of the 8 memory card locations (1A, 1B etc).
* Software Updates:
o X-DSL 0.1

2005-03-28: v2.0 Beta 12

* Updated: PBL Installation in the Advanced Options Menu. Now you can select which BIOS you want for your 2nd dual boot (instead of being a forced Debug). Team Gueux Debug for Focus v1.00.1 was also added as a 2nd Debug BIOS.
* Software Updates:
o Xbox Media Center 2005-03-26

2005-03-23: v2.0 Beta 11

* Added: Option to install Softmod with or without Tray Open Menu. This has also been added to Softmod Installer Deluxe v3.0.
* Fixed: Bug with Installing AID 2.0 to HDD.

2005-03-20: v2.0 Beta 10

* Added: Install the entire AID 2.0 to your HDD on E, F, or G.
* Updated: Threw all the softmodding stuff in one section called "Softmod Section".

2005-03-19: v2.0 Beta 9

* Added: Option to choose whether to install PBL or Nkpatcher for the Softmod.
* Software Updates:
o Softmod Installer Deluxe v3.0 Full / Lite.

2005-03-16: v2.0 Beta 8

* Added: Customised the dashboard XBE's so that "AID 2.0" is now shown instead of "Microsoft", this does not appear work on PBL or Softmods though.
* Added: ISO Updater tool. This tool will handle updates which are stored in RAR archives.
* Software Updates:
o MAMEdoX 1.1

2005-03-10: v2.0 Beta 7

* Added: New intro.
* Removed: BenderMameOX 2005-01-08
* Software Updates:
o Dvd2Xbox v0.6.6
o FBAXXX 2005-03-06
o MAMEdoX v1.0
o Xbox Media Center 2005-03-04

2005-02-29: v2.0 Beta 6

* Added: Updated script to install Hacked Dashboards for softmodded xboxes, since their MS Dash is called msdash.xbe instead of xboxdash.xbe.
* Software Updates:
o FBAXXX 2005-02-27

2005-02-27: v2.0 Beta 5

* Added: Softmod installer. The idea is to use SID v2.0 Lite to install the initial softmod on a unmodded xbox, then to use this to install it properly with the latest MS dash working.
* Fixed: Finalised the Backup / Restore feature.
* Software Updates:
o FBAXXX Beta 5
o Surreal FDB v4
o Softmod Installer Deluxe v2.0 Lite

2005-02-20: v2.0 Beta 4

* Added: Backup and Restore feature for drives, gamesaves, and cache.
* Removed: Softmod Installer Deluxe v1.01, and updated to latest version.
* Software Updates:
o Softmod Installer Deluxe v2.0

2005-02-09: v2.0 Beta 3

* Added: Enigmah-X NTSC/PAL Video Mode Changer now is usable in Tools menu.
* Added: New skin and background music.

2005-02-07: v2.0 Beta 2

* Added: Updated Flash List for Evolution-X Dashboards.
* Changed: Installer now has dashboard skins in seperate files, for easy updating.
* Software Updates:
o BenderMameOX 2005-01-08
o FBAXXX 2005-02-06
o Softmod Installer v2.0 Lite (Add-on Pack)
o Xbox Media Center 2005-02-01

2005-02-03: v2.0 Beta 1

* Added: More UnleashX options for the main menu: Tray open+close, Restart Xbox, etc.
* Changed: Moved PBL and XSelect to a new "Advanced Options" menu.
* Fixed: Problem with dashboards installing as applications.
* Removed: lTools and UXE Softmod Installers
* Software updates:
o Dvd2Xbox v0.6.3
o Softmod Installer Deluxe v1.01

2004-12-30 - Version 1.01

* Fixed all the bugs described in this post: http://xbox-hq.com/html/postt3499.html
* Added xCbr 0.1.1.
* Added DaphneX 0.96.
* Added SarienX 1.0 beta.
* Added FBAXXX 2004-12-26.
* Updated DummyCD to Recreate for the new v1.01, can support v1.0 still if you rename the ISO to aid101.iso.
* Updated UnleashX to 0.37.1218 Build 543, for both the installer and dashboard.
* Updated Avalaunch to 0.49.3 build 137.
* Updated Dvd2Xbox to 0.6.2.
* Updated Nkpatcher to version 10 in the UXE Softmod Exploits.

2004-12-07 - Version 1.0 Beta 13 - FINAL

* Updated XBMC to 2004-12-08 Release.
* Updated UnleashX to v0.37.1207A Build 536, also updated the frontend to this version.
* Added UXE Softmod Exploits.
* Documentation finalised.
* Intro finalised.

2004-11-28 - Version 1.0 Beta 12 - Content Cuont: Apps (25), Dash (6), Emus (30), Total (61)

* Added PBL Metoo Edition as an application.
* Updated AvaLaunch to 0.49.2.
* Added 5 more Emulators: BlueMSXbox - GNUBoy - HU-GO! - LynXbox - SMSPlusX.
* Installed lTools for 007 Agent Under Fire, Mechassault, and Splinter Cell (NTSC+PAL). Also included the bonus dashboard pack that comes with it.
* Updated ConfigMagic to v1.6 Final.

2004-11-20 - Version 1.0 Beta 11 - Content Cuont: Apps (22), Dash (6), Emus (25), Total (53)

* Updated XBpartitioner 1.0 RC1 to 1.0.
* Updated XBMC to 2004-11-15 Release.
* Added options to install Dashboards to E and G Drive.
* Added xToolbox 0.41.
* Added Phoenix BIOS Loader (Metoo Edition) with BFM Bioses for Modchip users. I've added support for dual boot to a Debug BIOS.

2004-11-14 - Version 1.0 Beta 10

* Updated DOSXbox v7 to v8.
* Updated X3 BIOS to 1959.

2004-11-10 - Version 1.0 Beta 9

* Added Yoshihiro's modified Evox M8 v1.6 BIOS for v1.6b machines.
* Removed Yoshihiro's version and the original EvoX M8, and replaced with Evox M8+.
* Updated DOSXbox v6 to v7.

2004-11-08 - Version 1.0 Beta 8

* Updated Dvd2Xbox v0.6.0 to v0.6.1.
* Added MS BIOSes 3944, 4034, 4132, 4627, 4817, 5101, 5530, 5713, and 5838.
* Removed bug from main config script for the installer which wasn't installing Dvd2Xbox or XBMC properly.
* Updated DOSXbox v5 to v6.
* Updated Avalaunch 0.49.1 to (Web update).

2004-11-04 - Version 1.0 Beta 7

* Updated PSCXBOX v12 to v13.
* Updated XBMC 2004-10-29 to 2004-11-02.
* Updated BIOS Lists for BiosChecker to contain BIOSes used on this CD.
* Updates BIOS Lists for EvoX and Media X Menu.
* Updated MS Dash to 5960 Revision 185EAD00.

2004-11-02 - Version 1.0 Beta 6 - Content Cuont: Apps (21), Dash (6), Emus (25), Total (52)

* Updated XBMC to version 2004-10-29.
* Updated WinUAEX v7 to v8, and PSCXBOX v11 to v12.
* Updated BiosChecker to version 5.0.
* Added DOSXBox v5.
* Changed back to the original DVD-X v2 (Team Xecuter version) after experiencing problems with the new Team Gueux version. It might be just a problem on my xbox, but better safe than sorry.

2004-10-29 - Version 1.0 Beta 5

* Third beta released, in a complete ISO.
* Added iND BIOS 5003 in these 4 variations (in 256k, 512k, and 1mb sizes):

ind.5003.06.c (Boots from C)
ind.5003.06.fc (Boots from F, then C)
ind.5003.67.c (Boots from C - 120gb+ HDD)
ind.5003.67.fc (Boots from F, then C - 120gb+ HDD)

* Added some Icons / Screenshots for the Main Menu of the Installer, might add a few more later on if I can somehow organise someone to capture them for me.
* Added more skins for Avalaunch, UnleashX, and Media X Menu.
* New method for Region-Free patching the Original Xbox DVD Player. Instead of applying the patch via a program, it just overwrites the xboxdash.xbe file with the patched one. There is ofcuorse a clean and fixed version to choose. PLEASE NOTE: You CAN NOT use Xbox Live after this patch. These options can be accessed in the Tools menu. Also, the patched XBE file is for the Microsoft Dash version 5969, the same one included in this installer.
* Changed the default location of Emulators from X:\Apps\Emulators to X:\Emulators (X Standing for the drive letter you install it to). This is so when the dashboards do auto-sorting it doesn't include Emulators in the Games.
* Updated X3 1943 Gold BIOS to X3 1957 BIOS.

2004-10-25 - Version 1.0 Beta 4 - Content Cuont: Apps (21), Dash (6), Emus (24), Total (51)

* Second beta released for testing, only config files released though (no newer Apps).
* Updated X3 1916 BIOS to X3 1943 Gold BIOS.
* Fixed Dashboards so they call all execute the Microsoft Dashboard via a link. Dashboards not having this feature were Avalaunch, Media X Menu, and Xbox Media Center (to access the MS Dash in Xbox Media Center go to My Programs).

-- Unfortunately these updates just missed the distribution of the beta 4 update. --

* Added Gueux DVD-X v1. This will be installed as the default DVD player instead of the standard DVD-X. You can always overwrite the Gueux version with the older version by installing the original DVDX separately after installing all the apps.
* Added options in the AI menu to boot the MS Dashboard, and Hacked Dashboards on C and F.

2004-10-22 - Version 1.0 Beta 3 - Content Cuont: Apps (20), Dash (6), Emus (24), Total (50)

* Added 4 new emulators: OdysseyX - Vice20x - VicePetX - X68000X
* Updated XBMC to v1.1-EXPERT build.
* Updated Dvd2Xbox to version 0.6.0.
* Added X3 1916 BIOS.
* Added X3 Eeprom Erase to the Applications.
* Completed scripting for BIOS flashing section.
* Expanded the "Flash BIOS" section to "Flash BIOS / (Un) Lock HDD"

2004-10-20 - Version 1.0 Beta 2

* First beta released for testing. There was upload problems with the first beta, and since then I have made some changes (even though nobody knows any different ofcourse, hehehe).
* Zipped contents on the ISO to reduce image size, was 544 MB now 315 MB. This seemed to slow down the installation process, so unless the installer goes over 700 MB when completed I will discard this to make it quicker on the installation side of things.
* Removed BIOS binaries from the beta to reduce space. They are taken from my BIOS-CD pack and come in 256k, 512k, and 1mb sizes. The Menu selection for flashing is available, but I am still to design a skin for this, plus include the bios files in the ISO.
* Removed Stream Pack from XBMC due to very long installation times, both zipped and unzipped. There has also been reports that some of these streaMS are faulty, and since I don't really have the time to check them all I've just discarded them. I apologise to everyone that was hoping for this inclusion, but I have to be practical about this.

2004-10-19 - Version 1.0 Beta 1 - Content Cuont: Apps (19), Dash (6), Emus (20), Total (45)

* First build of the Auto-Installer using UnleashX as the frontend. More progress made with this in one day than what it took weeks to try and figure out with Media X Menu.
* Never released for testing. This was due to upload problems at the time, and since I did some more work to it while trying to upload; I decided not to bother with this version.
* During the beta stage, this will not been made public. I have hand-selected a few worthy beta testers to help me get rid of bugs, problems etc. before I make a public release.
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а как использовать?
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Записать образ на диск и использовать. Дополнения можно скидывать по ф.т.п. или с другого диска уставливать.
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Black Smoke

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4. Программы для Xbox system - пишим название программы и указываем [APP/ENG/RUS]. Разрешены раздачи в архивах rar и zip.
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Black Smoke
Всё готово. Что бы не качать у меня со скоростью 70 кб в сек, можете использовать ссылку из шапки и сравнить с выложенными на сайте версиями Final и 4.51.
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Топик был перенесен из форума Анонсы в форум XBox | Игры

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Как правильно записать этот образ?

добавлено спустя 5 часов 14 минут 17 секунд:

[quote="Korleone2"]Как правильно записать этот образ?
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выложите пожалуйста новую версию 4.52
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Ага, угощайся предом.
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Вместо предов лучше бы раздачу обновил, лол.
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Тебе мало? В раздаче последняя версия.
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post 13-Ноя-2010 00:51 (спустя 1 час 29 минут) [-]0[+]


Korleone2последняя версия 4.52 и там много чего обновилось
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удаление дашборда это как?
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Имелась в виду Final - Последняя. А новых то да, накопиться побольше - добавлю.
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Обновление за 07.05.2011.
Версия Auto-Installer Deluxe была обновлена с 4.51, до 4.53.

Изменения :

2011-04-11 v4.53
* Обновлено: SID v5.10 было заменено SID v5.11
* Обновлено: XBMC Application (revision 30836 2011-04-04)
* Обновлено: XBMC Scripts, Plugins, and Skins
* Добавлен софт:
o Atari 7800X 6
o MekaX 3
o OdysseyX 3
o PCSXBox 21
o Surreal64 XXX CE B5.4
o Vice20X 6
o Vice64X 9
o VicePETX 5
o VirtualBoyX 3
o WinSTonX 9
o x68000X 5
o z26X 7
o ZsnexBox 3.7

Просьба перекачать и перехешировать раздачу.
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Купил новый коробокс, не знаю что ним делать. Почитал факи - еще больше запутался.
Эта программа не работает с непрошитыми консолями?
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