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Love of Magic [ver. 1.6.5d (Book 1) / 1.0.12 (Book 2) / 1.0.2d (Book 3) Eng] [Completed]

Год выпуска: 2020-2024
Версия: 1.6.5d (Book 1) / 1.0.12 (Book 2) / 1.0.2d (Book 3) Eng [Completed]
Продолжительность:: ~50-60 часов
3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, School Setting, Tentacles, Teasing, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Sandbox, Turn based combat
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Droid Productions
Издательство: Droid Productions
Перевод: -
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Unity
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык текста: Английский
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • ОС: Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10
  • Процессор: 2014 or newer Intel Core i5 / AMD
  • Оперативная память: 4 GB
  • Видеокарта: Integrated Graphics
  • DirectX: версии 9.0
  • Место на диске: ~20 GB


Love of Magic - это эротическая визуальная ролевая игра в жанре песочницы, вдохновленная "Urban Fantasy" и "Slice of Life", а также такими играми как "Persona". Овладей своей магией. Найди настоящую любовь. Узнай свое предназначение.

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив LoveOfMagic-Book1-v1.6.5d-pc_Eng.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл Love of Magic.exe
  • Играть
  • Walkthrough / Прохождение

Updated the mirrors with Book 1's New Game+ mode, adding the ability to start a new game from your end of book 3 save, ports the whole thing to Book 3's final engine (with things like rollback support, more enemies, improved visuals, etc), new quests, added new closeups and animations, and a dialog that changes in subtle ways if you're replaying in NG+ mode vs normal mode.

The Love of Magic trilogy is now on the Steam Spring Sale, if you want to support me making games like this!
Book 3
v1.0.2d - 2023-09-30
- Added map exits for the various Elsewhere rooms, in case anyone gets stuck there.
- Fixes for people starting Book 3 without a Book 2 savegame:
- Opens up the old hunting grounds
- Opens up the demon hunting groups
- Bella's fully upgraded
- Akane's shadowhunter gear unlocked
- Default loadout now includes storybased gems from Book 1/2 (Shield9 from Emily, Rage9 from Bella, Lightning9 from Thor)
- Fixed a bug where you could risk not getting RP if you started a save without having an existing savegame
- Fixed a bug where you could tell Zenia about Matthew ahead of time
- Typos cleaned up
- Upgraded unity version (eek)
- New event, Great Hall (day 210-264, ex Night)
- Disabled Dragon Quest after you complete it
- Fixed Emily's mug
- Fixed a bug where triggering a Book 2 achievement would crash the game
- Fixed a bug where calendar UI was badly behaved when scaling
- Fixed some popups having a transparent edge around them
- Re-encoded broken audio to WAV
- Fixed missing video for The Return sequence
- Added a little video bar to see Love of Magic / Morningstar and other Flexible Media games.
- Fixed a bug where rewinding from the Elsewhere map then going forward again would leave you stuck
- Added in a guard to prevent overlapping sprites
- Fixed missing names when mouse-overing some character (Zenia, Matthew, Ian, etc)
- Fixed missing action descriptions when mouse-overing some actions (training in Katie's gym, Merlin's study)
- Fixed a UI glitch in Cheat Menu when viewing in 4:3
- Fixed a UI glitch in the Gem UI menu when viewing in 4:3 or similar resolutions
- Added explicit thumbnails for rooms that quite be glitchy on quicknav UI because their backgrounds are videos (king's dragon, chosen bedroom, dark mansion, Crowely basement)
- Rewrote the log interface
- Fixes a missing link in convo for starting a fresh game
- Fixed Adrian's name not being set in a fresh game
- Draco now enabled for a fresh game
- Cleaned out quests
- New mini-event with Zenia, day 241+ in R2
- Matthew now has a stub for not talking with him
- Aino removed from party day 281
- Re-encoded one of the End of Act XV movies
- You can't start the Xochi conversation about healing Elsewhere before day 269
- Added fixes to One Punch Man, Release The Void and the cumulative damage counters
- Disabled quickjump from inside Elsewhere locations
- Fixed bug in Fenris achievement
- Added a replayable stump dialog for 2nd time you talk to draco in R2
- Quicknav disabled from areas where you can't jump (Elsewhere and locations outside camelot/edinburgh)
- Fixed Kitsune and Aino showing the wrong images in Elsewhere rest-stop
- Fixed scrollback activating when questUI is open
- Fixed a bug where triggering a Day 233 Kingdom event would auto-trigger the evening meeting
- Fixed Kingdom Event UI squashing the aspect-ratio of the scrollable events
- Cleaned up the quest descriptions
- Fixed the path disappearing after talking to Samael
- Restored the Book 1 email attachements
- Fixed being able to talk to Adrian and Olivia late night
- Typo pass
- Day 287
- Initial New Game without existing save now comes with a selection of gems
- Typo fixes
- Fixed cummulative damage bug
- Fullscreen videos now use the VFX sound volume controller
- Added achievements
- New achievement UI (from settings)
- Refreshed the memories system
- Steam submission version
- Set up functionality to reload card backgrounds to debug menu
- Fixed card background not being considered a popup
- Tweaked gemui
- tweaked Emily's dress spine
- talking to Matthew in R1 now closes Man at arms
- Now showing dance stat
- Completing reading Shibari in R1 will not trigger the next sequence in You Raise Me Up.
- Fixed Molly's post-service outfits being reversed between R1/R2
- Typo pass
- Reimported audio-files
- Added 20 new collectible card backs
- Talk to KD (day 272+, drinking at the KD)
- Talk to Draco in R1
- Talk to Matthew in R1
- Day 288
- Added a new intro animation to day 285
- Added a new sequence in the middle of the dinner date
- Day 285
- Day 286
- Fixed a bug in rollback
- Redid day 284 animation
- Fixed up sound files
- Updated to Unity version 2021.3.3f1 (LTS)
- Fixed Emily's outfit end day 278 being incorrect
- Added some additional bella pics evening 278
- Cleaned up addressable locations.
- Day 278 date night
- Day 284
- Can now Facial mom at night
- New Kingdom event (talk to Xochi in R1, assuming you spoke to her day 264)
- Day 281
- Day 276
- Day 280 night
- Day 279 morning
- New animation day 279
- Full typo pass
- Day 279 (night) event
- Typo pass continues
- New event day 276+ at the Crowley
- Typo pass
- Day 269
- Molly's gotten her choker back in R1
- New R1 relaxation images in the KD
- Fixed a bug where if one room event adds more than one character, only the first one is shown
- Fixed a bug where bedroom and camelot bathroom wasn't accessible from quicknav in R1
- Fixed Day 250 not triggering
- Fixed Katie's R1 battle convo not repeating
- Fixed broken addressable
- Day 271
- Fixed incorrect draco size
- Fixed blocked path to third boss
- Fixed reading in Camelot summoning Olivia
- Fixed a video day 272 that flicks back to fog
- Fixed typos
- New dancing event in the dojo (will unlock day 271+, but you can fake it with adding flag R1_DANCE_LESSONS)
- New Xochi event (unlocks new KE)
- Fixed bug where you could get stuck in the glade (before and after Act XV's end)
- Removed Djinn and Dragon R1
- Draco's back at the Tea house in R1 if you've hatched him
- Removed Katie from the gym R1, returned her to Lancaster
- Added Xochi and dylan back to the, camelot library
- Zenia and Matthew returned to the round table
- Added guard against triggering the X basement convo in R1
- Added guards against Molly using the R2 outfit while chilling in the bar in R1
- Unseelie Court, and first two scouting missions disabled in R1
- You can drink at the Crowley in R1 again (even if you never talked to Chloe in R2)
- Fixed R2 events being accessible when drinking at the Crowley
- Fixed Snowdrop in the R2 onsen being accessible in R1
- Fixed various Dojo events that trigger between R2 and R1
- Added guards for Kulbir in R1
- Fixed a bug where mouse-over behaviors on buttons didn't reset when a popup was hidden/shown
- Day 273
- Day 274
- Added a fix to clear out Ian from R1 if he was sticking around (triggers when you talk to Jenny), and made sure you can't talk to him there
- Fixed restore-service correcting for R1/R2 issues
- Rewrote the morrigan conversation to work for both R1 and R2
- Fixed missing transcoded video day 272
- Day 275 morning
- New Chloe chat, day 275+
- Day 272 morning
- Two new chats with Chloe (on in R1, one after day 268, requires MOLLYS_DILEMMA flag)
- Fixed a bug that left the R1 computer always showing a notification
- New book from Diana
- New event with Adrian at the library
- New event with Olivia at the private library
- R1 allies now restored at day 267
- Jenny's back at the Starcucks, and will play her music correctly
- New Jenny event first time you meet her in R1 if you completed the Shibari sequence in R2
- Guards added for R1 content:
- Computer purchasing turned off
- Sleep in KD bedroom turned off
- Added guards for Akane's cheongsam
- Fixed molly's dancing in croptop at the bar
- Cleaned up the University R1 events
- Restored Katie's R1 skills even if she never became a power in R2
- Restored Dylan's refresh in R1
- Removed fire immunity for Hel
- Experimental animation for day 270
- Day 268 (will be continued day 269 later)
- Day 270 (one of the scenes will be replaced by a video clip)
- New meeting with Samael
- New elite enemy (the third)
- New discussion with the Salesman
- Fixed inconsistencies in the rewind system
- The epic quests can no longer be started at late night
- Restored the R1 bedroom
- Sleeping in R1 now correct
- Fixed a bug where it would keep asking you to roll back to start of Act
- Rollback now prioritizes the text scroll if present (so you don't accidentally roll back when you're trying to scroll through options)
- Day 266 complete
- Day 267 complete
- Started cleaning up R1
- Opening Day 266
- Experimental rollback functionality
v0.5.11c - 2023-06-30
- Fixed Fia's conversation Day <220 referencing things that hasn't happened yet
- Fixed up some issues related to Large icon/large text accessibility mode
- The opening video now plays immediately, without the sliding box first.
- Typo pass
- Reduced the size of computer notifications in QuickNav
- Added Kingdom Event notifications to the QuickNav
- Fixed empty mouse-hint remaining after combat ends
- Fixed Lich camp being visible but unopenable before What we Do is complete
- Emily and Katie's power unlocks set to correct day
- Re-rendered two animations to have Bella's lightning animating
- Fixed Salesman's Winter King sequence being replayable
- Two new Kingdom Events (Inside Job and What we do). Triggers by talking to Molly after completing Gemstone III
- New combat encounter (after What we do completes)
- New path for Wolf Quest if Emily participated in the fight, and a small side dialog for her.
- New event with the Salesman (day 231+)
- Three new gems for sale with the Salesman (rage blast, shield blast, circuit breaker)
- Removed some of the Camelot / Edinburgh quick-jump locations that never have any activities from the quicknav bar
- Pendragon Inc now accessible from the quicknav menu
- Computer events show up as activities
- Added failsafe to nudge you up to Katie's gym if you haven't had her date even by day 210. Triggers either from Camelot overview map or from the Crowley
- Cleaned up Void Blast
- Fixed up changing cardback from Elsewhere map going to an invalid state
- Cleaned up the enemy gems code
- Cleaned up hiding the mouse over text when exiting poker combat
- Cleaned up Arms race closing with Manufacturing III
- Cleaned up main menu UI
- Fixed rage blast damage
- New mini-events at the rest-places for Dylan, Molly, Akane, Molly, Emily, Katie and the foxes
- New KE event: Blessed 2. Followed by a Demonfox article and 2 letters (talk to her, KD, +1 day and +5 days)
- Cleaned up the images for Molly's BD
- Resized all the quest images
- Shifted some events at the KD to not be accessible late night
- Dylan's drinking session now accessible day 250 (after he and Katie arrives)
- Emily now disappears after her day 200 event
- Removed debug spam from the player.log
- New KE: Blessed. Triggers after You Raise Me Up is complete
- Typos fixed
- Updated info for Void Blast
- Tweaked Rage Blast from 3x Rage to 50x rage
- Fixed shield blast
- Fixed missing puppeteering from Kingdom Event
- Fixed Schwartalf 2nd meeting not working properly
- Added a new Kingdom event (trigger by going to Merlin's tower after receiving the Mana Blast)
- Setup for new Kingdom event (Blessed 1)
- Added a new video to the Katie drinking event Act XV
- Blocked access to RPs until reconciled with Emily
- Blocked access to talking to Fia about Mab until after day 220
- Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in combat if you encountered an Elsewhere enemy during before date-night
- Closed up Redeeming Grace.
- Can no longer sleep in the Camelot bedroom until Act XVI
- Closed up shoe-fetish
- Advanced Man-at-arms
- Typos fixed
- New Dylan event, day 263+ in the evening/night (if you've done his trip to Camelot)
- New Katie event, day 261+
- New night-time event at King's Dragon 2 days+ after Jenny's songbird performance
- Fixed a bug where the JENNY_ON_TV wasn't correctly set
- Fixed a continuity bug caused by Molly's birthday party
- Updated and completed the Quest "You Raise Me Up"
- Adjusted gem witdh sizes in the enemy gem previews
- new gem reward for two epic battles (Berserker and VenomStrike)
- New event (Crowley, night, day 210-264, 2 days after Jenny and Olivia's showdown)
- Eyeless respecced for 35-90, 40-100 and 50+ levls
- Typo pass
- Fixed Akane's images available in Crowley before she's rescued
- Fixed Zenia's dialog if day < 231
- Fixed running into the Unseelie Goddess at Late Night
- New enemy triggering after Zenia Kingdom Event complete
- Weekly kingdom events giving you resources
- New enemy: Hellion Warparty (lvl 90+)
- New enemy: Deepdweller Tribe (lvl 90+)
- New enemy: Chort Warband (lvl 90+)
- New enemy: Lich Army (lvl 90+)
- New enemy class: Eyeless (grunt/knight/lord)
- New Zenia event (round table day 220-263)
- New feature: you can now peek at your opponents gems
- Fixed up a bug on load from day
- Fixed incorrect music in Day 264
- Fixed a bug where you could get stuck by loading end of act XIV
- You can now lose rage by sleeping with the Chosen
- Updated Day 210 night with a new event
- New event, drinking at KD, day 223+
v0.4.10 - 2023-04-26
- Typos and cleanup
- New feature system on the main menu
- Rewrote the debug interface to be cleaner and easier to use
- Ported over the debugging interface for achievements, and added that to the new interface
- New event: Dylan at the library (post day 250, assuming you've completed his Scouts questline)
- New event: new encounter in Elsewhere, day 255+ (assuming you've done the little mermaid quest)
- New crowley event (Night time, at least 2 days after visiting Bellanoch in book 3)
- New KD event, night, after Dylan shows up with Katie.
- New KD event, evening day 222+
- Completed Glade's secret quest
- Tuned up and split one of the animations at the end
- Day 265
- End of Act XV mainline content
- Fixed up some images with incorrect aspect ratio
- Typo fixes
- Cleaned up an image that had stocking problems
- Night 264
- New day 264 afternoon event in the round table room
- Updated visual for Day 263_night
- Day 264 morning
- Fixed some consistency bugs in characters overstaying their welcome
- You can now click on a highlighted node in the world map directly
- Typos and spellchecks
- New KD Bedroom images for day 195-196
- Day 260 (morning/evening)
- Day 261 (morning)
- Day 262 (evening)
- Day 263 (morning/night)
- Optional event: evening day 264 in the Dojo
- Fixed being able to do repeatable sex event with Akane late night
- Day 257 (date night)
- Day 258
- Day 259
- Updated drinking in KD to add 13 new micro-scenes (1 line + image) to the drinking sequence
- Day 255
- Fixed bug from trying to resume an Act+ from inside a conversation
- Morning Day 251
- Morning Day 252
- Morning Day 254
- Act XV started. Day 250 end
v0.3.21c - 2023-02-26
- Updated one of Akane's animations
- Some more typos
- Fixed typos
- Fixed restarting a game from Save/Load screen
- Fixed not being able to read Diana's books from the tea house
- Akane recurring sex (requires buying outfit, day 222)
- New sequence while eating if Akane recurring sex done
- New event (day 222+). Buying outfit at dress express
- Two new events (Drinking at night, Crowley)
- StatsUI now shows ingredients again
- New book from Diana
- Can now sell ingredients to Chloe
- New event drinking at the Crowley
- New video frame for end of act XIV
- Chloe lingerie event
- Molly shoes event
- Fixed a bug that could stop the birthday celebration if you bought the necklace on the day itself
- New Sarah event at the university, at least 2 days after doing her belly dance scene
- New item you can buy at the Crowley, after you buy lingerie for Emily. (Doesn't trigger the follow-up scene yet)
v0.3.14b - 2023-01-21
- Typos
- Fixed game+ starting you in Elsewhere
- New Day 248 event
- Act XIV content complete
- Restored Game+ functionality
- Typo pass
- Day 246
- Day 250
- Day 244 (evening)
- Fixed Matthew's clearing being accessingle ahead of time
- Fixed Dress Express signal lingering past its welcome
- End of content is now day 243 (datenight with Emily)
- Fixed typos
- Re-rendered doggy animation at 60fps
- Day 239
- Day 241
- Birthday party day 237
- Optional sexual encounter (Akane, evening, in Dojo)
- Fixed game of friends for Between 2 Worlds not triggering correctly
- Added support for fading images
- Restored the main menu background images that had gone missing
- More fixing load from day fun
- Morning day 237
- Removed obstructing Akane day 234
- Day 236 (Date with Emily)
- Cleaned up a bug in Load from day that would teleport you to the wrong location
- Added option for fullscreen videos that instantly play (see book 3 start video)
- Fixed up morning auto-saves
- Fixed flickering when moving between dark and light elsewhere.
- Added a new background for the dueling grounds
- New overview room to show Camelot itself
- Morning day 234
- Fixed load from Act+
- Fixed a few typos (for Act XIV only)
- Complete night 233
- Fixed a bug where the background and the video player both fight for the same render-target.
- New Dark Paths video backgrounds
- Fixed loading game+ always causing Emily to return you every time you load.
- Repeatable chosen locked until Day 214+.
- Elsewhere videos subdivided and made loopable
- New repeatable Chosen sequence (KD bedroom at night, day 121+)
- New elsewhere background
- Adds in a new animation for Emily date and some bug fixes
v0.2.31b - 2022-11-24
- Typo pass
- New video for Emily's lingerie session
- Some image tweaks
- Fixed text for some of the quests
- New event with Emily, evenings in the Great Hall, after purchasing new lingerie for her
- New event day 222+ in the Dojo in the evening, after meeting KD
- Typo pass
- New event day 222+ after finishing the Dylan at library events
- New event KD after seeing Jenny on TV
- Typo pass
- New event Molly in KD (after seeing Jenny on TV).
- New event (Crowley, after finishing the Shibari event with Jenny)
- New event (drinking at King's Dragon, Day 223+)
- New Onsen night event
- Shoefetish updated (you can now buy and receive them)
- New recurring event in the Dojo (Dancing with Emily)
- New Emily event day 222+ in the main hall
- Quest flag and triggers updated to advance You Raise Me Up
- Added missing guards for Jenny's Shibari content (triggers from conversation on Facial)
- You raise me up updated
- Fixed a bug in Dress Xpress where Emily's lingerie isn't removed after purchase
- 2 new events on the You Raise Me Up questline. Go to the Dojo after picking up the ropes to kick it off.
- Fixed a possible recursion bug in the day 233 convo
v0.2.18c - 2022-10-26
- Typo fixes
- Fixed DxP not opening a second time
- Mionor main menu tweaks
- Fixed a potentially broken connection on day 233 conversation
- Fixed Adrian's name not being auto-set
- auto-set uses
- added an explicit quest for Sarah
- Updated the A Court Divided Quest info
- Shibari ropes conversation now correctly removed after you buy it
- Changed upsell to go to Book 3
- Restored Akane's KD content
- New Zenia event (day 210-233
- Typo pass
- New event day 233
- Setting up end of act screen
- Game+ updated
- Day 233
- Typo pass
- Day 231
- Updated Powers that Be questlog
- Fixed rage bonus being applied correctly
- New event day 228
- New event day 230
- Day 226 event gives a 50 rage bonus
- New Day 227
- New purchaseable item (day 227+)
- New event day 226
- New quest triggering from morning day 224
- Morning day 224 event
- Fixed the bug where advancing time using a conversation action could fail to trigger later day events
- Fixed typos and some incorrect images
- Added music to day 223
- Day 223 date with Emily
- New character at the Unseelie Court
- Day 222
- Typo pass
- Fixed incorrect exit lock after day 219
- Aino combat character set up
- Removed Akane after the day 217 event
- Updated Air & Darkness main menu image
- Fixed a bug where Emily's dates could be skipped by spending all your time on the paths in the mornings
- Day 219 event
- Day 217 morning event
- Closed up Till I see you again quest
- Typo pass
- Inserted some new events into the calendar
- Typo pass
- Jump to day now correctly handles different locations for day 214-216
- Day 216
- Day 215
- Test #2
- Working on fixing a crash bug for missing skin
- Night of day 214 complete
- Loading now preserves savegame current music
- Day 214 done
- Act XIII: Air & Darkness started (end of content is day 214)
- New wallpapers added to the ingame UI
- Added a fix for people unable to trigger Dylan's second discussion
- New event day 214 (morning/day)
v0.1.7 - 2022-08-28)
- Game+ now works again
- Release candidate for Act XII+
- New event in Bellanoch (any time after the opening sequence)
- New conversation in the teacher's lounge at the University
- New conversation in DGN1
- New Quest, You Raise Me Up. Trigger from Facial software at night, after completing the new Jenny event
- Fixed the attachments from Email sorting below the rest of the computer UI
- Typo pass
- New event at Crowely. Talk to Chloe 2 days or more after talking to Ian.
- New Elsewhere roaming creature
- New roaming creature on Elsewhere map
- Fixed molly butting in to the conversation with Zenia
- Fixed Dylan's quest not progressing
- Typo fixes
- Removed some text in the first meeting with Kulbir
- Minor typos
- Hid the castle bedroom
- Hid the repeating sex
- KD is not a valid travel target from KD
- Boxing bags now show up all the time, even when Katie's hanging out in the room
- Crowley drinking now recurring, and not allowed in the morning
- Fixed a bug where video speeds could carry on into the next video cutscene
- Once you run out of Diana's books there's no longer an option to read it
- correctly saves end of act auto-save
- fixes incorrect default music for Jet
- Kulbir's drinking session at night now gated to minimum day 204
- Typos fixed up
- Added code to fix a bug where sometimes rolling back a conversation will cause the characters to disappear.
- Speeded up transitions a little and reduced fade in times/pan
- New small conversation with Olivia, and a recurring 'tail' until something new happens
- New small conversation when you Facial mom
- New small quest/dialog at the gate
- Rewrote x-fading and entry-transitions for characters
- Standardized how reading Dylan's books work in terms of hiding and restoring characters
- Shifted Hannah's trip to the Evening, since mornings are in short supply
- New Emily spine for the blue court dress
- Fixed Dylan re-joining the party
- New conversation with Kulbir, after talking to him at Castle Prime after day 204
- Removed the old kingdom events
- Typo pass
- Fixed Merlin's Ghost not having a name
- Fixed exit from KD being blocked
- Fixed a bug where hannah could show up at the basement before arriving at KD
- Rewrote the character loading code to make it smoother and less likely to bug out
- New day 211 event
- Small new event re-visiting Katie in the gym
- Fixed missing quest entries and officially tied them off
- Dylan joins your party after the meeting in the library.
- Minor typos and fixes
- Fixed broken addressables
- Start Game screen no longer stretches at ultrawide resolutions
- Reverting lost content.
- Day 213 end of content
- Fixed bedroom being always open
- Fixed CTRL/Space not being usable in the collar ui and letter ui
- Added a final event for Day 213. XIII main storyline is now done, on to side-content.
- Day 213.
- Day 212 complete
- End of day 210
- Opening day 210
- Fixed Load from day loading to the correct rooms
- Pendragon Inc now requires an explicit keyword to be set
- Drinking at the KD will time out
- Fixed a bug where zenia wouldn't return after a conversation
- Fixed a bug where Merlin's tower wouldn't stay open after day 208
- Added an explicit quest for Arms Dealer II
- Updated the next sequence of Dylan's quest-line
- Fixed having met Dylan before talking to Emily about him causing his next convo chunk to not trigger
- Fixed up dylan's questline, extending it a bit
- Fixed up Pendragon Inc being accessible before day 210
- Fixed a bug that would make Zenia non-recurring
- Updated Dylan's questline, triggered by talking to Zenia
- Fixed a bug where you could talk to Olivia about book 2 occurances
- Fixed a bug where you could facial mom at Late Night
- Fixed a bug where Molly would be wearing the wrong outfit after reading in KD (making her invisible)
- Fixed Emily talk day 205
- New Dylan event after talking to Emily
- New Zenia talk advancing Cooler than a jedi knight
- Fixed some sandbox issues (late night events triggering, etc)
- Day 207 event shifted to 208
- New small event Day 207
- New day 205 update
- Fixed wiki links going to the wrong locations
- Fixed some bugs in Molly's new KD scene
- Typo pass
- New outfit for Molly
- New dancing sequence drinking at the King's Dragon
- Day 207 opens up Merlin's tower (skipping over 205, which still needs to be finished)
- New dialogs at Merlin's tower
- New dialogs at Castrum Prime
- New morning day 204 content
- Zenia now reporting for duty day 204+
- Broken camera scaling fixed
- Shaking off the hex with a brand new version number
- fixed up the precaching to use the camera cross-fade to hide loading
- fixed up the broken elsewhere camera
- removed zooming sequence when exiting elsewhere/overworld
- More camera transition fun. Should work now
- Fixed transition camera into and out of elsewhere
- Fixed waiting for image caching between scenes
- Fixed some recurring activities not taking time
- Partially done quests cleared out at a new game
- You can now drink/read in the crowley and KD
- Fixed Ian letting you read at the cafe night
- Fixed Diana letting you shop at night
- Tweaked the camera to make it less zoomy (some people were complaining about motion sickness)
- New diana dialog
- New book from Diana
- Pendragon Inc disabled by default
- Katie now reverted to pre-red devil state
- Emily reverts to opening book 2 state
- Bella loses her shield buster round
- Pendragon Inc now hiddene from a fresh play-through
- typo pass
- Added a guard on the KD dialog (dependent on completing Little Favor in Book 2)
- Added a guard on the day 196 dialog with Katie (dependet on having bought her the fire gem)
- Calendar starts on the opening day of Book 3
- fixed ordering a coffee in Edinburgh soft-locking
- Cleaned out Chloe's old content
- Closing down unused sandbox content
- A new game will now hide unavailable rooms
- Removing unused companions
- New Aura system, some enemies give bonuses to other enemies while they're open
- New event with in the gym in Edinburgh
- Made Book 3 use its own system save file
- Starting a new game from ingame now cleans up state better
- Fixed up some typos
- New event day 203
- New event the first time you return to Edinburgh
- New event day 202 morning
- New calendar event, timeline advances to morning day 200
- Day 198 event now advances time
- New event in Private Library
- Emails that were never sent removed from the Computer
- Added exit back to KD from bedroom
- Removed unusable places from Map after use
- removed issue where one-time events in Elsewhere could be re-triggered
- Removed icon from portal in Crowley
- Added sleep icon for bedroom
- Fixed video aspect ratio issues on high aspect screens
- Fixed some typos
- You can now buy coffee in Starcucks day 198+
- New little one-time event on the paths
- New event with Adrian in the library
- New event at the Offices (next to the Lecture theaters)
- New Facial sequence from PC
- Sleeping now returns you to the right bedroom
- Updated the King's Dragon bedroom visuals
- Day 197 evening
- Day 198
- New event at Starcucks
- Sandbox open for play... need to clean it out.
- Finished day 196
- Day 197 morning
- Finished day 195
- Day 196 morning
- Fixed a bug where a new player doesn't set the initial default names
- Introduced the first pass rage mechanic
- Forked Book 2's codebase, cleaned up unused assets
- Set up start with new savegame, and load from save
- Day 194 night complete
- Day 195 morning complete

Book 2 Complete
- Fixed the Lancaster cardback not triggering (Triggers after Katie's whisky bottle side-quest)
- Fixed the second Bella cardback triggering (day 194)
- Toxic shock base poison reduced (300->200). After doubling it now doesn't clear poison stack applied
- Typo fixes
- Kingdom Events no longer takes up a timeslot
- Fixed a bug where having left the Black Rose questline half-done in Book 1 could soft-lock the Coffeshop in book 2
- Toxic shock gets an upgrade, and now triggers the poison, after doubling it
- Doubled max number of savegames to 512
- Fixed a bug when copying wallpapers out to pictures folder
- Fixed up Explorer achievement
- Reduced requirements for Akane's dining room (now just need to order the California Maki)
- Reduced requirements for Emily's onsen scene (to at least once) and Val's onsen scene (to at least once)
- Added night-time nudges to send player to the King's Dragon and the Dojo
- Added Late Night nudges to send the player to talk to Molly in the bar or the Dojo
- Fixed a bug where the two timeline events for day 167 wasn't triggering correctly
- Typos and spellcheck pass
- Fixed a bug where Molly's Achievement had 8 stages, but only 7 triggers
- Fixed a bug where sometimes setting up the elsewhere team wouldn't register the correct flags (which could affect Mermaid quest, Treasure hunt and Molly's Pervert)
- Fixed a bug where Bella overlaps Chloe day 118
- Fixed a continuity error where the daemon staging grounds show up before day 138
- Fixed a bug where counting achievements wouldn't trigger locally at the right time, only on Steam
- Fixed a bug where story-changing character parties didn't give the right flags ()
- Fixed a bug where Act 11 has started could keep popping up after you have already resumed it
- Fixed Molly's Achievement (kiss the bartender) potentially being broken
- Fixed How to train your dragon not triggering correctly
- Fixed card collector achievement being more forgiving, and verifying each time you collect cards
- Fixed Drinking Problem achievement only triggering once per savegame
- Fixed Explorer triggering the same sub-achievement, instead of advancing the main counter
- Val's no longer hanging out naked at the Onsen after her event
- Fixed Ice and Poison Mastery achievements to correct text
- Clusterstrike base damage shifted to 150 points from 100 points
- Fixed incorrect text in day 151 battle start
- Fixed KingdomEvent Barricade 2 not triggering.
- Fixed Embassy Lobby text label
- Made Book 2 & 3 use its own system save file
- Save/Load button restored on Settings menu
- Loading new book 1 content from inside a conversation / ingame now cleans up itself properly (removing existing conversations, computerUI shuts down, etc)
- You can now buy the True Flawless Ice Gem from Adrian
- Snowdrop's report after Demon Fortress 3 now unlocks her Book 2 cardback
- Combat UI was incorrectly saying that X charged off CHR bonus, instead of the Sword skill
- Even if the salesman was temporarily invisible you could still enter his room
- Fixed a bug where Katie killing the daemon day 124 would cause a soft-lock
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to prematurely finish Draco's second fight
- Fixed a bug where reoloading end of act Save9 would prompt you to start act 10.
- Fixed a bug where MP success at day 152 wasn't properly accounted for
- Fixed a bug where quick-loading from combat caused cards to be in an incorrect position at next combat
- Fixed an issue where reading Crowley's book (first passage) caused the time to advance 2x.
- Fixed a bug where Bella's damage resistence before (25%) and after (40%) the alliance meeting would stack
- Fixed a bug where changing rooms with a quest notification open would lead to it not disappearing
- Updated end of game text to reflect it being complete
- Fixed a bug in the Supply3 Kingdom event where passing the MP check would cause the quest to not trigger as closed, and fail to give you your resources
- Like a Zit achievement now triggering at correct place
- Fire and Ice now triggers when you get the Winter King gem
- Added a quick-travel system to Crowley
Book 2 Complete
- Adrian event at Crowley now takes time
- Typo and spellcheck pass
- Fixed a bug where changing card-backs in Elsewhere would disable the map
- Can now go hunting in Elsewhere morning and evening to give players more time to grind if they want to.
- Added in a Game+ mode caused by loading the end of Act XI savegame
- Added a quick-jump icon in the computer to open up local save folder
- Typos fixed.
- Added a "story so far" video that's optional triggerable from the starting sequence on a new game
- Fixed Supply 2 not ending cleanly if you had sufficient MP to meet demands
- Fixed some typos
- Steam versions now load the steam store in the overlay, rather than in a separate window
- Fixed using the correct SteamID
- Content complete
- Completes Neutral Grounds (requires finishing Warthog, then going to Crowley at night 2 days or more later)
- Typos fixed
- Chairwork with Akane and Molly now only at night
- Akane's dance routine now only at night
- Lord tiers (SpiderQueen, Chort, DeepDweller) are now immune to stun
- New conversation with Draco at the fireside, completing Natural Born Killer
- New converstion with Diana at Crowley (night, day 120+)
- This time *really* fixed up the missing enemies added to the combat table
- Expanded the range of when higher tier enemies could show
- Bumped up stats for some of the higher tier enemies
- Fixed the new enemies not being added to the combat table
- New enemies (Daemon class, level 80+). Chort Soldier, Knight, Lord
- New enemies (Daemon class, level 90+). Deep Dweller Soldier, Knight
- New enemies (Daemon class, level 100+). Deep Dweller Fire Lord, Ice Lord, Toxic Lord
- Tuned treasure tables for book 2 tiers
- Fixed a possible logic hang bug in Molly's card back delivery
- Small new event with Adrian, between meeting Xochi and the wedding. Crowely at night
- Travelling salesman is in and working.
- Finished In Alis Vicimus!
- Fixed a bug that could cause scripted poker sequences to fail to trigger correctly.
- Introducing the travelling salesman (still need to set up his convo and inventory)
- Fixed flickering in gem UI
- Fixed some achievements not triggering
- Fixed MC not being correctly centered on elsewhere map
- Re-rendered MC's Elsewhere sprite in higher resolution / more angles
- Fixed end of Act X saves not loading cleanly
- Added achievements
- Fixed MP not updating in the UI
- Barricade 2 event
- Supply cache I, II and III events triggering from Zenia
- King's Dragon upgrades all now take 7 days
- Fixed Pendragon Inc's background looking incorrectly in the quicknav the first time you enter
- Expanded quickjump nav to have up to three options (if there are three character options available)
- New Military Points system added. Points are given by completing certain quests, kingdom events and regular story events. Check out Supply I/II/III for intended implementation
- We have an actual launch date! 31st May, 2022.... let's go!
- Removed strategy game for good. RIP.
- Fixed up incorrectly tagged memories
- Fixed up Val's memory UI being incorrectly setup
- Finished kingdom event Barricade, and added a new Barricade 2 event
- Zenia now appears in the Round Table room after recruiting the Brotherhood (day 157+). She will be giving out new Kingdom events for MC, using the Quest A Matter of Supply
- Added collectible card backs
- Fixed a bug in the memory files not being cleanly saved
- Full memories updated
- Removed Thor from event with Katie
- Now closing the Grand Alliance after meeting day 134
- Now closing Payback after dispatching Oleg on trip with Dylan/GF
- Barricade event now works
- Fixed UI in end of book scene
- Re-rendered Entrance video day 194
- New event: Limited Protection
- Typo pass
- New event day 187 night (Katie questline, dependent on having met Aino)
- Story complete for Book 2
- Hope Returns cutscene at the end of the Book 2 screen
- New event day 185 night (Katie questline, dependent on having met Aino)
- New video for the ride into Mexico
- Fixed missing end of Act X and XI savegames
- Fixed a typo in the last line
- Fixed an animation day 194 not triggering
- Fixed Chloe's eye animations
- Fixed a missing image
- Updated Chloe's end of game video
- Day 192
- Day 193
- Day 194
- End of Book 2 sequence
- Katie events that don't involve MC no longer takes time
- Day 183 morning event
- Fixes a potential bug on day 190 if you don't have Molly in your party
- Swapped Beta branch to Development (for volatile code)
- Day 184 complete
- Day 190 complete
- Day 191 complete. End of content for now.
v1.2.6 [05/14/22] Book 1 bugfix update
- Fixed a bug that could derail the dialog if you used a character before the story-dialog triggered
- Fixed a bug where the Minotaur card background could fail to trigger
- Fixed a bug where people who continued play from a non-steam build could fail to trigger some achievements
- Adds a hard guard to Dragon fight for people who somehow miss it
- Streamer mode now gets an image/background
- Streamer mode now handles censoring attachments and emails
- Fixed a couple of small typos / bugs
- Added support for Game Of Friends (little snippets of other games from devs I know) to Steam version, locked behind a secret key
- Added visual information for streaming mode
- Added a new image for the Akane/Kitsune Elsewhere call screen (used for after Kitsune gets her full three tails)
- Fixed a bug where Narration wasn't responding correctly to the large text flag
- Fixed the Princess costume being set as not-SFW
- Fixed a bug where entering the name for a character would auto-advance the story
- Redid Emily's power eyes
- Improved flow day 106
- Improved streamer mode
- Updated visuals on the day 106 sequence
- Added a new video for day 106
- You can now have 5 gem sets
- Fixed typos
- Added partial MT translations for Russian, German and French.
- Streamer mode made slightly more opaque.
- Streamer hotkey moved to ALT+B
- Added Streamer mode
- Typos
- Rebuild to fix addressables
- Fixed white lines on MC's casual and Dylan's casual outfits
- Fixed a bug in OSX that caused it to crash on launch (missing plugin library caused by Unity Upgrade)
- Fixed a couple of incorrect images (wrong time of day)
- Changed character recharge rate for Hard and Ultra difficulty to be less linear
- Background videos no longer have skip button, and can hide the UI to get a fullscreen view
- Fixed a bug where pressing space after discarding would discard again.
- Fixed Xochi's onsen event not advancing time
- Typo fixes
- Added a cleaner trigger for Warthog complete conversation
- Act X complete
- Day 182 now advances time
- Fixed glitched text at end of act, and updated it visually
- Typo pass
- Day 182 (End of Act X)
- Character switch would use the incorrect character name.
- Fixed a visual glitch on character switch on widescreen monitors
- Fixed a visual glitch with Kath in Texas sequence
- Giving Katie the bottle of whisky now completes the Lancaster questline
- New post-texas event with Merlin
- Fixed incorrect outfits after rollback
- Typo fixes
- Added guards to stop the incorrect events from triggering after a partial Act X rollback
- Fixed a bug that might cause an Act End save to hang
- Fixed a bug where going through Texas second would re-generate an act end save.
- Completed reordering Act X to fit better into the dual path direction
- New event: Texas attack
- New Event: Texas post-mortem
- New Event: Dresden post-mortem
- Ctrl no longer speeds through text while characters changing
- Fixed a bug where reloading the savegame after going through Dresden sequence would prompt you to play again. It is now setting the flag ACT10 at the opening of the Dresden sequence.
- Fixed a bug where MC's character was missing from the world map
- Fixed a bug where the two fixers headshots were hidden during Katie's first sequence
- Fixed a bug where Emily might not show during Honor Guard quest start
- Dresden combat night
- Shifted Katie's story to begin day 167 instead of 168
- Disabled strategy game while I rewrite it
- Fixed up some minor typos and character overlaps for Dresden event
- Dresden fight complete
- Act X has officially started, rollback initiated if you're on the dresden path.
- Akane scene in Teahouse, evening after receiving her Shadowhunter gear
- Minor typos and quick fixes
- New Dresden line event day 176
- New Dresden line event day 177
- Typo fixes
- New fantasy book from Dylan: Steven Brust's Book of the Jhereg
- Lingerie event for Molly, Dojo Late Night
- Followup to Lingerie for Emily event, night time in Camelot Bedroom 1+ day after buying it
- Fixed various clipping issues on the Dojo event
- New day 173 and 174 events for Katie
- New things to buy in the DressXpress store (lingerie for Emily)[no followup yet]
- New things to buy in the DressXpress store (clothes for Akane or Molly)[no followup yet]
- New Late Night event in the Dojo
- New Katie day 172 event on dresden path. Requires bottle of whisky from Chloe.
- Katie event day 171 on dresden path
- Katie event day 170 on Dresden path
- Fixed a bug in the title sequence if you were on day 166 exactly
- Small event the next time you get RP after completing the For The Horde / BFG questline
- New music for King's Dragon
- Day 168 event for Katie (if on Dresden path)
- Day 169 event for Katie (if on Dresden path)
- HonorGuard Kingdom event
- Finished the VCR questline
- Added a new Kingdom Event (Anger Issues)
- New Flawless gem.
- Typo pass
- Typo fixes
- Temporarily disabled the new outfit events until their receive scenes are done
- New Dylan event (day 160+, after meeting up with him before. KD in the morning)
- Okay, I lied. Added another Dylan event (Day 159+, Need Dojo built)
- Typo pass
- Onsen party complete. Act IX+ done.
- Onsen Party almost done
- New Val event at the Onsen (after talking to her in the KD)
- Intro for hotspring party (day 156+, with Onsen built)
- New item to buy (Emily's bodysuit, day 167+). Will be Act X content, so likely locking it before release
- New item to buy (Giftwrapping, day 169+ if you've bought Emily's bodysuit). Will be Act X content, so likely locking it before release
- Aoife event. Day 154, night, King's Dragon. Requires Dining Room.
- Rebuild to include changes made to draco's fight
- Draco's fight now correctly does damage in starting convo, includes allies
- Added support for changing Draco's nickname, and what he calls MC.
- Natural Born Killer Pt II
- New Game of Friends: Leap of Faith
- New KD event after the Jannice event
- New Alexander Nakarade track for Xochi (Enchanted Forest)
- Added new trigger to save Act 7 silently
- Typo pass
- Fixed incorrect quest info triggering for A Home For the Chosen 4
- New event with Xochi in the Onsen (after your shared vision)
- New event with Akane, night in the dojo
- Fixed a bug where Mom was wearing the wrong clothing
- Reorganized the buttons on the Elsewhere map
- New KD event, triggers in the Evening day 162+, after you've received draco
- New Akane sequence, at least one day after KD Dining Room event (evening, KD Dining Room)
- Fixed a case where Molly could go missing.
- New event, KD Dining Room, Evening. You need to have done Akane's Nuru Gel Massage first.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't leave after talking to Val
- New drinking at KD event, day 138+, at night, after having used the Onsen at least twice.
- New Akane event, Onsen at Night (req 3+ times in onsen)
- New Xochi event, Day 145+ at the Teahouse in the Evening.
- New event with Kitsune no Aino, triggers at night after Akane receives her Shadowhunter gear
- Fixed Akane's shadowhunter event not having a map head.
- New event with Emily, triggers by talking to her in the Great hall after using the Onsen 5 times
- Act IX release
- Triggered quest update for Payback
- Triggerer quest update for Treasurehunt
- All characters start fully charged by default in poker combat
- Doubled Molly and Zal's power charge growth
- Barrier doesn't stack
- Bumped Emily's shields up (116-153: 500, 154+: 2000)
- Can use WASD to navigate strategy maps
- Fixed strategy map range-finder
- Added range-indicator for explosions in strategy map
- Tuned MC's weapon reacharge speed
- Fixed Katie's second attack (fire mastery, double fire applied)
- Typo pass
- New event with foxy and aino at the teahouse, after you've met Arisune and Aino
- New event at the Demon hideout with Katie
- Fixed game+ being set at pre-dawn if you finished with Texas, and repeating when you re-loaded
- Added a new (event only) enemy
- Fixed bug where Blasted Hills strategy didn't complete
- Fixed bug where the conversation
- Room options were disabled by Game+
- Texas Event day 166 complete
- End of content now works.
- Game+ setup
- End of act Autosaves fixed
- New event day 163 along the Texas path.
- Now supports 5 gem-sets
- Typo pass
- Fixed missing images for wedding (broken addressables)
- First pass of day 166 opening
- Molly's HR meeting day 163
- Finished the Fixer's meeting
- Updated Jenny's collared spine
- Fixed Akane wearing wrong clothes day 163
- Fixed a bug where the conversation UI sometimes disappeared, forcing the player to click to restore it
- Fixed a bug where occasionally characters would not set the correct spine (or would be hidden)
- New event (Dresden timeline) for day 164 (ends when meeting the Fixers)
- First of 3 events for day 163
- Fixed a bug where loading an auto-save from a location where there was a character present could cause them to overlap with other characters in scene
- Event with Mom, day 161 in KD
- Two small Keith/Keira events (Round table and Tea House, day 149-167)
- Moved Changer Guard event from day 156 to 155
- New Grand Alliance meeting day 156
- New day 161 morning event
- Fixed a bug where you could get stuck with Samel if you revist him
- Fixed a bug where Molly's head was shown on Bella's dialog day 159
- Can now zoom using Q/E buttons, in addition to panning with WASD
- Finished up the Warthog questline
- Wedding Night (day 160 end)
- Fixed day 118 issue, and ensured the day triggers correctly in the morning
- After-wedding. Ends in bedroom with Emily, before the wedding night.
- Typo pass
- Fixed a bug where Jenny would remain behind on the world map after visiting her
- Fixed alignment of effects on fullscreen mode
- Day 160 (morning/evening)
- Removed triggers for streaming
- Added day 158 and 159
- KATIE_FIREMASTER flag used to trigger her Firemastery, now automatically added day 144, or can be added manually
- Fixed a bug where Akane's 4th upgrade could only be built in the morning
- Fixed a bug where RemoveAll would throw an exception if there are no valid characters active
- Finished day 157
- Fixed space repeating the last action in card combat
- Fixed up all the graphics for Book 2 to add little single-frame animations and reframed images
- Fixed up Malgareth fight to at least work (needs a lot of polish and love before it's done)
- Spellcheck and typos
- Day 156
- New allies available
- Bella gets a defensive upgrade after receiving Mjolnir
- Enemies charging of allies / X is now determined by damage dealt, not potential damage dealt
- Fixed unlit cards
- Fixed missing addressables
- NO_EXIT cleared after day 152
- Typo-pass
- Day 152 and a tiny event on day 154
- Fixed Booker missing from the university
- Rewound the time to start Act IX
- Day 151 ending
- Finished porting the strategy map to new renderer
- Added zooming, panning to the strategy map
- Added support for 4k maps to the strategy system
- Ported game to unity version 2021.1
- Moved the data caching to Cloudflare for improved speed.
- Cleaned up the flow.
- Improved resolution and compression for Android now that we're less sensitive to max file-size
- Android shifted to cloud-hosting addressables, and android image compression reduced

[03/10/21] - Book 1 Remastered

- Fixed up the bed in date 4
- Fixed snowdrops backgrounds in bathroom and elsewhere
- Missing hitbox for Dylan meant first thursday couldn't be completed.
- Typo pass
- Ensured Lets Play A Game triggers after playing the first game
- Fixed up Pixie's shrine adventure art
- Fixed up Molly's cheerleader uniform for green eyes and one of the Chosen night scenes
- Fixed up Molly's old blue-eyed images, the tentacle incident and her tentacle mug to be green-eyed
- Added black bar support, and tailored a couple of images to use it
- Re-renderered Emily's rescue glyphs that didn't loop
- Balanced and cleaned up Bella's chosen date
- Cleaned up a couple of images for Akane's chosen date
- Fixed up missing blur for X's internal conversations
- Cleaned up the backgrounds for Arthur's Seat
- Fixed a bug where the getting drunk end of Act I wouldn't trigger if you hadn't done the opening of portal quest
- cleaned up graphics for Emily's return Act II
- Fixed up various small graphical glitches leading up to act III
- Fixed up Molly's Elsewhere date
- Improved backgrounds for Emily's first and second homework
- Fixed up Molly's Elsewhere date
- Fixed up Homework 3 (Molly's Magical Mess) and Sorcerer scene
- Fixed up Snowdrop's two scenes
- Added backgrounds to end of Act III sequence
- Added backgrounds to Olivia's adventures
- Fixed up various standalone for better aspect ratio control
- Fixed up the card backs for day 14 date with Emily
- Added backgrounds to Knights of the Lake meeting
- Resized and added effects for fight Emily's birthday. Added 3 new videos to event
- Made Cambion Emily's birthday fight skipable
- Resized and added backgrounds for BR3
- Fixed up Kath House Kafe art
- fixed up various elsewhere call sequences and day 115
- changed Chloe's blow-job day 1 sequence around
- Fixed up the end of book menu to add a mention of Book 2.
- Finished Day 98 Emily's rescue
- Finished Day 104, Jerkow's End
- Guarded Lord Matthew's talk to happen before Emily's rescue
- Made the two Guardian fights optional
- Complete to day 110
- Day 90 sex scene complete
- Fixed black bars for non 16:9 aspect ratios
- First pass of Akane's chosing.
- Fixed fullscreen mode
- Fixed up Black Rose 2
- Fixed up Molly's studio routine
- Fixed Katie's perfect gem
- Fixed up Bella's Chosen ceremony, added a video frame for the key moment
- Fixed Chloe's two catwoman sequences from buying her lingerie
- Fixed a layering order issue with the Elsewhere paths and fullscreen images
- Fixed an issue where Keith's night-time introduction would play after Katie's rescue
- New animation for Molly's prophecy
- Cleaned up some images for Act III end
- Can auto-jump back to bedroom if night
- Fixed up the swimming sequence with Emily
- Fixed up Erec's new animation
- Sanitized the end of Act IV wake up sequence
- Cleanup complete to day 78
- Upgrading Unity is fun. Or not.
- Added new animation to day 1 hand/blowjob, and re-rendered parts of it
- Added new animation to Katie's Strip MMA, and re-rendered all of it
- Added new animation to Katie and Bella's Strip-poker, and re-rendered all of it
- Added new animations to the Destruction of Midburgh sequence
- Added new animations the end of Act III sequence
- Added new animations to Akane's various seeing sequences
- Added new animations to Emily's rescue sequence
- Added new animations to MC's touching power internal vision
- Update the wiki link to target the new community wiki
- Fixed Emily only being interactable at fire in Elsewhere once
- Typo pass
- Fixed missing texture for Bella's email
- Added functionality to save/load to cloud. Useful for moving savegames between PCs without Steam cloud, or moving them between PC and mobile
- Fixed a possible logic bug in gem-selling
- Added support for Text To Speech for in-game dialog
- Rebuild and re-linked Steam DLLs into the desktop builds, restoring achievments
- Build promoted to Steam default branch
- Fixed a bug where invalid images being set could trigger an assert, halting script execution
- Fixed a bug where Olivia's combat could trigger an invalid reaction
- Updated Molly's 1st homework session to make her green-eyed
- Updated Olivia's homework art to make her boobs look less ridiculous
- Fixed a bug where you could break Emily's date 6 (lich combat) by killing the enemy before Emily enters combat
- Did a hardcore optimization pass on Android (reducing max texture size for room backgrounds, enabling ETC2 texture compression for characters)
- Updated Molly's nude animating character to have Green eyes (an early version of Molly had blue eyes; I forgot to open redo her nude pose when I changed them to green)
- Updated Emily's casual and nude animating characters; the color palette of the game changes, this brings her up to the slightly more colorful palette I use in the later renders)
- Fixed a logic crash bug that would cause the Snowdrop quest to be impossible to finish if you brought Bella to combat
- Fixed a bug where opening the save/load UI in combat or in elsewhere would cause the normal UI to show up
- Fixed a bug where speed-clicking the allys using the keyboard commands could end up accidentally soft-locking the conversation UI
- Bumped up the first Lich HP from 1000 to 1500; he was a bit underwhelming as an enemy, and it was possible to break the script by one-shotting him
- I'm just going to skip this one Улыбаюсь
- Removed black bars for transparent images.
- Fixed non-fullscreen images after a fullscreen image retaining the black-out bars.
- Retouched some of the images
- Repacked all addressables to see if that fixes the problem with missing backgrounds.
- Localization files are now placed in the exe root folder /localization
- Cleaned up various fullscreen image issues
- fixed fullscreen video cinematic bars in 16:10 res
- Fixed a bug where invalid GUID entries in a loc file would halt processing
- Cleaned up naming convention of loc files
- Fixed up fonts to use dynamic scaling + cleaner fallbacks
- Fixed Anger Management + You Won't Like Me When I'm angry clashing.
- Added Localization support to settings
- Added achievement tracking to settings
- Added support for Cyrillic fonts
- Added support for localization files for conversation scripts
- Fixed some images clipping
- Fixed Molly's spine images breaking
- Fixed various narrative nodes that wasn't marked correctly
- Fixed some typos
- standardized sword bonuses as +X SWORD
- Fixed up quest unlocking for Black Rose and Mastering the Sword sometimes not working properly
- Fixed a gate that let you preview the Red Devil event on your computer
- Reduced the size of the Gurkha units
- Cleaned up some sprites
- Typo pass
- Fixed up recurring non-sex facial conversation not repeating
- Now playing Jenny's theme in her real-life facial events
- Fixed a bug where switching to a new spine for an invisible character would fail to work
- Fixed a bug where Daemonfox browser doesn't correctly update the items for purchase notification after a conversation
- Fixed a bug where you could order Jenny's crop twice
- Victory celebration for Strategy game
- Fixed bug where strategy game test harness would play conversations
- Added fail state for strategy game, with option to skip or replay
- Typo pass
- Strategy game control updates:
- all units now use drag mechanic (no more selected units only)
- selection is now the 'base' only, making it easier to select things in a fight
- cleaned up selecting a unit that was click dragging
- re-enabled using the power buttons as a shortcut for attacks
- Added shortcut bar for characters with active abilities. Added keyboard support to them.
- Strategy game balance updates:
- increased the range of Katie and Andrew
- made it explicit that Keith auto-attacks
- Final Jenny Sequence (All tied up). Triggers after Midnight walk by having a coffee at the Starcucks.
- New diana book. Receive it from her at the Bookstore, read at Starcucks.
- Strategy gameplay now implemented for Day 124 and Day 151
- Added new strategy map, new characters and new enemies
- Added a new Game of Friends: Price of Power
- Added support for multi-environment battles to testnet
- Rewrote character/token rendering
- Rewrote map handling code
- Added pathfinding for enemy AIs
- Added Effects/Auras that take place over time.
- Added a realtime pause button (similar to the old Infinity Engine games, where you can pause, give commands then unpause to have it all happen in realtime)
- Fixed range-evaluation for AOE attacks
- Fixed death animations and death processing
- Added a map selection menu
- Fixed initial UI showing unnamed player
- Fixed continuous spawning past the initial batch
- Fixed up spawning interval issues
- Added a testbed map for just running around with MC
- Extended the Act VIII map.
- Fixed bug where Range was used for radius when determining area of impact
- Added explanations for the other characters
- Fixed a bug with ranges being screen resolution dependent
- Added the first draft of the strategic combat system (accessible from the main menu)
- Fixed incorrect background for Ambassador's room
- Fixed missing image on date day 139
- Fixed incorrect conversation start at day 140 (it skipped the initial part)
- Fixed a bug that could disable the video the first time Zal shows up
- Added a new Jenny event: Midnight Walk (post collar, buy her an outfit from DressXpress)
- Fixed a bug where the collar text wouldn't warp on second and subsequent displays
- Typo pass
- fixed feedback and damage applied for the multiplier metagems
- Added support for recovering kingdom events broken by data changes
- Added new questline, triggered by Treasure Hunt
- New gems: Ice Storm, Fire Storm, Berserker and Winter King
- Fixed a bug where the multiplier gems would scale with intelligence
- Fixed missing titles in the Poker Hand explanation UI, and the Joker being the wrong image
- New enemy type (optional combat)
- New enemy trait, Cleanse
- Rewrote how UI animations are handled to remove various bugs that could happen for interrupted animations
- You can now press 0 to set enemy HP to 0 in combat
- Added new Kingdom event setup (Treasure Hunt).
- Hotfix for Emily stuck in Great Hall
- New Jenny event (triggers by talking to her after completing the Dildo facial).
- New Jenny event (buy item from Demonfox to trigger)
- Fixed various smaller bugs.
- New event with Jenny (day 140+ w/Black Rose 3)
- New event with Emily in Great Hall 2+ days after taht
- New event with Emily in great hall next RP collection after that
- Fixed some conversation bugs with the new content.
- Fixed a bug where clicking on an already taken character would add them to the party rooster again
- 2 New Booker events in the University, a new Kingdom Event (not implemented yet) and a recurring task.
- Forcing a rebuild for steam.
- New Dylan book, Wheel of Time
- New Chloe scene spawning from Dress Xpress
- New Jenny Facial sceene (2 days after the first one)
- Fixed a bug with play from start savegames.
- Fixed a bug where you could only call Jenny once
- Added a new item to buy from Dress Xpress
- Added a new browser event.
- Fixed players being unable to buy noodles on the 2nd and subsequent dining experience. Reduced the number of times you need to eat before unlocking the sex scene to 3 (including california maki)
- Added the first of Jenny's Facial events (requires Black Rose II complete)
- Added a new day 125+ facial event
- Fixed renaming self from computer
- Fixed not forcing you to rename something when entering user menu
- Added support for OpenGL rendering on PC. Use -force-opengl in the command line to run it
- Rewrote the Computer code
- Fixed a bug where act VII end save wouldn't correctly advance
- Fixed game+ conversation for people who'd already had it before
- Fixed the incorrect background for the game+ scene
- Fixed a missing script causing an exception in non-editor mode
- Correctly clear the no-katie flag on day 144
- Fixed a bug where jumping locations while moving would cause the elsewhere path to jump
- Fixed a bug where speed transitions might survive to the next conversation/video
- Corrected the save/load image for act 8
- Added Game+ for act 8
- Fixed a bug in the video selective speed playback
- Typo pass
- Fixed broken new KE
- Act VIII complete
- Finished day 144
- Finished Second schwartalf delivery
- New Kingdom Event (LimitedProtection)
- First part of Day 144
- Rebuilt steam and added guards if it failed to properly initialize
- Fixing up Keith (day 142-148 evening/night KD event)
- New end of act cinematic is in
- Cleaned up the day 151 flow + added music
- New outfit for Aoife
- Generating correct end of act save
- Forced localization support for string parsing
- Rebuilding Steam support for OSX/Linux
- Moved day 128 event to 130 (it was clashing with a pre-existing event)
- Day 151 finished writing
- New event morning day 140+ in the Camelot Library. Unlocks new Dylan ability
- New day 128 event
- Fixes OSX version being named incorrectly
- Playing with KD advances time
- Can only gain stat bonuses the first time in Elsewhere resting per day
- Fixes exceptions triggering
- Map is now dark at night
- Fixed a bug where snowdrop's second battle is unwinnable
- Typo fixes
- Changed Snowdrop's outfit when reporting for duty
- Fixed conversations triggering after entering from Elsewhere map, not before (causing missing characters)
- Snowdrop's second fortress is now online and working
- Fixed a possible logic bug in gem selling
- Fixed XP for warlocks and assassins
- Fixed missing icon for first strikes
- Can now use a computer in Pendragon Inc that connects to your laptop in Edinburgh
- Fixed Bella's incorrect outfit in Elsewhere with the KD quest
- Fixed Akane's elsewhere discussion not being repeatable
- Characters now start out un-charged in combat, unless you have spoken to them in Elsewhere
- Added conversation to Matthew and Kath in Elsewhere
- Fixed a bug where Mermaid would be available in Elsewhere even if you hadn't paid the Musician
- You can now click on the characters to assign to the first empty slot (no need to drag)
- Fixed Anton creeping on Emily in Toxic Shock
- Fixes a bug where playing certain games would disable the config panel
- Fixed a bug where some emails were triggering incorrectly
- Hid the browser and dress express until there's new content for it
- Fixed an edge condition when loading from day 119 putting player in wrong room
- Fixed fireside quests being tagged as narrative when descriptive
- Scouts Quest needed "to be continued" tag
- Fixed some android textures missing alpha channel
- Fixed a bug when replaying Landlady & Flatmate game
- Fixed a text-bug in Merlin's Tower
- Fixed a bug where you could double-dip on the RealmPoints
- Updated meditation <10x to alternate between +STR and +INT with 50% probability
- Fixed Chloe's ingredient upgrade lagging 1 move after you receive the ingredients
- Fixed the shower being called Action
- Removed the initial RP gain
- Disable RMB when Party Select screen is up (since RMB is used to delete character)
- Rewrote the training at gym sequence
- Force-sleeping at day <118 should take you back to Crowley
- Added back ingredients to stats tracker
- The Garden icon has been hidden until the content is complete for it
- Removed Email attachements from book 1, marked the emails as read
- Fixed load from day calender being wrong
- Fixed load from day flags not being correctly updated
- Fixed Dresden Files book not being completable (add flagg BOOK_DRESDEN_COMPLETED if you've already finished it and are stuck)
- Fixed fighting in Elsewhere not advancing time
- Fixed Elsewhere location being locked on game+
- Fixed Elsewhere world map being accessible < day 118
- Fixed Load from Existing Book 1 savegame to give better feedback. Added an android-only message
- New wallpapers
- Can now access Pendragon Inc, though there isn't much to do
- Updated Emily's recurring scene with some ending graphics
- New game of friends: Wicked Choices
- Added scrolling to Game of Friends
- Added game+ mode
- Fixed chloe's trading.
- Fixed typos
- Fixed UI animation bug in replayable sex cutscenes
- Fixed a bug where reloading from the log tab would load a Book 1 quicksave
- Fixed a bug where movie speed changes could carry over from previous videos
- Can now sell ingredients to Chloe again
- Fixed typos + scripting tweaks
- Tweaked music
- Re-encoded videos
- Fixed broken Emily day 118
- Locked Lancaster Glade until day 124
- New replayable sex scene with Emily after day 121 (night, bedroom)
- Fixed showering at late night
- Fixed up music in Barney scene
- Fixed Merlin's tower recurring tasks (for now)
- Fixed missing end of act save
- Added UI for Kingdom RPgain
- Fixed bug where if you didn't buy the whisky immediately from Chloe, you couldn't buy it at all (breaking Lancaster quest)
- Fixed Kingdom Events progressing past 100% to complete
- Fixed bug where Edinburgh locations were closed in a Game started from a blank state
- Fixed a bug where initial level of a blank slate was 0
- Fixed several missing textures day 134
- Fixed the Ally UI incorrectly setting and clearing characters
- Added new resting dialog for all characters
- Tweaked character sizes to keep it more consistent
- Tweaked MC portrait resolution on Android
- Updated Armsdealer quest-flow
- Updated Trouble with Cambions quest flow
- Updated Lancaster quest-line. Currently ending Day 125+ at Crowely
- New Demon hunting grounds near Malagareth day 125+
- New event at Merlin's tower. Will expand to make it replayable
- Fixed Molly's late night sequence at the Crowley with broken images/video
- Act VII core content complete
- Fixed starting a new game from existing saves
- Fixed Katie softlock in Lancaster
- Removed unused locations in Edinburgh
- Day 132
- New Ally: Fia (day 132)
- Damnit, Molly
- Can now sell gems at the quartermaster
- removed some of the unused room connections in Edinburgh (dark alley, lecture theater, molly's dance studio)
- you can now read Dylan's book in Starcucks
- you can now read Dylan's book in Crowley
- Emily shows up in the Great Hall morning and evening after day 121
- Emily hands out RP after every monday morning
- Changed the Kings Dragon music
- Calendar now starts on 1/1/2020
- Fixed logic errors with Molly @ Dark Mansion
- Two new events with Molly at the Dark Mansion (Day 120+)
- New Kingdom Event: Fistfull of bullets
- Rewrote the progression for unlocking For the Horde to trigger after fistfull of bullets
- Fixed bug where it was possible to re-enter a map-node you'd previously arrived at even if the map is now supposed to be locked to a new node
- New Molly event, day 120+ at *late* night. Designed to be repeatable (and will get extended throughout Book 2)
- Added functionality to speed up / slow down videos from script
- Fixes to kingdomUI at different resolutions
- Fixed sorting on kingdom UI
- Cleaned up the font system; should be cleaner and faster now
- New Akane at Teahouse event
- Fixes bug where speed clicking allies could lock the UI
- Fixed a bug in quickloading from map
- New Kingdom Event: Toxic shock. Includes new true flawless gem
- Fixed aspect ratio scaling for kingdom events UI
- Setup for three new Kingdom events
- Finished kingdom event Merlin's Legacy
- Showering at night now correctly returns to bedroom
- Fixed bug where Katie killing the demon on day 124 leaves the game unable to proceed
- Fixed a bug with buttons that would make clicking on the edge of them not detect click
- Tweaked music for Merlin's Tower, Henry Faceoff and Bella's martial arts
- Fixed scrolling and sorting issue for Kingdom Events
- Added the ending for the For the Horde event
- New kingdom event (looting House Malgraleth.)
- First pass on the tea ceremony replayable content.
- Kingdom events now work (you'll have to replay to trigger them again)
- Kingdom management UI now in place (access from grand hall after the first kingdom event is triggered)
- First Kingdom Event implemented (For the Horde)
- New book: Starship Troopers
- New event with Molly, setting up Dark Mansion questline
- Fixed the black bars behind the video not disappearing after exclusive video
- Added guards for when we add MC to King's Dragon
- Added guards and cleaned up first draft conversation for drinking at the Crowley
- Fixed Bella's 35% damage reduction
- New day 129 (two slightly different paths depending on whether you've confronted Henry. Set the HENRY_PUNISHED flag to control)
- New day 127+ floating event, drinking at Crowley
- Updated all of Emily's nude, undressed and casual splines to have better contrast
- Tweaked various fullscreen images
- Restored black bars to videos only
- Fia now has ally abilities
- Opened up Lancaster glade with Katie as a replayable chunk of content
- Fixed a bug where sometimes returning to map after hunting would return to the wrong node
- Fixed a bug where you could click 'through' the popup to trigger another battle while exiting Elsewhere
- Added support for training STR at Castrum Prime (unlocks from morning 120)
- Android fixes
- Can now train martial arts at the dojo
- Added an event with Bella, night after 7 dojo training sessions.
- Fixed bug that didn't cleanly sleep past day 119
- Typo pass
- Guzzling corn liquor instead of grain liquor
- Fixed the martian; he'll not be chasing the Queen of Mars any more
- Onsen scene first pass. It's still missing one renders; will likely do a 0.0.20b to fix that up later
- New Seeing casual spine for Akane. Re-animated her casual spine
- Finished the first part of the meditation action. Triggers a new conversation at 10th time you meditate.
- meditation at the Dojo (if it's unlocked)
- locking elsewhere map up properly after Day 124 raid
- Fixing time advancement and good night with Emily, day 124
- Fixed MC stuck day 127
- Fixed Sir Henry's event only being doable in the morning
- Day 127
- Various small polish items and fixes
- various small bug-fixes
- New party selection screen
- Finished day 124. Kicked some cans doon the road
- Fixed big-text not increasing narration text
- New book, Dresden Files
- Books now pay out statc increases
- Fixed a bug where the second book can not be returned
- Fixed facial app replaying original story sequence
- Fixed Saving/loading from Elsewhere Map
- Fixed the ability to trigger new paths to newly visible nodes
- Fixed all 3 of the Home for the Chosen triggering
- Rewrote how DelayFlags are triggered, so you can now use JumpToDay to trigger them
- Updated the A Home for the Chosen quest-line
- Map now destroys when entering main menu
- Rewrote the fullscreen image code, should handle different aspect ratios better
- fixed log file overlapping buttons
- Removed the old Slice of Life stories. I'll need to write new ones that fit into Edinburgh 2020
- New conversation with Diana
- New conversation the last night you can work as a bouncer
- Cleaned out a bunch of the old conversations
- Fixed issue where some hunting grounds would throw errors
- Fixed error where quickjump didn't work in Camelot
- Hooked up the Home for the Chosen buildings
- Typo pass
- Fixed Elsewhere locking between days
- Fixed incorrect alignment for slots in Lancaster
- Updated map camera with gradual pan, improved zoom options and ability to highlight areas
- New location: Lancaster (unlocks day 124)
- Hunting grounds now functional
- Start of Day 124
- Kings Dragon new locations open (for now; they'll be closed shortly and reopen when their events are done)
- Fixed books not advancing time / not being returnable
- Fixed drinking not advancing time
- Fixed a bad savegame bug that made the game feel unresponsive
- Added snowdrop in bath day 120+, starting the questline Scouts
- Updated the Coursework links to the new Wiki
- Power unlock day 121 now engages
- Camelot bathroom now functional
- Day 121 (Visiting American Embassy)
- Grunts and Locke Lamora now advance time
- unable to read a book with Molly if you don't have a book to read.
- Added two new books (Grunts! by Mary Gentle and The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch)
- You can now read in the Kings Dragon. You can also drink, but no content written for that yet
- Fixes Dylan's books not being repatable reading
- Fixes Pendragon Inc breaking on exit
- Fixed up the broken bed in Camelot
- Dylan in the Library with a couple of conversations
- Can now read Dylan's books (5/13 complete).
- Quickjump from Bedroom in Camelot, and from Basement in Crowley
- New outfit for Emily
- New event: arrival at Camelot day 118
- New event: Emily at day 125 + Chosen at Kings Dragon afterwards.
- Loading a save after entering Elsewhere fixed
- QJump from debug menu goes to camelot bedroom after day 118
- increased minimum zoom resolution, flipped zoom axis
- fixed alignments of Elsewhere icons
- Pathfinding
- Building the backend logic for Pendragon Enterprises (will be accessible from Prime Portal)
- Elsewhere saving/loading and progression fix
- Elsewhere Zoom options added and saved
- Hiding a node now hides the path to it
- Added functionality to hide hunting-grounds
- Added transitions from Elsewhere nodes => real world
- Added support for exiting back to the map from a room with existing characters
- Added blockers for Elsewhere hunting when you're not supposed to waste time (NO_HUNT flag)
- First pass world map
- Day 118 morning
- New game of friends: Harem Highlander
- Restored Bella's attacks
- Bloom intensity now kicks in higher
- Fixed Elsewhere card text alignment issues
- Optimizing quick-save path for large savegames
- Fixed bug where Emily and Bella were still unavailable for use (Katie remains unavailable, she's off to Lancaster shortly)
- Fixed bug where some conversations were ignoring the fact that they'd already triggered.
- Most of the game should now be back to working
- Deleted old conversations from Jenny and Olivia, setting the path for the next generation of dialog with them.
- Added a new Chloe conversation (evening or night, Crowley)
- Added experimental post-processing stack. Enable from Settings Menu
- Cleaned up various broken text elements
- Added Excalibur attacks
- Optimized card handling
- Fixed Katie's fire immunity
- Typo pass
- Fixed incorrect savegames used for Qload and rewind.
v0.0.2 [29/12/20]
- Quest images updated
- Day 117 morning event
- Fixed the bulk of room unlocks
v0.0.1 [28/12/20]
- Stripping down existing build and creating a new project.
- Added a default path for new players with default names and a decent gem setup

Book1: v.1.0.7b
v1.0.7b [31/12/20]
- 1.0.7 added a bug that caused cards to disappear when returned to hand. Fixed the fix to the fix.
- New shortcut: Space to Auto (as well as 1-3 to trigger ally in combat)
- Katie's Fire Immunity didn't actually make you immune to fire. Oops.
- Fixed a bug where cards that were discarded were still rendering, causing performance drop over extended battled
- Fixed a bug after Snowdrop's combat, UI being broken
- Ultra and Hard difficulty now recharges allies slower (60% and 80% of default)
- Added more bulletproofing to Memories UI
- Disply the player's level from frontend and conversation UI
- Fixed a bug where second trigger of Katie's firegem during combat would force the Fire9 gem
- Resized some of the character textures to give a crisper look
- Tuned ultra difficulty. Monsters now show up slightly later (125% of normal unlock speed, not 150%), player has slightly more HP (100%, not 90%, of base) and do less damage (60%, not 80%, of base)
- Dropped difficulty in achievements for Inferno (1000->500), Thunderstorm (1000->150) and Anger Management (1000->500)
- Fixed a bug that prevented Act III achievement from triggering
- Fixed achievement Toxic Environment not triggering correctly
- Updated probability of triggering Black Rose 1, and shifted where the flag is set that enables the quest line up
- Spelling pass
- Fixed Bella's defensive ability (10% and 25%) triggering correctly. The 10% bonus was triggering at the same time as the 25%, giving 35%
- Reduced the HP of townhouse Golem
- Fixed a bug where invalid images could throw an exception, potentially halting script
- Fixed a bug where you could lose the poker UI after dragon combat
- Fixed an achievement (Man of Culture) claiming there are 9 books (there's 8 in book 1)
- Fixed Emily's Dragonslayer attack to only trigger after she hits the power threshold
- Start screen now represents correct chapter
- Spelling pass
- Fixed an error where QSave was incorrectly triggering an animation if the frontend UI is hidden
- fixed a bug where you could hide your UI from combat menu (and not retrieve it)
- Helion Captains shifted minimum level to show to 40 (from 25)
- Implemented Snowdrop Questline
- Fixed the computer being able to change character names that didn't exist by day 2
- Gate Matthew in Elsewhere event < day 90
- Gate first meeting with Keith to be < day 60
v1.0.1 [09/12/20]
- Fixed coffeeholic not triggering for all paths
- Made some of the quests (reading all the books, rejecting all the optional sex scenes) be savegame local rather than global counters
- Rewrote the memory system, recreated all the memory files
- Fixed audio and music bugs caused by the new Addressable version
v1.0.0c [07/12/20]
- Updated addressable library and rebalanced addressables for improved performance
- Redid hit-effects for combat
- Tweaking achievements
- Typos and small contiuity fixes.
v1.0.0b [06/12/20]
- Fixed three achievements not triggering correctly
- Fixed a bug where Emily's costume picture reply might not trigger correctly
- Fixed various clipped images
- fixed a couple of places with incorrect expressions
- Fixed catwoman achievement not triggering. Fixed Chosen Run not incrementing Bella/Akane/Molly elsewhere achievements
- Added Ultra difficulty :
1. Reduced jokers from Molly from 5->3
2. Damage received is 150% of base
3. Damage dealt is 80% of base
4. Enemies range cap gets a 75% boost from your level
5. HP is 90% of base
v1.0.0a [03/12/20]
- Fixed Crowley 1 conversation having some dangling pointers
- Various small touch updates to character emotions
- Typo pass
v1.0.0 [03/12/20]
- Fixed some achievements not triggering correctly
- Steam Release Candidate
v0.9.5a [02/12/20]
- Val convo 1 wasn't triggering correctly
v0.9.5 [02/12/20]
- Hopefully fixed the recurring Crowley conversation that wasn't saving cleanly
- Redid the dragon animation
- New Day 104+ passive ability for Katie (triggers from the Troll Lich combat, or using the keyword KATIE_POWER). Gives player immunity to Fire (similarly to a fire elemental)
- Kath House Kafe pt II
v0.9.4 [30/11/20]
- Fixed Shield achivement triggering off enemies as well as player
- Fixed videos in computer screen opening main UI and blocking exit
- Fixed music sometimes not playing correctly in transitioning from world -> scripted combat
- Added the first of the Kath House Kafe series
v0.9.3 [29/11/20]
- Typo check
- Removed Patreon references from links to two game-of-friends
- Updated Rage requirement from 100->500 (in code... I'd forgotten it was hardcoded)
- Updated Shield requirement from 1000 -> 1500, to prevent Emily triggering it the first time she calls Excalibur
- games and references hidden in Steam mode
- Added better visual feedback for drag interface
- Start game now gives the player 1/1/1 in STR/CHR/INT, so he's not quite that newb
- Added flags to keep the hidden stats always open after Chloe tells you about them
- Kitsune gets a Day 105 boost from 100 damage -> 300 damage after she gets her third full tail (she's a 2 1/2 tail when you meet her, the third tail red and still growing)
- Katie gets a day 105 boost to all her spells
- Katie's icebox reunion drinks at Grassmarket officially closes off Slice of Life
- Rewrote the conversation tracking system. Kept the old legacy system as a backup
v0.9.2 [26/11/20]
- Removed debug-key that would trigger an achievement
- Fixed a bug where the log file wouldn't scroll to correct location first time
- Fixed Enstantenous achievements triggering ON a full board, rather than before
- Turned the notification popup size and location
- Fixed a bug where using the keyboard to trigger allies wouldn't correctly close the box
- Added a hard minimum limit timer for battles that need to time out
- Rewrote the trigger-at turn logic to add better guards for players able to jump past it
- bumped up the Rage achievement from 100 to 500; 100 is altogether too easy to reach by game end
- Added functionality for force-clearing a quest
- Added mouse-over tips for allies + ally attacks
- Rage now does 10% rage applied damage back to caster
- Tweaked damage gems
- Tweaked 8/9 tier gems to make them more significant
v0.9.1 [21/11/20]
- Preparing game for Steam launch
- First pass Achievements architecture added
v0.6.22b [20/11/20]
- Fixed a bug where using the Overwrite save caused the Yes/No popup to remain in the background.
- Added guard for battles that shouldn't be winnable from normal play
- Prevent you from editing the name of the end of act save
- Moved the quest popup so it's less intrusive, moved the Quest button to the top right
- Fixed Day 100 blowjob where some of the animations could time out
- Keyboard character 1-9 would trigger the wrong attacks when used for ally attacks
- Fixed some minor tweaks on the settings UI
- Computer navigation was triggering QSave, not AutoSave. Fixed
- Typo pass
- Fixed INT XP bonus calculation
- Unable to hide conversation in EndAct UI
- triggering the ally power by keyboard now hides the UI
- Fixed debug conversation attached to jenny
- New game of friends: Paradise Lust (Flexible Media)
- Fixed MC sticking around on day 112
- New card back: Snowdrop. Unlocks when she gives you the gem
- Katie hitbox in gym fixed
- Fixed end of content save
- Added a proper end of game screen
- Fixed auto-saving for computer conversations
- Fixed help text on computer UI being incorrect position on some resolutions
- Fixed overlapping images on jukebox on some resolutions
- You can now trigger ally abilities on the normal menu using 1,2,3,4,5 keys
- You can no longer delete or overwrite the end of act saves
- Quickload would ignore the "return to start of game" popup
- Talking to Katie and Emily at fireside day 90+ will unlock KATIE_FIREMASTER2 (her upgraded Fire9 attack)
- Fixed missing names in log
- Fixed missing music in credits/jukebox for some songs
- New song: Berserker (again Alexander Nakarada)
- Day 115 / end of book 1
- Fixed Emily wearing the wrong dress day 111
- Updatead music choices for day 109-111
- Day 112 morning
- New recurring event: Night Curry at Khukuri
- Typo pass
- Fixed Emily's clothes on day 110
- Fixed being stuck after morning 110
- Day 111 (Emily birthday) until end of day
- New game of friends: Lucky Paradox.
- Day 109 / Day 110
- Typo pass
- Fixed up Quickjump navigation to handle multiple distinct locations
- Kings Dragon quickjump fixed
- Fixed Katie's outfit on xmas eve
- Fixed Emily not being visible day 107 with Henry
- Talking to Matthew closes the A Man's Home questline
- Returning to Edinburgh
- Fixed workflow occasionally leaving \r control characters in text, causing narration to look messed up
- Fixed bug where the bed icon in Camelot is playable twice
- Added gate to Henry to stop him from appearing too early
- Sorted debug flags by name
- Fixed a bug where starting a new quest would reset the STARTED_ACT_6 flag
- Xmas Eve
- End of Day 106 + morning 107
- Molly conversation 107
- Henry conversation 107
- Day 108 conversation with Emily/Matthew
- Opened up map elements, fixed zooming of transitions
- Opened up King's Dragon
- Opened up the round table
- Fixed some text overlaps caused by invalid control characters
- Fixed Formal dress overlapping
- Typos and minor fixes
- Camelot now sorts with elsewhere in the quick - jump menus
- Exits from Camelot map: Prime Portal exits to Edinburgh for now, Elsewhere exits to the glade
- Fixed up the flow of rooms, unlocking of rooms, day/night cycle, etc
- Did some character resizing and repositioning
- Cleaned up some text
- Fixed Emily's night time discussion not triggering properly
- Added Camelot
- Added new character; Anton
- Added day 105
- Added day 106
- Added a new recurring night-time sequence with Emily at the pub
- Molly and Chloe returns after day 100
- Typo pass
- Fixed computer icon notification not refreshing until you exit the room / restart the computer
- Fixed being able to escape Bella's Chosen event
- Fixed Royal Flush / 5 of a kind visualization being incorrect
- Day 104 complete
- Day 101 and 104 (up to night)
- Fixed bug in gem interface
- Day 100 evening/night
- Full typo pass
- Fixed Game+ loads missing one of the Strangest Pub events
- Fixed missing end of act cover on savegames for Act IV-VI
- Added a guard to stop Slice of Life events from triggering during Strangest Pub
- Fixed day 99 morning not triggering as planned
- History button added to top-bar
- Added a guard on quick load
- Day 100 morning
- Updated Strangest Pub with additional renders, bug-fixes and typo checking
- Fixed a bug that hung the first fight
- Fixed unlocking card_back_minotaur and card_back_bella2
- Added a short day 99 event
- silly typos
- New animation for Katie in the Repo scene
- two new Strangest Pub scenes (I might go back and add some more visuals to one of them)
- Various bug-fixes and tweaks.
- Tweaked Homework 1
- new Day 98 event (Emily's gear Repo)
- new Strangest Pub sequence (The Scholar)
- Intro video audio is back. Now respects audio settings
- Lots of little continuity fixes from Feedback
- Fixed the appearing/disappearing UI
- Fixed Chloe missing in two scenes
- Bella now only trigger after you get her email
- Bella/Katie strip poker event is no longer tied to single day (so you can find them at the gym any night after meeting Bella). Fixed bug where it wasn't triggering cleanly
- Slice of Life 1 (Drink at Grassmarket) now triggers after you can go drinking there (After first date)
- Fixed a bug where discarding during a hint would leave the hint sitting around
- 2/5 events in the Strangest Pub sequence set up and running
- Fixed Threads of Love not setting _NIGHT_ACTION
- Fixed some images clipping badly
- Chloe was missing day 89
- Was able to take a Chosen run with Molly while Molly is gone with Chloe
- Fixed some characters missing in the JumpUI
- Fixed entering the gem setup screen first time
- Fixed a bug that let people change gems in mid-combat
- Shifted Sarah disappearing back to the exit line of the dialog
- Added in two new songs (Bella's Theme and Akane's theme), and added it to their key events
- Fixing offset error on fullscreen images in non-standard configuration
- Bella's searching treasure was broken. Fixed
- Incorrect mouse-over for Shower
- Rewrote GemUI; it now auto-sorts, adds the ability to store multiple gemsets
- Day 97 continues.
- Fixed some text box alignment issues for prompt + quest
- Fixed quests missing images
- Fixed post-BR2 no longer studying in Crowley
- Added a new Quest Love of Magic, for the introduction of the Portal
- Fixed bug where debug UI won't refresh first time in a conversation
- Fixed bug where max HP wasn't recalculated if you loaded a game saved from Elsewhere combat screen
- Redid some of the animations for the frontend (location/time)
- Typo pass
- Did a full walkthrough for incorrect starting outfits
- Fixed up lingering enemy wraith
- Added fixes where loading will double-add characters
- Added a backstop for players first meeting of Keith in the pub (if they don't meet him until after day 60)
- Fixed a number of places where UI animations had a potential to break
- Shifted around triggers for quests
- Fixed quests double-triggering at beginning/end of quest
- Fixed quest notification popup being stuck if you load while it's open
- Start of Act IV wasn't cleanly triggering
- Made Bella/Katie strip take place any night after you meet bella (not making it a single-day thing)
- Fixed Emily wearing casual clothes training sword day 71
- Added a guard in case the second email doesn't successfully open the studio from Molly
- Fixed Chloe not triggering at Day 1
- Fixed flicker when a card is created
- Fixed enemies cards occasionally sorting under when playing
- Fixed incorrect faces on new Elsewhere dialog
- Fixed incorrect audio after BR1/2
- Fully integrated Bella into the search treasure event
- Fixed a continuity / savegame issue tied to a previous conversation transition point killing the next conversation if it triggers from calender
- Fixed Katie's fireball9b not being correctly setup and triggered
- Fixed unclickable popup
- Cleaned up the Jump to Day interface
- Fixed Emily possibly showing up underdressed for her Lich encounter
- Fixed Akane's nick being settable before you make her a Chosen
- Added in quest system + 1st pass quest data
- Fixes to UI, made the interface more android friendly
- New Elsewhere events; 5% probability of random event at shrine
- new event with Bella at the fire after she becomes Chosen; raising her Guard from 10% of damage received to 20%
- Added Katie event (day 50+ w/Dylan in party) at Elsewhere, unlocking her upgraded fireball2
- Added Katie event (day 90+ w/Emily in party) at Elsewhere, unlocking her upgraded fireball3 and Upgraded Fireball9b
- Day 87
v0.5.14b (PUBLIC)
- Typos and fixes
- Increased card movement speed
- Rewrote the Threads of Love 2 event
- Fixed Setting UI layering issue
- Fixed up how saves were generated in the computer to make it more consistent (always save *before* the conversation triggers, but in the sub-window if there is one)
- Rewrote the help text button and cleaned up the computer interface
- Finished up Diana's Threads of Love II event.
- Fixed new cards not having alpha enabled
- Fixed size incorrect across resolutions
- Added support for collecting cards
- Added support for card visualizer
- Added support for setting / keeping card backgrounds
- Used card backgrounds in Elsewhere outing
- Rewrote the Card rendering / dragging code
- Added 3 new enemy classes (Hellion Guard, Lieutenant and Captain)
- Added a new Day 97+ purchaseable outfit for Emily
- Did some very aggressive speed optimizations for Addressables; let's see if it worked.
- Fixed the Arachnids not triggering correctly
- Named the Defiler
- Dirty Dancing now advances time
- Enter advances dialog
- Typo pass
- Fixed Bella not correctly granting you the gem
- fixed overlapping characters in Crowley + Bar tending action
- Cleaned up the main menu
- New enemy set (Arachnid Guard/Princess/Queen) for Elsewhere
- Redid Mom's character, added more animations and emotions
- New event with Molly (Studio day 80+)
- Added a small recurring event to Black Rose II
- Added in the first part of Diana's Threads of Love event
- Bella's event at the Gym (day 92+ morning)
- Added a task progress tracker
- Added the option to have external wallpapers by placing PNG/JPGs into the savegame folder
- Fixed a bug where wallpapers wouldn't save out
- Fixed a bug where you can start a fight with Katie after losing Strip MMA on the same day
- Jump to day now includes a jump to bedroom
- Typos fixed
- Fixed a bug where IsEmptyConversation could cause a null pointer exception
- Fixed a bug where Katie doesn't update her clothes day 76
- Added in a new Book (Threads of Love). Trigger it from Elsewhere Shrine after you have finished the Art of War
- Fixed Video not playing in loading screen
- Molly was draining HP from player if her ability was triggered
- Emily had space for 3 images in Lingerie II email, only 2 were provided
- Chosen outing to Elsewhere wasn't gated correctly, and could only be run once
- Typo pass
- Automated builder for calender + conversation data
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to end the first fight before it started
- Fixed a bug where, if you let the video play out on day 1, Chloe won't show up for several sentences
- Player was stuck in his room when triggering Game+ for ActV
- Added support for a pure Chosen allied Elsewhere run. Added a new Rest event in Elsewhere for when you do.
- Val could show up twice in one night, and during the day-time in subsequent runs
- Fixed videos not transitioning cleanly into board combat
- Fixed some cases where characters were overlapping
- Zenia, Kulbir, Soldier was missing their names in the log
- Molly's emails weren't correctly unlocking
- Molly's failsafe wasn't correctly unlocking
- Typo pass
- Fixed missing images in Molly's email / shopping for her dress
- Fixed android build pipeline
- Fixed localization issue for Month names
- Chloe was unlock basement day 2
- Added the option for bordered fonts
- Added a fix for Play From Day advancing past morning (will only affect future saves)
- New Val event (night day 85+ at the crowley)
- Fixed a bug in memories.
- Cleaned up Molly's Day 19 session
- Cleaned up various small continuity / dialog issues
- Background animations fixed to retire gracefully
- Characters without existing savegame slots (new characters added since the save was created) auto-defaulted to existing positions
- Correctly saves the current music and reloads it
- Opening an already open location doesn't repeat the New Location popup
- Fixed up memory (added new Act V memories, created a memory file for Molly)
- Sorting Fullscreen videos below UI.
- Pre-emptively hiding conversation UI if loading a fullscreen exclusive video
- Fixed the Show Conversation icon being 0 pixels high
- Added optional skip video :`(
- Removed ability to exit Crowley during Black rose III
- Fixed a bug in panning images caused by changes made to the fullscreen image code. Added hermite curve to the pan algorithm
- Redid the Chosen Call and Exploding Gates animation with new MC
- Spellcheck pass
- Game+ setup
- Fixed 5 of a kind being evaluated higher than straight flush
- Fixed up Matthew's conversation having a safeguard if you hadn't met him before Emily's day90 date
- Added a new outfit for Molly. Added a safeguard to trigger automatically if you hadn't purchased it by day 95
- Added a new character, Val. New event triggers nighttime, day 70+
- Added a gate to Akane's talk in the Coffee-shop so it only triggers between dat 72->92
- Finish day 97
- 2 new videos
- Fixed a bug where clicking on the Swimming email would trigger the sequence from the computer
- Updated Homework 2 with new scrolling images
- Updated Game of Friends : What a Legend with scrolling image
- Fixed Elsewhere having a pure white background
- Fixed bug where going to the gem UI during a battle would leave effects still visible.
- Fixed a bug where Music wasn't retained between saves
- Raging was missing icon
- Quickjump from City map was incorrectly set to Elsewhere
- Rebuilding with fixed Addressables
- New game of friends: What a Legend
- Rewrote how fullscreen images/videos are handled; hopefully fixes up some issue (like the end of Act IV's text). Will need to test better.
- Fixed video audio not correctly using system settings
- Fixed up Molly remaining behind after missing her Chosen 4some
- Chosen 4some
- Start of End Game Sequence (Day 97 morning)
- New video system for playing binary/switch videos
- First pass of the Call to Action video
- Continue Day 96 (ends at the lake)
- Chloe event day 93
- Evoker lessons day 96
- Akane's Chosen event (Day 92)
- Finished Emily's date night
- Started The 3rd Chosen sequence
- Fixed calender sorting above conversations
- Day 90 (up until night)
- Typo pass
- Fixed mouse-over being locked after load
- Fixed a bug where Emily could fail to trigger Start of Act V
- Fixed a bug where Bella's date was moved incorrectly to the end of the game
- New day 89 event
- Fixed a bug where effects were missapplied
- Fixed a bug where progression from end of Act IV was treated being in mid-conversation
- Fixed a bug in Bella's date where cyclic recursion could be break the dialog
- Tweaked the day 81 + 82 conversations
- Minor edits to Day 77 opening with dad
- Fixed bugs and visual errors in Elsewhere / CardUI
- Fixed savegame bugs in Elsewhere
- Fixed effects being applied with +1
- Fixed Raging icon missing
- Finished Bella's day 84
- Fixed a bug where restarting a game wouldn't necessarily reset the default locations of characters
- Cleaned up UI getting reset incorrectly in card game
- Fixed a bug in exits not showing properly
- Fixed up Bella's and Akane's memories
- Added Booker event on day 82
- Added the Date with Bella day 84. Still need to finish the actual Chosen ceremony
- Fixed incorrect mug on Olivia in memories
- Fixed typos in discussion with X
- Fixed a bug in loading old savegames with the new tracking system that would fail to execute the last chunk of code
- Fixes broken builds
- Rewrote how quickjump worked, made it universal and added support for detecting characters
- Fixed up a counting bug that might cause Royal Flush to misdiagnose
- Added achievements (Story events only)
- You can now save in Elsewhere, while using the computer and in dialogs
- Dialog with X about Bella (day 81)
- Email from Bella
- Cleaned up the UI flow in Elsewhere
- Added changelog to the settings menu
- Emily morning day 78
- Akane Chosen Pt 1, day 80
- Typos and spellchecking
- Finished Day 77
- Redid memory
- Typos and fixes
- Setting music correctly for first knights of the lake meeting in act IV
- Wallpapers now split between friends and droid
- Fixed shield blowthrough
- Fixed cards in elsewhere being accessible while menus is open
- Fixed saving from elsewhere through options menu
- Fixed changing volume by dragging on currently playing song
- Added quick fix for adding damage to existing effect adding one too little
- Fixed some of the songs not being playable from the jukebox
- Realligned the disclaimer text for different resolutions
- New game of friends (Milky Touch)
- Added support for VO's into the editor and game
- The never-ending day 77 extended to Chloe's talk. I swear I'll finish this the next time.
- Removed the auto-play in settings; having it tied to the Auto button does everything it needs to, without breaking dialog and companions
- Disclaimer scene
- Continued Act V's starting scene (until Crowley basement)
- Fixed automatic regaining HP after battle
- Small visual fixes and tweaks
- Screenshot functionality added (S for normal resolution, Ctrl+S for 4x resolution)
- Jukebox in Crowley and Cafe can now remember last music played and resume it later
- Rewrote memory system
- Act V start
- Fixed a bug where some characters weren't correctly added to the team
- Changed how characters interact with videos, and used that to improve emily's first appearance and Chloe's cat transform
- Fixed a bug where cards reset in Elsewhere when exiting combat
- Fixed how Battle 1 is set up (auto-trigger at round X, bumped up HP and damage for minotaur).
- New Akane slice of life event at starcucks, triggers past day 63. Secondary optional trigger for the Act V date
- Last typo pass
- Drinking at grassmarket shifted to avoid triggering after date 1
- Bella won't trigger her nudge email until you meet her
- adjust the space used by the narrative text
- adding effect stack when there's already an effect applied does -1 effect
- possible to exit elsewhere with UI still present
- possible to enter elsewhere with calender UI enabled
- not scrolling to bottom of page when chosing log
- RMB click should dismiss save/load UI and log
- shield blowthrough returning incorrect values
- jukebox UI was overlapping the topmost title
- added a new theme (Val's theme, used in Act V)
- New Chloe scene (triggers after day 65, purchase from computer)
- New renders for Akane's elsewhere session
- typo pass
- Two new scenes with Akane at Rest in Elsewhere
- Cleaned up the Gem Shop screen
- Added a potential fix for shield blow-through
- Added additional guards for exiting elsewhere with the wrong UI
- New outfit for Molly
- New scene with Molly at the Studio
- Cleaned up some of the video sequences in Act IV
- Fixed the bug where the first line after a fullscreen video plays strangely
- Fixed missing/incorrect faces in a couple of scenes
- fixed a bug where you could get Bella's strip poker even happening at grassmarket
- Fixed a bug that could cause Olivia's dialog setting up Black Rose III to fail
- Added a check to stop video for Chloe's transformation before proceeding too far into the questline
- Fixed bella sends her e-mail on day 24, but it's possible to meet up with her and have the event at the gym on day 23
- Added a new email from Molly, triggering day 71, and a follow-up the triggers one day later. Followup opens up the new Studio location (nothing there yet)
- Redid Mollys's facial animation
- Timeline checked the kissing scene with Emily in Elsewhere to be <54 (when he starts using the Schwartalf armor)
- Finally nailed down the bug that caused some turkish players to be unable to play the game
- Matthew event (day 80, moved into Act V, but visible as a preview)
- Added a gem shop, triggers from Quartermaster after day 30 (if you've bought something)
- Added a bunch of guards to get rid of exceptions in Quicksave and Addressables
- Added support for auto-triggering a mail if day > X.
- Added a new mail from Molly
- Dragonslayer limited to once per run for now
- 1st Fight, Minotaur bumped up in HP
- Black Rose III. To trigger, make sure you've completed Olivia's quest-line. Go back there, chat with her. That'll unlock Black Rose III at night in Starcucks
- Disabled the load-from day code. Needs more time in QA before setting it global
- Changed up the URLs for musicians with patreons
- Cleaned up the About game page
- Fixed up some small UI tweaks
- Fixed up Jukebox issues, added additional guards for playing music and tracking errors
- Cleaned up Wallpaper UI behavior at wierd resolutions
- Tweaked Olivia's dialog prep for Black Rose III, and temporarily removed Jenny (not done yet)
- Cleaned up the calendar
- Entering Elsewhere sets music bg_elsewhere
- Removed Kitsune/Akane as people you can talk to at a rest-stop
- Speed clicking now works in Elsewhere
- Fixed up missing calender dates in Act IV
- Cleaned up the close button in GemUI (had some legacy text)
- Wallpapers were re-added each time you opened the wallpaper UI
- Fixed exiting to menu while in a video makes the music stick around while in the menu.
- Exiting to main menu from elsewhere would leave UI on screen
- Cleaned up aspect ratio correct for super-wide screens
- Force clear video first frame (fixes a problem where a one-frame hangover from a previous video would persist)
- Fixed a bug where a character would sometimes 'pop' for a single frame, before appearing
- Fixed "load from day" functionality not working properly
- Typos and bug-fixes
- Added new animation to Day 75 with Emily
- Olivia event
- Fixed up scrolling issues for credits
- Added a jukebox at the Crowley
- Cleaned up initial savegame feel
- Fixed a buggy export of Emily that made her new armor look low-res
- Katie event in grassmarket (day 69+)
- Fixed missing exit widget for wallpapers
- Fixed My New Family not re-triggering
- Fixed up how background videos are triggered and stopped
- Full typo pass
- Added ability to change Lady Aoife's name to the PC
- Added additional guards to dragon fight
- Fixed Schwartalf missing (he was actually there, just 5 pixels high)
- Fixed up Kitsune handing out both Special and normal Ingredient
- Disabled state-changing behaviour from Settings screen during poker game
- Fixed up some UIs that were badly behaved in ultra-wide (mainly android widescreen) aspect ratios)
- Fixed the issue that Visual Effects + Videos didn't respect audio volume
- Rewrote Akane's scrying to allow vertical and horizontal sorting
- Kitsune event at shrine
- Updated the easter egg
- Added guards/triggers for two Act IV calender events that were visible
- Junk gems no longer drops as loot
- Added guards to prevent discards, lightning-stun, etc from disrupting planned combat dialog
- Fixed auto-saves for start of day events (was broken by the new experimental 'save at the start of each day' code; need to update the UI to display those)
- Redid the end of act screen
- Muted loading-screen video until I can track down what's going on with the high volume
- Fixed a bug where the remainder of a hint-card could cause an exception when using Molly as the chosen
- Act complete's autosave added to the save-list without having to restart the game
- Added a first pass Reload last "day start" calender
- Easter Egg added, triggers after day 55 drinking at Grassmarket at night
- Dragon loadout modified
- Wraith loadout modified
- Fixed Ice Elemental Grunt having an fire4 gem for straight flush
- Redid Sarah's office outfit
- Resized some of the character sprites that were a little fuzzy
- After talk with dylan in coffeeshop, MC remains behind
- Need to trigger Emily's theme at the start of Day 62 date
- Incorrect head in one of the lines for Molly/Schwartalf
- Some minor typos
- Rewrote how videos are applied to make them work on Android
- Rewrote the Computer shader to make it work on Android
- Fixed a possible Act III end to Act IV transition issue
- Fixed a bug in Knights of the Lake scene where emily could be ignored
- Resized Schwartalf portrait to avoid clipping
- Fixed shield overflow returning the wrong value
- Elsewhere portal open from day 13 instead of day 14
- Lich & Dragon are now immune to stun damage
- Molly's date adds two continuity guards (not destroying golem, not asking about the restaurant)
- Various typos fixed
- Fixed bug in reading in starcucks (caused by Repeat flag being toggled off)
- Bella's special bolt can trigger once/day
- Fixed CardGame UI remaining on fullscreen videos triggered from Card battle
- Exiting to main menu from pokergame now correctly shuts down the UI
- Changed dialog for Keith if it's the first time you meet him
- Updated Emily's Armour Outfit (re-rendered with better lighting, and multiple pieces)
- Emily's Theme remastered.
- Poison now bypasses shields
- Rewrote Dylan's Coffee Shop dialog, and extended it a bit
- Improved chloe transform video
- You can now train with Emily at the Glade (trigger from portal)
- Dylan will get a book from Diana, you can read and discuss it with him at the Coffee Bar. Relevant for Book 2.
- Fixed Cluster gems
- Typo pass cleanup
- Main Menu tweaks to remove cards getting clipped, icon video being half-sized on android
- Redid Chloe's cat transformation as a video
- Game+
- Bella e-mail triggers 2 days after meeting her and katie at the grassmarket at night
- First meeting with Matthew Burke (Enter Shrine in Elsewhere with Emily / Sword > 10)
- Re-rendered and tweaked several videos
- Rewrote how videos are applied and cleaned up the control I have from script
- Fixed up the missing End of Act savegame sticker
- Emily's Day 75 night
- Fixed bug in Elsewhere and Companion abilities
- Can now play videos in battle mode
- Added support for shield-breaker move
- Added support for Secace ability
- First pass of Act IV ending
- Evoker Lecture + Meeting at the lake (day 75)
- Fix for broken addressables in 0.3.37
- Emily's sword lessons (day 71)
- Fixed sounds not working properly under the new Unity build
- Added new Act IV opening video
- Fixed a bug that would boost partial shield blow-through, instead of reducing it
- Molly's date
- Additional cleanup on triggering videos from conversations (loading/rewinding, speed-clicking, etc)
- Evoker lecture
- Katie's return
- Added more debug guards / logging for daily events
- Added a fallback for the background shader (android devices)
- Added another guard for addressables, and cleaned up the process
- Videos and music moved to uncompressed asset bundles
- Fixed a bug in advancing time
- Fixed log UI giving debug text when reading text from an unnamed character
- Fixed mouse scrolling speeds in Wallpaper
- Wallpaper setting now has feedback popups
- Black rose II no longer replayable
- Wallpaper bug-fix on Unix. Added support for copying wallpaper to Pictures folder
- Fixed retained conversation UI after click
- Fixed snowdrop returns bug
- Fixed sorcery in the middle of a hint breaking the visuals of the hand
- Added new Olivia at Bar event
- Rewinding from Courseware soft-locks the game
- Typos and spell-checking
- Fixed images not scaling correctly on small-format screens
- Added a guard popup for exiting Elsewhere
- Fixed a possible soft-lock if speed-clicking into Elsewhere
- You can now click on an object that's being shown (there's a bit of a jerky animation, but at least it feels less laggy)
- Fixed the memory saving system. Now I need to populate it and show a UI
- Added a Dylan event at the Starcucks
- Working evenings in an upgraded crowley had a chance of advancing time twice
- Fixed a bug where there was a possibility of triggering one event on top of another
- Tweaked difficulty level for Easy mode and very hard
- Fixed initial setting on UISpeed
- Fixed exiting from computer -> main menu breaking UI
- Added a proper Game+ function to the game. Trigger by loading the End of Act III savegame
- Keith / Aoife event implemented
- Shifted probabilities for Keith/Aoife around. I might need to pull them down a little, since they trigger quite fast now
- Talking to Bella at rest-stop now gives the option to add 5 turns to Elsewhere
- Talk to Katie to recharge the Nuke
- Typos and continuity fixes
- Gated various monsters to player levels to stop the player from being destroyed by high-tier enemies too early
- Dropped non-combat probabilities
- Added Aoiefe's first event
- Re-jigged ordering of elsewhere companions to prevent "finish" from being first
- Fixed various broken dialogs and missing heads
- recoded the main menu video with a different codex
- Night time at Crowley is now replayable
- Fixed Chloe stalking us on date 6
- Demon Prince had the wrong weapon
- Rebalanced Fire damage output +50% residual damage, and pull fire-damage down faster (-10%, instead of -1)
- Pixie now has 4 events (pub evening, night, shower night, elsewhere)
- New characters: Keith Machlachlan and Aoife
- A bunch of converation fixes in the Crowley work scenes
- Split the Elsewhere action pool between combat/non-combat
- Optimization for combat; only pops up Ally UI if there's more than one choice, otherwise immediately selects that
- Story combat can now trigger from an Elsewhere cutscene, and will remember the correct allies
- Fixed Black Coffee not triggering cleanly
- Triggering Black Rose I now reduces rose count back to 0
- first two Pixie scenes (afternoon work with Crawley > 3, night time work 1+ day after). Shower scene in 0.3.21
- Fixed offering to sell ingredients to chloe, then changing your mind, causing ingredients to disappear
- fixed how night time activities are set up to avoid multiple uses
- Increased fire damage dealt
- Added new night time event: Katie's brother (need to update his Mug, still rendering).
- Added a basic replayable night-work entry, so you're never stuck
- Typo pass
- Android build restored
- Fixed bug where using the calendar would reset the next probability matrix
- Fixed bug where 11/12/etc cards weren't named for their card properly
- Tuned slider speed for memories
- Fixed bug where it enemies would use the default loot table regardless of loot table overrides
- Fixed bug where Daemons wouldn't pay out correctly
- Black Rose 2
- Black rose added to world
- Molly Slice of Life event in crowley.
- Emily slice of life event at Grassmarket evening
- You can now go drinking at the Grassmarket at night
- Computer now notifies you if there's something new to do.
- Ingredients / Special Ingredients added to UI
- Upgraded the Crowley
- Animating main menu logo for fun
- First pass on Wallpaper design. I'm going to need to rwrite the assignment code.
- You can now adjust the PokerUI speed, if you want additional time to read back effects
- You can now read in Starcucks at night, after Black Rose 1
- improved auto-gen documentation
- typos and fixes
- Spelling mistakes and final testing for release.
- Fixed a possibility to break the Black Rose progression
- zone folder was missing (breaking tutorial funnel).
- Changing center with sorcery no longer returns any placed cards
- Rage was dealing damage to self
- Added a delay between winning and victory UI playing
- New guards to stop effects spilling over from battle to battle
- Fixed cards returning to hand properly if reset from sorcery
- Fixed a possible bug from resume act II savegame
- Full typo pass
- Fixed Ally UI being too large
- Reduced XP multiplier for Knight/Lord from 3x/5x to 2x/3x
- ET can now call home (Added new app, Facial, and allow conversation to call mom)
- DressXpress opens day 47 instead if day 42
- Fixed cards not returning if you drop them at the wrong location
- Slowed down the info-box on what move was triggered
- Fixed applying shields to self using the wrong effect
- Added ingame support for changing names
- Added ingame support for accessing the game documentation
- Cleaned up the systems for cards discarding. Should hopefully fix the overlapping cards issue
- Added big-text mode
- Fixed up cluster gem damages + texts
- tuned the music in Molly's spanking event
- Added support for tagging memories correctly. Fixed up friends + Olivia
- Tuned rage gems output
- Added Grunt/Knight/Lord ice elementals
- Fixed a bug where clicking on the edge of a card could consume a turn without turning the card
- Played with the music in Molly's spanking scene (it might be too much)
- I've been deeply suspicious of a Coroutine for moving cards to destination. I rewrote it without the co-routine, and with more guards.
- New friend game, Bad Memories
- Added a new video rendering engine. Let me know what compatibility and performance is like, especially on Android
- Tweaked lightning stun values: (4, 10, 20, 30, 40, ...)
- Added clustergems (do 3xbaseDamage, each hit benefiting from bonuses and reductions)
- Rewrote how loot is calculated in terms of giving out gems
- Added better feedback systems to poker
- Added visual effects to spells + gems
- Changed the buttons around to make it clear what is interactive in the poker menu
- Fixed popups fading wrongly
- Fixed Calender events showing too early
- fixed mouse-over not working properly
- reduced the size of Chloe's hit-box
- Weak now does -25% damage, rather than -5 points of damage
- Bella has an active attack now
- 50% extra damage to the poison gems
- Dylan has an optional regen, and receives a Heal bonus from 25->50 by day 30
- Chloe has two different sorcery powers (replace card on hand, replace center of board)
- Akane can now sort ascending and descending, by suit or value
- Emily gets a boost to Shield by day 40
- New Game of Friends, Battle for Luvia: Armored Romance
- The email images were not connected properly (apart from the last swimsuit ones)
- Typo pass
- Fixed the possibility of UIs retaining past poker battle
- Opening the memory UI twice from computer would shut it down immediately
- Memory UI didn't properly set a first character on popup
- Shuffling deck on startup
- Tweaked atlas definitions for splines
- Fixed repeated visits to memory setup duplicating the selection options
- Put the memory setup on a co-routine for responsiveness, cleaned up memory usage
- Added a memory setup animation when showing fullscreen
- localization update for memory display, fixed tall spines rendering incorrectly
- trips to elsewhere could skip afternoon events
- tweaked treasure even reward drop probability
- Could trigger wrong end of act scene from basement on the day of day 3
- Fixes to sell-poker code
- Lightning stun changed (stun level is now 3-7-14-21-etc)
- tweaked the RNG seed
- Removed access to bed & gateway when you have visitors
- Added alpha version of the memory replay
- Fixed Emily's swimsuit sequence. Added a new dedicated clothing store to keep things cleaner moving forward
- when typing the group name in the input field, hotkeys were still active
- if you look at the cat outfit but don't have enough money, then go back to it once you do, you can't buy it, the dialogue just closes
- Fixed bug in date 5 that would cut it in half if wrong path chosen (it was supposedly fixed in 0.3.5, but it appears unity crashed)
- Fixed purchasing Emily's swimsuit
- Fixed unnecessary double-comment regarding trip to elsewhere
- Moved beach party until second week to fit Emily/Molly's relationship arc
- UI update broke ally, fixed.
- Shower now has a 10% chance of giving a CHR bonus. Fixed shower advancing time breaking
- Fixed a bug the could leave effects behind in the poker game
- Added support for selling gems to the Quartermaster
- End of Act image for savegame
- Emily's swimming adventure
- Beachparty
- Loading a game with blur on would leave blur active later when you returned to that room
- New clothing: bikini for Emily, Molly and Katie (Bella doesn't get one yet, I don't need to talk to her directly)
- Added continuity fallback if Olivia's tentacle adventures happen after Sarah's unavailable
- Allow compressed spine textures to go up to 4k (fixed a couple of grainy textures)
- Fixed Ally UI being oversized
- Fixed level ui dialog missing stats
- Fade screen was broken by the optimized UI
- Hide UI was broken with the new UI
- Added Chloe catgirl scene
- Added new browser event, purchasing swimsuit for Emily
- Allies could be added twice
- Rewrote UIs to improve performance
- Added cheat to jump to specific day (may cause bugs, of course)
- Added cheat to enable/disable FPS overlay
- Did a memory pass to reduce Spine memory consumption
- Finished Monday's visit to Nimue's lake
- Added new friend game: Ataegina
- Chloe's nude animation wasn't animating
- Autoplay after you put down a card would break the game
- autoplay while hinting could leave the hints visible
- hints and discard/autoplay could conflict
- The cutscene for beginning of act III could play on the wrong day if you returned to the khukuri
- poker hand: straight flush had higher priority than 5 of a kind
- Height offsets for Dylan was wrong compared to MC
- Could activate save/load UI with F5/RMB from inside the poker game, possibly breaking things
- hints would activate while dragging card
- Fixed progression bug caused by not having talked to Katie / Chloe about Elsewhere before date 3
- End of Act III
- Fixed a bug where Akane and Kitsune couldn't be brought into elsewhere
- Torman wasn't resetting his portrait at the beginning
- Fixed Emily not triggering end of act I scenario
- STR damage bonus (1% additional damage / STR level)
- Dates are now correctly showing in the calender
- Fenced off calender events that were showing prematurely
- RMB triggers save/load UI (same as F5), CMB triggers show/hide (same as H)
- Ceremonial Magic lecture added
- Spellchecking pass
- Date 6 + aftermath
- Two new allies, Kitsune (who does a flat damage) and Akene (who does board manipulation). Playable in Date6 + day50 onwards
- Fixing up hinting effect not cleanly disappearing when discarding
- fixing up discard occasionally leaving behind cards
- Fixed broken spine for molly's tentacle adventures
- Ceremonial Magic Homework VI
- Evoker lesson VI
- Continuity and spelling mistakes for date5
- Re-enable blur at the right point in date 5
- Ceremonial magic VI
- Straights took priority over 4/5 of a kind when using jokers
- Fixed some bugs in date5
- Fixed missing theme playing in certain scenarios
- Fixed typos
- Date 5 implemented
- Add debug text if there's double dialogs
- Credits now scrolling
- New character: X
- Day 40 Evoker class dialog finished
- Purchase sequence for Emily's lingerie finished (remember to check email to finish the cycle)
- Spelling mistakes and typos reported
- Bella could be added to the group even if it's full if added last
- Cleaned out how the Main menu is set up, and made it systemic instead of code
- Ceremonial Magic V class, Ceremonial Homework V homework, Night after homework scene implemented
- Patch notes pathched to reflect that Katie now aids in Olivia's ceremonial magic session
- Escape now opens / closes settings UI. Also closes other popups that can be closed simply
- Percentage damage resist from [Bella] could heal you above your max hp if you have shield
- Katie now helps out in Molly's Ceremonial Magic session
- Katie was getting triggered in lecture theater after Molly session
- Added a nudge to remind you to go find Bella
- Molly's starcucks event no longer firing after she becomes loyal
- Credits now correctly setting up patreon mugs + taglines. Added support for images
- It was possible to speed click through elsewhere conversation to leave behind an image
- You could skip two turns using the Erotic book in the coffeestore
- Added new enemy type, draugr (grunt/knight/lord)
- Bella could be invited twice to elsewhere
- Added conversation to Bella in Elsewhere Rest
- Added button to trigger auto-play a single turn (middle ground between full auto and manual)
- Overwriting savegames now correctly disabled when in conversation, and re-enabled when you can save properly
- Various typos and
- Added shield gems 2-8
- Reblanced loot, damage, XP curve
- Jenny's black rose 1 event didn't advance time
- Fixed an alignment issue on main menu at different resolutions
- Fixed missing textures for Guilty Force
- Hold down Ctrl to speed up the level up process
- Katie's firegem could be used repeatedly
- Fixed lack of initial cash
- Rewrote the world triggers to use conversation triggers
- Fixed Defile VFX and defiler not looping
- Fixed third homework advancing time twice
- Some continuity bugs.
- blood splatters remain after losing
- Removed Dylan the stalker
- Added in Adrian
- Spelling and continuity error
- Fixed bug where diana would reuse last mugshot
- After black rose event, you would be stuck next time you purchase a coffee
- Fixed events showing up on calender before they were ready
- Fixed up the Landlady & Flatmate supporter email
- Adrian restored (was dealing with a prefab instead of the scene object)
- Emily not joining portal until after reuniting (day 30)
- XP curve moved up, level rewards dropped to 1 character point / gain, fixed a bug where going up 2 levels would give you 3 picks
- Added a second loot-table for Minotaur Lord, doubled his XP gain
- You can no longer skip forward in situations where you have no_exit flag enabled. Fixes a bunch of events being breakable by using skip time.
- Fixed a drag-and-drop gem bug
- Dragging a gem now correctly updates the visuals of gems returned to the pool
- Fixed a bug where a rewind from a computer message could break the savegame
- Hid Guilty Force until day 2
- Fixed various typos
- New friend game (Dark Executor's Guilty Force)
- Fixed a bug with Black Rose event not triggering
- Fixed the wrong variable been triggered for ingredients
- Black rose now has a 20% probability of spawning from treasure
- Updated Molly's face to have more expressions, and updated her tentacle experience to
- stats shown in level up screen
- Hp remaining shown in elsewhere
- Chloe now starts fully charged, but recharges at 1/2 speed compared to the others
- second time you lose wouldn't advance time
- each time you enter elsewhere you'll get to pick your team
- If player lost a battle, they'd be stuck with blood splatters afterwards
- cleaned up the game of friends
- Can't jump straight from Elsewhere to City map
- Added guards for speed-clicking in Elsewhere
- Adjusted XP curve
- Adjusted cash gain curve
- Some enemies weren't correctly giving XP
- fixed a bug where sorcery could break the deck if applied while a card was placed
- fixed a bug where effects could linger longer
- redid the mouse-over / unable to reuse message
- added optional recharge scale for allies (Chloe was OP, now she charges slower)
- remove chloe from the world after she accepts joning for elsewhere raid
- Katie's new mug wasn't animating
- Added new attack for Katie once she's received the True Flawless gem
- Fixed a bug where mugs could get overlaid
- Day26 doesn't advance time anymore (lecture was cancelled, after all). Gives us another day to visit Elsewhere
- Updated the rose event, it now trigger the next day (or later) after you give her the vibrator
- Updated Jenny's mug, two new animations (fear and pleasure)
- Trigger tutorial first time you return to your room after Katie gives you the gems
- Added a tutorial and fixed up some visual elements in the gem UI
- fixed a bug where 5-of-a-kind wasn't properly setting up
- fixed a bug where dragging a gem to an invalid slot made it look like it disappeared
- fixed the calender rendering incorrectly in second month
- cleanup of various card game UI issues
- Chloe will now purchase resources from you at the crowley
- Fixed a bug where effects for enemies would linger visually
- Molly's first sorcery added, and Molly shifted to after Act II ends
- Fixed a bug where you could trigger drunk in Basement conversation before end of Act I
- Jenny, first rose complete
- Victory screen after combat
- 5 new elsewhere enemies (minotaur knight and lord, tentakun, wraith grunt and wraith knight)
- Levelup dialog
- Guarded the combat UI so you can only activate it on your turn, etc
- (hopefully) fixed the soft-lock that could happen when an enemy discard caused a deck shuffle
- Int now gives XP bonus
- Fixed a bug where it's possible to hide conversation UI and not find it back
- Starting a new game from main menu after playing wouldn't reset some flags
- Restored Adrian's conversation options
- Adrian was using Bella's body, fixed
- Chloe correctly unlocking on main menu after Act I
- Fixed bug in Act II end (wrong parameters to texture)
- Chloe shouldn't show up on in loading screens
- Fixed Act I auto-save not firing correctly
- Fixed Act II loading icon showing incorrectly.
- Fixed End of Act savegame names
- Redone Katie's mugshots
- Katie was not clickable
- Fixed bug when returning from combat in elsewhere
- Fixed Defiler not having a weapon
- Fixed mugshots appearing correctly in ally window and alleybar
- Dylan and Molly wasn't showing up correctly as allies
- Finishing the last move as a conversation would end up with a faded screen
- Player HP wasn't correctly reset at beginning of elsewhere.
- Notification bar wouldn't reset (animation cut-off halfway through)
- Ally UI could remain behind when leaving the poker game
- Player clothing not correctly set before entering elsewhere
- Added a browser (DemonFox) for ordering. Replaces the shop, which was underutilized.
- Added a new scene with Emily, using the browser + email system
- Added a patreon email from Landlady & Flatmate (triggers on day 5)
- Added a new scene with Jenny/Diana related to the black rose
- New friend game : Killer7 / My New Family
- New friend game : Neko Paradise
- Updated timelines for final week of Act II to make things a little less hectic
- Fixed master setup not saving correctly
- Added a new event with Bella
- Redid Katie's casual animaiton
- Expanded elsewhere, added several random events
- Can now fight in Elsewhere
- Can now recruit allies, and they show up in combat in Elsewhere
- Can return from Elsewhere back to Crowley
v0.2.1 -> YAY! We're finally done with the core story for Act II
- Fixed various logic issues
- Fixed a bug in rewrind that broke a bunch of conversations (temp variables getting wiped on load)
- Added a trigger to force Molly's Sorcery experience.. time is quite dense in that week, and I couldn't rely on players going there manually
- Quicknav now correctly updates the textures for destinations based on time of day.
- Play the correct themes for the various encounters
- New Molly event
- New Emily event (Date IV)
- Fixed a bug that made Chloe unresponsive
- Fixed a bug where ambient characters could trigger too early
- Fixed a bug where I clear out temp variables on load, breaking rewind
- New Evoker class event
- New Katie event (purchase the special gem at the Quartermaster's)
- Run-up to end of Act II started
- Remove quicknav icon when the NO_EXIT flag is set
- Fixed up how damage is calculated (to allies and effects into account)
- Some rewrites for Homework IV and some new renders
- New friend game, Polarity
- New entrance animation to Elsewhere, and a rewritten content harness for it
- New startup dialog for Elsewhere (when triggered random)
- New event (Olivia DGN1)
- Fullscreen images and spines can now be either horizontally or vertically maximized (for screens that cut on the edges; see Homework IV)
- Battles can now use custom stat overrides (Tentaclekun II)
- Various spelling and continuity fixes
- Press Space or Enter to step forward a single conversation (in addition to Ctrl to speed through the conversation)
- Use Keypad or numbers to pick answers 1-N. Not shown visually (should I?)
- Cleaned up some UI issues
- Fixed the losing Strip MMA path (chloe would sell you the wrong spirits, time would advance twice, player wouldn't fully strip, and you could farm the event once you won it)
- New event with Molly, triggers 4 days after Homework III, when you enter the university
- New friend game, Game of Whores
- Poison gems were tagged as giving lightning damage
- Spell checking and general progression cleanup
- Fixed a bug where player cannot be clicked on if nude (missing bounds box)
- Added support for auto-playing poker for people who didn't enjoy the poker game
- Added new Friend-game, Dante's Depravity (accessibly from the computer game screen)
- Added new dialogs for Chloe and MC after the end of Act II
- Added Homework III and IV, as well as two new Ceremonial magic lessons
- Rewrote how the end-of-act sequence was handled; added a formal "end of act" savegame, with special visualization
- Fixed oversized fullscreen images in some resolutions
- Fixed bug where mouse-over/off on effects doesn't always work in combat
- fixed a bug in poker if you discarded with one card placed
- Fixed incorrect positions in poker combat
- Fixed a bug where books wouldn't be properly removed after reading
- Fixed a bug where some dialogs with Olivia would jump forward 2 timeslots
- Fixed MC being nude at the barrista after homework II
- Fixed the tentacles not animating correctly
- Fixed lightning stun using the wrong output message
- Added new slice of life sequences with Adrian and Olivia
- Fixed being able to trigger First pathwalking at night.
- Fixed being able to trigger Chloe's dialogs during dates
- You could derail the final date by ignoring Emily. Fixed.
- Fixed Emily haunting the khukuri after date1
- Fixed only being able to purchase black coffee once. Also added a guard to not let you purchase black coffee if you were broke
- Various spelling issues
- Added ability to trigger discussion on round 0 (used to let Dylan chat; previously it was possible for the player to kill the enemy on round 1, so the talking never triggered)
- fixed fullscreen images not being fullscreen on higher resolutions
- fixed some positioning issues for characters
- Fixed typos from slice of life events
- Added blood splatter VFX to poker combat
- fixed settings -> credits not working
- Added QA credits
What's changed:
- Tons of spelling issues fixed (thanks to the fine users at )
- Made it easier to close the Email UI
- Made it easier to train strength
- Changed the card-picking code to prioritize Right-to-left rather than Left-to-right, should make picking things easier
- Fixed up desinations not having human friendly names
- STR/INT swapped in the UI
- Made it possible to purchase coffee in a single-tap
- QSave disabled in dialog
- Adrian won't sell you stuff at night
- Computer in room would be visible when there are people in the room (overlapping their images, and causing accidental clicks)
What's changed:
- Quick bug-fix for progression blocker (Ceremonial Magic II)
Initial release

  • 17.03.2024 - первый релиз английской версии игры 1.6.5d (Book 1) / 1.0.12 (Book 2) / 1.0.2d (Book 3)


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