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DeadMoon Survival [ver. 0.7 Rus / 0.8 Eng]

Год выпуска: 2023 / 2024
Версия: 0.7 Rus / 0.8 Eng
3DCG, Animated, male protagonist, incest, milf, teasing, monster, adventure, rpg, big ass/tits, voyeurism, horror
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Hot Tomato
Издательство: Hot Tomato
Перевод: fa1con_eye
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Ren'py
Язык интерфейса: Английский / Русский /
Язык текста: Английский / Русский /
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • ОС: Windows 7 или новее
  • Процессор: 2,0 ГГц Core 2 Duo
  • ОЗУ: 2 GB
  • Видеокарта: Совместимость с OpenGL 2.0 или DirectX 9.0c
  • Место на диске: ~2 GB


Человечество находится на грани краха, общества больше нет, и единственное, что осталось, - это крики нежити,
эхом разносящиеся по пустынным улицам давно исчезнувшей цивилизации.

Dead Moon Survival - это визуальный роман, основанный на выборе, в котором вы будете определять судьбу мира.
Собираешься ли ты стать крутым истребителем монстров или будешь плакать в углу, глотая собственные сопли?
Может быть, ты готов стать кем-то другим ради тех, кто тебе дорог... монстром.

Эта игра довольно мрачная и, в некотором смысле, реалистичная.
Опасность подстерегает за каждым углом, и некоторые решения требуют вашей быстрой реакции.
Но не волнуйтесь.
Ужасы апокалипсиса - не единственное, что вас ждет, здесь также есть место для некоторых пикантных ситуаций.
В конце концов, люди всегда стремятся к лучу света посреди отчаяния.
Надежда - это единственный способ двигаться вперед...​

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив DeadMoonSurvival-v0.6-pc_Rus.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл DeadMoonSurvival.exe
  • Играть (Язык меняется в главном меню в настройках (Preferences))

v0.8 - 2024-02-23
-Around 1000+ renders
-13 new animations
-New tracks (Some of them are copyrighted and have been created exclusively for the game.)
-Remake of 100+ renders from the first version of the game. (It's almost a whole new sex scene, try it.)
Scene actors :
-MC X Elisabeth
-MC X Juliet
-There will be a new mechanic similar to a QTE, making action scenes much more lively.
-A gallery will now be integrated into the game, allowing you to review unlocked sex scenes. (A notification will appear on your screen when you unlock one of them.)
-New textbox, more discreet and providing a better view of the image.
-All the sound effects on the sex part have been reworked, making them much more immersive.
-New variables have been integrated, making past choices more interesting and introducing new dialogues.
-The dialogues have been reworked from the ground up, making them more lively, natural, and less verbose.
-Reworked action and bad ending scenes to make them more impactful.
There are a few other surprises, but I'll let you discover those for yourselves.
The game has now more than 8800 renders.
v0.7 - 2023-09-20
New contents:
-800+ renders.
-17 news animations
-New track
Scenes actors:
-MC X Elisabeth (huge scene)
-Juliet X Elisabeth (lesbian path)
-Elisabeth X Heidy and Tony (avoidable)
Change to the game:
-Did a remake of a few renders from the early stage of the game (around 200 renders)
The game have now more than 7700 renders.
v0.6 - 2023-05-31
-700+ renders.
-4 news animations
-New tracks

Scenes actors:
-MC X Juliet X Elisabeth
-Juliet X Elisabeth
Bug fixing:
-Fixed a bug where players couldn't lower the volume of some sound effects (there is a new slider in "Preference" menu).
Well, it's gonna be a pretty long post and if you want to know what will happen to the future of the game you should read it until the end, it's really an important one.
The game has been out for more than one year now and I've read a lot of feedback about it. Some people like it and some others don't and it's fine, everyone has their own taste. But still, everytime, every single update there is one and only one discussion and debate about the game and I'm tired of it, really tired. I'm talking about the monster sex scenes.
I mean, I firstly wanted to implement them as an alternate « Game Over » and to make the world of DeadMoon more scary, cruel and horrible, I wanted to give a shock to the player and it seems that I did it... too well. And even if those scenes were avoidable and definitely not the main element of the game, it was the only thing that people seemed to retain from the story and it wasn't my goal. I want to deliver a story about a few love that remains in a cruel world, I want a growth of the characters, of their relationships. I want to see the players talking about the plot, the story and more importantly I don't want to create two sides fighting against each other everytime. I failed.
This is why I will have to stop making the monster sex scenes in the future, and I will remove the existing one. No more monster scenes for any official releases of the game.
I'm sorry, I know a lot of you actually liked them, and wanted to see more of those, it's not a punishment at all, but I'm just too tired of seeing people fighting, debating and pages of comments about them. I wanted to add something different to the game but I guess it was a bad idea. Many of you are probably going to be angry, disappointed, it's my fault and my mistake. Sorry guys
In order to apologize, even if I know it won't be enough, here are the things that I can do :
I can refund you for this month if you were supporting the game for those scenes. (If you want to have a refund, send me a private message on Patreon,)
I will stop the billing pledges for this month, this way all the supporters will have the time to see this post and to decide if they still want to be a patreon or not, so you won’t be charged at the beginning of March.
I'm releasing a new version of the game without the monster sex scenes. It will be available for everyone, without any waiting time. (For the next version I will use the usual release schedule, 1 month later for the public version as an example.)
Now about the content of the game, because I probably wasn't clear enough about it and this post is needed:
The main character is, and always were the main focus of the game, the story resolves around him and it will stay like this until the end of the game. So, even if I'm keeping the NTR/Cheating scenes, it will not be the main focus of the game. In the future I will do some poll about those scenes, to see if you want to have more of them or not.
So, what to expect? The story and spicy stuff will mainly focus on the relationship between the MC, Elisabeth and Juliet; later on there will be some other girls to romance but only a few, they will have their own character development and backstory; and seeing a new group of survivors doesn't mean NTR at all. In the future, if I'm adding more of them it will always be avoidable.
SO the main focus is: Main character X Elisabeth X Juliet.
Now about the new version, called the 0.5.5 : old saves won't work, this is why I will share some saves if you don't want to start the game from scratch for the next release. You will find those paths:
1. Juliet Trust/ No Ntr / Lesbian On
2. Juliet No trust / No Ntr / Lesbian On
3. Juliet Trust / No Ntr / lesbian Off
4. Juliet No trust / No Ntr / Lesbian Off
5. Juliet Trust / Ntr On / Lesbian On
6. Juliet No trust / Ntr On / Lesbian On
Due to the removing of the monster sex scenes, the lore has changed.
Once again, I'm sorry. I hope you will still follow the game and that you will like it.
I'm posting the link and the saves for the new version in the post below this one.
Stay Tuned
Hot Tomato
-1000+ new renders.
-New tracks and sound effects.
-Changed several renders at the early stage of the game. The main character no longer has underwear that looks like panties.
The game has a total amount of 6500+ renders.
Hot scene actors:
-MC X Juliet.
-Juliet X Monster (avoidable).
- Reworked the whole game to add some new sound effects and make your playthrough more immersive.
- Added a new kind of « animations », nothing too crazy but you will understand while playing the game.
- Ability to give a name to your saves.
- 1400+ new renders.
- 6 new animations.
- New tracks and sound effects.
The game has a total amount of 5400+ renders.
- Huge changes in the translation department. Almost all dialogue lines were revised and rewritten.
- The game now has proper grammar, improved vocabulary and sentence structure, better punctuation.
- Most scene transitions are also enhanced (fades, screen shake, time jumps...)
- Be aware, there is no new renders in this update. (And old saves still work.)"
- 1100+ new renders
- 300+ old renders reimplemented
- 4+ new animations
- New music tracks
The game has almost 4000 renders for now and it reached the point where the initial 0.15 release stopped. The story flow and character development are vastly improved after the rework.
- Big rework of the game with gameplay and changes to the story
- Ability to choose the name of the Main Character
- Ability to choose if you want to be warned in red about NTR/Monster events at the start
- New choices that give you the possibility of avoiding the lesbian scenes
- 1700+ new renders
- 700+ old renders implemented
- 5 new animations
- New tracks
- Initial release

  • 22.09.2023 - первый релиз русской версии игры 0.6 и английской - 0.7
  • 04.02.2024 - игра обновлена до русской версии 0.7
  • 23.02.2024 - в раздачу добавлена английская версия игры 0.8

Эро и хентайные игры отключаются в настройках профиля:

23.02.2024 - в раздачу добавлена английская версия игры 0.8!

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