Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion (Ollane) (ENG) [L]

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Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion [ver. 1.380 Eng] [Completed]

Год выпуска: 2023
Версия: 1.380 [Completed]
Female Protagonist, Sandbox, Animated, Corruption, Prostitution, Dating Sim, Voyeurism, Stripping, Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy, Male domination, Blackmail, Multiple Endings, Censored
Цензура: Частичная
Разработчик: Ollane
Издательство: Ollane
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Unity
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык текста: Английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Системные требования:
  • ОС: Windows 7 или выше
  • Процессор: 2,0 ГГц Core 2 Duo
  • ОЗУ: 2 GB
  • Видеокарта: Совместимость с OpenGL 2.0 или DirectX 9.0c
  • Место на диске: ~3 GB


Томи (Tomie) - студентка колледжа, которая взяла отпуск в колледже.
Ей больше неинтересно учиться или прилежно работать,
и она хочет встретиться и выйти замуж за богатого мужчину, который исполнит ее тщеславие.
По рекомендации своей подруги
она присоединилась к компании по подбору пар, которой в основном пользуются богатые мужчины,
и она познакомилась и встречалась с несколькими богатыми мужчинами.
Удастся ли ей встретиться и выйти замуж за действительно хорошего богатого человека или за кого-то другого, зависит только от вас.

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив TomieWGM-v1.380-pc_Eng.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл TomieWGM.exe
  • Играть
    For endings, ending conditions, and menu unlock conditions, see the Tips&Hints
    (You can access Tips from the title or from the pop-up menu that appears when you press the ESC key)
    Cheat menu (accessible by phone item in inventory)

    On the board game screen, you can play the game using the Roll button at the bottom
    You can save after a day passes
    In the setting menu, you can set the resolution of the game, the speed of text, and the volume
    I recommend you to speed up the message speed
    I do not recommend changing font type and font size because all text sizes and fonts have not been tested enough
    If the game is slow in the android version, set the graphic setting to 'very low' in Settings
    The game is optimized for a 16:9 ratio resolution
    Problems with other resolutions will be improved over time
    Higher attractiveness, pheromones, corruption lead to more diverse event
    Lower reputation lead to more diverse event

    Shortcut keys
    L-Ctrl : Skip
    A : Toggle Auto
    L : Show backlog
    Space bar, Enter : continue
    Tab : Toggle UI (But use the right side of the button in Animated H-Scene)
    ESC : Popup menu
    ` : Toggle console UI (pro only)

    All debug codes - Used through the Phone item in inventory (Top right of the daily screen)
    oldsave - cheats for earning oldsave achievements
    resetsev - Reset the list registered in Simple EV
    karma - Raise Tomie's Karma (for Stalker EV)
    stalker - Added Common stalker. He constantly bullies Tomie if he has karma.
    forblackmail - added blackmail photos. for debug
    resetsamdaikn - Resets when either Naturo or Karl is shut down
    cursedsamdai - reset Sungold and reset Samdai stack to 4
    getstrippedagain - Added 3 outfits (Nightclub, Maid, Home)
    iwanteasymode - Earn 50 achievement points

    tomiewgmexpansion - applies 5 achievements as if they were earned, without applying a separate achievement file. You can unlock galleries and more right away.


v1.380 (2023-08-26)
(Added) Impregnation minigame
When Tomie has a chance to become pregnant, the Pregnancy minigame will be played.
Difficulty increases in situations where there is a high chance of pregnancy
* Minigame can be toggled off via a content option (Default ON)
* Minigame difficulty can be adjusted via a content option (Default Normal)

(Added) Debuffs related to Tomie's underwear
If Tomie sells her underwear, or has them stolen, her underwear stack will decrease.
When she runs out of underwear, her chance of being harassed at random encounters increases.
Tomie can buy underwear at clothing stores in shopping centers.

(Added) Tomie often forgets complex passwords
A complex password would have prevented her from being harassed more often than she was.
Instead, every once in a while, she forgets her password and has to ask someone for help.

(Added) Additional Bad Ending Route - Town public whore
This is a variation of SleepingBeautyB from Night Visits.
With so many men visiting, Tomie may be in more danger.
* In SleepingBeautyB, occurs when Tomie's reputation is -350 or less and her depression is at least level 2.
* SleepingBeautyB occurs when a special contract is made through HookUpApp,
or when Tomie accepts 3 or more Yobai and has a reputation of less than 0.

(Added) New Anim H-Scenes & Remake Anim H-Scenes
Vaginal_EV_Ugly, Finish
HiroshiTomieMaidSex_Vaginal, Finish
Masturbate_Bed,Vaginal_Slum1, shower
* Other shaders were piloted for most scenes.

(Added) Tomie can now invite Kaya to Nude Beach
At the hide out bar on Pick up street, Tomie can invite Kaya to the nude beach.
Includes an exclusive scene

(Added) Dedicated Anim H-Scene for Massage Parlor Manager at Nude Beach

(Added) Special events at Nude beach
The suspicious-looking man declares a special event for all the girls and guys on the beach.
* Required
- The security of the nude beach should be "dangerous"
- After inviting all the girls to a nude beach
(Kaya, Library girl, BigTits girl, Massage Parlor Manager)

(Added) Kaya special event at a bar on the pick up street
A group of boys start playing "pranks" on foreign girls.
* Required
- Special event triggered after Tomie invites Kaya to the nude beach
- Fires every Monday when Tomie enters the bar

(Added) Supplemental 1 FF Anim H-Scene with Rosa
In the H-scene with Rosa after yoga class, Rosa will now be wearing a strap-on.

(Added) Shower-related mini-event variations
- In the break-in scene in the shower, the neighbor sends Tomie out the door and locks the door.
*Required Exhibitionism skill > 0
- The new bra-thief in the shower
*Required stalker > 0

(Added) Return home variation for a drunk Tomie
A drunken Tomie is on her way home and unwittingly heads to the park.
- Select "Stroll" instead of "Sleep" in the Drunk Tomie minigame

(Added) Invite Rojin to home
Since Tomie has a relationship with Rojin, she can invite Rojin to her house.
However, his fetish can give her bad dreams.

(Added) 2 "Take out" event variations
A Beggar, and even beggars can try to take Tomie out.
Variants of the Take out event when Tomie is exhausted after sex in an alley or other location.
Called 33% of the time each, just like the old events
*Includes a dedicated Anim scene

(Added) Defloration Scene Variations
- Separate CGs are displayed for sex with the beggar type and the old man type.
- Added 2 new Anim H-scene variations after defloration
* Requirements (Need all)
- Shortly after Tomie lost her hymen
- Partners like to play rough
- Untagged Scenes
- Karma

(Added) 4 Kinky mini-events
- As Tomie takes a break at the cafe, a dangerous trio is staring at her.
Tomie gets a thrill and can show them her panties.

- On the subway ride home, Tomie can spread her legs for the cute guys in the seats across from her.
Includes a dedicated Anim scene

- On an escalator in a shopping center, there are several men behind Tomie.
* Skirted outfits only.
- Strange man on an escalator in a shopping center

(Added) 2 Watersports Variations
- After some gangbang events, they will do something else instead of bukkake (50% chance to replace existing event)
- Someone wants to wash her face. (50% chance to replace an existing event)

(Added) 4 Dream Scene varation
variations of Tomie's dream in the Night Visits event.
* In dream, Tomie has very large breasts.

(Improved) Replacing outdated Threesome Anim H-Scenes
ThreesomeDouble1, ThreesomeDoubleCowgirl2, ThreesomeSpitroast, ThreesomeSpitroast2

(Changed) Replaced 1 outdated shower Anim H-Scene

(Changed) A Mari's Secrets Supplemental CG for Inswitter

(Changed) The Tomie Maid Oral H-Scene to be selectable and usable with older H-Scenes

(Fixed) Fix for Vague Touch events not selecting a choice

(???) Very little English Proofreading
I was going to pick out the weirdest ones and try to fix them, but the wall of text was too long, so I gave up temporarily...
I'll get back to it at some point.

(Fixed) Bug fixes for nude beach and pickup streets

(Changed) Exhibitionism skill now has a 3x greater chance of spontaneously increasing than before

(Changed) Add "Click for hint" text to padlock icon
If you see a padlock button, click it for a hint.

(Changed) Repositioned the achievement button in the title menu and added the word HINT.
Click on it to see a list of endings, and click on the desired ending to get a direct hint.

(Changed) Reduced the number of repetitions of the Touch event in the Nightclub Dance Stage.

(Fixed) An error with the scene after Tomie gets home and sleeps while drunk

(Changed) On the Town Enter layer, change the General Roam event to have a 5% chance of occurring.
* Added for players who are unaware of the existence of the general roaming event.

(Improved) Small improvements to the Daily Menu UI

(Improved) Added text to explain that touching an item on the "Achievements" screen takes you directly to the tip

(Improved) Minor fixes and improvements to script lags

(Fixed) Some glitches when Tomie character CG changes

(Fixed) Error with purchase conditions for luxury sandals in a luxury shop

Thank you
v1.341 (2023-07-15)
(Important Fixed) Fatal game freezing error related to Tomie's Wounds or debuffs
It had gone undetected by me, but I finally found the cause and fixed it.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

(Added) BlackmailerX
The type of Blackmailer that annoys Tomie more.
1. Tomie finds a "suspicious website" on her laptop.
*Laptops can be purchased in shopping centers.
*The suspicious website can be discovered by Tomie through web surfing.
*But it must already have leaked photos.
2. Tomie meets the Blackmailer on the 'suspicious website' and has to fulfill his demands 3 times.
3. Afterwards, he calls Tomie and proposes a new game.

(Added) Night Visit - Drunken visitor
On rare occasions, a drunk man will kick in Tomie's door.
- Tomie's Reputation is 0 or less

(Added) Town Guy's Needs
The Variant of the Town Enter Event
If the following conditions are met, the men in the town will approach Tomie and ask for something.
* Required (Need All)
- Reputation <= -300
- Karma >= 1
- On the way in, one of the Town men sees Tomie's leaked photo.
- 25% Probability Chance

(Added) Vague Touch
Tomie feels like something is touching her butt, but she's not sure if it's real.
Tomie can either not believe herself, or she can be gaslighted, or she can get an apology from him.
* Mostly applied to events during Town Enter
* Teaser's gaslighting greatly increases Tomie's Submissive.

(Added) Kaya-related plot and dedicated scenes
Tomie meets Kaya, one of her academy friends, at the Malnor Hideout bar.
Includes a dedicated Anim H-Scene (Vaginal_PUS_ForeignerE)

(Added) New Return to home event type - Slutty Tomie
In Tomie's alleyway late at night, there are some men who look suspicious.
They will do something to Tomie for fun.
*This event increments the stack for the BagHead Slut ending (3-stack ending).
*If 3 stacks are reached, this can lead to a BagHead Slut ending
*Includes a dedicated Anim H-Scene

#Story Wrap-up
(Added) Jin's storyline branches, and "Yumi goes to University"
- Jin's storyline braches
During the ending, Tomie's choices allow him to avoid the danger.
Afterward, Tomie can find another way to get away from Jin.
*3 separate routes
* If you have already reached the Jin ending, you can use Cheat2 to reset the Jin plot.

- Yumi goes to University
After solving Jin's problem, Tomie can complete Yumi's episode.
With in-game time, Yumi graduates from high school and becomes a college student, a legal adult.

(Added) ForeignXTuber route wrap-up
Wrapped up and integrated into Kaya's story on Pick-up Street.

(Added) Marie's Party
After the vacation episode with Mari, she makes a call every Wednesday inviting Tomie to join her.
Includes 2 variants and a dedicated Anim scene

(Added) Nightvisit Yobai H-Scene Variation
After Tomie accepts the man's Yobai, she has the choice to really fall asleep.
There are also two dedicated After events, and the Darkness fetish leads to additional events. (10%)
(Taking pictures/marking her body)

(Added) Body Search
Tome town police conduct body searches of passers-by around nightclubs in an attempt to crack down on drugs.
However, there is a chance that not all cops are sincere.
* Trigger condition
- 25% chance to enter Nightclub
* Tomie's arousal may increase, or her exhibitionism may increase.

(Added) Peeing show
Event variations for going to the bathroom in a shopping center.
Someone makes a more direct demand on Tomie in exchange for money.

* Trigger condition
- Replace toilet event with 50% chance when Tomie's pheromone is above 300
- When Tomie wore a skirt. (No "Home" outfit)
* There is a bug with the button type being applied incorrectly, causing it to appear in the center of the screen. This will be fixed next week.

(Added) Another Taxi event
The old taxi driver offers a free ride to Tomie, who is exhausted.
Includes a dedicated Oral H-Scene

* Trigger condition
When Tomie runs out of willpower and takes a taxi, has a 50% chance of replacing an existing Taxi event

(Added) 5 Anim H-Scenes

(Improved) Minigame improvements2
- Added 3 new patterns for minigames, and you can change the difficulty from Easy, Normal, and Hard via the Contents option.
If Tomie's Submissive is low, the minigame will be even easier.
* The default difficulty on Android is Easy and the default difficulty on PC is Normal.

- Minigame difficulty is now scaled based on Tomie's Submissive
Easy - Tomie's Submissive is under 40
Normal - Tomie's Submissive is 40 to 70
Hard - Tomie's Submissive is more than 70

(Changed) Using chocolate when Tomie's willpower is 0
If she has chocolate in her inventory, she can use it to restore her Willpower.
Since Pain is prioritized over Willpower, this will not trigger if Pain is also 100.

(Improved) Attempting to improve errors with autosaves
There are some rare cases of the game freezing during autosaves, and I've made some adjustments to that.
If you're still experiencing issues, you can toggle autosave off via the Content Options, which should resolve the issue.

(Improved) Hana & Jaison Extra Scene
Improved to play scenes of both girls in order
Added post-sex photo event

(Improved) Added a cheat that increases Trauma to the CheatMenu
(Changed) Increased the chance of an exhibitionist skill to rise by 3 times compared to before.
(Improved) The size and font of the console window have been increased three times compared to before.
(Improved) Doubled the size of the variable window when var was entered in the console window.
(Fixed) CG not rotated on some character layers
(Fixed) Freezing caused by foreign streets in Pick-up Street
(Fixed) Adjusted functions incorrectly applied to some H-scenes
Fixed cases where Skip didn't work, etc.
And fixing miscellaneous errors.

Thank you.
v1.290 (2023-06-10)
(Important Fixed) Fix video files not being freed from memory
This works especially well for Android and low-end computers.

(Important Fixed) Conditional errors related to the Friday neighborhood party
should now work properly after the neighborhood ending

# Malnor Pickup Street related content
(Added) Pick-up Street and Naughty Tomie
A new location, Pick-up Street, has been added to Malnor city.
Contains an unlock story event.
Tomie is styled as a "Menhera girl" in Pick-up Street.
It is divided into
Youth Street, Foreigner Street, and PAPAKATSU Street, with separate access events and dedicated scenes for each location.

*Unlocking Conditions
- 5 or more Vaginal H experiences
- Corruption 70 or more
* Additional Naughty Tomie content will also be merged with Pick-up Street-related content.

(Added) 12 Anim H-Scenes
Oral_EV_PUSTomieHana, Vaginal_EVSubway_KAYA
Vaginal_PUS_Jaison, Vaginal_PUS_Jaison2, Vaginal_PUS_Jaison3
*Pick-up Street Related Dedicated Scenes

(Added) story parts for Hana & Jaison

(Added) Jaison-related endings, and TIPS&HINTS for them

(Added) Hotel Malnor & Rest in Malnor
As the virtual date passes, time in the game does not pass.
But Tomie can act straight away from Malnor again.
Tomie can go to Hotel Malnor by paying directly, or by meeting a partner on the pick-up street.

(Added) Hideout bar to the Pickup street
Unlocked after progressing through Hana's storyline on Pickup street twice.

(Added & Changed) Big tits girl Related Event on Subway Changed
- Big tits girl => Replaced with Kaya character
- Anim H-Scene Added, CG Changed
- Can only be called with Dejavu (AnotherGirl2)
* Requested content

(Added) Subway mini-event, way to work
- If Tomie visits the police on her way to work, she will be late.
- Being late will decrease Tomie's Samdai Score.

(Added) Contract with a beggar
When the beggars take Tomie to their abandoned factory, they will demand a contract from Tomie.
Tomie must visit the beggars in the factory at least once every two weeks to comfort them, and if he breaks his promise, the angry beggars will come to him.

(Added) CG supplement for Beggar gangbang
This is applied to the scene when the beggars visit through an event on the Return to home layer.

(Added) Option to toggle Eternal petal in the cheat menu2

(Added) Persuasion minigame - Simple O/X Game
If the "reject" persuasion with a success rate of 10% or higher fails, the persuasion minigame begins.
If the persuasion minigame is successful, the failed result is changed to success.
The O/X of the minigame changes approximately 0.25 to 0.35 seconds.
You can toggle this feature in the "Persuasion" section of the content options. (Default is ON)

(Added) "Gaze" Eyeball Toggle option
You can toggle the display of this in the "Common Event" section of the Content Options.
(If untoggled, it will be replaced with the Toast text message)

(Added) page numbers to Expansion Video Gallery

Visit Expansion - Wrap up
(Added) Events where "visit after visit" leads to night-time
If there are a lot of customers, Tomie might have to work overtime.
*Required - After the event "Sleeping Beauty" has progressed to stage 3
This event also leads to the Morning Variation Events

(Added) 4 Morning Variant Events after some night visit events
Tomie deserves a happy morning..
*50% chance after a Sleeping Beauty event.
*100% chance after the *Visit After Visit led to Night.

(Added) 2 unique events related to Strolling (Home Activity)
A suspicious man who appears to be homeless in an alley in a residential neighborhood.
If Tomie has a Darkness Fetish, you can invite him to her house.

This is another one of Tomie's elderly neighbors.
If Tomie has an Elder fetish, you can accept his invitation.
*Include a dedicated H-scene - Vaginal_Rojin

(Added) Night-visit déjà vu
She can choose any one of the Night Visits events that meet the conditions for occurrence.
(the Sleeping pill condition is ignored by Dejavu)

- 1 or more Sleeping pill
- Pain>=66 OR Willpower<=50

(Added) Update dedicated galleries page 5
With some of the H-events added in Expansion.
There are still many events missing.
I have to add them manually, so I'll keep updating to fill them in.

(Added) Debug function, "Escape" , "Day End"
*Features added at the same time as the public version
When the day is in progress, you can call Escape or Day End directly by clicking on the book.
However, this is likely to cause bugs, so it is recommended to use it only to escape the freeze state.

(Fixed) errors with convenience store pickups
(Fixed) A potential bug where the Homeless area could be locked indefinitely.
(Changed) Removed condition requiring the letter O in Boyfriend for Handsome Boyfriend endings
(Fixed) Kaido's call the police option when henchman is reversed
(Fixed) typos in Hookup app
(Changed) Adjustment to eliminate repetition for Miyako's ending in Samdai
(Changed) In Samdai, you can now directly select the event for Karl's appearance
(Changed) Samdai now allows you to select With Naturo, Sungold, or Alone for lunchtime events
(Changed) Removed Spam from phone events
(Changed) Increase Pheromones by 1 when Gaze effect occurs
(Improved) Minor improvements to some functions to reduce latency
(Changed?) Strolling event can now call Karaoke event with two guys
The connection to the Karaoke event, which was previously based on probability alone.
However, if Tomie goes to the hotel with the two men, Tomie will sleep at the hotel until morning.
(Changed) Cultist events no longer require Karma.
And fixing miscellaneous things.

Thank you
v1.260 (2023-05-06)
(Important Fix) "Return To Home event probabilities" had inverted inequalities
If you had specified a 95% probability of that event in the content options, it was actually only happening 5% of the time.

Visit extension partial update
(Added) The Cultist & Related Bad Ending
The Cultist approaches Tomie and preaches a new religion to her.
This can lead to a bad ending.
*Warning - This is a story of fiction that has nothing to do with actual real-world events.
Tomie must have Depression and Karma.
Tomie's Pheromones or Attractiveness must be at least 300.
Only occurs after Day 31

(Added) Food delivery - Home Activity
"Cook and Eat" changed to "Food delivery"
Tomie can have food delivered and eat it.
If she eats the food, she reduces her weekly workout by 1 (may lead to weight gain)
And, if Tomie's Corruption is high enough(70), she can play a little prank on the delivery man.
*After playing a prank, Tomie can invite him
H through active invitation will reduce Tomie's Trauma.
Includes a dedicated Anim H-Scene (Vaginal_DeliveryMan)

(Added) Two Mini visitor variations immediately after some visit H Event
Naturo or Koman might want to visit Tomie's house on the weekend.
However, if Tomie's relationship with Naturo or Koman is completely over, or he has no relationship with them, they will not appear.

(Added) Go for a stroll
Tomie can go Strolling, avoiding the Visit or Contact events.
And, through déjà vu, she can call the Special event on Town Street.

(Improved) Yoga in Home Activity
CG has been changed.
And added scenes involving IP cameras and Peeping Tom.

(Added) New visitor, Mr.Kaido
He is the cousin of a local politician in Tome town.
And, He has several capable henchmen.
Tomie's Pheromones or Attractiveness is greater than 300
Tomie's Karma is greater than or equal to 1
Events that occur after Day 30
*The part where Kaido's men attack Tomie is not included this time.

(Added) IP Camera Events
The council of Tome town has decided to distribute IP cameras to protect single women.
Tomie may or may not install it.
* Happens with a high probability during a random visit event
If Tomie installs it, IP Cam-related event occurs that replaces some of the subsequent events.

(Added) Noisy neighbors
Upstairs from Tomie lived a group of indie band boys.
They often made noise that was hard to bear.
* Includes a dedicated H-scene

(Improved) Some improvements to the Friday Neighborhood Party event
In the Friday party, which takes place after the neighbor ending, her neighbors are a bit harsher.
(Variations based on whether Tomie has Karma or not)

(Added) 8 Anim H-Scenes
Gangbang_NameTag_0, Vaginal_BedPillowPlay, Vaginal_UniformCosB
Oral_ReverseDeepThroat + Finish

(Added) Bukkake event after some gangbang events

(Added) Town Enter event variation for leaked photos
If the photo leak is more than 5, Tomie will get in trouble in the alley.
Tomie can pay them, or pay a service, to delete one leaked photo.
However, if she refuses, additional photos may be leaked.

(Added) Exclusive oral scene at Tomie's home
Neighbor, Blackmailer, Debtor

(Added) Mr. Choi's Sunday Booty Call
After obtaining Choi's recommendation from Samdai, he will personally contact Tomie every Sunday.
Include a dedicated H-scene

(Added) With HomeActivity, Tomie can leave the door lock open.
(Required Corruption>=60)

(Improved) Applied H Voice to some Anim Scenes to make them more suitable. (Oral K scenes, etc.)

(Added) Convenience debug code: tomiewgmexpansion
This is debug code that applies 5 achievements as if they were earned, without applying a separate achievement file.
You can unlock galleries and more right away.
Access it through the Phone item in the inventory and enter the debug code (tomiewgmexpansion)

(Added) Cheat2 - Skip the Neighbor progress
Tomie will be invited to a party on Next visit from the Neighbor

(Added) Cheat to add Depression

(Added) ReturnToHome Events Variations
*Return To Home events are a set of events that occur after a Luxury Sandal purchase in a shopping center
1. Tomie the drunk
When Tomie is drunk, the drive home takes a little longer.
2. "Ambush!"
Related to "Consensual Bait" Event
(After special contract in HookUpApp)
Extension of the existing 'black shaped guy' event
3. Lighthouse customer (3 types)
Even before Tomie gets home, someone could be waiting for her.
*Required (1 or more)
- Tomie's reputation is -300 or less
- Photo leaked more than 5 times
- Tomie has "prostituted" more than 30 times
*Some events must be accepted by Tomie before the next event is unlocked.
*"Beggars gangbang scene" temporarily applied a common resource.
4. Ambush with a free pass
Someone will be waiting for her to use the free pass.
(After a certain photo of Tomie was leaked (3))

(Added) Mini Events in Shopping Centers
- A scene that only has a 33% chance of occurring when Tomie is wearing skirt-type clothing.
At this time, Tomie can also go to the restroom (+Willpower)

(Added) Peeping Tom-related mini event
While Tomie is taking a shower, someone does something secretly.
- Door Lock is in a danger state
- When Tomie is taking a shower
- Short Tom

(Added) Cleaning scene variation for common H-Scene (Anim H-Scene)
A scene that replaces the default "cleaning" scene with a 50% chance.
Must have "breathing" related option turned on in content options.
- 'Cleaning' Scenes After Common Vaginal, Anal Scenes
- Only occurs with evil partners who can be found in back alleys, etc.

(Added) Stronger Debuffs
-Added stronger stages of Breast and Ass related debuffs, mostly caused by BDSM events.
-As with other debuffs, the partner reacts to Tomie's.
-Curing it in a hospital or shower will alleviate it by 1 level
-If not cured, the pain from it will occur before Tomie falls asleep

(Improved) Select a selection with the keyboard - for Win, Linux, Mac
Some choices can be clicked more comfortably via the numeric keys on the keyboard (1-7).
The mini-buttons were assigned to QWERTY keys

(Improved) The way general visit events work
The visitor knocks on the door and reveals who they are.
And a few more CGs for visits.

(Improved) HookUpApp
Improvements to make more fun to play compared to previous versions.
- Connected to nearly 30 dedicated scenes
- For Tomie, it's even simpler to pick a partner, match them, and make money.
- Price is determined by Tomie's attractiveness, pheromones, and random value

(Improved) Lewd Inswitter Wrap-up*
-Added some collaboration-related events and made minor improvements to existing dummy events
-Tweaked follower growth balance a bit
-Adjusted algorithms for stalkers and risk (events are the same as the old Common Scenes)
-After Tomie reaches 100k followers, she can earn ad revenue on every post.
*I tried to cram more content into Lewd Inswitter, but I gave up.
I felt unmotivated and like I was going to go crazy trying to create something that was very similar to the existing content, but a little different, in a small section that wasn't even a common section.
So I removed all the backing and wrap it up.
**Next time, I will quickly abandon content that doesn't motivate me. This Lewd Inswitter has cost me almost a month of time for nothing. I should have given up on this a long time ago...
I understand that some people will be disappointed with this.
I'm sorry. But I'll do better at the things I can do better.

(Changed) If Tomie's Willpower or Pain is in a critical state immediately after the Enter Town event, she will return home immediately.
(Changed) When Tomie is home, exhaustion sex-related events no longer occur.
(Changed) Immediately after the Danger Return, the Return To Home event will no longer occur.
(Changed) Changing "Door Lock" in Home Activity no longer costs a turn
(Changed) "Complex passwords" for door locks is now twice as complex as before
(Changed) The amount spent to "splurging on!" in shopping centers has been halved (1000 => 500)

(Changed) Reduced consumables required to call events on Street
Resource for calling special events changed from 1 Joker => 20 Willpower
Resource for calling normal events changed from 40 Willpower => 10 Willpower

(Changed) special visit events to always occur if there are no other overlapping events
(Changed) Return To Home Events are no longer requires Luxury Sandals.
(Changed) Return To Home event no longer occurs if Willpower is 0 or Pain is 100 or higher

(Fixed) Game freezing after the neighborhood special friday party
(Fixed) bug where Tomie's stalker is obsessed even when she has 0 Karma
(Fixed?) Render the BackAlley1 video file again
And minor things

Thank you
v1.225 (2023-03-14)
(Experimental) Debug feature, "Safeword"
When toggled ON in the Persuasion option of the Content Options, the SafeWord option is added to the Persuasion options.
- This allows Tomie to "decline" all probabilistic events except for some fixed events.
- This allows Tomie to kick out harassers once and for all.
*There is a chance that the option will not be displayed if the persuasion success rate is 0%.

(Important Fixed) Some memory leaks
The game used to get progressively slower as the game went on, but now it should be less so.
It's not 100% resolved, but it's no longer in a dangerous state.

(Added) Nude beach
- The Nude beach content contained in the Handen beach.
- Includes 10 exclusive events and exclusive CGs
- Includes 5 exclusive H-Scenes
- Nude beach can only be visited on Sunday.

*Unlock Condition
Tomie's Exhibitionism skill >= 3

*Special event unlock conditions
- The security level must be in the "Dangerous" phase
- Tomie recruits more than 5 girls from the red light district
- Reach 500+ visitors

(Added) Supplemental BDSM & Karl related events
- Dinner with Naturo (One Time)
- Bar-related event (Repeatable)
- Flashback event after Tomie breaks up with Karl. (For story supplementation)
- Added 1 dedicated Anim H-Scene (Vaginal_ToiletEX)

(Added) Lewd Inswitter *WIP*
Tomie stumbles upon the "secret account play" on Inswitter.
Currently includes about 40 dedicated CGs
1. Tomie needs to have her own model Inswitter account through Studio.
2. while managing her Inswitter, Tomie happens to look at other people's Inswitter accounts.
3. *SPOILER*. Then, if Tomie's Corruption is 90 or higher, she can create a secret Instagram account.
- Tomie can post racy photos or collaborate with other user.
- Uploading photos with trending tags will help you gain followers faster.
- With the Joker card, Tomie can witness déjà vu as trends change.
- A photo for each tag, or new trend, is unlocked when Tomie reaches 1k, 10k, and 50k followers.
(So at 50k followers, everything is unlocked).

*Known issue
- It's currently about 60% complete, including the skeleton.
- The "Collaboration" feature is effectively a dummy.

(Added) Bar event improvements in Nightclub
Men will continue to offer Tomie cocktails. It's kind of a minigame.
* Added conditional branches based on Tomie's Willpower.

(Added) Martial Arts Gym
The Martial Arts Gym in Slum, where Tomie can grow her Martial Arts more easily.
*Can be visited after Tomie learns Marshall Arts in Slum Episode 2
*Slum Episode 2 is the episode that begins after Tomie rescues Yumi. (Slum EP1)

(Added) HookUpApp's "assult bait" role
If Tomie has a Darkness fetish, she might agree to act as bait for a consensual play.
*This applies to:
- During walk in the park event
- Common Harassment event, Stalking (Replaced with a 20% chance)
- Bad roaming event, Prank replaced by another event
- ReturnToHome layer's events
- Some NightVisit event

(Added) Convenience store's Harasser event
Convenience stores are also places in Tome town.
- When Tomie buy a chocolate(25%),
- When Tomie just look around the store (50%)

(Added) Lewd reactions to messages on Inswitter
* This is separate from the 'Lewd Inswitter' content. idea by tyd**23
If Tomie's Corruption is above 60, Tomie can give a positive response.
This leads to an increase in followers and a decrease in inswitter's reputation.
- Tomie handing someone a nude photo can also be used as a Blackmailer trigger.
- Tomie could give her home address to a potential stalker.
- To a guy with a foot fetish, Tomie can provide a picture of her feet.
- Responding positively to a gangbang fetish, etc. and being invited to it.

*Abandoned construction sites
When Tomie receives an invitation via Inswitter, she meets a group of strange men at an abandoned construction site in the slum.
(Changed) Increased penalty for refusing a blackmailer's request
Previously : -20 reputation
Changed to : -60 reputation (when above 0), -20 reputation (when below 0)

(Added) Lewd Tomie - Special Greeting Mini-Event
When Tomie walks past the men of the town, sometimes one of them will have a gift for her. (33%)

(Added) Silver care center related content supplement
These are linked events that occur after Tomie has a relationship with Jikuri.
- Other seniors who have heard rumors about Tomie will request her services.
- If Tomie provides services to other seniors, the word will spread throughout the silver care center.
Includes a dedicated H-Scene

(Added) 9 Anim Scenes
Event_BarDrinkit_Finish, GangbangOld_1, Vaginal_A_O_2, Vaginal_A_O_2_Face

(Improved) Some functions for better performance
Some overly complex functions will be split and called.

(Added) Supplement the function of cheat menu 2
- Skip Yumi's story, Slum Episode 1
- Reset Kurai events

(Changed) Handen beach Relaxing unlock conditions
Even before the Vacation with Mari episode, conditions were relaxed to allow Tomie to visit the beach.

(Fixed) Message text notation error in Phone & Message UI
(Fixed) Lewd Inswitter startup CG error fixed
(Improved) Added some of the existing common scenes as variations of the common Gangbang scene
(Fixed) Added missing gallery video
(Fixed) Some Anim H-Scenes in the Pregnancy Expansion getting stuck in progress
(Fixed) "Small text button" objects now have newline or parenthesis tags applied to them
v1.190 (2023-02-11)
(Important Experimental) Save Anywhere
During most of the play, you can save the game midway through the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.
(However, these save files may be unstable.)
(If there is an error such as freezing due to this save file, please report it to me)

(Added) Senior care center - Employment Agency job
Tomie can work as a volunteer at a senior care center through an employment agency.
There is a dedicated ending, CG, and H-scene.

(Added) New ending, Jikuri the oldman
Tomie can marry Jikuri, an old man four times her age.
*It's a normal ending, but it's close to a happy ending.

(Added) Cheat menu2 - Story skip convenience cheat
Cheat menu2 has been added to the Phone item in the inventory.
Convenience cheats include Skip Karl Storyline, Contact Hikimori, and Instant Pregnancy, etc
*If there are any cheats you need to add please let me know

(Added) Night Club Bar Additional CG & Anim CG
If Tomie accepts a man's drink, she will sit on his lap for a while. (Anim Scene)

(Added) Town enter event variation
When Tomie 'slowly' passes in front of a group of men, one of them will often 'jokingly' try to film her below
Conditions to occur (both required)
-Tomie's Reputation is less than 40
-Tomie must be wearing a skirt (Basic, Nightclub, Maid)

(Added) Take out event - Common
If Tomie is exhausted after the alley H-scene, a man will take him to his house. (33% chance)
Occurrence conditions (both required)
-Darkness fetish
- Tomie must have Karma

(Added) 2 new night visit events
- Stalker, and Kurai will also visit Tomie at night.
Conditions to occur (all three required)
Includes exclusive CG Scenes
- Occurs every Tuesday
- Tomie's Door-lock is in Danger state
- After Tomie is harassed by a stalker or after Kurai ending

(Added) One Consensual sudden assault event
Added variation of events that occur on the Return to home layer
Includes dedicated CG Scene and Anim H-Scene
occurrence condition
- After concluding a contract for AV studio special shooting

(Added) New Harasser type, DirtyBeggar
A dirty beggar makes insistent demands of Tomie.
Includes dedicated Anim scene
Triggering conditions (at least one required)
- After the Beggar of AV Filming event
- When Tomie's reputation is less than -100
- The ghetto route of the slums

(Added) parlor manager event
=> Tomie needs to tell the manager that the massage parlor wants customers for more tips
=> A one-time event occurs on subsequent visits
Depending on Tomie's choice, you can use a method to earn more tips at the massage parlor.
(Added) A new type of visitor to the massage shop - handsome Customer
The manager had a monopoly on handsome customers.
Tomie may ask her for a customer service share of handsome on the occasion of her manager event.

(Improved) Supplemental content from Lewd Tomie's BBC House Tyrael event
Two types of resources used in TAL were ported to TWGM
Tomie_Tyrael_Vaginal_A_0, Tomie_Tyrael_Vaginal_N_0

(Added) First anal scene
- 2 types of exclusive Anim H-Scene added for Tomie's first anal play
- Tomie's first anal can be restored at the same time as Tomie's Hymen is regenerated.

(Added) During the Vaginal Common Aggro scene, the "Angry Man" can now do some bad thing.

(Added) 14 Anim Scene & H-Scene
Tomie_Tyrael_Vaginal_A_0,Tomie_Tyrael_Vaginal_N_0 (From TAL)

(Improved) Replace too old common anal H-scenes (Bulk, 26 Scenes)
(New 26 Anal Anim H-Scenes, remove old anim H-Scenes)

# Lewd Tomie parts supplement update
These are events that only occur when Tomie wears the Slut costume.
(Added) Lewd Request (5)
A naughty Tomie may demand harsh or humiliating behavior from a partner.
All requests are unlocked if you have the Darkness fetish.
- Tomie's Pain must be less than 100
- Tomie's Submission must be 50 or higher
Added blackmail photos related to lewd requests

(Added) The Gift - Requested Content
*Nipple piercing content warning*
When Lewd Tomie is exhausted after having sex in back alley, sometimes her partner will give her presents.
- After having sex with naughty Tomie in back alley, she exhausted.
(Exhaustion = Tomie's Willpower is 0 or Pain is 100 or more after sex)
- Requires Darkness fetish
- Requires Karma
When the above conditions are met, the "Gift" option will be displayed in the exhaustion event.

(Fixed) Tight Anal related bug fix & Algorithm change
If Tomie hasn't had anal sex for more than 5 days, her hole will become very narrow and she will suffer severe pain from the next anal sex.
(Changed) Nightvisit rate in content options - Lowered Very low to really very low (1/5 level compared to before)
(Fixed) When masturbating at house, the wrong scene appears instead
(Fixed) Trigger errors related to Massage parlor
(Fixed) An error where Hiroshi said he would give $500 but only gave $200
(Fixed) an error where "Clitless" status due to Karl event was treated as wound
v1.170 (2023-01-11)
In December, I took a break, so there is not much updated content. cry

(Important issue)
Freezing bug related to event where Tomie is kidnapped by factory beggars at night
You should type the console code below by pressing the ` key when the event starts.
@set mCount=0

* Lewd Tomie part expansion content update
Lewd Tomie means when Tomie wears a slutty outfit.
(Added) 3 Town enter layer events (1 additional type, 2 variations)
- Added 1 mini Oral event during the Town Enter event - urgent stranger EV
- Fanboy events can be linked to Karaoke.
- Some Teasers suggest that Tomie go out for a drink together.
(Fixed) During the Town Enter event, the flirting (♥) option did not work when men flocked to it.
Due to this, events that were not occurring at all will now occur..

(Added) 1 variation of Return to home event
- Stalker asking Tomie for prostitution

(Added) Old Cinema
Lewd Tomie is able to investigate an old cinema that is known to be haunted by perverts.

(Added) Red light district - BBC House
Lewd Tomie can visit the red light district to find a nice guy.
3 types of partners

(Added) Subway - mini event
After Tomie meets Tyrael in the Red light district, she can visit Subway.
However, it will be impossible for Lewd Tomie to head to Malnor city.
* Malnor city's Pick up bar will be updated during January.

*General event
(Added) Sleeping beauty EX
Variations of the Sleeping beauty event (LOLGame's idea. Thank you!)
- After Tomie accepts the Sleeping beauty event 4 or more times
- Do not use sleeping pills
- Tomie's reputation is less than 0
When an event occurs, when Tomie's Depression>=2, additional selection is possible

(Added) Exhibitionism in the Library
This is a library exhibitionist event with a total of 5 stages.
The requirements for the necessary scene are described in the options.
Includes dedicated Anim H-Scene
- Requires Tomie's exhibitionism level 3
- a dildo for additional scenes.
- In the first event, if Tomie reports the girl, an extra scene may occur.
Ideas from shake. Thank you!

(Added) Night visit event, Drunken stranger
A drunkard will "accidentally" visit Tomie's house in the middle of the night. And... *SPOILER*
- Occurs only on Friday
- Unlocked door
- Requires Luxury ring (available at Highstreet)
- It consists of three stages, and then ends or is converted into two types of repetitive events.
- Includes exclusive CG scenes
Ideas from LOLGame.

(Added) Creampie variation scene & Strongry request "pull out"
In a Common Vaginal scene, Tomie can make stronger pull out requests to her partner.
Partners are more likely to accept requests.
However, it may not be the case if Tomie's Submission is high (up to 33%)
* Instead, Tomie will be more stressed if her partner makes a "mistake."
* If the partner is very aggresive, he will bully Tomie with persistence.

(Improved) "Oldman" visitors now often message Tomie.
If Tomie ignores his texts, it could lead to dangerous events.

(Added) 11 Anim H-Scenes
Vaginal_LibraryEV_AnotherGirlA, Vaginal_Library1
Foreplay_TomiePregPervMB0, Foreplay_TomiePregPervMB1
Vaginal_HandsomeGuyPreg, Vaginal_scouterPreg
VaginalPregEV_AnotherGirlA (Requested scene)

# Pregnant Expansion Wrap-up
I was able to add about 50% of the stories and ideas written by the advisor, Jaison... Thank you.
(Added) 3 visit events added
Police visit event, Milk visit event, Prostitute visit event
(Added) 7 go-out events added
(ETC) Apply other minor changes (replacing some CGs, marking the day of the week, etc.)

# Karl&BDSM Expansion Wrap-up
I need to make a part for the owner other than Karl.. I'll include that in the Inswitter secret account part.

(Added) 5 Punishment Events
- Punishment occurs if Tomie breaks her contract to Karl
- If you proceed to the final stage of Punishment, you can obtain Episode Clear SP

(Changed) Renewed One-dollar tip CG and added One-dollar tip CG for Lewd Tomie
(Changed) Tomie now doesn't gain weight by exercising once a week.
(Fixed) Errors caused by the name of "Boyfriend" (fatal bugs that occur when names contain "-" )
(Fixed) A bug where options to escape during some H-scenes are not displayed
(Fixed) Bug where Defloration in webcam event is not applied
(Fixed, Android) a bug where about 100 CGs newly added to the Android version were missing
(Changed) In proportion to the stacks of Cum inside, there is a higher chance that Tomie will become pregnant.
(Fixed) H-scene's some typos
v1.140 (2022-12-17)
(Added) Cosplay event variation
- Includes scenes from 4 different cosplayer girls
- Tomie now has to pass a tougher competition
- Adjust Max Turn to 10 => 8
- From turn 4 there will be more crowds.
- Hikimori and crew can sabotage other cosplayer girls.
-If Tomie loses her contest, Hikimori will put her in her auction straight away.
- Added dialogue and branches from the initial auction event

(Added) Pregnant Expansion *WIP*
Extended content for play while Tomie is pregnant.
It currently includes skeleton parts, starting parts, endings and some events.
*how to start
After Tomie confirms her pregnancy, she chooses the Single mom option, Pregnant expansion.

(Added) Nice single mom ending *WIP*
Variation of existing single mom ending (single mom ending in extended pregnancy content)
The achievement conditions are included in TIPS&HINTS.

(Added) Love wound - debuff that replaces trauma
- Existing Trauma has been changed to be added when some Bad Roaming event or Violate event in censorship state is called.
- When Tomie's Pain is 100, it increases Wound by 1 instead of Trauma.
- Wound can be alleviated step by step with bath or hospital treatment.
- Wound is up to 5 levels.
(LoveMarks, BruisedButt, BruisedTits, SoreHoles, AbusedMarks)
- The partner man will respond to either scribbles or wounds left on Tomie's body.

(Added) General Approach event variation - Nerd approach
A nerd approach scene. Tomie's refusal could lead to Harassment Event or stalking.

(Restored) Deleted event restore - Doctor's special care
If Tomie's wound has reached the Abused state, Tomie will receive special care from a doctor.

(Added) A safer path in the Dangerous Return event.

(Added) New night visit event "Sleeping beauty"
When the night visit event occurs, Tomie can just fall asleep if she's too tired.
Something will happen, and the rumor will spread quickly.
(If Tomie doesn't deal with it, that leads to more visitors.)
*Requires luxury ring (from HighStreet - shopping center)
*Thanks LOLgame

(Added) 2 back alley related play variations
- Another person can find Tomie who has gone to the back alley.
- Some old people can find Tomie who has gone to the back alley.
* In some scenes, Tomie can leave the man behind in the alley. If it succeeds, it leads to the Dangerous Homecoming Event.

(Added) Harasser chase scene start variation 1 type added
Animated harassment scene. (Similar to the one used in cosplay events)

(Added) Convenience store
- It replaces the existing convenience store roaming event.
- On Mondays and Tuesdays, Tomie can play the weekly l0ttery.
- Chocolates are available for purchase on Mondays and Tuesdays.
- When leaving the convenience store, with a high probability based on Tomie's pheromone, an Approach event may occur.

(Added) Elder Approach Event to Variation of Approach Event
- The Elder man can also approach Tomie and ask for her number. However, Tomie won't be happy with it.
- Or, there is a 50% chance that a simple harassment event will occur.

(Improvoed) Common H module improvement
*Mainly, this is a change applied to general H-scenes that are not tagged.
*I targeted the Vaginal part.

(Improved) The structure of Foreplay before starting sex
- Some, especially in outdoor scenes, a man who gets too excited, can't wait for Tomie to take her clothes off, and will likely rip it off.
- After the Foreplay according to the play type is played first, Tomie can ask the man to play.

(Added) 4 types of Foreplay + @
@ = A little extra scene applied to one foreplay event.

(Added) LostVirgin exclusive Anim H-Scene added and content supplemented
- Vaginal Rough, Tomie has a hymen, has Karma to Tomie, plain H-scenes with no tags

(Added) 2 kinds of AfterCreampie scene variations
(Added) Rough Gangbang variation scene set
- replaces some gangbang scenes

(Added) Additional event "Exhausted Tomie" after some sex scenes
Aside from the exhausted Tomie, her partner may want something more.
Occurrence Conditions - Immediately after sex, Tomie's willpower is 0 or pain is 100, and Tomie's Karma.

(Added) 20 Anim H-Scenes

(Added) 4 Anim H-Scenes for cosplayer girls only

(Added) Apply finish scene to some Vaginal Tag H-Scene
*New common finish scenes applied to the Tag H scene
Vaginal_AfterSpank_Inside, Vaginal_CowgirlWhore_Inside, Vaginal_DoggyPony_Inside
Vaginal_doggyRough_Inside, Vaginal_MissionaryRough3_Inside, Vaginal_SidePony_Inside
Vaginal_SideWhore_Inside, Vaginal_TeacherTomie_Inside
*Some other scenes apply the existing common finish scene

(Changed) Decreased the Corruption requirement of the Rosa event at the Gym (70 => 30)
(Fixed) Tried to fix the Kurai event. E-bell error again.
This time, I applied the conditional expression repeatedly with very messy spaghetti. now it works normaly
(Changed) By including the image in the form of an external file in the compressed version, the capacity is reduced by about 10%
(Changed) Replaced Bum H-Scenes with Dirty beggar H-Scenes in the Dangerous Return event
(Improved) Variation of Spank & Run harassment events (Stripping, Groping, Ripping)
(Changed) Relax conditions for Hikimori-related events
If Tomie winks at them even once, they will start proposing to Tomie right away on their next encounter.
(Changed) Removed save penalty from daily screen.
Willpower penalty 20 => Willpower penalty 0
(Changed) Slightly increased willpower recovery amount when sleeping without using sleeping pills.
(Changed) Lowered the normal willpower reduction factor
approximately 10-20% less willpower penalty
(Changed) Reduced the chance of Kurai appearing by 33% compared to before
(Changed) In the Hookup (oldman) event, apply to request addresses in other options, slightly change the dialog
(Changed) Gangster PlayType in Gangster encounter on Street.
(Fixed) Some scenes never played due to a branch error related to the back alley play scene.
(Fixed) An error in which you need to receive 2 more offers when rejecting a model photo shoot proposal
(Fixed) the video stopped in the tag H scene instead of the finish scene
(Changed) Even though Tomie has blocked Hikimori's number, it will be unblocked after sex with Nerdman. (for cosplay events)
(Changed) Increases the approach probability of two men in Approach type events.
(Changed) Some sex events during the town enter event end the turn before entering the village.
(Fixed) Missing Rosa character CG in Gym
(Fixed) When using a joker card in action mode, the option is hidden in the UI at the top

(Fixed) video texture playing in background on Android version

*simultaneous update with beta
(Changed) Tomie now doesn't gain weight by exercising once a week.
(Fixed) Errors caused by the name of "Boyfriend" (fatal bugs that occur when names contain "-" )
(Fixed) A bug where options to escape during some H-scenes are not displayed
v1.110 (2022-11-12)
I went into a slump in October and a bad update was released

(Added) BDSM & Karl related content (WIP, 60%)
(Before) After Karl's ending, Tomie can sign a BDSM relationship with Karl
(New) In a post-BDSM relationship with Karl, Tomie can ask Karl's concerns.
After that, Tomie can continue a new meeting with Karl.
However, it wouldn't be possible without Tomie's Darkness fetish.
Includes exclusive scenes and CG scenes. 4 Anim H-Scenes
*If Tomie makes a mistake in his contract with Karl, Karl will do something harsh to Tomie.
(Temporarily applied to other dedicated scenes instead of corporal punishment)
*If you don't want Karl to be the bad guy, keep the old deal.

(Added) Weight Management
Every Monday, Tomie checks her weight.
If Tomie does less than 3 workouts a week, Tomie gains weight.
* Running in the park, exercise in the fitness center, and yoga at home are included in the count of workouts.
* This can be a trigger for content related to the contract with Karl.

(Added) Cosplay contest events with Nerd students
Every Saturday, Tomie can participate in the Cosplay contest to earn money.
There are a total of 5 outfits

*Trigger condition
- Tomie must be after serving Hikimori.
(Tomie can meet Hikimori through an alternative school event in the Resident Area on Street)
- Every Saturday, unless otherwise booked, Hikimori will contact Tomie to discuss the Cosplay contest.
Includes 5 exclusive Anim H-Scenes, about 100 CGs (5 outfits)
Or temporarily use the console command below: (after pressing the ` key)
Set iPhonebook=AddListString2(iPhonebook,"Hikimori")
Contacts from Hikimori will be activated from now on if you use the above console.

(Added) After Homeless Ending Event EX
After the Homeless ending, Tomie gets an invitation from a beggar.
Includes 3 dedicated Anim H-Scenes
Occurrence condition
1. After 3 or more Homeless visits including AV shooting
2. Invite event in Town enter layer
If you want the event to fire quickly, repeat at a specific location - Return.
3. After the first invitation, the second invitation takes place in the same way as number 2.
- $3000 required for second invitation
* AV Studio can only be unlocked by the Ryosuke story. (Meeting through Contact's matchmaker)

(Added) Night visits by angry abandoned factory beggars
The news of Tomie's visit to the camp was known to the beggars of the abandoned factory.
The furious beggars of the abandoned factory visit Tomie's house as night guests.
She will have to make a wise choice.
*Depending on Tomie's choice, a dangerous event may not occur.
Occurrence condition
1. After visiting Homeless2 at least 2 times
2. That night, when Tomie wasn't on sleeping pills

(Added) Nightclub VIP invitation event (2/2)
*NYOTAIMORI (nude sushi)
At the request of some foreign VIPs, Tomie becomes both a plate and a desk.

*Girls Game
Tomie and girls have to take part in various competitions so that VIPs can enjoy gambling and fun.
They'll try to win a prize or avoid a penalty.
Jumping over obstacles, man vs machine, horse riding, and the final tug of war
Each individually contains dedicated CG scenes.
Depending on Tomie's Pain, Willpower, and Vaginal skills, Tomie may not win.

(Added) Toru's Visit
After Toru's ending, he visits Tomie every Monday with a 50% chance.
Includes 1 dedicated Anim H-Scene

(Added) 13 Anim H-Scenes
*BDSM Content Warning*

(Improved) Buff & Debuff
- Systematic improvements and some UI improvements applied.
- On the debuff page, click the debuff icon to display a description and photo
- Automatically hide icons during H-Scene playback

(Changed) "Friday's Neighbor Party" event to also trigger on calls via déjà vu
(Fixed) Freezing when Tomie ignores strange sounds in the park
(Fixed) error linking suspicious foreigner event in Slum Ghetto route
(Fixed) Message part bug fix
(Fixed) Add missing Beggars night visit repeat event
(Fixed) a mistake where the Android version of the Vaginal_Record video was out of the remake.
and miscellaneous small things
v1.082 (2022-10-06)
(Added) Dangerous homecoming
If Tomie were naked, her way home would be in danger.
During the Harass event,
it occurs as a linked event of the "stripping, ripping clothes, and panties stripping" events.
- There should be a crowd right after the event
- Tomie must have Karma.
- Reputation < 40
- Occurs only in Tome Town (not in Slum or other locations)
*Through this event, "Bum" can be added to the new visitor list.

(Added) New Visitor, Bum
*Visitors that can be added via Dangerous homecoming events
Tomie's unkind attitude can make a man angry

(Added) Park Side Story - Exhibitionist Girl
Exhibitionist Girl's Event Expanded - Darkdreamer's Idea
When Tomie walks through the park, it can lead to this event.
This can lead to (previously created) exhibitionism bad endings.

(Added) Park Workout Extra Outfit - Slutty sportswear
There are quite a few dedicated CG scenes, along with the associated Anim H-Scenes.
*Tomie needs some time to get used to clothes

(Added) Sleep in the park additional Event
When Tomie sleeps in the park, additional events may occur depending on her choices.
Includes dedicated CG and Anim H-Scenes

(Added) Nightclub Special Event - the purge time
Every Friday + required Gangbang fetish
Other options available if Tomie is Masochistic
Includes 3 dedicated Anim H-Scenes

(Added) Kinky Taxi Driver
Expansion of the Taxi event that fires when Tomie's willpower reaches 0.
If Tomie's attitude is bad, a driver will be mean to her.
Karma required for trigger

(Added) Foreign XTuber
Required Pheromones + Attractiveness >= 500
20% chance of starting event in Town enter layer
Subsequent events take place in the phone&message phase.
ForeignXTuber will contact Tomie every 3 days

(Added) Tomie's photo leak event & related common event
A photo of Tomie could be leaked through a shower-related event.
After two events, the Neighbor will do something more.
*Linked event
After that, some people start to identify the shower photos and the photos by the blackmailer as Tomie.
In some town entry event, men will recognize it.
-Tomie's Reputation decreased, men's persuasiveness increased.
* Street Blackmail related events will be added in a supplemental update in this month

(Added) Additional events related to Peeping Tom
1. Peeping TomS
Occurs during Return To Home after 2 Shower Leaked event
If Tomie masturbates in the meantime, an additional event may occur (*requires Darkness fetish and Karma)
2. Peeping TomC
A type of Peeping Tom that occurs after the ReturnToHome event (simple repeat)

(Added) Panty Thief Event
Occurs during ReturnToHome.
Pheromone>=200, even-numbered days, possessions>=100, dangerous door lock status
After some process, the Panty Thief becomes Peeping TomC.

(Added) Defloration-Aftercreampie Event
When Defloration occurs, the Aftercreampie event is replaced with a new event.
occurrence condition
+ Occurs only in Vaginal+Rough play
+ After the event that Tomie loses Hymen
+ Replaced when AfterCreampie event occurs

(Added) Shower leak event repeat variation & Minor plus
After 2 shower leak events, either an intrusion or leak event occurs depending on the player's choice (repeatable)
Added CG for recurring leak events
Shower break-in event expanded a bit more (Mr.Neighbor will prank her a bit more)

(Added) Blackmail event during Town enter event
The more leaked photos, the higher the probability that it will occur in the pool. (10% to 50%)

(Added) 14 Anim H-Scenes

(Added) Replacing 4 of the old Anim H-Scenes

(Added) Male and female moan volume adjustment
- Common Sex Option in Content Options
If the male volume is set to 0%, the male volume is not played.

(Added) Toggle Autosave
Content Options -> Daily option -> Others
If you do not auto-save, you no longer need to click Continue to change the date.
And some minor improvements.

(Changed) Some CG replacement of subway LewdAV costume
The length of the skirt was shortened in some scenes.
And bugfixes, some minor CG replace.
(Fixed) An error where the suspicious alien event did not occur in the Slum-Ghetto route
(Fixed) Infinite Hourglass's TP requirement was not fixed to 1.
(Fixed) an error where XTuber-related content could not proceed
(Fixed) freezing that occurred with a 20% chance in the Town enter layer
(Improved) Added stalking CG scene to the village entry event link scene
(Improved) Subway Event Dialogue Correction & Proofread - Thanks, Jaison!
(Changed) Adjusted some phone events that occurred only when going out to also occur at home
Calls from gangsters, Cafe manager, etc.
(Fixed) incorrect place designation in the toilet scene in Samdai
Other miscellaneous bug fixes reported.
(Improved) Added item to add Karma to cheat
(Improved) Some CGs have been replaced or added
Menstruation, Start Pregnancy Test, Pregnancy Test True&False
(Changed) Public park masturbation stage 3 event to lead to Dangerous homecoming event
(Fixed) Fixed an error preventing the park exercise event from repeating itself
(Fixed) Fixed an error where Koman's contact was added before meeting Koman
(Changed) Masturbation has a 25% chance to reduce Tomie's Trauma.
(Fixed) Fixed an error related to the LostVirgin additional event on Android
(Improved) When Samdai skip toggles, it is improved to skip undressing and elevator phase entirely.
(Improved) Adjusted some roaming events for story progression to occur with a low probability during the village entry phase
(Changed) Shower pain reduction has been adjusted from 25% to 35%
And other miscellaneous things.
v1.0512 (2022-09-06)
(Added) Video Gallery for Expansion
Gallery for newly added video files in Expansion version
Unlocked after reaching at least 1 ending

(Added) Slum Expansion - Ghetto route
(A total of 6 events)
*If Tomie doesn't have a Darkness fetish, Tomie will most likely have to go back to Town.
One-time event (1)
- Tomie can choose to save the man being assaulted or not.
Continuous event (1)
- A beggar in Ghetto takes an interest in Tomie and continues to approach him. (consisting of 6 steps in total)
In general, each step proceeds to the next step after a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 repetitions.
Repeat event (3)
- Bandit in the alley (similar to Town Enter event)
- A Ghetto guy flirting with Tomie
- 4 Ghetto guys flirting with Tomie
Special Events & Related Endings (1)
- (reuse old event) Suspicious Foreigner who wants to impregnate Tomie
If Tomie is pregnant with his child, Tomie will... *SPOILER*
- Added ending spoiler to TIPS&HINTS, and added corresponding ending item to Achievements

(Added) Subway Additional Content
Darkness fetish is required to enter some H-Scenes
* New 6 Common events
* Added Subway Exclusive Cosplay Costume - Available at Shopping Center
* Cosplay costumes can only be used in certain places. Instead, Tomie's outfit and hairstyle can be changed.
- Prince? (4 chains) - UniformCosplay only
- AV shooting (4 chains) - LewdAV only
After Tomie's AV debut, she was asked to film the subway by an AV studio PD.
(Click the TIPS&HINTS or (LOCK) LewdAV option in the game for instructions on how to debut AV)
Tomie has to wear a lewd costume and take the subway at the PD's request.

(Added) Red light district Additional Content
If Tomie is attractive enough, Tomie could work for Brothel in the red light district.
There are 5 types of costumes (Uniform, Prostitute, SM Queen, SM Victim, Teacher), and depending on the costume, it leads to a different event and special scene.
Uniform Costume - 2 EV (50% each)
Prostitute Costumes - 2 EV
SM Queen Costume - 1 EV
SM Victim Costume - 1 EV (Beware of Spank Scene. Do not choose this costume if you don't like Spank Scene)
Teacher Costume - 1 EV

(Added) Nightclub VIP Additional Content - WIP
- If Tomie's nightclub rating is high, there is a high probability that a VIP club invitation event will occur every Friday.
- If Tomie's nightclub rating is high, you can visit the nightclub directly on Friday and call the VIP club invitation event.
- Dejavu is activated after 3 VIP club events.
2 added events
- Strip DanceEX
- Adult Theater
*Out of the 4 types of events we were originally planning to add, only 2 were able to be added.

(Added) Therapist
- Tomie can unlock Therapist after the Lunchbox volunteer event at the Job Center.
- Tomie can visit the therapist and decrease Trauma and Depression by 1.
The event consists of a total of 5 stages, and the next stage proceeds after 1-3 visits.

(Added) Peeping tom event
Someone will be watching Tomie secretly.
*occurrence condition
Someone is stalking Tomie OR During Return to home, Tomie feeling someone's gaze.
If the occurrence conditions are correct and Tomie is in a normal state when she returns home, the Return to home scene is replaced with the Peeping Tom scene
And if Tomie is sexually active... *SPOILER*

(Added) Mini event - Home visit torment
In an additional visit event after the visit event, if Tomie has a Darkness fetish, she can piss off visitors.
And the angry visitors... *SPOILER*

(Added) Employment Agency - Volunteer work on delivering slum lunch boxes
Tomie can find a new job at the Employment Agency.
It does not make money, but it counts as volunteer work experience.
* (Bug) Icon resource is missing, indicated by a white box.
* This and the following Therapist content will be added next week.

(Added) Slap scene supplement
Sometimes it progresses to a deeper level, and Tomie can take damage to a more serious state.
Also, this additional scene replaces the hitting event with a 50% chance.

(Added) 19 Anim H-Scenes & 3 Dance Anim Scene
Gangbang_UniformCosplay_Chikan, Gangbang_Base_Chikan
Vaginal_Subway_EV_Cos, Oral_Subway_EV_Cos_0, Oral_Subway_EV_Cos_Finish
Vaginal_DoggyFloorPark (replace old video)
Vaginal_RObeseman, Vaginal_RCustomer
(Spank scene warning)

(Improved) Reorganization of the message system - You will be able to call desired messages and phone events more easily.
(Changed) Some essential roaming events to be called when entering the village (Taku, Missing child's mother-Misey, Model debut, Violent customer, Pepper spray)
(Changed) 1 bonus to the base TP at the first start of the game
(Changed) Adjusted the required TP of Infinity hourglass to 1.
(Improved) Small button UI replacement
(Fixed) Toast message - Fixed bug where Stalker did not disappear
(Changed) Added description of Darkness Fetish to Fetish tab of Skill
(Fixed) syntax error of some slum events
(Changed) Apply to cancel Skip input after sleep (prevent freezing)
(Fixed) Freezing after threesome BackAlley H-Scene
(Fixed) *Important* The problem that the video continues to play in the background even after it is finished
(Fixed) An error related to setting the nightclub rating
(Fixed) Freezing error in Town enter layer
(Fixed) an error where the TP requirement for Infinite Hourglass was still 10
v1.021 (2022-08-06)
(Added & Improved) Dangerous slum (50%)
When Tomie enters the slum, she must go through one entry event per day.
- Red light district outer route
4 types of events
(3 types of repeat events, 1 type of one-time event)
* Darkness fetish is required to play all H-Scenes here.
* If there is no Darkness fetish, Tomie can only choose to reject.
* and Ghetto route will be added. Sorry for not including all of them this time.

(Added) H-Scenes and scenes related to Darkness fetish
These scenes only happen if Tomie has a Darkness fetish.
Through the skill button on the Daily screen, Tomie can get Darkness fetish.
Preceding Fetish Required - Masochism and GB Fetish
*Related scenes
Oral rough - 2 additional events
Vaginal rough - 3 additional Foreplay events and 4 types of Anim H-Scenes and 1 type of additional event

*Events being called
H-Scenes involving slum-entry events (easiest way)
Some angry visitor (when you turn down dirtyCustomer's request.. etc)
H-Scene related to foreign tourists

(Added) Employment agency: Construction work assistance
Tomie is introduced to a job, where she can build a career.
Currently, construction site assistant jobs have been added.
(If Tomie's Submissive and Corruption are both 60 or higher, you can see all events within 8 turns.)

(Added) New visit events & improved
*Improved algorithm of visit module
- Neighbors' Friday Party
After the "Neighbors' Toys" ending, the neighbors visit on Friday.
- Construction worker
At the "construction site", when a worker finds out Tomie's address
(If you quit WorkSite in the old version, you will have to visit the construction site one more time)
- Foreign Tourist
After the ReturnToHome event added today, foreign tourists will visit Tomie's house.
(Added) Night visit event reorganization
The "Underwear thief" event has been replaced with the "Pervert" event. (2 types)
Be careful as it may be a bit disgusting for someone.

(Added) "Deja vu" added to the common visit event
*Required 20 willpower
When someone knocks on the door, Tomie can guess who he is with a strange feeling.
However, this does not apply to special visits.

(Added) Additional scenes from some visit events
- At Neighbor's friday party event, they will serve Tomie a fresh handmade(?) beer.
- Among customers, dirtyCustomer will present a fresh drink for Tomie.
(Added) In some night events, Tomie will dream. (3 random CG)

(Added) Foreign tourists will try to pick up Tomie

(Added) After H event
A directing event after some H-Scenes has been added. (3 types)
It mainly occurs after H-Scene through Visit.

(Added) New return to home events
- Foreign Xtuber
When Tomie's Reputation is less than 0,
and, after the Street Foreigner event is converted to a simple event
- 3 types of mini events
Blackmailer & Cumshot & Stalker

(Added) Isaac Related Events
After Isaac's ending, if Tomie's stress and depression are severe, then with a low probability of triggering a phone call event.
*This is a mini-event to reduce stress.

(Added) Town Enter Event
2 alley stairs events.
(Requires luxury ring, 15% chance, Phero+Attractive>=600)
Tomie has to go through the stairs in the alley to get to UpTown.
Often, someone will flirt with Tomie on the stairs.
And if Tomie has Karma, something more dangerous could happen.

(Added) cheat to lower Depression to 0 (via Phone item in inventory)

(Added) 14 Anim H-Scenes
Vaginal_ForeignTouristBackAlley, Vaginal_K_0, Vaginal_K_1, Vaginal_K_2, Vaginal_K_3
Vaginal_WorkHome, Vaginal_StreetAlley, Vaginal_ForeignTouristHome, MMFyouthboy(Temp)
Gangbang_WorkCS, Vaginal_WorkCS, Vaginal_WorkClient&Finish, ThreesomeOral_WorkCS, Oral_WorkCS

(Improved) Mod compatibility related improvements
(Improved) Mod installation made simpler
It reads the list of MOD files installed in the game path. You can install it with just a click.(via Phone item in inventory)
(Improved) Added Discord button and Mod folder button to title menu
(Changed) Changes the button position of the title menu
(Improved) Reduced delay after H-Scene by 50%
About 100 functions have been condensed to about 50.
(Fixed) Slightly softened the delay after some MMF scenes
(Improved) Depression added to the buff UI
(Improved) Changed to display an error message instead of Crash when the MOD is active but it is not installed in the game folder
(Improved) Added ability to disable all MOD(via Phone item in inventory)
(Changed) Naturo no longer travels
(Fixed) When the Teaser's request is rejected, the probability of the Demand more event is reduced to 25% => 20%
(Fixed) In the Demand more event, the chance of Teaser taking an additional action has been modified from 80% => 20%
(Fixed) Error leading to BackAlley event even though it succeeded in rejecting Teaser's request
(Fixed) Error in which the content setting-based probability of Return to home was incorrectly applied
(Fixed) Error showing Samdai Quest window even in Town
(Fixed) Late disappearance of some Toast windows
(Fixed) An issue where Nightclub's Bar was constantly promoting Luxury rings
(Fixed) Edit warning text
(Fixed) some bad functions that were constantly causing errors
v0.760 (2022-01-12)

(Improved) proofread of about 200,000 words
Most were proofreads of error correction
* It is expected that errors when translated with an automatic translator will be slightly reduced.

(Added) Threesome, GB related Events & Scenes

After the H-Scene due to the group approach of Workers, they are likely to call other men.(50%)
Exclusive scenes and CG included

Handen beach
Tomie can sunbathe nude in the corner of Handen beach. and...
Exclusive CG included

Choi and the guards won't be the only ones approaching Tomie on the way home.
Exclusive scenes and CG included
Event occurrence conditions
They start approaching when Tomie's Samdai Reputation is below 66.
If Tomie's Samdai Reputation is below 40, they approach Tomie... and..

Neighbors are always worried about Tomie's condition.:whistle:
Exclusive CG included
Event occurrence conditions
Tomie has to pretend not to be there when someone is visiting.
Tomie's Reputation must be less than 0
Tomie has to have sex with Neighbor at least 3 times.
The doorlock must be in a dangerous state.

(Added) Shower related mini event
If a camera was installed in Tomie's shower, the neighbors could play a prank on her.

(Added) 4 Anim H-Scenes

(Added) translation tips button to main menu

(Added) Action mode related content option
You can adjust the cost of Town action and Contact action in Others item of Daily setting.
(Town Action: 2 to 3, Contact action: 8 to 10)

(Added) console cheat added (for professional only)
Press the ` key (to the left of the 1 key on the keyboard number) to open the console cheats.
Typing var opens a UI where you can adjust all the variables in the current game.
To use the console cheat syntax, refer to naninovel's api documentation.

(Added) debug code
This is a debug code that can be used on phone item in your inventory.
iwanteasymode - Earn 50 achievement points

(Added) Slutty outfit releated plus contents
- Added one Town enter event.
- Crime hotspot has been added among the search locations in Town.
It will surely lead to a very dangerous event.
- Added another route leading to baghead slut ending through events in Crime hotspot
(For detailed explanation, please refer to TIPS&HINTS)

(Added) BackAlley related plus contents
- Some backalley scenes have been improved, and related CGs have been added
- At the start of a backalley H-event, there is a chance that the event will be a Threesome (33%)
(with dedicated Anim H-Scenes) [threesomeBackAlley_1]
- There is a possibility that there will be additional customers (33%) even after the backally H-event.

(Added) slum enter EV and related approach type
An ill-immigrant will relentlessly approach Tomie to seek permanent residency.
And... (SPOILER)
*This event occurs with a chance when Tomie enters Slum on the Town map (20%)

(Added) Karl additional content - BDSM related
After ending with Karl or Naturo, Karl contacts Tomie.
Calls occur with a high probability on Sundays.
And, he wants to make a special contract with Tomie.
- Content requested by Markimera

(Added) Misey related Story & H-Scene & Ending
The route associated with Misey has been completed
Related CG and H-Scenes have been added, and it is also included in the ending gallery
Related tips have been added to TIPS&HINTS

(Changed) Minor improvements to tweak the connection of some events
ex: In the huntgirl event, if ignored and passed, there is a 25% chance that it will lead to another approach event.
(Changed) Adjusted the selection order of some UIs, etc.
(Changed) Tomie in wonderland ending item name changed to ???
Think this ending doesn't exist. It's just a hidden Easter egg
(Fixed) Error in omission of newly added CGs in Android version
(Changed) Slutty outfit's Reputation reduction has been increased.
(Improved?) Christmas title with CG
It is only displayed from December 21st to 25th
(Improved?) Some unused resources have been further cleaned up. (-20mb)
(Changed) Readjust the default transition time from 0.05 seconds to 0.25 seconds.
It seemed a bit strange because the time was so short.
(Fixed) an error where character CG overlapped in the finale of Yumi episode
(Changed) Increased probability of group approach in Town Enter event
(Changed) Slightly increase the probability of group approach by workers
(Changed) Slightly replaced Samdai's Choi's coffee CG
(Changed) If Tomie is wearing a slutty outfit, she changes her clothes after returning home.
(Changed) Trauma does not increase when Tomie is wearing a slutty outfit
(Fixed) a bug where Tomie could visit Handen beach without any conditions on Handen beach
v0.750 (2021-12-12)

(Added) Sounds
- Various background sounds and sound effects have been added to the game.
- Tomie's voice sound has been added in some scenes.
- H-Scene
*Recommended settings for existing users
Existing users do not have volume control on the Sound tab.
Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the volume in the Sound tab of Option as follows.
Master volume: 50%
Music volume: 50%
Effects volume: 100%
Voice volume: 33%

(Added&Improved) 18 Anim H-Scenes have been remade.
Anal_Missionary2(New), Anal_Toilet
Oral_Boobjob, Oral_Kneel, Oral_NurseHandjob, Oral_Toilet, Oral_ToiletRough, Oral_Chair
Toilet_Aggro, Vaginal_Bondage2, Vaginal_Bondage3, Vaginal_Chikan, Vaginal_Sleep
Masturbate_Bed2, Masturbate_Dildo, Masturbate_Shower
(Removed) because it is too old or similar to an existing resource
Oral_Sitting => Removed
Vaginal_Table => Removed
Anal_Default1 => Removed

(Added) Mini game - Another POV
Added Play as Harasser option when starting a new game
Available from 1 achievement or more
It's a minigame you can play from the perspective of Harasser, not Tomie.
TIPS&HINTS has a quick tip.
* I thought it would be fun, but when I actually made it, it wasn't very fun.. sad..

(Added) little story EV's
- Added ending of handsome boyfriend (_BF) and TIPS&HINTS
- Added Nerds night visit EV
Occurs with a 12.5% - chance of allowing Yobai on night visits with Luxury Ring items.
Includes dedicated Anim H-Scenes

(Added) H-Scene event variations
Spank (new scenes), Spit(Leverage existing resources)
Boobjob, Nursing handjob, and Rough variations
Added 4 Request Oral Variation Scenes
Added Lost virgin EV variation scene

(Added) 2 Anim H-Scenes
GangbangNerds_1-3, Finish

(Added) debug code to reset Simple EV (resetsev)

(Improved) Structure improvement of H-Scene module
Before - All operations are processed at the same time after H-Scene ends (10 delays occur at once)
After - Distributed processing at the end of H-Scene (a method in which the delay of 3 is divided into 3)

(Improved) Gallery Update
Up to version 0.750, exclusive scenes, tags, etc. are updated.
Added some missing scenes (Samdai added scenes, etc.)

(Improved) Common Spank Scene Remake
(Added) Pussy evidence scene
Pussy evidence scenes were added upon request.
It has to do with police and stalkers.

(Improved) Reduced game size by 150mb by clearing garbage
Removed old Foreplay resources and more

(Improved) compatibility for auto-translation plugins
Fixed an issue where text was obscured during automatic translation
Please refer to the post for how to use

(Improved) Slightly improved gameplay performance
Reduced the playback time of some transition effects by 50%

(Improved) NightVisit, VT and compatibility work to mod all existing scripts
The first official mod will be released within this month.
It will be based on version 0.750.

(Improved) UI improvements
The buttons on the Title menu have been slightly improved.
Slightly improved Save & Load UI
(Improved) Added a small skip button to the right of Foreplay events
(Improved) Added a small skip button to the right of the After creampie event
(Improved) It is now possible to toggle between Tomie's Hymen status in the Gallery's Common H-Scene

(Changed) Trait change. Double point => The Jokers
At the start of the game, 13 Joker cards are acquired. (5pt)
(Changed) Adjusted the increase in video speed due to actions to 20% => 10%
(Changed) Foreplay to just appear in general tags
(Changed) the execution order of Foreplay type EV
Request Oral EV is now integrated into Foreplay type EV (Vaginal scene)
(Changed) In the Sex battle module, the playback speed increase multiplier increased from +15% to +20% (it reverts to a playback speed multiplier of 1.0 if you select Slowly, etc.)
(Changed) Adjusted the AfterCreampie EV in the Vaginal scene to appear only when Cum inside occurs.
(Changed) Vaginal - Alleviates the conditions for waterplay-related events during Afterplay EV (Submission>=70 && Reputation <= -10)
(Changed) Anal sex reduces more attractiveness
(Fixed) An error related to Yumi - Jin appeared after Yumi appeared.
(Fixed) Bug where Backalley2 scene is changed to Slutty scene in Anim H-Scene
(Fixed) Slutty scene not playing in Anim H-Scene
(Fixed) An error that only 1 type of Request oral CG was displayed instead of 5 types
(Fixed) An error where the Finish scene did not appear in some scenes
(Fixed) Character image overlapping bug in Bad Roaming EV
(Fixed) An error where Guy's name was not specified in the approach EV at the cafe
(Fixed) Trait related bug caused by case in common H-Scenes
(Fixed) A typographical error related to the hourglass trait
(Fixed) A bug where the video playback speed increase magnification was not applied
(Fixed) Certain scenes not playing or crashing in Harass EV
(Fixed) Slutty outfit - Alley related errors
An error that caused a crash in the group approach scene has been fixed. (Thank you Hardanik)
(Fixed) an error where some options were displayed incorrectly
(Fixed) Some translation errors
(Fixed) Some syntax errors
(Fixed) Some game progress errors
v0.740 (2021-11-12)

(Added) Yumi and her boyfriend story and ending
*A little reference to the plot of Jaison1984.
(he gave me a lot of plot, but I was only able to adapt a few. Sorry Jaison)
After successfully rescuing Yumi, Tomie receives a call from Yumi.
You can call Yumi directly with the Contact block.
For detailed hints, please refer to 'Jin' of TIPS&HINTS
Dedicated H-Scene included.
(However, different scenes are played depending on the presence or absence of Hymen.)

(Added) AV content ending and Ryosuke ending
3 types of AV shooting scenes have been added.
"Drink it!", "Outdoor", "Finale"
A total of 74 CGs and one Anim H-Scene are included.
It's a very dark storyline.
If you are not immune to the bad plot, please SKIP all the scenes.
Ryosuke endings give you TP, but they don't show up in the ending list.
*Also, the translation is not good.

(Added) Slutty outfit & related Events
Available for purchase at shopping centers. After that, you can change into Wardrobe items.
($3000, Req Corruption>=90 and Submission>=90)

Instead of act coy, Tomie changes to a more lewd attitude.
An exclusive event occurs while wearing the slutty outfit, and Tomie's Reputation decreases rapidly.
Relentlessly approached by men, she will not be able to perform her usual activities.
- (New) Town roaming event 8 types
- (New) Normal roaming events are all changed to Simple roaming events
- (New) Bad roaming event type 1 changed to police harassment event.
- (New) One Bad EV from Return to home
However, not everyone just likes her lewdness.

(Added) Add diversity to existing content
- The truck driver approaches Tomie.
- A persistent stalker approaches Tomie.
(Condition for occurrence: Pheromones+Attractive >= 600 )

(Added) Additional branches related to the Handsome Guy approach
When Tomie go to a hotel with him, he makes a special offer to her. (20%)
I won't explain it to avoid spoilers.

(Added) graffiti event
When Tomie's Reputation is below -100, someone will often leave graffiti in front of her house. (*simple EV)

(Added) Break in EV in the Gym Shower
-Added pervert to break in while showering in Gym.
Occurrence Conditions
Pheromones>=300 , 25%chance

If Tomie's Corruption and Submission is 70 or higher, his proposal can be accepted.
Includes 2 dedicated Anim H-Scenes

(Added) 8 Anim H-Scenes
Vaginal_Jin_00, Vaginal_Jin_0, Vaginal_Jin_Finish
As a trial, 50 fps was applied. (previous scenes are 20-40 fps)
GangbangVariousPack_1,2,3 - Slutty additional event related scenes
Vaginal_UglymanSP_EV_1,2,Finish - Scenes related to the Handsome Guy event
Vaginal_ShowerRoom_1_1,Finish - Gym Shower EV Scenes

(Added) the common stalker
Stalker starts to annoy Tomie a bit more (Visit EV, Return to home EV)
After a certain stage, Tomie can call the police to get rid of the stalker
However, even if the stalker is eliminated, a stalker may occur again later.

event conditions
Tomie's *Karma >= 1
Tomie is stalked by 1 or more stalkers (while roaming or harass events)
Tomie must have the luxury sandal item.

*Karma can be increased in-game by Isaac event or Missing child event.

(Improved) Convenience Debug Code
Added 2 types of debug codes that can be used in the inventory pawn items.
karma - Increases Tomie's Karma by 1.
stalker - Someone starts stalking Tomie.

(Improved) BP item in cheat menu
After reaching 20 achievements, the Bp item will be added to the cheat menu.
If you want to use it right away, use a save file.

(Improved) Subway - skip mode
Enabling skip mode will play streamlined events.

(Changed) Hiroshi related things
To reveal more of his character, Hiroshi prefers virgins from now on.
TIP&HINTS hints were also changed accordingly.

(Fixed) Bad roaming - image overlap bug in Gangster event
(Fixed) Fatal Mistakes Related to Android Version
It was found that the update of some scripts was missing in the Android version, and it has been corrected. Now it should be normal. I'm sorry
(ETC) A groundwork was made to support the MOD for certain events.
This is to support future MODs by someone other than me.
v0.730 (2021-10-13)

small update

(Added) Isaac related story and ending (story - written by Jaison1984)
Tomie can meet Isaac every Sunday at church
You can get direct hints from TIPS&HINTS
However, it is not difficult to find a clue, so I recommend looking for it yourself
(P.S. Isaac is a paladin with a holy sword)

(Added) 8 types of simple Foreplay EV added
Play conditions
- Vaginal Rough or Vaginal Normal scenes
- No tags
Fingering, Fingering2, Kiss, Grope, Lick Armpit, Lick Nipple, Suck Nipple, Clamp
Playback conditions are different in Rough and Normal scenes.

(Added) Massage parlor
A Massage parlor icon has been added to Town.
Tomie can earn more tips compared to Cafe
There are 3 types of visitors
Some requests require Tomie's Corruption to be greater than 70

(Added) Night-time customers
Even after Tomie is asleep, she has customers who visit her.
Tomie can easily turn them down, but Tomie will wake up annoyed.
(Customer Types: a customer, customers, an old customer, old customers)

occurrence condition
1. After returning home, no other events should occur (visit, phone call, quest, etc.)
2. Do not use sleeping pills
3. Reputation<0
4. 20 or more prostitution count
5. NightVisitRate option should be Default or High or Very High (Does not occur at Low or Very low)
6. Minimum 16% to maximum 46% chance, depending on NightVisitRate option

(Added) Slum Episode2
Slum Episode 2 has been completed, and achievements and TIPS&HINTS items have been updated.
*how to get started

(Added) Camgirl additional update
In the submissive man (invitation #1), an option related to insertion was added.
In Rough man (invitation #2), there is a 17% chance that Tomie's mask will come off.
It is captured and treated as a blackmail photo.

(Added) Common H-Scene related update
In Common-Vaginal-Rough, two events have been added when "Relax"
(biting nip, hair pulling)

(Added) Skill - masochistic
Skill - Add masochistic to Fetish
Limit trauma increase due to pain (maximum trauma fixed at 1)
Reduces the probability of increasing stress due to pain

(Added) Return to home EV probability adjustment option
You can adjust it in the daily option of the Contents option. (default 35%)

(Added) Night Visit EV frequency adjustment option
You can adjust it in the daily option of the Contents option.
At Low or Very low, certain events may not occur.

(Added) 15 Anim H-Scene
Vaginal_Isaac_First_1,2,Finish (Isaac EV)
Vaginal_Isaac_1,2,Finish (Isaac EV)

Anal_A_C_1,2,3,Finish (Anal-Rough)
Anal_A_FOV_1,2,3,Finish (Anal-Rough)
Anal_A_Wall2_1,2,3,Finish (Anal-Rough)

Vaginal_A_19,20,21,22,23,24 (Common Vaginal - Random Scenes 19-24 in Rough Scenes)
ThreesomeDouble2_1,2,3,4,Finish (Common Threesome scene)
Vaginal_BackAlley2_1,2,3,4,5,Finish (BackAlley tag's rough scene)

(Added) Convenience feature, "agony"
When Tomie's corruption is between 45 and 55, she can change her Corruption through "agony"
It happens after Tomie fall asleep.

(Improved) Church Related Improvements
Every Sunday, there is a regular worship service.
In worship on Sunday, there is a greater increase in stats with a small penalty.
And, you can meet a character named Isaac

(Improved) Gallery version update
Updated contents and tags up to version 0.720.
(Dedicated H-Scene and Common H-Scene)

(Improved) You can consume the Joker to force Koman to ask for a date.
(Improved) Added missing spoiler hint to Naturo in TIPS&HINTS

(Changed) Corruption related game tweaks - partial update
- Partial changes to the dialogue due to Tomie's corruption in Harassment and Approach
- Changed condition for using Flirt in some options (Req Corruption 40 => 70)
- Changed terminology in some options. Flirt => Tease
(Changed) Increases the probability of reducing stress caused by fetishes from 2% => 2.5%
(Changed) Added possibility of reducing depression due to fetish. (1 %)
(Changed) Reduced the number of toilet repetitions for the Exposure ending from 10 to 5
(Changed) Changed the basic persuasion difficulty to Easy (the previous default was changed to normal)
(Changed) Corruption increase has been removed from the 'sex pain' calculation.
(Changed) To prevent bugs, set to ignore the user's skip input during the day pass process (when creating a block)
(Changed) Increases the probability of girl's talk in Yoga
(Changed) Fixed the missing part of calling option with Mari in Contact
(Fixed) H-Scene does not play in Isaac's loop
And minor bug fixed
(Fixed) Fixed an error in some Harass EVs
(Fixed) Fixed an error where two conditional statements were overlapped in some options
(Fixed) Godness => Goodness
(Fixed) Fixed a bug where Isaac's CG was not displayed in Sunday Church
(Fixed) Fixed the missing part of triggering a specific event connection in the night visit event
(Fixed) minor bugs reported
v0.720 (2021-09-05)

(Added) Afterplay variation update
Afterplays composed of about 40 CGs have been added.
Most of the scenes are related to Vaginal_Aggro, Oral_Aggro.

(Added) Ending After Story - Nakato, Nisemono (Thank you bobby2)
After the ending, Tomie can call him and ask for a night visit.
(required Trauma level 1 or higher.)
(Trauma increases when Tomie returns home with 100 pain)
Nakato will visit Tomie's house after work.
(-3 Joker cards, -1 DEPRESSION & TRAUMA )

After the Doctor ending, If Tomie is pregnant with his baby without birth control ...*SPOILER*

(Added&Improved) Harassment related things
Add a Harassment pattern
At some events, Harasser will hand out bills.
At the Oldman Approach event, if Tomie turns down his request, he'll hand out a bill.
Differential application of patience according to Harasser's type (4 ends each)
Downgrading Harasser's patience - he'll break away from Tomie sooner.

(Added) A dedicated ending H-Scene has been added to Mari ending, Marry with Neighbor ending
You can replay it in the gallery. (Ending Replay)

(Added) Street entry event-related variations have been added.
catcallers will often show Tomie big money.
(If Tomie's prostitution count are low, very attractive, or has a high reputation)

(Added) 9 Anim H-Scene
(When partner's Trait is Dominent or Violent, 33% chance occurs when entering Oral_Aggro common module)
Vaginal_Nakato, _Finish
Vaginal_BackAlley1, Oral_BackAlley1

(Added) Common Vaginal Rough module related updates
Added 3 event variations when Tomie relaxes during H-Scenes

(Added) Loanshark story & ending
After day 30 has elapsed, Tomie must begin repaying her student loan.
If Tomie uses the Loanshark service for that, it leads to a related line.

(Added) Neighbor related story update & ending
The neighbor who regularly visits Tomie's house becomes 'the guy', not 'a guy' from now on.
A backstory to it and a few in-game events (visit and return to home EV)
And an ending was added. - Marry with Neighbor

(Improved) TIPS&HINTS renew
Added tips and hints for Loanshark and Neighbor.

(Added) Mari related After story & Ending
After the vacation episode with Mari, you can proceed with the after story through the contact block.
Depending on the choices made there and the odds, it has the potential to lead to an ending.
Direct hints can be found at TIPS&HINTS.

(Added) Handsome catcaller
A fan of the handsome face, Tomie rarely gets stressed out by it.
occurrence condition
- Nightclub visit (from the 2nd time onwards)
or probabilistic in the approach event
Dedicated H-Scene included
After H, 33% chance to demand Tomie's phone number (BF type)

(Added) PMS
Occurs probabilistically when Tomie's cycle begins
You can adjust the PMS occurrence probability in the content option (default 30%)
Including CG according to the type of PMS that occurred
Penalties such as reduced willpower, poor skin care, loss of possessions, and increased pain may occur.

(Added) Hamedori (POV Recording Sex)
When Vaginal_Aggro_Common in the Common Sex module starts, the partner tries Hamedori. (17%)
Tomie may cover her face, or she may not care.
Includes 2 dedicated H-Scenes

(Added) 2 blackmail photos (record sex, hamedori)

(Added) "Street Roaming" to Street in Town
Tomie can directly visit the place where the approach event takes place.

(Added) "Infinite Hourglass" trait
This trait unlocks the 100-day limit for ending achievements. (10 tp)
Removed the more pocket money trait.

(Changed) The background CG of the Android version is changed to a lower resolution.
Since the capacity limit of 2 GB has been reached, temporary compression is now applied.
In the next version, 1280x720 resolution will be applied to android version

(Improved&Changed) Trauma
- Additional trauma penalty applied
When Trauma is level 2 or higher, Tomie often has nightmares.
*Explanation Supplement - How to Reduce Tomie's Trauma
- Drinking in a nightclub
- Good roaming event
- Some route in bad roaming event (related to martial arts)
- After Nakato's ending, ask him to night visit

(Changed) Reduced autoplay minimum time from 3 seconds => 0.1 seconds
By reducing the Auto delay in the settings to a minimum, the time to the next message is greatly reduced.

(Improved) Added Auto&Skip mode to RedLight District.
You can make money more simply and be exhausted.
(Changed) Adjusted the probability of entering the Oral Common module from 100% to 66% when playing the game. (not 100%)
(Changed) Changed trait algorithm of partner male
Changed partner male traits to be more random.
(Changed) After Tomie goes to sleep, if Willpower is 0 or Pain is 100, a day goes by without going out.
(Changed) The maximum bonus BP and Attractive from traits has been increased from 100 to 200
(Changed) First visit conditions of gangsters changed
Previous - Reputation <= 0
After - Reputation <= 0, And Prostitution 5 or more
(If Tomie gets a tip of $1, it counts as prostitution.)

(Changed) some tags in Harasser Anim H-Scene to lead to backalley (Vaginal, Oral)
(Changed) After the episode of Vacation with Mari, Tomie can call Mari directly through the Contact block.
(Changed) Balance adjustment related to persuasion probability
- Penalty by Willpower reduced by 1/3
- Penalty by Arousal reduced to 1/2
- Penalty due to trauma is doubled (-40% penalty in case of 2nd trauma)

(Fixed) All random selection related bugs including blackmail photo
A fatal bug where the last index element of an array was never randomly selected has been fixed.
A fatal bug where the first element of an array was selected as blank has been fixed.
There was random element missing in some of the events I was using this for.
Sorry for the late confirmation.

(Changed) Increased the effect when resting in Cafe
+40 Willpower, -1 Stress for 3 visits.
This is sharing the stack with "rest in park"

(Improved) Updated scenes for dedicated H-Scene - up to 0.710
(Improved) Slightly improved for Night visit type events
(Improved) 1 poorly made H-Scene remake - Vaginal_Yensan_1
(Fixed) Fixed an error in the dedicated H-Scene part of the gallery
(Fixed) Minor bug fix
v0.710 (2021-08-05)
(Added) Handen beach
- Tomie can visit through the Town's Station every weekend. (limited to once a week)
However, to unlock it, you must go through a certain process.

- Tomie can acquire a lot of BP, and Tomie can reduce Stress and Depression.
- Currently, 2 types of swimwear can be rented, and the type of swimwear that can be rented will change based on Tomie's Corruption 20.

- Includes 1 exclusive Anim H-Scene (Vaginal_Beach1,2,Finish)
**(Nude beach is not yet added)

(Added) blackmail EV & 2 Anim H-Scene at Handen beach
Two exclusive Anim H-Scenes with the blackmailer have been added.
- However, it may not be displayed depending on the player's content option settings.
*TIP: Occurs after masturbation in the changing room

(Added) The forbidden website, TTgirl.potato
Tomie can discover it through her Laptop
It is possible to delete the leaked photos of Tomie by negotiating with the uploader. (Pay with money or other means)
* Depending on the outcome of the negotiations, Tomie's house doorlock may be disabled.
* Tomie's photos are only uploaded if she turned down a blackmailer's request and the photos were leaked.

(Added) New trainer at Tome town Gym, Roid & EV
A new trainer has been added to Tome town's Gym, and related events have been added.
A dedicated Anim H-Scene with Roid has been added.
*TIP: Basically, if the sum of Tomie's attractive and pheromone is high, the event progression will be easier.

(Added&Improved) Gallery update
- Dedicated H-Scene Replay
Exclusive scenes up to version 0.700 are included.
It unlocks from 10 achievements.
known issues
Toggling Hymen in dedicated H-Scene replays twists the menu.
It will be fixed in the next version. Just hit Continue.

- Tag H-Scene improved
Added new or missing tags.

I've probably added most of the scenes, but since it's a manual job, there's a chance I'm missing something.
If you find a scene that is not on the list, please report it to me.

(Added) Normal roaming event related update
Most of Normal Roaming can be simplified.
The method is mainly as follows
- Repeat 3 or more times in the same way
- Tomie has reached a certain stage of the event

Simplified events are registered in the Treasure Chest (Simple EV) and no longer occur in Normal Roaming EV.

However, you can still call it directly from Street.
(The list of simple events increases, but the odds of a jackpot event do not decrease)

(Added) 1 normal roaming event - Event at the crosswalk
Occurs after 5 types of roaming events are converted to simple events
It is a simple event, and after three occurrences, this event can also be simplified.

(Improved) Camgirl related minor improvements
4 types of cam show exclusive costumes have been added. Tomie can buy it.
There is no purchase limit for one type of costume, but the other 3 types of costumes can only be purchased when there are 300 or more fans.
Costumes increase early visitors and their interest.

(Changed) the effect of sexual activity
Before - pheromone increase
After - pheromone increase, attractiveness decrease (skin care decreases)

(Improved) Added skip to some bad roaming events

(Changed) Increased the cap on the probability of successful rejection from 99% to 100%

(Improved) Added option to Bad roaming EV
- Tomie can choose Return to Home, instead, a random Willpower loss occurs

(Changed) Replace the CG of the pregnancy check part

(Changed) Minor changes of "strange noises" for roaming events

And minor things
v0.700 (2021-07-05)
(Important changes)
- Cheat related changes
The penalty for not obtaining achievement bonuses when using cheats will be removed after achievement 1.

(Important changes)
- Cheat related changes
The penalty for not obtaining achievement bonuses when using cheats will be removed after achievement 1.
This means you must reach the ending without cheats at least once.
This is to reduce stress from Grind contents.
If you like a challenge, don't use the cheats.

(Added) Episode - Tomie in the Slum - WIP
Start conditions - Must have completed Yumi episode, Attractive+Pheromones>=500
If the above conditions are met, there is a greater than 90% chance of receiving a call from a gangster while Tomie is at home.
The region in this episode is divided into 5 zones, and currently only the first zone is revealed first.
(I didn't reveal the remaining 4 zones because they were seriously repetitive and uninteresting. I'm sorry)
From the second visit to the first zone, you can get a Joker card or some money.
A simple guessing game algorithm is applied. The number is reset when entering a zone or acquiring a Joker.

(Added) martial arts skill
Tomie can learn martial arts skill through Slum Episodes.
(Or, depending on your choice, Tomie may not learn)

- *If you succeed in using a skill, there is a 20% chance to increase the skill level.
For now, it's a put-in feature, and the way it grows will be improved.

(Added) Ending replay in gallery
However, episodes, date-based endings, and dead endings are not replayed.
Most have been tested, but there is a possibility that freezing may occur depending on the environment.

(Added) Koman related story, endings, scenes.
There are two kinds of endings, and some intermediate steps have been added for them.
You can check it through TIPS&HINTS.

The ending includes over 70 H-CG and 2 Anim H-Scenes.
(Scenes made by DirtyDarkling. Thanks!)

(Added) Vaginal Anim H-Scene (Common Rough type, Koman Ending A,B)
Common Rough play type Vaginal scenes have been added.
If Tomie isn't working hard, the male partner can do something.
(25% chance when satisfaction is over 50%)
Vaginal_A_1 to 18

(Added) Date & Approach V2
When Tomie gives her phone number to a "good-looking guy", he's registered as Tomie's dating partner.
There is a probability that the event will occur in Inswitter, Cafe, Subway, Studio, etc.
Up to 9 men can be registered at the same time, and the higher the number of men, the higher the probability of receiving a call. (1 person = 100%, 9 people = 900%)
(Use random names. However, his name is followed by _BF, and he uses the same avatar)
When Tomie gives the "ugly-looking guy" her phone number, he asks Tomie for services
(he's not treated as a dating partner).

(Added) Bad Endings Related to Date V2
Please see TIPS & HINTS for more information

(Added) Weekly Lottery - New Normal Roaming EV
Roaming events with high probability every Monday or Tuesday
Tomie can buy a lottery ticket or chocolate for $100 at the convenience store.
It is a mini-game where you match 3 numbers between 1 and 5, and if you get 3, you get 100 times, and if you get 2, you get 10 times the money.
(You can check the results of the purchased lottery tickets at the Weekly Lottery roaming event next week.
It is also registered in the Street event, so you can call it directly.)

(Added) Samdai EV - With Sungold
Added one-time event with Sungold in Samdai when Tomie's Trauma and Stress is in Tier 2

(Improved) Dragging Harassent EV
In an event where harasser grabs Tomie's arm and asks for sex, if Tomie refuses, she has a 25% chance to receive additional threats.

(Added) 1 Return to home EV
If Tomie declines a ugly man's request in a event that asks for a phone number,
Possibly something related to the Return to home event is added.
(Not related to the 'Handsome Man' event)
However, you must have Luxury sandal.

(Added) Common Sex related EV
- After Creampie related EV in VaginalRough Scene ( + new photo shoot EV - Creampie)
There are some variations based on probability.

- Cumshot related EV In OralRough Scene
In OralRough, if Tomie's male partner has the "pervert" trait, there is a 45% chance this will happen.

(Added) 4 Slum Related Events
Knifeman, Baghead, Dragger, Panhandler
These events can happen when you get lost in a slum, or when you dig through a dumpster.

(Added) New Visit Event Type - Customer's visit
If Tomie's Reputation is less than 0 and she has prostitution 10 or more times, a random "customer" will visit.
There are six types of "customers".

(Added) 4 Anim H-Scenes
Vaginal_Fatman, Oral_Fatman+_Front

(Improved & Fixed & Changed)
- (Changed) Changed to display Sex dialog or Camgirl chat in Android and Mac
However, it is not possible to customize the dialogue in Android or Mac environments.
- (Changed) If Tomie's Willpower is below 0, change to use only passive dialogue even if Tomie is corrupted
- (Changed) Cam girl content - Fan increase and limit increase
- (Changed) If you can't find an adult shop, you can find it on the rubbish heap.
- (Improved) demand sex by oldman event minor improvements
- (Changed) When getting lost in the slum, the probability of the missing child event has been increased
- (Changed) The title screen has been changed.
- (Fixed) Baghead ending description in TIPS&HINTS
- (Try Fixed) Add debug script in phone call with date partner I haven't yet discovered any possible freezing errors. If you find a freezing bug, please send me your save file.
- (Fixed) an error related to the location of the inventory
- (Changed) Foreplay has been changed to only occur in replays or specific tags. (planned reorganization)
- (Fixed) a bug related to MOD connection
- (Fixed) a bug where if you have the infinity bell trait, you cannot use it in the stalker event
v0.690 (2021-06-07)
(Added) MOD features
Mod features are now supported for BlackmailEV, RoamingNormal, and RoamingBad.
MOD files are an external file format.
They will probably be published in the form of comments on the Tomie WGM thread on zone.
If someone "not me" uploads a mod, you can download it and install it.
Usually, after downloading the MOD file and installing it on TomieWGM, you can activate it through the Phone item in your inventory.

(Added) Street - Convenience function
'Street' place has been added to Town.
You can directly execute the desired Normal roaming event.
Some roaming events only appear on the list if conditions are met.
Some roaming events require a Joker card.
The same roaming event cannot be fired again within 3 days.

(Added) Misey related story event
Story events based on stories written by Zmr have been added. It has branches.
However, the ending has not been added since the story is still being written.
*spoiler* Depending on Tomie's choice, there is a possibility that no H-Scene will occur.
(+) related Anim H-Scene and CG Scenes

(Added) Camgirl related scenes and endings
For detailed explanation, please refer to TIPS&HINTS.
Includes 2 types of exclusive Anim H-Scene

(Added) Lee the neighbor - story & ending
Give names to neighbor character, who often give gifts to Tomie, and add related stories and ending.
Some Branches are included, if you want a direct hint, please refer to TIPS&HINTS.
Add CG scene

(Added) 6 kinds of Anal Anim H-Scene scenes
*The scene was created by DirtyDarkling. Thank you!
3 kinds of Normal, 3 kinds of Rough scenes

(Added) Content related to AV
The following prerequisites are required for this.
-Tomie is required to shoot at least 6 AV shots.
-Tomie must have a luxury ring.
If Tomie goes to AV Studio through AV Manager while satisfying the above conditions, some additional contracts can be made.
*Currently, only one event has been added to the Return to Home type after the contract.

(Added) Cafe related new events
-5 kinds of Mini kinky events have been added. It will relieve a bit of boredom.
-At Tomie's Mistake Event, with a 25% chance the customer will ask for Oral. (Including exclusive CG)
-An event type requesting a conversation with Tomie has been added.
-CG at the start of the cafe job event has been changed. It is divided into 2 types according to the relationship with CafeManager.

(Added&Improved) Harassing event type
-Hug (teaser suddenly hugs Tomie.)
- harassment event pattern added - underwear request
-Move the positions of the buttons
-Slightly improved presentation

(Added) new town enter event type
Event type that occurs probably when entering the town
Leads to some types of harassing events

(Added) Skip default setting option
(This is a convenience function for skipping some repetitive parts)
1) When the basic Roaming event starts, the skip button can be activated automatically-It is in the daily routine item of the contents option.
2) You can toggle the skip option related to Samdai's daily life.
-Can be activated during Samdai's lunch break
This also applies to subway events.
3) A button has been added to immediately go to Samdai from the subway.
4) The skip option of the DM part in the Inswitter can be toggled
-Can be activated in the Inswitter

(Added) blackmail related image scene added
It emerges based on the photographs taken.
If there is something wrong, enter the debug code below through the phone item.
Entering this code will add all existing blackmail photos to the pool.
*The various demands of the blackmailers have not been added yet. sorry

(Added) Treasure chest (Simple Roaming Event)
Added for the purpose of reducing the fatigue of the game. 50% probability of appearance
Only good effects occur, and Attractive, Pheromones, Willpower, Item, Joker, etc. can be obtained.
Joker is obtained from Treasure chest stack 7 or higher, and once acquired, the stack is initialized.
However, if an existing save file is loaded in Dice mode, blocks are updated after a day.

(Added) Jackpot type for simple roaming event
This is a jackpot mini-event where you get 3 to 6 BP and 1 Joker card.
This happens based on the number and probability of progression.
I do not recommend save-loading iterations for this.
Because Algorithm it is controlled.

(Added) Elderly visit event variation added
Tomie should give an oldman her home address.
When he visits, Tomie rejects his request three or more times, causing a later variation.
If she accept his request, it will be connected to the added dedicated Anim H-Scene.
If she declines his request, he leads to an added bad ending. (Ending XX)

(Added) Bad roaming event - Prank
Write keywords only to prevent spoilers. - prank!, trauma, paper spray

(Added) Fanboy related things
After the situation has progressed, the Fanboys ask Tomie for something, and then visit her home.

(Added) Added lesbian approach event in Yoga
It was added in a simple way because I still lacked knowledge related to lesbians.
Depending on the initial selection, it is determined whether or not the event is repeated.
(+) related Anim H-Scene
L_Play, L_Foreplay

(Added) mini events
When they visit Tomie's house and Tomie accepts their request, then they often visit the studio and ask Tomie for something.
If they decline their request, the contract with Studio will be terminated, and Tomie will no longer be able to proceed with the relevant route or ending.

-A fan
A simple event approached by a fan presenting something to Tomie

1 additional mini event after yoga (cafe tea time)

(Changed & Improved & Fixed)
(Improved) Rejection probability adjusted and content option added
easy +50 persuasion
very easy (new) +80 persuasion
hard -30 persuasion
very hard (new) -60 persuasion
(Changed) Partially fixed a complaint that occurred when Tomie succeeded in rejecting a bullying event.
(Fixed) Corrected typo of "bagel" in cafe job event
(Changed) Corrected the part where pregnancy-related events are skipped when intoxicated.
(Improved) Various skip-related system messages have been removed.
(Fixed) Slightly corrected the warning text at the beginning and the text at the start of a new game
(Fixed) a freezing bug in Dr. Shen's special phone call
(Fixed) Camgirl related error correction - Corrected the order of invitation cards
(Fixed) Corrected the error notation of pain in GB sex, and adjusted the increase from 100 to 95
(Improved) on Town's street, "Tomie lost in slum" has been added.
It is to make the 'Lost Child' event easier.
(Changed) Elegance is reduced by 5% when a humiliation event occurs.
(Changed) Elegance of 60 or more is required to proceed with Misey's event.
(Improved) exchange Joker cards from the Match Selling Girl.
30 bp to 3 Joker cards
required Phero+Attractive>=400
(Improved) Reduced the conversion delay of some common modules by about 20% compared to the previous one.
(Improved) Fix to scroll up automatically when menu is touched in TIPS&HINTS
(Improved) Add Koman to the Contact block (It is in the ETC item.)
(Fixed) A bug where some MMMF scenes were not playing has been fixed. sorry..!
(Fixed&Improved) Fixed and improved miscellaneous errors
v0.680 (2021-05-05)
(Added) Luxury shop
A new location added to the shopping center.
Splurging on! feature integrated
luxury perfume - unlock group approach EV
luxury sandals - unlock home coming EV

(Added) Home coming EV
Events that occur when Tomie arrives home from the outside
After Tomie sees the Neighbor ending, it leads to an additional event with the neighbor.
(If you have a Luxury Sandal item after the neighbor ending, a special event occurs when you return home - Probability-based)

(Added) Group approach EV
An event approached by 3 men instead of one
It is divided into neighbor, worker, and general types.

(Added) MMMF Sex Scene
Due to the change in priority, the MMMF H-Scene of low quality is included.
MMMFWorker / MMMFNeighbors

(Added) Minor things
Among the common events, instead of the Spank event, a Grope event can occur.
Grope related CG types added

(Fixed) Fixed a fatal error related to luxury shop purchase
(Improved) Harassment partial events improved
Slightly improved the CG and mechanism of ogling and commenting events.
Replace some existing NPC-related CGs
(Improved) Train commuter pass added
(Fixed) Translation and correction of freezing caused by typos
(Added) item - Luxury ring
It can be purchased at the luxury shop in the shopping center. (When Submissive and Corruption are over 90)
Unlock special options in NightVisit events (including dedicated scenes)
Minor special options unlocked at some events (Harassment EV, park toilet EV)
* Luxury items are automatically applied if you have them.
If you want to cancel the application of the option, you must destroy the item (Non-refundable Улыбаюсь)

(Added) New night visit Event
The scene is included. If there is a luxury ring, a special option is unlocked.
After proceeding with a special option, when the Reputation is less than -200, a related event occurs (33%)

(Added) Samdai - Karl related event
After 3 times contacting Karl, Karl visits Tomie during lunch time (with exclusive scene)

(Added) 3 Anim H-Scene
MMMFCommon, Vaginal_NightVisit(+Finish), Vaginal_Karl2(+Finish)
For MMMF or higher scenes, my ability seems to be a bit lacking. I am going to learn more of the HS2 tool to improve it.

(Imrpvoed) CG scene added at the start of MMMF scene
(Improved) Stalk Harassment EV - CG added
(Improved) Approach Harassment EV adds 3 types of teaser patterns
(Improved) Added give up option in Approach Harassment EV
(Improved) Added mini-event when entering a nightclub
(Imrpvoed) Can reduce STRESS by 1 after 3 breaks in the park. If there is no STRESS, the stack is stored (up to 3)
(Improved) Added linkage option to park toilet event when resting in the park (10%)

(Fixed) Miscellaneous errors improved (fixed errors related to use of luxury items, etc.)
(???) From now on, in the shooting scene, the situation is also kept.
(Added) 49 Anim H-Scene - Oral and Gangbang (Gangster) scenes
Oral_P_A_Kneel1 to 13
Oral_P_N_Handjob1 to 5
Oral_P_N_Kneel1 to 4

+Gangbang_Gangster 1 to 22 (However, only 6 are currently in use)
Gangbang Gangster scenes were created by DirtyDarkling. Thank you very much.

(Added) Fetish skills
It can be accessed from the Skill menu.
When a fetish situation occurs, additional BP is obtained, and Tomie's stress decreases in probability.

(Improved) Common oral module
Common oral scenes corresponding to the existing outside and default tags have been dramatically improved.
but tag scenes, etc. use the old scenes as they are.

(Added) New content options - Asphyxiation related scene display
It is related to the newly changed Oral module. (Default is off)

(Added) ReturnHome event type
in previous versions, the ReturnToHome event type wasn't triggered by an error, so it was actually added. sorry..
If you have a luxury sandal item, the ReturnToHome event will be triggered at a chance.

(Added) ReturnHome event type - Gangster Invitation Event
Luxury Perfume, Luxury Sandals, Appearance>=200 required
This is a scene added to the scene created by DirtyDarkling. However, due to 22 Anim H-Scenes and hundreds of CGs, I couldn't add everything, and I couldn't write all the dialogues.

(Added) ReturnHome event type - Neighbor's invitation event
ReturnToHome did not occur due to an error.
Now it works fine.
Occurs after the neighbor ending.

(Added) Other miscellaneous ReturnHome events

(Fixed) freezing error when visiting the police
(Fixed) A bug that did not apply luxury sandals has been fixed
(Fixed) A bug that caused freezing when visiting a hotel in a karaoke-related event.
(Added) Naturo & Karl related contents
- Add related ending (Karl, Naturo)
- Related H scene
- Added related story event
- related Tips update
- You can get spoiler hints for progress in the TIP&HINTS section.
If you select either route, you cannot proceed to the other route.
Use the save&load function or refer to the Karl section of TIPS&HINTS. (Debug cheat code included)

(Improved) Add a starting pattern for harassing event
Groping is added to the starting pattern. Tomie's willpower is reduced by it.

(Changed) default graphics option to middle
The old default option was "least". It has been found to cause an excessively high frame rate on a good performing computer, putting a load on the CPU.
So I raised it to the middle.

(Changed) Limit frame rate to 120
I applied this for the same reason as above. However, it is not known whether it will apply to all environments.
Anyway, the video scene is 30fps.
(Added) Samdai Kinky Elements
-Additional events related to Choi
(When Tomie's Willpower is less than 60)
Including CG scenes

-Lunchtime Approach Event
(When Tomie eats lunch alone, if SamdaiReputation is less than 30, there is a 50% chance)
Exclusive Anim H-Scene included

-Additional events in the elevator
(Automatically increasing progress. It lowers Tomie's SamdaiReputation)

(Added) Nightclub kinky elements
- now Tomie can drink at the nightclub. (Luxury ring item required)
- 2 events for Tomie getting drunk

(Added) MF and MMMF (both include dedicated Anim H-Scene)
- Tomie's Trauma is reduced by 1 when drunk

(Added) Anim H-Scene, FlowCG H-Scene
(The scenes were created by DirtyDarkling. Thank you!)

(Improved) In action mode, added the ability to recover AP with Joker card
(Improved) On the Contact block, you can call Karl after the step with Naturo.

(Changed & Fixed)
-Added dangerous ovluation trait effect-Tomie ovulates at the beginning of the game
-Persuasion difficulty option error correction (easy and hard were reversed. Content option)
-Reduced the difficulty of the Skidrow part of the Yumi Rescue Quest (100 spaces => 50 spaces)
-Added hint to the ending of Yumi episode (right after seeing the bad ending route)
-Translation error correction (hobo ending)
-Add debug code
If there is no old save file, enter oldsave in the cell phone item in the inventory.
-The time at the nightclub is limited to 5 hours. Instead, the $300 limit is removed. (I.e. up to $350)
-The chances of Karl making a call on Sunday are greatly increased
-Bug fixes related to Karl in version 0.678
v0.670 (2021-04-10)
(Important) Change quick save point, add save item on block screen
The save file path has been changed.
Existing - saves are saved in individual game folders
Changed - saves are saved in a common save folder.
When upgrading to a new version, move the save files from the old path to the new version's common save folder.
There is no need to move the save file afterwards.
(Use the save file folder button in the title)

- If the save file doesn't work when you load it, click the save button and then click the return button.

- Inventory items may disappear from existing saves due to technical issues. Some of the items will be restored after a day in the game. sorry.

(Added) Laptop
Laptop item was added. It can be purchased at shopping centers ($2,369)
After purchasing a laptop in the shopping center, you can use it in HomeActivity.
Currently, only myFreeCamGirl.net content has been added.

*Warning* To proceed with myFreeCamGirl.net content,
More than 90 Corruption, 3 exhibitionism skill is required.

(Added) Camgirl content - myFreeCamGirl.net
Corrupted Tomie could be a Camgirl.
You can find myFreeCamGirl.net by browsing internet 3 times with a laptop.
(There is a slight penalty for every single browsing internet run.
You can proceed only when the pheromone is 200 or higher.)

*Customize 'viewer chat dialog'
If you want to change the viewer's dialogue,
Change the contents of (GameFolder)/tomieWGM_Data/StreamingAssets/text/camshow_default.txt.

(Added) New character, "Koman"
Although he lacks confidence, he is a male character with a just personality.
It will appear as a linkage event of the Harassment event, and after that, you can receive his contact and connect to a dedicated event
Includes 3 types of Anim H-Scenes

(Added) Type of 'not bad' personality to HookupApp
0% probability to rough scene
pay additional tip after sex

(Improved) Harassment event reorganization
The type of event in which a man approaches and commenting has been reorganized.
The man approaches Tomie and tries to constantly harass her.
Tomie has to choose her actions to get away from him.
If Tomie's Willpower drops before she gets away from him, he'll do something different to Tomie.

(Added) Night visit event variation
After signing a contract with Taku related event variation (SPOILER)

(Added) Event while moving to town
An event when entering the Town field has been added.
Tomie gets cat-called by men.
There are some comment line based on Tomie's reputation, appearance, and condition.
It occurs with a 10% probability, and occurs only once a day.

(Improved) Common Sex Module
* Vaginal scene part
-Finish scene selection function (cum inside / pull out (request))
The probability of "pull out" is different depending on Tomie's Submission and whether the scene is rough or not.
However, it does not apply to special tag scenes and 3 scenes.
- Significantly reduced the chance of experiencing humiliation-related events in Non-Rough sex.
- Removed the phrase related to s.tight trait (applies only to the effect)
- Slightly corrected hymen-related events in non-rough scenes (simplified)

(Improved) 12 Vaginal H-Scenes have been remade.

(Added) 28 Cum inside&outside related Anim H-Scenes
Vaginal_ChairCowgirl_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_Cowgirl_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_Doggy_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_Exhausted_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_Legup_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_Legup2_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_Missionary_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_MissionaryRough_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_ReverseCowgirl_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_ReverseStand_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_ReverseStandCowgirl_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_Side_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_StandDoggy_Inside / Outside
Vaginal_StandHug_Inside / Outside

(Improved) Sex module
- Fade in effect applied to Anim H-Scene
- Change the progress format of a Vaginal scene without a tag
- Add experimental function in Vaginal scenes without tags

Video playback speed increased by 10%, satisfaction+++, pain++

Video playback speed set to 100%, satisfaction+++, pain++

-10% to +10% video playback speed, satisfaction++ to +++, pain + to ++

Random number of random Traits are given at the beginning of sex with a common male character
(Common male characters mean characters whose names are teaser, catcaller, pervert)
Dominant - Preferring dominant sex
Violent - to change violent when demand is rejected
Shabby - increased likelihood of mean behavior (filming, blackmail, etc.)
Perverted - increased likelihood of perverted behavior (such as urine).
Prefer creampie - Increases the probability of cum-inside
Artist - Increased probability of user review on Tomie's body
Easy satisfied - No need to use experimental functions in the Vaginal progression scene

* Now the male partner can suggest the sex type first.

(Added) Black trader contents
After an one-time roaming event occurs, Tomie will be able to find whereabouts on the black trader.
If you get three clues in the game, Tomie can visit a black trader in Slum area.
(Hints - 1. Home, 2. Roaming or Gangter, 3. Slum)
The black trader moves on every visit.

(Added) Pepper spray
Pepper spray item has been added.
Tomie can fight men with pepper spray in some scenes.
(willpower+, submissive-, corruption+)
However, it increases the crime stack.

(Improved) Improvement of the Skill System
Improved the application of skills that used to reduce pain or willpower reduction.
Existing : xx% reduction per level, up to 3 levels
Change : 1-0.9^level No maximum level limit
(e.g. if level 2)
19% reduction in damage

(Added) Skill, 'i said no!' added
Increases the minimum probability of successful rejection by 1% (max +20%)
- If this is not a forced progress event, apply a 10% minimum probability of successful rejection.
- Display probabilities in the selection (indicate xx% instead of easy normal hard)

(Added) In the Hiroshi related event, the option to reject his request is added

(Added) splurging on! feature to shopping center
You can lower Tomie's depression by one.
Accumulated visits * Cost $1000 (eg: $33,000 required on 33rd attempt)

(Improved) Can reduce STRESS by 1 after 3 breaks in the park. If there is no STRESS, the stack is stored (up to 3)
(Improved) Added linkage option to park toilet event when resting in the park (10%)

(Improved) Upgrade main engine
Roll back Unity to a stable version
Renew Naninovel engine to the latest 1.15
No one else is interested, but the performance problems of the game have improved somewhat.

(Fixed & Changed)
- Change the effect of the Eternity flower trait.
Existing - regen Infinite
Change - regen only once a day
- Penalty added to abortion or single mom ending
-5% Attractive, -5% Pheromones

(Fixed) "Black Screen" bug in 7th Block (Thank you belec!)
(Fixed) Samdai related bug (Sungold)
(Fixed) FFM related scenes were not called in HookupApp
(Fixed) Improved translation of the game start part (Thank you AtotheZ)
v0.6602 ( 2021-03-06) Hotfix
(Fixed) "Black Screen" bug in 7th Block (Thank you belec)
v0.6601 ( 2021-03-05) Merged with 0.655~0.661 changelog)
This is a mode in which the daily routine method is based on ACTION, not based on dice.
You can change the mode settings in the content options in the main menu or at the start of the game.
If you change the settings, the changes take effect at the time the date changes.
Of course, you can continue to use the existing "DICE MODE".
For details, please refer to TIPS&HINTS in the game.

(Added) Episode, Vacation with Mari
You can start the episode by contacting Mari on the Contact block.
To get started, you need certain conditions.
There are events in which some outcomes are divided depending on Tomie's condition or her choice.
-3 exclusive Animated H-Scene included
- 80+ CG included

(Added) Convenience functions for progressing Mari episodes
When contacting Mari in the contact block, the corresponding option comes up
In the Yumi episode, if the episode ended with a route that failed to ``safely rescue'',
i added an option to replace the result with a route that succeeded in 'safely rescued' for convenience during the Mari episode.

(Added) an ending with Tristan
This is the ending related to the Vacation with Mari episode.
Several conditions are required for this ending.
To avoid spoilers, please refer to TIPS&HINTS in In-Game for more information.

(Added) 11 Animated H-Scenes
New (7) - Foreplay(footjob), Oral(face), Vaginal(doggystyleUp,Stand,exhausted)
*exhausted is added to the list when willpower<20 or pain>=90
Remake (4) -Oral(Wall), Vaginal(Pressdown, Nurse), ETC(shower)

(Added) Special Tag Replay (Partial)
However, at least three endings must be achieved.
nerd, oldman, recording, foreigner
The rest of the scenes are included in the scene or event itself, so it will be added after modification.

(Added) 2 night visit event variations
Added 2 variations when door locks are dangerous & sleeping pills are not taken - Zmr's idea

(Added) Samdai related events
- In the dismissal event that occurs when the reputation or score is less than 0, an event has been added to seduce the person in charge to avoid dismissal.
(However, it can be selected only when corruption is over 70)
- Chikan events occurring in elevators have been expanded to 5 stages (+1 stage every 2 times)
- Additional entertainment related events linked to the afternoon dance practice
- There are 2 types of Anim H-Scenes related to the added event.

(Added) Misey related events

(Added) Pigman related contents (visit event, ending)
The name of the man, the first partner of the AV debut, has been changed to Pigman.
He will visit after Tomie's AV debut, and may be linked to a specific ending.
For information related to the ending, please refer to TIPS&HINTS in the game.

(Added) Hookup App Event Variation 1 type
Events related to kinky couples. Includes 2 types of FFM Anim H-Scene

(Added) Neighborhood Men Roaming Event
On a walk, Tomie meets men in the neighborhood.
Different reactions occur depending on her reputation and the progress of the event.

(Added) Roaming event involving 1 neighbor male
An event related to a specific neighbor man met on the road in the past has been modified and added.
If Tomie is attractive enough, he gives Tomie a gift and asks for sex.

(Added) Volunteer nurse : Elderly care visit event (Rem's idea)
This event is activated after registration as a Volunteer nurse.
It can be visited every 3 times after the first visit, and events related to his grandfather and grandson are linked.
Includes 2 Anim H-Scenes

(Added) Type of 'not bad' personality to HookupApp
(Fixed) Improved translation of the game start part (Thank you AtotheZ)

(Added) 'Guilty feelings' event (Zmr's idea)
This is an event related to volunteer nurses.
After Tomie became a volunteer nurse, it was linked through a roaming event, and linked with two exclusive sex scenes.

(Added) AV shooting content, 1vs300
Related CG and Anim H-Scene are included.

(Added) Cafe related story contents
Related Ending, CG and Anim H-Scene are included.
For more information to prevent spoilers, please refer to TIPS&HINTS in In-Game.

(Added) Rude Customer roaming event (Zmr's idea)
Includes 3 dedicated Animated H-Scenes

(Fixed) text corrected : intolerable to irresistible (Thank you jimmorrison!)
(Fixed) Fixed some CG connection errors related to harassment
(Changed) Displays the number of Joker Cards you have when saving

(Changed) Ryosuke skip option
When first starting contact with Ryosuke, i added an option to skip his storyline.

(Improved) 1 Anim H-Scene has been replaced.
Oral_face - Apply physics effect.

(Changed) In the single mom ending, a penalty of -$1000 was added if the money was over $1000

(Changed) The graffiti on the body has been changed to be erased only after a shower.
If Tomie don't shower after the graffiti is engraved, her reputation will quickly deteriorate every time she has sex.

(Fixed) Samdai daily routine freezing error
There seems to be a lot of errors all the time in the cursed Samdai. Sorry ;|

(Improved) 'strong refuse' option
Added option to ensure successful rejection (-30 willpower)
However, the Submissive must be less than 60
and the option does not appear in some events.

(Improved) Add CG to related events related to sex demand scene
In case of failing rejection or in some situations, add dragging scene

(Changed) Samdai's Shone related variable
Doubled Shone's favorability, which is raised through conversations or other actions (for convenience in event progress)

(Changed) Roaming event algorithm changed
Now, when a bug occurs in the roaming event pool execution, another roaming event is forcibly assigned (black screen bug response).

(Fixed) Fixed a bug where Karl 3 stage did not proceed
(Fixed) Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

(Changed) Joker card can be used instead when saving block menu
You can use the Joker card instead of 30 Willpower to save.

(Fixed) Samdai progress related errors (Sungold related)
(Improved) TIPS&HINTS and in-game explanation
(Fixed) Inswitter's follower reset bug
(Fixed) CG overlapping bug in some scenes - some typos and translation errors
v0.6506 ( 2021-02-09 - bug fixes)
Fixed a bug that stopped progressing at the first AV shooting
Fixed a bug where the invitation to shoot a model did not occur even when gathering followers in Inswitter
Fixed errors related to processing some functions
v0.6505 ( 2021-02-07 - convenience improvement and bug fixes)
(Changed) enable achievement of multiple endings at the same time.
*However, only date-related achievements can be acquired after the 100th
*In case of Dead end, it ends as it is
(Improved) Preset added at game start
(Improved) Significantly reduce lag when status changes (simplifies common scripts)
(Changed) Increased the default Attractiveness and Pheromones at the start of the game
(Changed) the number of Town blocks to be specified between at least 3 and at most 5 in Content options.

(Fixed) freezing when giving Doorlock password to Taku
(Fixed) freezing in some NightVisit events
(Fixed) a bug where the basic salary was $0 in Cafe
(Fixed) a bug where AV Studio manager does not exist in Contact
(Fixed) a bug related to achieving date related ending
v0.650 (2021-02-05 - Merged with 0.645~0.650 changelog)
(Important) Change quick save point, add save item on block screen
- From now on, the quick save point is the point at which Tomie wakes up after falling asleep. (In other words, when loaded, it starts at block 0 of Dice screen)
- You can save and load from the dice screen through a SAVE button
However, 30 willpower is consumed to save, and can only be used in Tome Town. (Not available in Slum, etc.)

(Added & Improved) Roaming events reorganized (Thank you Zmr)
However, not all of them have been completed yet, so this update includes only the available parts.
There will no longer be roaming events that have no meaning.
Normal Roaming Event - 30 types
Good Roaming Event - 1 types
Bad Roaming Event - 2 types
The roaming event pool is reset every 3 days, and the same event does not occur within 3 days.
Some events have a higher priority than others.

(improved) Skill system reorganization
You can now acquire skills through in-game events. The lower the level, the higher the acquisition probability.
Not all roaming events have been updated in a balanced way, so it is still possible to acquire the old BP method.
Screen directing effect when skill acquisition has been added.
A UI has been added that allows you to check your skills while the dialogue is in progress.

(Add) debuff status - STRESS, AROUSAL, TRAUMA, DEPRESSION have been added.

(Improved) Added content option for partners to always select H scenes

(Added) 6 endings added
Five of the added endings are for the day 60 pill.

(Improved) Reorganization of dialogue related to common sex module
Changed the method of handling conversational text in video-based sex scenes.
Tomie's attitude to sex (Passive / Active)
If Tomie's Corruption is 70 or higher and Arousal is 1 or higher, an active dialogue is used.
The opportunity to acquire sex skills through sex is only given when active.
However, some special scenes still use the old dialogue.

For Customizing sex conversations
Game folder\tomieWGM_Data\StreamingAssets\text
You can modify the text file inside and customize it to display the desired dialog.
* It is based on the dialogue of Skyrim's modder, Gooser's Apropos2.

(Added) Adult shop
It can be found during slum roaming, and then accessible from the Slum area.
Ovulation induce pill, Estrus pill, Dildo, etc. can be purchased.

(Added) Achievement UI
You can check the achievements achieved through the achievement button on the title screen.
Clicking on an unachieved achievement will take you to the TIPS&HINTS for that achievement.

(Added) new harassing event type - Stalking
(Added) new subway events - (when heading to Malnor)
(Added) One type of event when relaxing in the park
(Added) One daily routine event in Samdai

(Added) Ovulation inducer related event
When Tomie is not pregnant during ovulation, an event occurs with a 25% chance in a common sex scene.

(Added) Added screen effect for immediate post-sex pregnancy confirmation
If Tomie is pregnant due to the cum-inside sex scene, the screen effect of pink flash appears on the screen.

(Added) Secret diary
a diary to count all of Tomie's sex related experiences and the number of specific events
However, it may not be perfect yet. (Some counts are missing, etc.)

(Added) Gallery (Common H-Scene replay)
A gallery for replaying common sex scenes based on tags has been added.
The gallery is unlocked after seeing at least one ending.
Special sex scenes will be added after considering the unlock conditions.

(Added?) Remake or add some of the CGs used in the common sex module

(improved) Reorganization of existing events
Cafe - Increased base probability of special events occurring
Studio - Studio registration method change (unlocked by Roaming event), the first shoot is taken on the day of registration, and the Inswitter is also registered at the same time
Changed to increase up to 5,000 Inswitter followers for each shoot
Increased other miscellaneous linked values
Toru, Nerd, Samdai - Half or quarter the number of repetitions required for the event

(improved) End Game adjustment
As of the 30th, you can choose the ending to return to university. (end of day30)
If you purchase a lottery ticket as a roaming event before day 20, there is an 8% chance of winning the ending. (However, there is currently no separate CG scene)
At the end of the 60th day, you will get a 60-day pill.
The existing settings related to day100 are moved to day60.
*However, the current version 0.650 is not a completed version, so it actually has a day limit of 100 days.

(Improved) Problems with character consistency in common events
Improvements have been made in the direction of maintaining the consistency of the CG of the character approaching as much as possible.
Some scenes use monochrome characters, and some scenes have been changed to show only the hand or arm of the approaching character.

(Improved) icons to make it easier to distinguish between activated and deactivated characters in the contact block.

(Added) Mini-event when rejecting the blackmailer's request
-After two or more refusals
The blackmailer often threatens Tomie by posting a picture in front of Tomie's house.

(Added) Pregnancy Probability Settings (Content Options)
You can choose between 10%, 20%, and 30% probability of getting pregnant from vaginal sex during ovulation.

(Added) Block option (Content options)
Town block number can be set (you can choose from 3 or 4)
Harassed block's 'additional' appearance probability adjustable (Currently selectable between 0% and 5%)

(Added) An additional linking event that occurs when Tomie refuses to offer a man to sex
The man pulls Tomie's arm and once again invites sex)

(Added) missing items to TIPS&HINTS (new ending, etc.)

(Modified) Changed the method of using sleeping pills
Just before sleep, when the willpower is 50 or above, or the pain is above 66,
Tomie will wonder whether to take a sleeping pill.

(Improved) stat UI in the dialog
When the stat UI in the dialog UI is opened or closed, the buffed UI is also opened and closed.
(Arrow button at the top of the screen)

(Change) Courier visit event adjustment - He gives Tomie a courier with sleeping pills with a 50% chance.
(Changed) Add save & load button to block UI
(Changed) improved chocolate effect
(Changed) Improved shower effect
(Changed) Naturo-lifted restrictions on weekend contact only
(Changed) Additional easing of Samdai event progress conditions
(Fixed) random list related error - related to missing last event
(Fixed) Roaming Event- an error related to helping a girl encountered on the street (fixed when the route after obedience is closed)
(Fixed) Corrected to apply Foreplay scenes that were not applied due to errors.
Foreplay_Spanking2 (Virtually new!.. sorry)
(Fixed) Good roaming event connection was set to Normal roaming event (sorry)
(Fixed) public toilet freezing & 30day freezing
(Fixed) errors related to menstrual cycle
(Fixed) Attractiveness did not increase when obtaining Unnatural charm in some events
(Changed) Increased skincare shop related effects
(Changed) The willpower recovery effect of sleeping pills has been greatly increased.
(Improved) Block generation algorithm optimization
The part that previously took several seconds has been improved to less than 1 second.(However, the skidrow in the slum area uses the old algorithm for stability)
(Changed) Inswitter's follower increase ratio was slightly increased.
(Changed) Changes related to pregnancy
The effect of pregnancy could be immediately confirmed. (Pink flash screen effect)
If Tomie become pregnant due to the pink flash effect, the pregnancy will be canceled if Tomie take an day-after pill.
(Changed) In the common sex scene, toilet was excluded from indoor tag
For more accurate positioning
(Changed) Buff UI is displayed in places other than the dice screen
(Fixed) miscellaneous bugs
(Fixed) Temporarily removed 1 existing sex scene from the list
(Changed) Selection system probability adjustment
Some odd odds have been adjusted. (Not too high or too low.)
However, in some scenes related to the story, there are cases where it must occur or not necessarily occur.
(Fixed) a bug that caused freezing in sex with hymen
(Fixed) the sungold bug where flirt did not initialize
(Fixed) bug related to progress cap in nerds event
(Tried to fix) a bug related to the infinitely rotating hourglass that appeared to players in some environments.
However, I could not confirm it because it is not the environment.
If still not, run the game with the Locale Emulator
v0.6401 hotfix
(Fixed) a bug where progress did not increase in stage 1 of the outdoor exposure event
(It was caused by only one semicolon. I'm so sorry.)
(Fixed) Corrected translation error in meeting event with Naturo (Thank you Zmr)
v0.640 (Merged with 0.635~0.640 changelog)
(Added) outdoor Exposure
Added to home activity's sexual activity menu
and bad ending due to outdoor exposure
(Added) Samdai Company
- Large-scale content with 2000+ lines. Includes an ending to become a full-time employee
(Added) Startup scenario option
- For convenience, a start at specific point option has been added.
(It was added urgently, so there are only 2 options.)
-Start after signing up for matchmaking
-Start from the situation just before the Samdai interview
(Added) Yumi episode skip option
Instead of lending a stun gun to Yumi, the option to skip episodes is added.
However, there is no reward for clearing the scenario.
(Added) After visiting the neighborhood, add a link event to the "Customer Line" event
(Added) When returning home, displays CG according to the Tomie's condition (normal, low willpower, high pain)
(Added) Display Tomie's sleep CG while sleeping (5 normal types, 1 type when high pain)
(Added) 4 characters and stories
Up to the ending, including sex scenes in pregnancy and Includes oldman type sex scenes
Residential area roaming event
Sex and threats, even visits. Includes Nerd type sex scenes.
Residential area roaming event. Leads to Nerdman type of events unlock.
Can be met through matchmaker
To get a job at Samdai, Tomie has to contact Naturo several times through matchmaking.
Available through Naturo. A phone event occurs on the following Sunday. Includes dedicated sex scenes (leads to a total of 3 sex scenes)
For more information, including how to accelerate the progress of the story, please refer to TIPS&HINTS in the game.
(Added) Sex related events
1. Event to leave graffiti on Tomie's body after sex
2. An event to check the graffiti left on Tomie's body before sex (leading to a decline in reputation)
3. Event related to 'cleaning' after anal sex
4. Filming event after threesome sex
5. Events requiring filming sex (Vaginal, Anal) including exclusive animated H-Scenes
(Added) 2 Type of man asking for sex
Nerdman - After sex with Hikimori, 3 types of Nerdman who appear in roaming (residential area) and ask for sex appear.
Oldman - 3 types of Oldman who appear in roaming (slum area, industrial area) and ask for sex appear.
(Added) Single mom ending, Toru ending
Instead of having an abortion, you can choose to have a child alone ending.
In the case of Toru ending, it is continued through the Toru story progression.
(Added) New Trait, Pheromonal flower
Traits that convert to 5bp and 5attractiveness per 1 point of Tp remaining in trait selection
(Added) 16 Animated H-Scenes
and 4 Samdai dedicated Animated H-Scenes
(Added) 250+ CG
(Added) 6 CG-based H-Scenes (5 related to outdoor exposure, 1 related to Samdai)
(Added) Various miscellaneous things

Changes & Fixed

(Improved) Significantly improved the delay that occurs when the sex common dialogue is displayed
(Improved) Main screen UI
I don't know the aesthetics, but the functional aspect has definitely improved.
(Improved) Screen display suitable for more various resolutions
All resolutions other than 16:9 are displayed without cutting off CG, etc. Instead, a black bar may appear
(Improved) Updated the game-based engine to the latest version.
(Improved) The texture compression method of the game.
Resource loading time has been reduced, and the file size is significantly reduced when the game is extracted (1.8gb to 1 gb)
(Improved) Add a description of how to open a locked action in HomeActivity when it is clicked
(Improved) In the Skid row part of the Yumi scenario, modified to describe the location of the target (94-99)
(Improved) Significantly improved the translation in the part that starts the game (Thank you for Gibberish666)
(Improved) Minor engine optimization (removed unused rollback function)
Memory usage and save file capacity are reduced, and game performance is slightly improved.
(Changed) Balance adjustments related to the church
(Changed) Home Activity - Masturbation changed to the submenu of SexualActivity.
(Changed) In the main dialogue window, increase the size of the displayed text
(Changed) In some areas of the town map, some returns that do not waste a turn have been added (parks, cafes, hospitals)
(Changed) Modify default text speed to be faster
(Changed) Increased the probability of appearance of Toru related events
(Fixed) Bug fixes (home activity)
(Fixed) the part where the "Customer Line" scene was not displayed after the neighbor visit threesome event
(Fixed) a fatal bug that caused the game to freeze or go straight back in some Roaming events
(Fixed) In some solicitation events, bugs where the event simply passes when rejection fails (neighbor visit, cafe break, etc.)
(Fixed) a bug where the character faces of newly added in the Contact block overlap
(Fixed) For anal sex scenes, remove Foreplay option when specific tags are present
(Fixed) Yumi scenario related, untranslated part translation
(Fixed) police related scene error in Roaming event
(Fixed) an error where the event just ended when the refusal failed in the neighborhood visit event
(Fixed) so that you can no longer use the mouse wheel to flip through dialogs (because of causing a bug)
(Fixed) Hikimori and Nerdman related events to appear more often
(Fixed) Some fixes related to syntax errors
(Fixed) Minor bug fixes
v0.630 (Merged with 0.617~0.630 changelog)
The top one has been updated recently, and the bottom one has been updated before.
You can get a lot of information through the TIPS&HINTS menu in the game.


(Added) Episode - Yumi was kidnapped
This is an episode where Yumi is kidnapped in connection with slum areas.
Please refer to TIPS & HINTS for more information

(Added) Anal sex type
(Currently, only four types of Anal-only scenes have been added.). Instead, it also temporarily made Vaginal scenes available.)

(Added) 46 Animated H-Scenes

(Added) 315+ CGs

(Added) Slum area (location)
Currently, an area where Yumi's episode can be carried out.

(Added) Slum roaming block type
A block that enters slum roaming areas in the wrong way and finds its way out. The role of trap blocks
In addition, there are rare cases of going from industrial areas to slum roaming areas.

(Added) New harassment type
strip panties

(Added) Subway to town map
You can travel to or return to Malnor city via subway.
It's only available once a day

(Added) Malnor city
Currently, you can only visit Nakato's restaurant

(Added) An approach event variation
Type asking only phone number

(Added) An subway event that connects to the sex scene when Tomie return home

(Added) 2 new events when traveling to Malnor by subway
Events with Samdai office workers are currently only available up to stage 7

(Added) Marriage ending with Nakato

(Added) Automatic dice rolling function
(Can be used on the block screen, and one other dice option was sacrificed instead..)

(Added) Contents option function
(Some options can be disabled. Currently, options such as common sex scenes, common scenes, pregnancy, menstruation, and persuasion difficulty are provided.)

(Added) Threesome related events at Neighbor Visiting Events
(Reputation is less than 0, or occurs after seeing an ending with a neighbor)

(Added) Common roaming event with contact
(Cafe manager, studio manager (special shooting), nightclub VIP room related events, etc. have been added)

(Added) A Nightclub VIP room event
(When Tomie is rated B or higher and hasn't visited for more than two days, sometimes a call comes from the nightclub manager..)

(Added) Call event from gangster
(Occurs with a low probability after the Red Light District unlocks. Prostitution event in lieu of tax payment)

(Added) Industrial area roaming event-Alternative School Students
(Currently produced up to stage 2)

(Added) 4 types of visitors
(policeman, gangster, Yumi (neighbor girl), stranger)

(Added) 3 types of variation to the neighborhood visit event

(Added) A date event with two men (karaoke)

(Added) 4 Type of call event
Sex partner type, Taku, Yumi, Policeman
About sex partners
1. Give HookupGuy type a phone number.
2. Have sex on a date after receiving his phone call.
3. Sex partner type 1 is added.

(Added) 2+2 Type of harassing events added
2 new types and restore 2 types that were previously added but were missing because there was no access route.

(Added) Story mode stat UI added
You can check your status during story mode. You can click to switch.

(Added) Add a book item
It can be used in inventory, and the relevant stats are adjusted by consuming willpower when using it.
Acquisition Route: Receiving gifts or purchasing at a shopping center
(However, the book is a one-time use and must be purchased again when used.)

(Added) An event related to prostitution added
If the reputation is low, add an event where customers pay only $1 in some areas. (with 2DCG)

(Added) SKIP options for common H-Scene playback added
However, if the partner chooses the scene, there may not be a chance to skip.

(Added) Night visit event is added.
If Tomie do not change the door lock password sufficiently and sleep on sleeping pills, there is a possibility that Night visit event will occur.

(Added) Exhibitionism skill is added
Regardless of Tomie's corruption, she often has a desire to expose herself.
Currently, it is only added to the park exercise, park toilet, and cafe work.
(Other options, such as a naked night walk in Step 3, will be added next.)

(Added) Adding diversity of park exercise
6 types of variation were added when exercising in the park
Starting option based on exhibitionism skill is added
If Tomie have enough exhibitionism skill when using the park toilet, you can choose a masturbation option

(Added) Adding diversity of cafe work
7 types of variation were added when working in the cafe
2 Starting options based on exhibitionism skill are added

(Added) Events related to oral sex have been added
One before oral sex and 3 after (rough) oral sex
It happens based on probability
(tags: Slapping, Humiliation, Filming, Pissing)

(Added) Add and adjust the event of the Inswitter app
Add an event to ask for a phone number for a date

* Sex system improvement
- Foreplay type was added.
When vaginal sex occurs, it is the act of caressing before insertion.
- You have slightly different options depending on where the sex scene takes place, sex type, and stat (submissive, corruption, etc..).

(Added) Events with calls
- An event has been added where Tomie gets contacted by someone before the visit event occurs.
- Added Kurai, Hiroshi, HookupGuy, Mari, someone (stalker other than Kurai), Blackmailer, and etc.

(Added) Red light district
- This is a place for prostitution, please refer to the in-game Tips for unlock conditions

(Added) Story and content related to the story update
- Kurai the stalker - Storyline and content related to the bad ending
- The homeless area - Storyline and content related to the bad ending
- Neighbors - Storyline and content related to the bad ending
- AV shooting contents enhancement (related to the homeless area and more)

(Added) 4 ending types
- Kurai, Beggers, Neighbors
- Photo Leak related bad ending

(Added) Dozens of additions omitted due to the long changelog.

Changes & Fixed
* Improved The loading time is slightly reduced on first run
* Improved Optimization work to reduce the capacity of some resources
* Improved Added event to check Inswitter app in common roaming event
(After Inswitter is unlocked, check Inswitter app and increase followers)
* Changed Showering Reduces More Pain
* Changed Increased the basic probability of an event occurring by about 10% even if the exposure option is not selected at the cafe
* Fixed Recovered from missing images of sprinkling semen in harassing events
* Improved When you click a locked area on the village map, you can check the reason for the lock.
* Fixed You can also buy clothes at shopping centers.
* Changed When some events occur in a roaming event, it is replaced with an event that visits the place
* Changed Increases and decreases in stats in some roaming events
* Changed Decrease the effect of Corruption reducing Willpower from up to 50% to 30%
* Basic pregnancy probability adjustment during ovulation
Existing: 3,6,9%
Change: 4,8,12,16,20,24,28%
* When ovulating without taking contraceptives, Corruption+1, BP+5
* Higher Corruption takes less base willpower damage (up to 50%)
However, this does not apply to humiliation or in some cases.
* Fixed fatal errors related to SexScene playback
* Two toilet sex scenes that were accidentally missing from version 0.62 have been added.
* Tomie's home background image changed
* Some translation errors, balancing fixes, minor bug fixes
* When Tomie's corruption or submission is low, the option to choose from using a lot of willpower has been added.
* TIPS&HINTS menu text color changed
* Fixed minor bug when receiving phone calls from Hookupguy
* Adjusted the maximum and minimum values of some stats.
* Adjusted date invitation event and modified part of giving phone number (linked to phone event)
* Most of the parts in the sex scene where the man's name is'man' have been modified.
* When selecting the type of H scene, the man needs to play differently depending on Tomie's Submissive.
* Some balance changes (related to money and BP)
* Some fixes related to syntax errors
* Minor bug fixes
v0.6071(Hotfix - Cheat menu Update)
Added Cheat menu (accessible by phone item in inventory)
TIPS&HINTS menu text color changed
(the tips&hints can also be accessed from the pop-up menu that appears when you press esc
there is a problem with the text notation of Tips&Hints in the pop-up menu.
this will be fixed in the next version)
Minor typo correction
v0.607(Merged with 0.54~0.607 changelog)
One-line summary: Cataclysm


* main story related update
Hiroshi ending route has been added.
Ryosuke - the handsome businessman. (However, the ending route has not yet been added.)
Kurai - the stalker, storyline including ending with him
Dr.Nisemono - the doctor, storyline include ending with him

* Costumes update - purchasing and replacing costumes
3 additional costumes added.
Accessible as a hanger item in the inventory

* AV shooting content
Unlocked in connection with Ryosuke route

* Someone's visited contents has been added
Gangsters, stalker, neighbors, etc. will visit Tomie's house.

* 'Contact block' has been added
Through the contact block, you can progress the story or have other contacts.

* Contents related to contraception, pregnancy, and bad ending added.

* Events related to blackmail has been added.

* Tips Features added
You can see almost all the tips related to the progress of the game.
You can also see a list of currently available endings and direct hints for endings.

* Skill feature have been added
In the game, use BP to acquire 'Skill' (via use inventory=>phone)
Regardless of consumption, BP is added to trait XP when the ending reached.

* Trait feature have been added
At the beginning of the game, you able to start the game by selecting 'Traits' as Trait points
Trait points can be earned by looking at the ending of the game.
One ending gives only 1 point,
Even if you reach the same ending, the BP obtained in the game is added to traitXP, and you can also get TP with it.

* Probability-based choice system have been added
Tomie's willpower, submissive, ovulation status, and the strength of the opponent's request determine the odds.
(Decreases the probability of successful claim on ovulation)
If Tomie's willpower is high, submissive is low, and not ovulating, she can reject most choices.
If Tomie's corruption is high, other options may be added.

* Hymen and hymen regeneration surgery added
Tomie can acquire the hymen through traits or surgery, and she can pretend to be a virgin.
During the presence of the hymen, some of the pheromones are increased
Hymen regeneration surgery can be done in a clinic ($2,000)
There is a separate scene for the loss of a virgin.

* Town block has been added.
You can go to any place you want on the map and select the activity you want.

* Roaming block has been added.
Although random events occur, there are some events that appear at some fixed frequency.
Events that appear at a fixed frequency are essential events for unlocking or progressing content in the game.

* Auto-save feature have been added
It is saved in the q.save slot every day, independent of the manual save option.

*Volunteer Nursing assistant job have been added
It will be unlocked when you receive a flyer from the commercial area.
This is the place related to the ending with Dr.Nisemono.

*Nightclub content have been added
You can visit the nightclub after the costume is unlocked.
Try using the hanger items in your inventory.
This is a place where you can farm BP and money.

* Social media contents (INSWITTER)
It can be unlocked through model studio.
As a model, she runs an Inswitter account.
Tomie can receive other model shoot suggestions through inswitter, and if more than a certain number of followers gather, she can receive model shoot suggestions related to the ending.

* Activities at home
Just before the day changes, you can choose one activity to proceed.
INSWITTER, exercise at home, masturbation, cooking, and shower added.
In the event of a shower failure when taking a shower,
If the pheromone is more than 100 or the reputation is low, it leads to the trigger of a neighborhood related event.
(More events related to neighbors will be added at 0.61version)

* Subway event added.
Currently, after shooting a special model recommended by inswitter, it leads to an event where you take the subway when you return home.

* Police related event added
linked to lost wallet event (spoiler)

* The contents of HookUp App reinforced.

* A total of 7 ending types has been added.
Currently available endings
Marriage to Hiroshi (Good)
Ending with Dr.Nisemono (Normal)
Ending over 100 days - return to sc.. (Normal?) (Spoiler)
Ending over 100 days - prosti.. (Normal?) (Spoiler)
Infertility due to abortion (Bad)
Kidnapped by gangsters (Bad)
Old save file privilege (Special, 1 time only)
If you have an old savefile, try load it.

* Content related to 'Gangster Block' added

* Harassed block has been improved.
Currently, more than 7 situations are connected.

* Several tips have been added to help progress in the game.

* Stalker related contents added

* Model job enhancement
Model job promotion and related ending

Added variety of model jobs
Currently, 4 types of events have been added. However, one of them requires learn BDSM skills.

* Painkiller item have been added (can be purchased at the hospital, available in inventory)

* 20 animated H-Scenes added

* a lot of 2D CG added

* Dozens of other miscellaneous additions

Changes & Fixed

* Hotkey have been changed
SPACE BAR - proceed dialog
TAB - Hide UI
* If willpower goes to 0, Tomie will return home.
* If pain goes to 100, Tomie will return home.
* The effect of sleeping pills has been changed.
* The buff during ovulation has been changed.
Existing - Pheromone 50 increase
Changed - Pheromone 50 increased, the probability of successful rejection decreased
* Most of the existing blocks have been modified and reorganized.
*The number of blocks per day is adjusted to 12
* In matchmaking, the contact block will open after the initial appointment with Hiroshi is made.
From then on, you can meet other characters at the same time.
* Hundreds of other miscellaneous fixes and improvements
v0.532 (Merged with 0.52~0.53 changelog)


* Mobile phone related contents
The HookUp App content has been added.
As a prostitute, you can make money by meeting a man.
It can be unlocked in [Part-time Job Block] when corruption is over a certain amount.

You can use the app in the [Part-time job block], and you may get contacted every day. (You can change the status from your phone in the inventory)

* Pregnancy and Menstrual cycle updated.
Unlike actual menstruation, a menstrual cycle of one week is applied.
When the date is changed, related events occur, and the period is displayed at the bottom of the calendar UI (except idle phase)

Monday - tomie's period begins or use a pregnancy test.
If she becomes pregnant, it usually leads to an abortion event and faces a huge penalty.
If you use the pill from your inventory at the start of your period, Tuesday will change to the idle cycle instead of ovulation phase.
(abortion is a bad ending, but you can still play)

Tuesday - ovulation phase (risky day)
There is a debuff that increases pheromone by 50
Sex on Tuesday can trigger pregnancy.
(The probability increases from 3% to 9% in proportion to the frequency. Excluding oral sex)

If tomie have sex on the day of ovulation, an event occurs where you choose whether to take the after-pill.

Thursday to Sunday
idle phase (No cycle effect)

* you can buy Birth control pills at Highstreet's store (3 tablets = $100)
If consumed on menstrual phase, ovulation phase becomes idle phase during that week.

* You can buy Sleeping pills at Highstreet's store. (3 tablets = $200)
You can skip the schedule of the day.

* Self-treatment part has been added. If the pain is too high, buy an ointment at home and treat it.
The treatment is not very effective.

* The content of [Street Harassment Block] has been reinforced.
A low reputation can cause other events to occur.

* When the date is changed, if the main/subquest is not in progress, an event where someone is contacted has been added.

* Sound effects have been added in the scene to be contacted.
* Some event-based photos have been added. (Wound treatment, additional events of street harassment, etc.)

* 3 animated H-scenes have been added.
* 2 photo-based H-scenes have been added.

Balance Changes and Fixed

* For balance with the HookUp App, the amount obtained in some events has been adjusted.
* Maximums of attraction and pheromones increased to 100=>200. It is marked with a pink slider after the blue slider.
* Apply the fade in effect when entering the animated H-Scene.
* In Animated H-Scene, the background of the dialog UI has been changed to be transparent.
* Some balance changes have been applied.
* Minor convenience related updates have been applied.
v0.51 (First release)
* 10 animated H-scene included.
* Main Quest-The first matchmaking event with Hiroshi
* Most block-based events

  • 08.08.2021 - первый релиз английской версии игры 0.710
  • 17.10.2021 - игра обновлена до версии 0.730
  • 12.11.2021 - игра обновлена до версии 0.740
  • 12.01.2022 - игра обновлена до версии 0.760
  • 10.09.2022 - игра обновлена до версии 1.0512
  • 15.07.2023 - игра обновлена до версии 1.341
  • 26.08.2023 - игра обновлена до версии 1.380

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Спасибо большое! 1000 раз спрашивал, никто ни разу ничего не ответил, отсюда и возмущения.
Правда, не знаю, когда она появилась, я возмущался ещё года 2 назад, может с тех пор её сделали. Спасибо, отключил.
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Дрочеры, поберегите минусы. Мы выяснили, как решить эту проблему
Для такого как ты минусов не жалко

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