Virtual CD Full Retail (Multi)

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Virtual CD Full Retail (Multi)

Год выпуска: 2010
Разработчик: www.virtualcd-online.com
Платформа: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/ 7 (32/64 бит)
Совместимость с Seven: полная
Язык интерфейса: Английский, немецкий, русский (руссификатор)
Лекарство: Присутствует
Virtual CD - программа для создания виртуальных компакт-дисков. Допускает создание до 25 виртуальных CD/DVD-приводов и ограниченное только размером свободного места на жестком диске количество образов CD/DVD, которые при необходимости смогут работать одновременно с разными приложениями. Еще одно применение нескольких виртуальных CD-драйвов - установка в них наиболее часто используемых образов компакт-дисков на постоянной основе (в этом случае не нужно будет сначала "вставлять" их в виртуальный CD-драйв, а уж только потом пользоваться). Программа умеет работать с Data / Audio / mixedmode CD, DVD-ROM, non-CSS DVD-Video, Photo-CD и CD-Text. При создании образов компакт-дисков записывать их на жесткий диск можно как в нормальном режиме, так и со сжатием (к примеру, data-диск может быть сжат с 650 MB до 135 МБ), возможно запароливание созданного виртуального компакт-диска и использование созданных виртуальных компакт-дисков в локальной сети. При необходимости Virtual CD подключается к интернету и загружает информацию об аудио-CD из CDDB...
- - "Data safe" mode
With the new data safe mode, encrypted drives can be created automatically. This makes it easy to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. Encrypted drives do not differ from ordinary drives in operation or handling.
- Sound file mode
Virtual CD 10 enables fast conversion of any audio file type into the flexible and widely used MP3 and OGG Vorbis formats. The user can determine the desired quality for all formats.
- Direct burning functions
The revised Editor in Version 10 has a media-burning function that lets you burn your choice of data directly onto a CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc. Thus one slender burning program serves all your needs.
- Expanded ISO support
Virtual CD 10 lets you store descriptions, comments and passwords with your ISO files. This means you have practically the same level of convenience with standardized ISO files that you have with genuine Virtual CD images.
- Flexible allocation of images to drives
Starting now, images can also be "inserted" in any physical drive.
· Introduction of videos in the Help program, to make operating steps even more accessible.
· Publication of workshop videos. These videos are available on line, and can be accessed by selecting 'Video library' on the 'Information' tab in the Ribbon in the CD Control Center, or under 'Information and Help' in the Quick Start utility.
· You can now pause the process while creating a virtual CD and pick up again later where you left off.
· You can add various data (such as CD geometry) to a virtual CD without having to create the virtual CD all over again.
· All programs that show a progress bar during processing now show the current percentage of progress in the program title bar.
· Windows 7 only: Program progress is now indicated by a progress bar in the Windows task bar.
· Windows 7 only: When the Virtual CD Starter is docked on the Windows task bar, you can execute all functions in the task list.
· The filter functions in the CD Control Center have been expanded to let you filter according to CD type (e.g., CD-Extra).
· The task assignment dialogs (for example, that open when you double-click on a drive in the CD Control Center) now present even more functions to choose from.
· You can easily load images from the CD Control Center into programs that are already open.
· The tooltips in the CD Control Center now show the default drive, as well as whether the image is write-protected, when you hover the mouse on an image.
· The 'Details' view of images in the CD Control Center now includes a 'Read only' column.
· The 'CD Search' tab in the Ribbon now has an 'Off' button that switches off the search function and returns to the previous display of images.
· The title bar of the image properties window now indicates whether an image is write-protected.
· The Virtual CD Editor has now been expanded in several areas. For example, you can now choose from several options after creating an image file or burning data on a CD.
· On the 'Configuration' page of the Settings, the option 'Permit selection when more than one match is found' has been added to the 'Retrieval of information about audio CDs' section. This setting defines whether, when using the CDDB search function, only unique, unambiguous matches are shown, or a selection dialog opens when multiple possible matches are found. If you often use CDs you have burned yourself, we recommend leaving this option switched off; otherwise, 'matches' may be shown that do not actually match.
· New option in the Blank Media Wizard: 'Automatically divide blank into multiple files.' Selecting this option causes virtual blank media to be divided into several files, either when the blank is created or when it is burned. Keep in mind that blank ISO media cannot be divided into multiple files, as the ISO standard specifies storage of the image as one file.
· New option on the 'Burn' page of the Settings. The settings configured here determine the default settings in the Blank Media Wizard and define the method used when blanks are created automatically, e.g. using the Quick Start utility.
· The dynamic desktop icons can now show various information in addition to the space available in a drive. You can choose from the following options: ‘Available disk space,’ 'Disk space in use,' 'Available out of total space,' 'In use out of total space,' and 'Space available and space in use.' Which value is shown can now be defined on the 'Display of Drives' page of the Settings, by selecting the desired option in the 'Information displayed' field.
· Problems when burning sound files using Windows Media Player in Windows 7.
· Incorrect setting of virtual drives that had been defined during 'Custom' program setup.
· In some circumstances it was not possible to deactivate all virtual burners and use only virtual drives.
· The CD Control Center did not display certain newly added images.
· In rare cases, physical CD burners were detected as normal drives in Windows 7.
· When the Explorer extension was deactivated, the double-click function defined for an image no longer worked.
· Virtual CDs could not be deselected for the dynamic desktop icons.
· Various texts have been modified.
· When deleting an inserted image file in the CD Control Center, you are now prompted to confirm first whether the image should be ejected. Previously, inserted images were displayed as write-protected in the 'Delete' dialog.
· The improved License Monitor now shows the detected licenses in a list with columns that you can rearrange.
· In most of the selection dialogs, the functions that are no longer available are not shown. (Previously they were grayed out.)
· Please read the user manual supplement for version 10.1 for information on all of the changes.
· Immediately following the update to v10.1, the 'Enable opening of folders in the Virtual CD Editor' option on the 'Explorer Integration' page of the Settings is deactivated. This option enters Virtual CD functions centrally in the Explorer, which causes problems in some computers. If you require this function, you can reactivate it in the Settings.

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как русский язык ставить я не понял
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Не желает устанавливать драйверы, как следствие - не может завершить установку...
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