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Long Story Short [ver. 0.9a Rus]

Год выпуска: 2024
Версия: 0.9a Rus
3DCG, Big ass/tits, Male protagonist, Corruption, Voyeurism, Blackmail, Romance, Exhibitionism
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: TTrickGames
Издательство: TTrickGames
Перевод: xDublle | Sveta532
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Unity
Язык интерфейса: Английский / Русский /
Язык текста: Английский / Русский /
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • ОС: Windows 7 or higher
  • Процессор: An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that's SSE3 capable
  • Оперативная память: 2 GB
  • Видеокарта: OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • DirectX: версии 9.0
  • Место на диске: ~3 GB


Вы будете играть за парня, который никогда особо близко не общался с девушками. Вы предпочитаете проводить время за компьютером, а не заниматься реальными отношениями.
Однако все это быстро начнет меняться вскоре после погружения в историю. Ваш лучший друг - Джо сделал значительные изменения в своей жизни, и он здесь, чтобы вытащить вас из вашей зоны комфорта в новый образ жизни.
Ванесса, подруга Джо, и Энн, ее застенчивая подруга - это всего лишь две девушки, с которыми вы встретитесь в начале истории. Ты собираешься строить отношения с милой, застенчивой Энн? Может быть, вместо этого ты развратишь ее? Или черт возьми, почему бы не попытаться украсть Ванессу у Джо?

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив LongStoryShort-v0.9a-pc_Rus.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл Long_story_short.exe
  • Играть

v0.9a - 2024-03-15
v0.8b - 2023-06-21
Ann's corruption complete path for V0.8
Partial Ann's love + Joe rival (up to V0.7)
Missing scene for Vanessa + customer (give him what he wants path)
New Insta images for Ann's hate + Ann's corruption
Added heart on the bottom right on Insta for liked photos
Added automatic overlay during Insta and phone "thought" also, during scenes that are a bit hard to read.
You can now toggle overlay for text on settings.
Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug where the game ignored the full-screen option when chosen
Can you press (S) for a screenshot while the UI is hidden (H)
Fixed some scenes in the replay gallery that never got unlocked
Issues loading save files
Black screen when opening certain Insta images
Dialogue showing in phone UI that shouldn't
Game freezing during Jenny date
In-process GPU bug (Linux only)
This version will include only one simple small animation. - If the lack of animations is a game-breaker for you, maybe you should wait for me to complete them.
There will only be partial content for Ann, and some of it might not be complete - the other alternative would have been to disable it altogether, which I didn't prefer.
Bug fixes
Fixed - when clicking right click when on the settings screen before starting a game, causes a black screen.
Fixed - When you liked or commented on an image with additional images, it would jump back to the start.
Fixed - On V0.7 Ann's house scene, wrong renders were shown (Ann with outfit instead of normal clothes).
Fixed - A small jump (in resolution) that had occurred when an animation started playing
*Important* - Some people have their saves in the wrong folder path. When starting the new alpha, the old saves will be moved to the correct folder. If you then try to load the old version (V0.7) your saves will be empty. unless you copy them manually to the old path (find it by clicking alt and "Open saves folder")
Lowered the requirements in order to have Ann trying out the outfit on the love path.
Clicking on the load save header will now allow Jump to page.
New Folder mechanism - Will allow you to open a category with your chosen name and save the game to that specific folder. Old saves will be in "Default"
Added small animation at the start of the game when Vanessa comes to visit (crossing her legs)
Added new reward animation for the coffee shop - blackmail scene - it was previously a single render.
Rerendered the images Joey shows you on his phone before meeting Vanessa
Rerendered the first meeting with Ann at the library
Changed the game's font to a newer one
Added new questions for NTR players, (if you like the unexpected) it will trigger events that otherwise you could've avoided (like cheating behind your back and such) - it will take effect in the next version
v0.7 Final
Bug fixes
Overwriting existing saves will now update the date.
The underpass scene will now correctly trigger (previously skipped) on Vanessa + Ann corruption route.
Rerendered Vanessa/Mario and Customer/Vanessa coffee shop scenes - I and others realized she sometimes looks strange and ugly, so I've decided to rework those scenes (only visual change).
Proofread and dialogs changes by scooter the king!
If you corrupt Ann on Vanessa's route, Vanessa will show up in the morning (V0.7), and then the photoshoot scene with Ann will happen.
Improved the performance of the save/load screen - it should now show saved images instantly when flipping through pages.
Can now hide the UI with the middle mouse button. (Was requested)
Added an option to open the images folder (accessing the menu by pressing the ALT key)
Changelogs that were posted in the beta
Added all routes except Joe's rival - it will be added in the next update.
You are now able to corrupt Ann on Vanessa's path.
Corrupting Ann is more clear now, and can be determined by a simple question at Joey's birthday.
Changed some of Ann's dialog on her corruption path so it will "feel" like it has more progression.
The game is now centered both horizontally and vertically and will look better on screens that are not 16/9.
Added a trash icon to delete saves. (The feature was requested on Discord).
Added shake effect.
Fixed a bug where the right arrow of the phone sometimes appeared on top of the menu.
Joe's rival scene with Ann was triggered for Ann's hate route when it should've been only for the Love route.
Rolling back after a transition image will skip the fade effect.
Animations will now start from the beginning when rolling back and forth.
Optimizations and minor bug fixes.
v0.7a2 alpha
This version is a second massive milestone for me.
The first one was to release the new engine, which went pretty well.
The second is releasing actual content using the new engine while juggling between my daytime job, personal life, and working on the game.
The alpha version includes what I managed to finish up to this point.

But TTrick, why release it if you didn't finish everything?
First, I'm the type of person that can always add more. Giving myself a deadline helps me limit myself and release what I have.
Second, while working on the game, people usually tend to forget about it, and you kind of feel alone.
By releasing a new version, not only do you create a small hype, but it also attracts a new audience that won't find the game otherwise.

I can understand why people might not like it, but those who don't can skip the alpha versions and play only the beta & final versions.

The rest of the content:
I believe that I need about a week to finish the rest of the content and maybe two more weeks after that to wrap up everything and release a complete version of V0.7.
The routes that are currently missing are Ann's hate & love route and Joe's rival route.
Since it's been so long, I'm still trying to figure out if I want to add just a couple of scenes for those and finish V0.7 the way it is or add more content to them.
I'll probably do a poll on that soon since I don't care either way.

More stuff that I want to finish:
While setting up my Patreon from scratch and reaching the goals section, I realized I didn't have any. The reason is that I believe that if something can be good for the game, I'll do it eventually and not wait for some bar to be reached.
So here are some of the stuff that is on the top of my list.

Early Game Changes - While I converted the game to the new engine, I saw some places that can use additional dialogs or renders. I wanted to do it before releasing the game with the new engine since I knew people would start fresh with completely new saves. But I also realized I didn't want to drag it longer.
I've decided that I'll do it bit by bit. I'll change something small for every version, and I'll mention it in the changes logs.
Don't worry. It won't affect your saves.

Paths Merging - I know the title is scary, but it's not a path merging in the sense that I'm turning LSS into a linear game.
The real meaning is that some scenes are locked after choosing a specific choice without a real reason.
For example, If you go with Vanessa to the bar, you can't corrupt Ann.
I'll make Ann corruptable on Vanessa's path as well. It will require some work because It will completely change some of the dialogs and renders. But I believe it's something I can do pretty quickly.
It will only require you to load a save earlier than V0.5 (Before her movie journey) since it will be almost impossible to do it afterward without having her participating in those scenes.

Walkthrough - This is something a lot of people requested.
Even though I believe the best way to play LSS is by trying different things. However, I understand that some people want to click through the renders.
Recently I'm trying to think of a good way to implement a walkthrough in the game itself - something that you could turn on and off in the settings menu.
Since LSS is path-heavy, I want to ensure I got everything covered and not rush it.

Music - Personally, I usually mute all music and sounds. But I can understand how it can add to the atmosphere and immersion of the game.
I'll start looking into adding some music and sound effects.

Gallery - I know it's important for you guys to have some unlockable gallery to know what content you've unlocked and what's still hidden.
Like the walkthrough, I'm still thinking of a good way to implement this.
I'll start asking around to see what's the most preferred way.

You can also comment on this thread with your suggestions!

Note: Rewatch scenes (gallery) for 0.7 content is not yet in the game. The scenes are there, but they're not being saved to the gallery.

This Alpha version focuses on Ann's growth (with a hint of Jenny). Vanessa's path is not in this version.

On Ann's corruption
A photoshoot storyline with Ann, the MC, and (avoidable) friends. Multiple scenes (around one in-game day). 1 scene in MC room, 3 outdoors. Both SHARING and non-SHARING
The audition storyline continues! Multiple scenes (around one in-game day). contains Both NTR and non-NTR. Included scenes:
Audition practice with either MC or a friend.
Audition with either MC or an actor.
Post audition scene (depends on audition performance).
A movie night with Ann, MC, and Chris - NTR route only scene. However, it can be played as non-NTR.
A date with Jenny!
Animations!!! ~340 renders and 25 animations added to different scenes in the game. You can find the full list of animations and where they are (spoilers) in https://changes.kamo.games

General \ Framework
Refreshed some game UI (mainly dialogue box) to make it appear cleaner and more minimal. New fonts as well.
Phone messages (SMS) accessible anytime the phone is accessible (opposed to only in scripted scenarios).
Shake effects! Added for appropriate scenes across the game.
The zoom image feature from the SMS UI is now available in the mobile Insta as well. Zoom Insta images when on mobile UI.
Introduced a new UI for selecting images in the mobile phone has been added. This UI will be used again when fit.
>>> There's a new update check feature when starting the game. If you are paranoid, you can disable it in the settings. <<<

- Multiple rendering issues fixed for users with screen aspect ratios different than 16:9. (0.6.01 + 0.6.02)
- Fixed an issue with new Messaging App in phone (0.6.02)
- Fixed story issues and proofreading (0.6.01 + 0.6.02). Thanks, Derrek!


New Stuff:
- ANIMATIONS! 1 animation added to Ann's first HJ scene (V0.3). 3(!) animations in Vanessa living room sex scene (V0.6) with extra booty! (editor's note: ) [NEW since Beta]
- All of Alex Insta content of V0.6 (... and she's got a new Easter egg! 2 extra Alex renders) [NEW since Beta]
- Converted a large number of old SMS conversations to the new Messaging App (see in framework changes section) [NEW since Beta]

Added Scenes:
- Joe + Ann at Vanessa's room scene - only available for Ann's (pure) route + NTR [NEW since Beta]
- Sexting with Jenny - only if you met Jenny [NEW since Beta]
- New Easter Egg with Alex (2 new pictures from her)! [NEW since Beta]

Game & framework changes:

New Big Features:
- Choices screens!
There is now a total of 17 different screens for the game's most loved characters! See if you can find them all! (Hint: screens per version - V0.1 - 3, V0.2 - 2, V0.3+0.4 - 4, V0.5 - 3, V0.6 - 5)
- Rewatch Scenes!
A new gallery with recordings of your seen lewd scenes. Different outcomes get different recordings!
- Persistent Messaging App! [NEW since Beta]
A new more interactable messaging app with better UI, chat history that can be viewed at any time, better picture support, and even unique typing speed per character!
- Insta (both PC & Mobile) now supports albums!

- A new console can be accessed using the Tilde(~) key. You don't need to touch it, but it offers some powerful tools. Most noticeably - show FPS or modify variables in-game. NOTE: Modifying variables might lead to unexpected results in the save file.
- Proofreading for V0.1-V0.25 content! Thank you Art for the help!
- Remade skip mode, it is now even more stable and feels great to use. (Hold CTRL to skip, Press S to toggle skip). [NEW since Beta]
- Added filters in load screen to Android as well.
- Dialogue history panel now draggable and generally better (smoother, and more responsive auto-scroll). Note that this panel will eventually be replaced with the new rollback feature!
- Game menu adjusted to properly handle unusual resolutions. should be a better experience on android.


- Multiple story issues such as continuity issues, typos, and unreachable scenes were fixed.
- Fixed a commonly reported issue of a looping story after getting to bed with Ann.
- Clicking save button in menu while already opened keeps it opened instead of closing it.
- Quality issue when moving to full screen. You can get around this issue by changing the resolution in the settings after going full screen to another resolution and then back to the desired one.
- Multiple rendering issues fixed for users with screen aspect ratios different than 16:9.
v0.6 Beta
Changes (from previous v0.6BETA build):
- [ADDED] A new console can be accessed using the Tilde(~) key. You don't need to touch it, but it offers some powerful tools. Most noticeably - show FPS or modify variables in game. NOTE: Modifying variables might lead to unexpected results in the save file.
- [ADDED] Two choices screens for Ann for V0.6 content.
- [FIXED] Choices screens will come after pressing a button, and not jump in right away.
- [FIXED] Quality issue when moving to full screen. You can get around this issue by changing the resolution in the settings after going full screen to another resolution and then back to the desired one.
- [FIXED] In the choices screen with the picture of Vanessa in bed - text color is hard to read.
- [FIXED] In V0.1, when Joe hands MC the phone, an image of Vanessa is flickering.
- [FIXED] In the new Vanessa bedroom scene, Ann will sometimes pull a magic trick and change clothes in the middle of a conversation.
- [FIXED] Choices screen in V0.2 got skipped if MC went to sleep naked.
- [FIXED] Choices screen in V0.2 for Ann was a black screen in some conditions.
- [FIXED] Clicking save button in menu while already opened keeps it opened instead of closing it.
- New "Underpass" Scene - Can only happen on Ann's corruption route + Joe not rival.
- New Ann's Love Route Scenes - (When not corrupted) Ann will show up at the MC's place instead of Vanessa. Also added a small scene at the library (one for each NTR and no NTR paths).
- New Ann's POV Scene - Describing the sexual scene in Chris's car (Ann hate route).
- Vanessa will now go shopping with the MC on all routes. However, the dialogue has been adjusted to fit the player's storyline.
- Joe will not be at Vanessa's house on his rival path.
- Added 10 new Insta photos for Alex. Note: post stories and comments are still missing.
Changes to older version story content
- Fixed a bug where Emily and the MC kept talking about the same things at night in the living room (If you went with her to the beach).
- Chris will be in the library with Ann only if you allowed him to take Ann's number + told Ann she can keep texting with him.
- Proofreading by Art for V2.5. Thanks Art!
- New choices screens! Some easter egg ones included as well!
New framework changes:
- Insta (both PC & Mobile) now supports albums! An album indicator will appear on the image on the main page. Navigation indicators will appear on the image on the post page.
- Some UI improvements to mobile insta.
- Added new features mostly aimed at ease of use for modding. Modding oriented info will be covered separately.
- Fixed an issue causing the last choices screen to not be shown in some scenarios.
- Choices screen for version V0.3 and V0.4 have been merged (and moved to V0.4 ending). The time between V0.2 and V0.3 ending was too short causing the screens to appear too often.
- Fixed a bug where the recorded scene of Vanessa and Joe (After truth or dare) Didn't stop at the correct place
- Fixed issues where wrong information was displayed in some choices screens.
We're still testing the water with the new early preview workflow!
This alpha ends up concluding right before a big lewd scene. It might feel slightly tamer than the previous one. But there are still nice surprises there!
You can now play Vanessa's path of the version. Both Vanessa and Ann paths in alphas still miss one big scene that'll be added in the beta!
At the end of this build, there's a new scene with the coffee shop customer (when you confront Vanessa about Chris) and Vanessa if you've been rude to him!
Important! Don't tell Joe that you've blackmailed Vanessa if you did. The Joe rival scenes are still missing in this alpha.
- Proofreading for V0.2 content. Again, thanks Art for helping us out with it, you are a legend!
- New choices screens! There is now a total of 12 possible screens!
New framework changes:
- Paging in choices screens! no longer limited to showing 5 choices!
- Choices screen animations become faster after seeing the screen for the first time.
- Dialogue history panel now draggable. Note that this panel will eventually be replaced with the new rollback feature!
- Added filters in load screen to Android as well.
- Game menu adjusted to properly handle unusual resolutions. should be a better experience on android.
- Android build is back!
- [STORY] Fixed multiple typos, characters talking other's lines.
- Fixed multiple rewatchable scenes bad description wording and some that didn't properly stop as intended.
If you have one of those bugged rewatchable, we recommend just deleting the problematic file in the Recordings folder (it's where saves are, you can open the folder from settings). The rewatchable file name appears at the bottom of the description box.
- [STORY] If you are on Ann's hate route, the game will continue as if you are in her love route.
- If you are not playing on a 16:9 resolution, the choices screen might appear as an underlay to the game after closing it.
- Insta rendering bug, sometimes images won't show on main insta screen.
- Image rendering bug(related to the insta one) sometimes an image will appear white.
- On v0.1 choices screen, closing with Enter key sometimes skips one line of dialogue.
- [STORY] Continuity mistake by MC talking about Ann's pills.
- Ann's first sex recorded scene sometimes doesn't end at the correct part and continues the recording until the end of the version.
- Vanessa x Joe sex tape scene sometimes doesn't end at the correct part and continues the recording.
- One Vanessa x Joe sex scene missing from rewatchables.
- Merry's rewatch scene starts without an image.
- Modding tools, open folder setting not working on OSX - replaced with copy path to clipboard instead of open.
With around 180 new renders, this alpha is focused on the continuation of Ann's love-corruption route! This alpha also contains most of the cross-path shared content in version V0.6.

Framework - Just highlights. Big changes here, read about it in details in the development update post.
- Added a new feature, Choices Meter screen. It lets you compare your choices with other players! You can opt-out and completely disable network connectivity in settings if you don't want it. We don't keep any logs.
- Added a new feature, rewatch scenes! Your unlocked scenes will be recorded, you can rewatch them in the main menu. You can also see hints on how to unlock scenes there!
- Advanced modding and patching features. Plus, new settings for modding, support for images, and more.
- Huge optimization update! loading times reduced fro ~10 seconds to less than a second!

- Proofreading for v0.1 - Thank you Art!
- You can skip unseen content (activate in settings). You can also Hold CTRL to skip (in addition to normal S to skip toggle).
- Submit input fields with the Enter key.
- The game should now be locked to 60 FPS to all players.
- Over 420 renders + 3 Animations
- Added 5 new characters
- 6 new Insta renders for Alex, 3 new Insta renders for Ann
- 5 events with Ann
- 4 events with Vanessa
- 1 event with Joe + Jenny (new Character)
- 1 event with Emily (new character)
- 1 event with Chris + Merry (new character)

- 3 new save filters added: Ann's corruption, Ann's relationship, Joe's relationship (compatible with old saves).
This is a bug fix version, if you had no issues with LSS V0.4, you can skip this version!


- Fixed a bug where parts of a dialogue with Chris(near the end of the game) on Vanessa's blackmail + Ann love route were missing


- Windows\Linux will no longer keep saves in the game folder, so you will no longer need to copy your Saves directory between releases.
There is now an automatic check that will move those saves to the new location for you when opening the game.

Copy your Saves folder to the game folder(same as before) and open the game. This time the game will show a quick message saying the files are being moved and your saves will be transferred to the new location.
Note! This is a move operation, not a copy. While nothing should go wrong, you might want to backup your saves folder(just in case).

The new Saves location is in the appdata folder.

TL;DR - Copy your Saves folder to the game folder. Open the game. Saves will be moved to the new location.

- Save pages should now work as intended

- Mac build now works properly.

- Disabled a swipe gesture to open menu on Android since it interrupted with game-play. Use Back button instead to open the menu.

- Fixed a bug where some saves on Insta would not load properly as well as some scenes from the Truth or Dare game.

- Fixed a minor issue where Credits sometimes skipped the first credit page and caused a delay.
The story continues! At the start of V0.4, you will go to the bar to celebrate Joe's birthday.

If you aren't on best terms with him you will still be there but under different circumstances Подмигиваю.

The bar scene includes 4 different branches so make sure to check them all!

Then you will unlock 2 different scenes for Vanessa and\or Ann each.

Important notice:

If you are on the hate route with Ann (you told her you don't like her when she came over) the version will end after the bar event.

But don't worry! That route will get more content in the next version.

Overall, this version has 3 times the renders and 3 times the story than in previous versions. I hope you guys like it! Улыбаюсь
It's been only two weeks since LSS V0.2.5. But, yep, LSS V0.3 is already here!


Version 0.3 follow-ups the events after the truth or dare game.

Both relationships with Ann and Vanessa are advancing. You get the chance to blackmail Vanessa, or work on shaping Ann's personality. Of course, both come with some interesting lewd scenes!
Alex's popularity is rising and with it her will to become more daring on Insta Улыбаюсь

It is highly recommended that you play this version multiple times and try the different routes to really enjoy it! Улыбаюсь

We've recently received multiple reports of weird behavior of MacOS builds failing to save or load old saves.
The issue seems to be a permissions issue, the game tries to create a Saves folder at the extracted location and fails. It only occurs if the user hasn't created a folder for the game.


"Saves" folder moved from the game's folder to ~/Library/Application Support/com.kamo.lss (LSS example. Different games will end with a different name).

Restoring old save files
Move the "Saves" folder from your game folder to ~/Library/Application Support/com.kamo.lss and reopen the game.
LSS 0.2.5 is not as linear as 0.2, it has better replay value. Its overall length is the same as 0.2 and it has more renders!
Truth or Dare? Our MC and his friends dive into a very daring game of truth or dare...
Framework \ General
- Ann & Vanessa menu themes added - Check out the theme option in settings if you feel like spicing up your menu Улыбаюсь
- Added game name to saves - This resolves an issue caused by placing multiple of our games in the same folder and sharing a Saves folder for different games.
For now, we still show saves with no game name (so you get to keep your old saves). Once we can safely assume most or all saves have been converted, we will only display saves for the relevant game.
This issue arises only when you place multiple games in the same folder. We still recommend avoiding it if possible.
To make sure your save was converted to include game name, simply load it and override it by saving again.
The story continues! Added routes for both Vanessa and Ann. Joe's got a nice surprise! Some Insta girl gets oddly popular.

  • 21.02.2020 - первый релиз русской версии игры 0.4.2
  • 11.04.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.5
  • 08.03.2021 - в раздачу добавлена английская версия игры 0.7a1
  • 31.12.2022 - игра обновлена до русской версии 0.8a
  • 16.04.2023 - игра обновлена до версии 0.8.3a
  • 17.04.2023 - игра обновлена до версии 0.8.3a Fix
  • 05.07.2023 - игра обновлена до версии 0.8b
  • 15.03.2024 - в раздачу добавлена английская версия игры 0.9a
  • 20.04.2024 - игра обновлена до русской версии 0.9a

Эро и хентайные игры отключаются в настройках профиля:

20.04.2024 - игра обновлена до русской версии 0.9a!

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Короче говоря, я слепил порно-игру.
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Возможные варианты прохождения:
1) Энн любовная тропа: вы встречаете ее в баре в начале игры. Выберите, чтобы быть милым и понимающим с ней, но направлять ее во время сексуальных экспериментов. Это приводит к любящему сексу в конце 0,5.

2) Путь коррупции Энн: Вы встречаете ее в баре тоже. Ведите ее во время экспериментов, а также будьте агрессивны и требовательны каждый раз, когда сможете. Однажды Энн попросит вас пойти в кино, где вы встретите Алекс в реальной жизни. Для втроем: Не забудьте позвонить Ванессе и сказать ей, что вы посещаете Энн до последней сцены. Ванесса будет там, но просто чтобы оживить, ты не будешь ее трахать.

3) Путь подруги Ванессы. Вы встречаете ее в баре вместо Энн. Флиртуй с ней, когда сможешь. Не шантажируйте ее, когда она сосет у бармена. В баре не проси Джои выпить шипастый выстрел, который Ванесса приготовила для Энн. Если вы скажете ей, что секс-пленка будет хорошим подарком для Джои, они предложат вам записать ее для них. Вы разденетесь, но не будете участвовать. Вы все еще можете повеселиться с Энн, если выбрали ее во время игры в бутылки, поцеловали ее в баре ...

4) Пути шантажа Ванессы.
Тебе нужно встретиться с Ванессой в баре, вернуться на следующий день и посмотреть сексуальное фото на телефоне бармена. Позже вы позвоните Ванессе и встретитесь с ней в кафе, где она работает. Шантажировать ее Здесь два пути:

А) Секс с Ванессой:
Если вы не скажете Джои в спортзале о том, что вы шантажируете Ванессу, вы все равно будете друзьями, и они все равно будут приглашать вас снимать секс-ленту. Тем не менее, в баре сначала нужно заставить его выпить выстрел с наркотиком, который Ванесса приготовила для Энн. Таким образом, во время съемок секс-ленты Ванесса будет сосать твой член, а позже у тебя будет возможность трахнуть ее, когда Джои потеряет сознание.

Б) Джои становится вашим соперником:
Если вы расскажете Джои о том, как вы шантажировали Ванессу, он разозлится и станет вашим врагом. Ванесса будет ненавидеть тебя за то, что ты ее шантажируешь, а потом нарушаешь свое обещание. Вечеринка Джои по случаю дня рождения в баре отменяется, но Ванесса все еще приглашает Энн выпить (или два, или ...). Энн позвонит вам и попросит вас присоединиться к ним; там нужно сказать Энн, что она тебе не нравится Звезда. Вернувшись домой в одиночестве, незнакомец (кхм) напишет вам по телефону Ванессы и попросит помочь ей, так как она выглядит очень пьяной. Вы возвращаетесь в бар и получаете 2 варианта: выпить выстрел из ее пупка (Джои приходит и очень злится) или забрать ее домой. На следующий день ты вернешься к ней домой и отдашь ей телефон. Никакой сексуальной сцены для тебя в конце этого пути.

C) Это вариант пути B. Вы встречаете «интересную» девушку по имени Merry:
вам нужно следовать за B и добраться до бара с девушками. В баре нужно побудить Энн выпить выстрел. Тогда позвольте ей говорить и отвергайте ее, когда она пытается поцеловать вас, а также сказать, что Не знаешь (не нравится тебе). Когда Ванесса просит тебя пойти с ней, тебе нужно пойти к Энн. Выберите любой из трех вариантов, она все равно пойдет в туалет, оставив вас наедине с Крисом. Вы должны выбрать, чтобы быть милым с ним и принять его сделку, чтобы обменять цыплят. На следующий день он звонит вам и знакомит с Мерри. ВНИМАНИЕ: Это приводит к неявному NTR с участием Энн сразу после сцены бара. Кроме того, на этом пути Крис требует, чтобы вы делили любую девушку вокруг вас, так что я вполне уверен, что наш "сосед по комнате" будет вовлечен в какой-то момент.

Звезда Отвергнув Энн, вы подтолкнете ее к отношениям с Крисом, барменом. Вы увидите их вместе на Инсте, и она все еще будет получать уроки секса от Ванессы, но на этот раз вам не повезет. Так что имейте это в виду.
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обнова будет?
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Да я смотрю в 70% играх мы играем за парня которые не очень часто видел живих девушке))
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Коварный Енот

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а куда у неё на 2м скрине соски поползли?)

r7 7800x3D /6400cl30 2x16/RTX 4090 Aorus Master/ 2560х1440 165hz/ Quest 2
Собираю минусы от нищих умом
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Есть баг с зависанием сцен, как-то можно обойти ? может можно пропустить сцены через консоль ?
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