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Pact With A Witch [ver. 00.20.04j Premium Eng] [Onhold]

Год выпуска: 2023
Версия: 00.20.04j Premium Eng [Onhold]
Dating Sim, Erotic, Gender-bender, Gothic, Hentai, Mystery, Porn, Renpy, Text-based, Visual Novel
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: jonnymelabo
Издательство: jonnymelabo
Перевод: -
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: RENPY
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык текста: Английский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • ОС: Windows 7 или новее
  • Процессор: 2,0 ГГц Core 2 Duo
  • ОЗУ: 2 GB
  • Видеокарта: Совместимость с OpenGL 2.0 или DirectX 9.0c
  • Место на диске: ~1,2 GB


Ваш сосед по комнате и лучший друг пытается изнасиловать Нойс (Neus), самую интровертную из всей школы дизайна, которая кусает его сразу после того как вы спасаете её. Вы обнаруживайте, что укус был не только для самообороны, он также содержит заклинание, которое превращает вашего соседа по комнате шаг за шагом... в девушку. И теперь с каждым днём она кажется забывает всё больше своё прошлое и становится всё более привлекательной для вас. Чтобы спасти свою "подругу", вы заключаете договор на четыре свидания и в последнюю ночь она обещает вернуть первоначальный мужской облик вашему приятелю. Хотя кажется, что она держит своё слово, есть зловещие условия, которые она ещё не сказала вам...
  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив PREMIUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.20.04j-pc.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл pact_with_a_witch.exe
  • Играть

Here would start the second date with Neus in the 4th day at night.

    … What´s wrong with meat?
    … What´s wrong with eggs?
    … What´s wrong with milk?
    I think I´ve already an idea…
    Yes. I like even B-movies, with blood and guts.
    Practical Magic, 1998.
    Yes, although at the time I don´t know if I would be able to do it…
    <Say nothing.>
    <Say nothing.>
    Maybe in some case…
    <Say nothing.>
    Well, certain boys who have a somewhat ambiguous physiognomy…
    <Say nothing.>
    If I were really in love with her, it´s possible.
    <Say nothing.>
    <Say nothing.>
    <Say nothing.>
    It depends, if she have done it to protect her life, then yes.
    <Say nothing.>
    Keep eating even if you don´t like it at all.
    Well, considering I already know where you live, I could accompany you home.
    <Give her a Fren kiss (with tongue).>
    <Explain her it may be your fault.>
    Sorry, I couldn´t help it.
    Of course.
    Is that, or you´ll have me awake the whole night…
    Why not?
    Honestly it tastes terrible.
    <Encourage her to kiss you.>
    Then I´d better leave you alone! <(Simulating anger)>
    I promise.
    No Neus… if I have to, I´d like to see you.

Correct for Neus and Didac Until night of the 4th day:

    . <I´d better go in and stop this madness.>
    . Of course not!
    . <Punch Didac in the face.>
    . Good morning... (Mystery Girl)
    . Good morning, Neus
    . <Wound his alpha male pride for "being scared of a high fever that even children withstand at home.>
    . <I better help him take shi shower.>
    . <You get completely naked.>
    . <Legs.>
    . <Back.>
    . <His front.>
    . <His privates.>
    . <Go to class in order to look for the weird girl.>
    . Good morning (Again the Mystery Girl)
    . No, relax, it´s not serious...
    . No
    . Honestly, no.
    . <Grab her wrists and corner her against the wall to show your anger.>
    . <Grip her wrist tighter so she can´t move.>
    . <Order the same drink as Neus.>
    . Yeah, well... a bit, certainly.
    . Not at all. Truth be told, I longed to be with you tonight.
    . <Show your knowledge about witches.>
    . I could escort you home, thought.
    . But maybe I´d like to know where you live.
    . Neus, let me accompany you.
    . Well, since you invited me so kindly, it´s hard to refuse your offer.
    . <Approach to kiss her.>
    . <Try to cheer her up and ask her how you can help.>
    . <Didac... those are some awesome melons...>
    . Truth be told, I wouldn´t object...
    . Masturbate.
    . I would never do that! Especially not when you could get pregnant. Then you´d never get your original body back!
    . Truthfully, that´s not such a bad idea...
    . I could go with you.
    . <Try to calm him down.>
    . <Be stoic and hold.>
    . <Stay.>
    . <Leave.>
    . <Grab her ass firmly.>
    . <Lower her pants and put a finger in her ass.>
    . <Put a finger in her ass and go faster.> (If you want to go to rape scene).
    . Like hell I´m going to stop!
    . <Put a finger in her pussy, as well, and incrase the speed of both.>
    . <Museu d`Art Contemporani de Barselona (Barselona Museum of Comtemporary Art).>
    . <No Thanks.>
    . <It depends on the museum.>
    . <Why? Are yhese the only ones you know?>
    . <The Museum of Football Club Barselona.>
    . <I am an expert in modern art.>
    . <Jackson Pollock.>
    . <The misery and suffering after yhe bombing of Guernica.>
    . <Surrealism.>
    . <The great masturbator.>
    . <Salvador Dali.>
    . <The fountain of Duchamp.>
    . <Because it proved that a work of art did not have to be beautiful but should provoke the intellect.>
    . <That it`s actually a graphic illustration of the represented object.>
    . <I just go out with her as a favor to a friend.>
    . <Are you jealous?>
    . <Follow her>
    . <Figurative art is defined by the represetation of recognizable forms>
    . <It`s totally figurative>
    . <It looks figurativo>
    . <It looks like a fused 69>
    . <That she had surgery on her ass, to be appreciated by people she doesn`t even know, for a heavy price>
    . <That one has to have a very twisted mind to create such "work">
    . <That`s right, i`m one hundred per cent dominant>
    . <Between 25 and 30>
    . <Never, but it`s something l`ve been curious about>
    . <I really doubt it>
    . <Follow her>
    . <Meritxell>
    . <Exciting>
    . <Dominatrix>
    . <Succubus>
    . <Her eyes did seem to change colors at one point...>
    . <If I told you, what assurance do I have that you wan`t tell anyone else?>

v0.20.04 - 2023-05-05
First minigame with Didac 4th night Finished (Some expressions are still lacking, but conversations are all there, Now is possible to do things with her mouth. --- This minigame took me more than a year to finish... Damn...).
Anal is now available.
Oral is now available (with all its variants and possibilities when you end).
Part where Meritxell dominates you with all its variants is WRITTEN.
You need to dominate Hiromi and stick in her behind if you want to see an special ending when Txell dominates you.
PROGRESS. Now you will be able to see what parts of the game you haven't played yet. Warning: There's a chance that certain scenes can be locked even i you already played them in the past.
v00.19.06a Premium
Merixtell dominating you is almost finished in writing.
Minigame with Didac is remade in art and programming. (Other doggy style positions are now available).
Intercourse in her back part lacks expressions but conversations are almost done.
Actions with her mouth are still work in progress.
But all the rest is done more or less as I visioned long time ago. I made more progress in this last month than what I did in past, that at least mean I learned quite a lot on all this time.
v00.19.00e Premium
Dungeon Part with Hiromi is now at least playable . All images for se**al part are done, dialogues still missing. still work in progress.
Is possible to start the path to dominate the blonde, you can have a shower with her, (written part)
Dungeon part with her still in progress.
Path where she dominates you is still in process.
The part where you force her against her will is written (not translated in english).
All the art and functions of the dungeon are done, only lack adjustment in points, time and things that are possible, if she `s gagged she shouldn't be able to speak, etc... Little details that once are corrected, do the blonde's part should be easier.

(Any feedback about the dungeon part will be really appreciated!)
The next update of the game will be in Christmas. For these 2 next months I will be doing something completely different. A smaller game called "Secret Glo*y Hole".

It's a small game and it shouldn't take me too much to finish. It's gonna be 1920x1080 resolution, with a different art, directly in english, shorter and I will try to put voices once is finished. Is a game that happens before the events of Pact with a Witch.

I have plans to put it on steam with a low price, but as a Patron you will have direct access to all the new updates I will be doing.

I just need a kit kat... I think I'm getting crazy more and more with all the bugs, problems, translation, goverment problems, family stuff... I need to do something different.

I will get back to Pact with a Witch in November so I can have a playable version in Christmas.

Thanks for your understanding!

And thanks for your support! Подмигиваю
v0.18.06 Premium
This PREMIUM version is still a TEST for the BDSM part at the DUNGEON with Hiromi, the friend of Meritxell (The blonde busty woman). Buttons just change visuals, no stats, and not translated in english.
A lot of new images in that BDSM part.
Images of the guys at the beach where Didac leaves you.
I spent a month doing a system that it wasn't working, all buttons... You had to choose which part of the body, then which tool, then the intensity... it was too complicated and long to do a single action. I decided to then start over and do it with image Buttons, so now the screen probably looks with more buttons, but at least is faster and more visual.
Obviously is still work in progress and some buttons are not available, also no bars change, so buttons so far are basically useless, they only change the visuals depending on which objects you add.
The good news is that the whole system now is done, so I only need to add the text, repercusions, the stats, how much complicated is to do something, if you can do something, how painful it will be, how pleasurable... and in theory if everything goes smooth (rarely goes though) I should be able to do the blonde in this same system but obviously with different dialogues, different images and different resistance (and with a vagina instead of a penis).
I knew this minigame would take me time and effort, that's why I left it for one of the last things, I hope to finisht it for the next update. ^^
Thanks for your support!
v00.18.02 Premium
In the beach the part where she goes with those other guys is narrated (not illustrated).
You can leave with Didac and try to have sex with her at home (jumping the second date with the blonde).
Two different endings available with Didac if you keep wanting to be with her and not going to the last date with Neus. (depending on if Didac is or not pregnant).
Sexual parts are still work in progress.
A bit more illustrated (and with a bit more music) the part where you escape with Neus in that dark place.
Next update will be about the second date with the blonde and "her" friend. Thanks for your support!
v00.17.08 Premium
The part where you escape with Neus after Ferris Wheel is now available (and partially illustrated). I hope you can tell me what you think about this new part ^^. You now can battle the mouse and see that part.
The part where Neus has a climax and what happens next should work in all computers, if you're computer is 32 bits there will be a message telling you that the red orbs are in low-resolution.
v00.17.04 Premium
  • Neus ra*ing your ass is now with sounds, music and illustrated.
  • There's available a gallery in the game, is not completed, but at least there's the bad ending part that you can unlock to see if you played all of them. (The true endings are still no there because they are actually not illustrated yet).
  • If you start the game from zero now you can jump to further days if you don't want to replay the game.
  • Improved art in several parts of the game, improved grammar, solved bugs, etc...

After 5 years of development, I finally found out why animations were lagging and moving weird... I hope it's fixed and doesn't give "Out of memory" problems. Animations now should look as I had visioned all this time!
  • Added + illustrations after disobeying Neus.
  • Added red eyes + sounds + music for that part.
  • Started illustrating her "sodomy" to you.
  • Added SKIP and HISTORY quickbuttons right to the text box.
Improved Art (+ more fluid animations):
  • Mostly of the beach scenes with Didac are finished.
  • Strangle hands
Background Art:
  • Doorbell Txell
  • Police Station
  • Tibidabo Park Backgrounds
  • Bugs fixed, Some english Grammar.

- Endings of the game (all them translated in english / partially illustrated):
  • Neus Alone.
  • Didac alone.
  • Neus + Didac.
  • At home with Didac being a man (No gay relationship, at least not in this ending).
  • At home alone.
Finally made it to the end and all I gotta say is HOO-BOY! I wonder if the whole

Looks like its either incomplete or it becomes the weirdest yet funniest damn game over (awesome game over screen by the way) ever as it just ends mid conversation like the end of an episode of The Sopranos. I only got 1 ending so far (anyone wanna guess which one?) and accidentally overwrote the save that would lead me to two other endings (welp, guess I gotta go through day 5 again, yare yare daze.....). Oh and my fellow android users, its time to rejoice. But anywho, enjoy.
v0.16.04_b Premium
  • The bug that didn't allow play the Neus "raping" you, is now available.

v0.16.04 Premium
  • First ending of the game (Neus alone) available and translated. Partially illustrated.
  • The best way to achieve this ending and no the ending Neus+Didac (which is still not translated) is using the "C" button (or going to options and go to cheat options) and reduce the points of Didac in order to not have enough points with him and having the ending with Neus alone.
  • Ending of naughty shot with Dídac and Meritxell in the enidng of the 5th night illustrated with sketches - (Oral, Front and Back positions).
  • Hotel rooms Cemetery and hallway improved.
End of the game (Neus route) is written (draft mode and without many choices yet) only in SPANISH. I hope to have it finished and translated for the next month.
There's the route with Neus alone, Neus with Didac, Didac alone, Didac Male at home, Alone at home, ... (Harem route is not done since the Blonde route is still poorly developed yet).
Park scene (with Didac) is partially painted.
v0.16.00 Premium

PWAW changelog:
  • Improved art in the Beach scene with Didac.
  • Buttons fixed (including the smartphone button to acces the second date with the blonde, and the candles at the cemetery).
Secret GH changelog:
  • 8 Endings available. (So far the game is only Text without art nor music).
  • The game happens few years before the events of PACT WITH A WITCH.
Why is not there an ANDROID Version?
Because the new update of renpy has problems with Android, I hope in the future it can be fixed.
Why am I doing a new game without finishing PWAW and PWAW:Redemption first?
Secret GH is a short game. It should be done in two months, at least the writing (It's already more than 60% of the game and I only dedicated to it 15 days). (I repeat, the WRITING part).
Why am I doing a Short game?
Basically because after so long time I needed to do something different and new.
Why not continue REDEMPTION instead of a new one?
Because Redemption will be as long as PWAW, so I won't be able to try new things like in this short one.
What new things?
For starting, one of my plans is try to use voice actress and actors, with a huge game as PWAW right now is impossible.
Besides, the english is pretty bad translated so far.
In Secret GloryH I'm the one writing it in english (probably horrible in this first version, but I promise it will be improved).
Also I want to try to add a gallery, and it will be much easier doing that in a short one.
This game will have few and simple illustrations without animations.
v0.15.06 Premium
  • If you dared to give Neus an orgasm... Well now is half illustrated.
    (Since it's one of the most important parts of the game, I tried to illustrate it as best I could, still sketchy, but I hope you enjoy it and can tell me what you think about it).

v0.15.04 Premium
  • You can try to give bring Neus to her "ending pleasure" (I can't use lustful words in Patreon), if you dare. (The whole scene is translated, but not yet completely illustrated)
    Take care of your choices in this part, depending on how low points and how you treated Neus can be... even more creepy than it looks like...

v0.14.08 Premium
  • Didac and Txell sexual parts are illustrated and translated.
  • Neus Sexual part is partially written in SPANISH, not yet illustrated.
  • Bugs fixed and improved illustrations and translation.

v0.14.06 Premium
  • Txell sexual part (Not translated and still unfinished). - Several art Painted. (Neus third date and after date specially). Art painting (and txell art) is the one that took me longer this month, but I also wanted to advance the story, but I couldn't finish the Txell part in time. I will try to have it finished and translated for the next month, and hope something from the Neus sexual part too.

v0.14.02 Premium
  • Sexual scene with Didac after the third date with Neus. (Oral, Titwank, missionary and doggystyle, - 69 is still on process). - Txell and Neus sexual part are not done yet, the promotional image is after finishing Didac and Txell (even if Txell is still not translated, what's after it is translated and partially illustrated).
  • Bugs fixed.

v0.14.00 Premium
  • Everything translated in english.
  • New part after the third date with Neus.
  • Sexual Minigame after third date with Neus only available in Spanish so far.

v0.13.04 Premium
  • Beginning of the ending of the game Translated, Illustrated, with sounds and music. (After the third date with Neus). (Profreaded thanks to Staffie85).

v0.13.02 Premium
  • Didac's Beach Scene is completed. (Only cuckold part where she leaves you is in process).
  • Part of the END of the game is written after third date with Neus (SPANISH only), I hope to have it translated and somehow illustrated by next update (Message for spanish players: Por favor, si lo jugáis decidme si tenéis errores o no y sobretodo, no hagáis spoilers... :p).
  • Improved art in beach part and some other parts painted.

v0.12.08 Premium
Changelog bugfix b
  • The bug that didn't let you go to the second date with the blond (or access to the third date with Neus) after having the Museum date with the Blonde, is now solved.
  • Better translation for some of the Beach part.
  • At the very beginning of the game, Didac has voice... it's my voice, I'm doing tests.
  • The gallery is Work In Progress... it's more complicated than it looks make a good gallery. xD
  • One of the endings (if you accept escape with Neus) is partially written (in Spanish). - Thanks to my intern, half of Spanish text is translated in English.*
  • Didac beach scene is more advanced. Sex in the beach and a bit of later at the shore. (Boobjob added).
  • Neus bathroom gringing is painted.
  • Neus hands from behind are painted.
  • Bride from hotel is painted.

v0.12.07 Premium
  • Park scene with Didac illustrated (still some in sketch mode).
  • A bit more of the Didac Beach Date illustrated. (Hand job scene)
  • Improved translation on the whole after second date with Neus (Park scene and before minigame) probably some misspelled words, since I had doing it these last 2 days really fast... so if you see some, please tell me.
  • More minigame bugs solved.
  • Platinum HELP can be turned OFF. (Wich means, no points visible, no hints on if you needed or not certain points, no cheating, and more).
    Can be turned on or off during the game (once the game is finished, it will be only available for those who completed the game).

  • All the 3rd date with Neus.
  • Many art is painted.
  • Bugs fixed.
  • Improved minigame.

  • Third date with Neus finished (previous update)
  • bugs fixed.
  • Beginning of the second date with the Blonde at her office illustrated (New character, with surprise...).
  • Dungeon part is still work in progress.
  • Blonde sprites completed renewed.

WARNING: Probably old saves will not work, since I changed many things in previous update, specially music.
  • Whole 3rd date with Neus is translated.
  • Mostly 3rd date with Neus is illustrated (until three doors part) (not shaded and backgrounds are still placeholders).
  • In hotel part, only 1 door is done, to continue with the date (since the other two are not done yet) you must click on "EXIT" button over the third door.

WARNING: Probably old saves will not work, since I changed many things in this update, specially music.
  • Whole 3rd date with Neus is already written (Only in spanish the last part). Hotel part is still in work in progress (Only spanish).
    I hope to have it translated for the next month.
  • Sound and Music added in all the first 4 days and the beginning of the 5th day. (Creepy scenes probably are now a bit more creepy).
  • Bugs Fixed.
  • Better English translation in the Museum part with the blonde. (Thanks to Rukkard).
  • Enhanced illustrations around the whole game, specially with lighting, Neus bodies and expressions.

  • Beginning of the 3rd and last date of Neus illustrated.
  • Half of this date is also translated in english (even the interrogation part).
    (Done in less than a week instead of 8 months! xD). (Easy) Minigame is added in the third date with Neus (a simple shooter).
  • New expressions for Neus. Painted backgrounds at the beach.
  • Minigame Sex Buttons improved (Now you can select them correctly).
  • Fixed some bugs in the park.
  • Now you can access to the third date with Neus after Library part with the Blonde one.

  • Massage Back and Front of Didac is completed.
  • Illustration part ends when the ball knocks on your head.
  • Neus Blowjob scene is completely painted.
  • Neus facial expressions are completely painted.
  • New Painting on the MACBA date with the blonde is done (weird one).
  • Other parts in the game are painted. (First 4 days are mostly done in painting).

v0.10.00 Premium
  • Footjob with Neus is Painted.
  • Lateral Blowjob with Neus is Painted.
    (Other things are painted… I should have a list of things i do, but that would take me time xD).
  • New Backgrounds painted.
  • Beach Date with Didac is completely Finished and translated.
  • Beach Didac Back Massage is illustrated.
    (Remember 2nd Date with Blondy Bitch is also translated).

v0.9.6 Premium
  • Beach date with Didac until you start to massage her is illustrated with several Sketches and photos as "placeholders" (they will have to be changed by drawings in future, but for now and for reference for artist who help me is more understandable this way).
  • Written part of the date with Didac is improved an a bit advanced.
  • Half date with the Blonde at her office with "her" friend is written (except sex scenes at the dungeon), where you discover how she met with Neus and obscure posible past of Neus. (Only written in spanish so far) I hope to have it translated for the next month.
  • Minigame with ANDROID is fixed now.
  • New backgrounds and art.

Changelog for Premium:
  • If you START a new game, there´ s an option now to Jump to different 7 places in time in the game, wichever date you want to Start, all of them following this Walkthrough. (So, if you forgot some part, you can now acces to it without replaying the whole game).
  • You can now Skip the minigame if you want.
  • I´ ve started the 5th and last day of the game. - Morning Sex before going to the beach is illustrated.
  • All morning scene is done (some images are still placeholders, like kisses, used the Neus ones).
  • Second date with the blonde bitch is barely starting to be written (only in Spanish).
(About the previous 4 days of the game: There´ s still some images to be painted, Park scene and Mini-game to be finished, but I need to advance the game and also have new illustrations, so those who help me paint it can advance, I spent too much time on the minigame this last year, I hope I can work better and faster this new 2019. Thanks for your support! None of this would be possible without you! I hope this Christams update worth it!).

P.D. - The game happens on summer, so it´s a bit shocking seeing them hot in a cold winter day like it´s Christmas... xD "
v.0.9.02 Premium

  • All text in minigame is translated (Except Anal Sex).
  • Blowjob Animation is still not finished. (There´s only done Deepthroat done).
  • Expressions are not done, only for grabbing boobs in pose 01.
I will leave the minigame for the next update and I will get back Continuing the story for the next update with the Park Scene with Didac, I need a rest of the minigame, and after all it should be possible to activate all triggers to have different possibilities in the beach date with Didac (Blowjob, Deepthroat, Anal Sex, Deep Anal Sex, Special Ending…).
  • All text written in spanish in the game is now available in ENGLISH.
  • Last date at the BEACH with DIDAC is translated (what´s done so far, about 50% of the date).
  • Sex-battle with Didac is updated, enhanced and translated. (2nd and 3rd position are not done yet, neither is done yet her expressions nor the penetration dialogues, I hope they will be done for the end of next month Улыбаюсь ).
  • There´s a tutorial now before starting the mini-game, I hope it helps.
  • Added some music and sounds, specially on the date with Busty Woman at museum (as well as painted backgrounds).
  • New painted art around the game.
  • New Hot fix, I hope this time works... please tell me if you see anything. Thanks! (Remember, description for Vaginal sex is still in process, but animations and results "should" work).

    Sex-Battle-Minigame --Pose01-- - LNipple_Pinch - LNipple_Lick - RNipple_Pinch - RNipple_Lick

    Sex-Battle-Minigame --Pose01-- --Pose01-- - LButtock_Massage - RButtock_Massage - LButtock_Slap - RButtock_Slap

    Sex-Battle-Minigame --Pose01-- - LBoob_Slap - RBoob_Slap

    Park Scene following Didac, Didac doing naughty things with the Pothead guy..

    Park Scene following Didac, You find them.

  • Bug problem fixed.
  • Android Version available.
  • Sex mini-game is translated until what is done. So in theory is playable. Tell me what you think about it. Подмигиваю
  • Beginning of the last day is illustrated a bit. (I left park part for next month since I will go to Barcelona to make photos of the park for better rferences for background artist. Улыбаюсь
  • After Forcing Neus text is now readable.
  • New Art and backgrounds around (Keep a track on new stuff was never my best skill, but I promise there are new things around the game).

  • English version is available.
  • Game runs faster.
  • In Android version doesn´t crash. (In theory).
  • Lot of artwork like MACBA part or First date with Neus in the bar.
  • MIni-Game-Sex-Battle with Didac is already inside of the game.
  • The way to arrive to that part is also done.
  • If you arrive to 5th day you can read the first writing of the new and last day of the game.
Well, at last I could manage to put the mini-game inside the game, so far looks work fine, there´s still an strange bug clicking in the middle of screen while you read the text... weird... I hope to solve it soon.

Mini-game has no translation at all yet, so if you wanna catch anything there, play that part in spanish, even thought there´s a lot of text yet to be implemented, I would really appreciate any kind of feedback about it and if you see any other error, bug or mistake... programming such part had been (and still is) a huge hedache, but I think result is starting to look great.

Now, having this part implemented I can start to write the 5 different ways to start the NEW and LAST day of Pact with a witch. When you get up in the morning and you find Didac there sleeping, doing something else, or even just not being there...

I want first to write those parts so can be translated sooner, before going back to illustrate the park part.

It had been rough months since November after working on the mini-game, (and there´s still much work to do there, mechanics, narrative and pose 02-03), But now everything starts looking a bit much better and getting back to write story and illustrates it´s a relieve for me... I enjoy it a lot. ^^

Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy it as much as I´m doing it. ^^
  • New colored Backgrounds.
  • Scene with Didac and MC masturbation in color.
  • Didac in color in many scenes.
  • Story advance not too much...

  • What happens after 2nd date with Neus at home with Didac if you refuse to fuck with her is all translated.
  • Her attempt to seduce you at home is illustrated in the darkness of the home. (Didac bra will probably be different in this scene).
  • All bedrooms scenes has now Color.
  • Pedrera entrance has now Color.
  • Probably more things, but I´m terrible doings Changelogs... :p

  • The date with the mystery woman has now expressions at least the first part of the interrogation before getting inside the MACBA with the Modern art. Classic Part is done 50%.
  • In the beginning of the game I added a voice test to see how it works and how could work... by now Renpy doesn´t allow me to use only English voice,
    I open this thread about it: Lemmasoft post
    If anyone can go there and explain in words I can understand how it could be solved, I would really appreciate it... By now is not urgent, since seeing how complicated is, probably I will left the voice acting once the game is completed in one year... probably...
  • I added more music and sounds in the 4th morning... nothing special, I didn´ t had the time to continue... ^^
  • Color illustrations are comming, but since most of them needs retouchs and final adjustments or many adjustments, I had no time to upload them in this version yet. I hope to do it in the next version... but if I follow the story I can´ t pain... I can´ t do both things... XD
  • Programmer is obviously annoying me about sending him the UI for the sex-battle and of course to test everything, asking me reviews of it, playing it, reviewng my own rules and schemes, reading the pdf, reading the rpy files, checking everything is fine so later I don´t complain... (Something I would probably do, but I would prefer not to...).
  • Translation in Renpy is a pain in the ass.
    Every time I make a simple change on the scene or the text, or change the name of the scene or add a tiny thing, most of things has to be redone... and the date of the mysterious woman wich was being done by translator who I paid, probably will have to be redone from the beginning, since renpy changed everything again... Damn... I hate do something it already done...
  • Also I´m having the whole game being revised in Spanish by a professional profreader who usually work for publishing books, so spanish part is completely well written, for gramar and for style, so later the english part can be also be pretty well translated in a more professional way. Obviously this will affect previous scenes, since the most new ones are still in work in progress.
In general game is advancing, slowly, but advancing. I try to push up the color and sound parts, since I don´ t want to start the fitht and last day before having mostly everything done in the previous 4 days. Music, sounds, color everything, writing in high level, no bugs, ...

I know translation in the MACBA scene is still lame... but with her expressions now, you can start to feel, something is wrong with this woman...

Also I understand this is probably the most boring, skipable and annoying scene from all the game, since the woman is not exactly "adorable".

But it also keeps few important parts of the game and is a basic piece for understanding the whole story.

Anyway, I would completely understand if you prefer not to pledge while this woman scene happen, since it will probably take a month or so before continuing after the second date with Neus with Didac...

Thanks for your understanding and support! Подмигиваю
  • I repainted the Butsy Mystery Girl. (Now adding for the next update, more expressions for all this new scene, as well as new postures, like smoking and others).
  • 2nd Date with Neus is completely done (there´s lacking of color, cumshot animation, sound, music... but you understand what I mean... XD).
    Now you can make a facial on her while she keeps sucking your huge cock Улыбаюсь
  • Access to the complete date with the mystery Butsy girl in english (Poorly english made by Google translator and a kind person who probably didn´t understood too much Spanish, but he did a quick job on that and I do really appreciate him for that. ^^).
    A more understandable version will be available on 15th of september since now I will hire 2 translators, one for the second date of Neus and the other for this new date to be translated correctly paiyng professional profreaders, but they need one month to do the job... so... patience is on the line... There are 14.522 words for 2nd Date Neus and 16.430 words on new date with Butsy Woman to be translated after all... ^^).
  • Here you will know at last wich is Mystery Butsy Woman NAME, who she is and many other things. (I advice, her personality is quite irritable).

    If you can play this new whole scene I would like to know your opinion (take in mind that pronoums usually are mixed with masculine and femenine, is a little caothic, I know I will try to fix it a little for the next update).

    . Deepthroat as much as she can your dick, 2nd Date with Neus.

    . Start sucking your glans, 2nd Date with Neus.

    . Licking your eggs while masturbating you, 2nd Date with Neus.

    . Neus refusing going slower licking all your body and specially your dick, 2nd Date with Neus.

    . Making you suffer with her tongue all your body, 2nd Date with Neus.

    . Masturbate your dick while kissing it, 2nd Date with Neus.

    . She puts down your trowsers, 2nd Date with Neus.

    . Try to convince Neus to do something at her home, 2nd Date with Neus.

    . Arrive at her home, 2nd Date with Neus.

    . French Kiss with Neus 2nd Date.

    . End of Dinner with Neus in 2nd Date.

    . End of interrogation with Neus in 2nd Date.

    . Start of interrogation of neus in 2nd Date.

  • Continuation of the Story of the 4th day.
  • Continue Date with Neus.

    . Start the date with Neus.

  • Continuation of the Story of the 4th day.
  • You can inseminate Dídac (in forced scene).

    . You can do it outside Didac (in forced scene).

    . You can see what happens if you don´t grab hard his/her mouth (in forced scene).

    . You can continue seeing the "forced scene".

  • Continuation of the Story of the 4th day.
  • All scenes with Didac are avaible, except "forced scene".

    . Bad endings are also avaible.

    . Now Anal happy ending is avaible.

    . Only pussy happy ending is avaible.

    . You can Start Masturbate him/her.

  • Continuation of the Story of the 4th day.
  • After she doesn´t allow you to leave, you can grab his/her ass.

    . If you have high score with Didac, he/she doesnt´allow you to leave, and he/she starts to masturbate you.

  • 29.09.2019 - первый релиз английской версии игры 00.11.02 Premium
  • 17.12.2019 - игра обновлена до версии 0.11.06b Premium
  • 17.01.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.12.05 Premium
  • 15.02.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.12.07 Premium
  • 11.10.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.14.00 Premium
  • 15.11.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.14.02 Premium
  • 02.05.2021 - игра обновлена до версии 0.15.06 Premium
  • 30.06.2021 - игра обновлена до версии 0.16.00 Premium
  • 27.08.2021 - игра обновлена до версии 0.16.04 Premium
  • 09.10.2021 - игра обновлена до версии 0.16.06 Premium
  • 05.11.2021 - игра обновлена до версии 0.16.08 Premium
  • 03.01.2022 - игра обновлена до версии 00.17.04 Premium
  • 02.05.2022 - игра обновлена до версии 00.18.02 Premium
  • 01.10.2022 - игра обновлена до версии 00.19.00e Premium
  • 23.02.2024 - игра обновлена до версии 00.20.04j Premium


Эро и хентайные игры отключаются в настройках профиля:

23.02.2024 - игра обновлена до версии 00.20.04j Premium!

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post 30-Сен-2019 18:57 (спустя 20 часов) [-]10[+]


Класс !

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post 18-Дек-2019 03:41 (спустя 2 месяца 17 дней) [-]4[+]



Хотя кажется, что она держит свое слово, есть зловещие вещи, которые она еще не сказала вам...
Она тоже была его другом xD

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Здравствуйте. Прошу прощения за оффтоп. Хочу спросить, никто случаем не играл? Хотелось бы услышать мнение игроков. Каково качество игры и стоит ли её покупать?
Благодарю за внимание.

"Where is the will, there will be the way"
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Doomartulokan писал(а):

Класс !

Бля, дак это я в зеркале, епта kolob_103

Геймер по Жизни !
Game to fun bro !!!
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Как игра в целом? Трейлер к игре вроде прикольный

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fanat19 писал(а):

Как игра в целом? Трейлер к игре вроде прикольный
v.0.16.00 игра на 20 минут)
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Nakahito писал(а):

Здравствуйте. Прошу прощения за оффтоп. Хочу спросить, никто случаем не играл? Хотелось бы услышать мнение игроков. Каково качество игры и стоит ли её покупать?
Благодарю за внимание.
имхо это интересней
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Говорят игра хорошая и рисовкой/подачей сильно выделяется на фоне остальных проектов. Автор, вроде как, хочет закончить игру в ближайшее время (сам говорит что игра практически закончена, нужна финальная полировка), но при этом занят приквелом и сиквелом этой игры, параллельно занимаясь другой крупной игрой. Ну может к полноценному релизу её как раз и переведут
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