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Карьерное восхождение / High-Rise Climb (smokeydots) (ENG+RUS) [L]

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Карьерное восхождение / High-Rise Climb [ver. 0.9a Rus / ver. 0.92a Eng]

Год выпуска: 2021 / 2022
Версия: 0.9a Rus / 0.92a Eng
3DCG, Corruption, Harem, Slice of Life, Erotic Adventure
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: smokeydots
Издательство: smokeydots
Перевод: Jlex1488
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Ren'py
Язык интерфейса: Английский / Русский /
Язык текста: Английский / Русский /
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • ОС: Windows 7 или выше
  • Процессор: 2,0 ГГц Core 2 Duo
  • ОЗУ: 2 GB
  • Видеокарта: Совместимость с OpenGL 2.0 или DirectX 9.0c
  • Место на диске: ~20 GB


High-Rise Climb (Карьерное восхождение) - это роман о Байроне, финансовом аналитике, который только недавно начал работать. Помогите Байрону подняться по карьерной лестнице, чтобы стать самым влиятельным человеком в мире! Что вы будете делать с этой силой? Будете ли вы использовать ее, чтобы помочь окружающим, или из-за столь больших возможностей вы станете развращенным?

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив HighRiseClimb-v0.9a_Rus.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл HighRiseClimb.exe
  • Играть (Язык меняется в настройках игры (Preferences / Language)

Main Additions:
Added Engineering V Talent
Added Sentient AI Talent
Finalized all Talent Points (23 Total)
Added AI research Center
Added a Goals Opportunity
Added Quest Continuation for Angela Alcoholic Line
Added Quest Continuation for Angela Cured Line
Added Angela Bailey Threesome (If you choose not to go down this line get a different ending in the future.)
Added 18 Animations (5k + frames)
Added 204 Stills

Rework and Bug fixes:
Reworked Talent Tree
Fixed Bailey Quest Loop Bug
Completely reworked Bailey Opportunities to prevent getting lost.
Animations: 4200 frames (23 new animations)
Stills: 224
Icons: 60
Major Changes:
Added Goals as new Opportunity.
Added $15 million dollar goal.
Added Beach Condo for $15 million
Added 4 New Interactions when inviting Bella into the office.
Added Invite Jasmine (Real Estate Agent) to the condo after buying it.
Minor Changes:
Added Start of Curing Angela Addiction or Making It Worse
Angela stops laying on the sofa if you cure her addiction.
Added Menu music.
Added Game music Loop.
Angela's Opportunities Tab now more clearly directs what to do next
If you have bought the condo. You get 7.5 million in investing capital if you have less than that.
Note: Took a bit longer than I had planned fitting everything together and troubleshooting everything. Not a huge patch, but sets the framework for all the romance and fear endings.
This is just a small patch mainly focused on addressing a few issues with Ida.

Added Icon Aids at the beginning of game to guide the path so you don't have to click on Opportunities tab.
If you didn't meet Ida at the gym added new conversation to make this transition smoother after you research Biology 1.
Added more Opportunities Guides for Ida in the phone menu so it's harder to get lost at the end.
Bug Fixes:
Fixes displaying wrong image if you haven't changed offices during Ida's first date
Fixes Ida gym date loop where you can keep inviting her if you didn't meet her at the beginning
Fix images not appearing in some spots
Main changes:
Added Work Level 6
Added Multi-Choice Quest Chain for Bella (After reaching Lvl 6)
Added 16 animations (1500 + frames)
Added 236 Still images
Breakdown Individual Events:
Jack Promotion 6
Bella Promotion 6
Bella/Carter Restaurant
Bella/Carter Nightclub
Bella/Carter Hotel room
Bella Relationship/Fear Progression at the Office
Bella Relationship Date (Restaurant)
Bella Relationship Date (Night Club)

Rebalanced Bella Hanging Out Rewards
Rebalanced Work Level Progression
Added wage increases to work level 3-5

Bug Fixes:
Fixed unable to travel to work (Stuck in time loop)
Fixed Ida Opportunity appearing too early
Fixed Jack work lvl 3 opportunity reminder not appearing
Fixed Aubrey Opportunities sometimes not appearing in Opportunities tab
v0.821a Hotfix
Patch notes:
Fixes Grant's quest not triggering when not starting a new game

Extract the hotfix into game folder and replace all files.
Must have 0.82a downloaded and extracted into game folder already
Go to office and go through 5 in game days and it should trigger the new Grant Quest
Important Notes:
Certain Backtracking quests were added to make sure everything transitions properly. It is recommended you restart a brand new game. If you do not it will not affect game play but there is some small changes to quests before when Grace is promoted.
A work around for those that do not want to start a new game is press "Shift O", type in "$grace_suggesion_steal = False", type in "$izumi_and_grace_done = False".
Ease of Life Changes:
Added Skip time feature Izumi House.
Added Various Opportunities steps to make it harder to get "lost".
Changed Some Opportunities description to make it easier to understand what to do next.
Add Opportunities for when Grace is promoted to make it more clear on what to do next.
Balance Changes:
All Izumi and Grace Conversations in the house no longer give REL or Fear.
If threatening Grace in her bathroom (Izumi Promoted) now gives Fear
New Content:

The game now works in a way where no matter what you do with Izumi and Grace, how you promote them, if they fear you or like you, they all lead to same base content. They are different as far as some of the content within them, but they all eventually lead to the same spot. This means you will no longer need to have multiple saves to play different parts of the game.

A lot of work was put in to making this work and work in a logical fashion. It took much more time than I thought was reasonable, but it is hopefully working as I intended it to.

A full Izumi Fear Route progression is also working both for if you choose to promote Izumi and if you choose to promote Grace. They have slightly different content but ultimately lead to the same thing.

What's been added:
Added Full Izumi Fear Route Progression Including:

Added Izumi fear route Progression if GRACE PROMOTED
Added Blackmail Izumi Quest if GRACE PROMOTED (Need to start new game if progressed already too far) (This is to make the transition smoother and is optional.)
Added a way to go to Izumi's House if IZUMI PROMOTED and Izumi fear route.
Added changes to all Sex scenes at Izumi's House if Izumi Fear route
Added New Quest for Izumi Fear route at Izumi's house to get her to talk to you.
Added a way to go to Izumi's House if Grace promoted Including:

Allows Izumi Fear route and Izumi Rel route even if Grace is promoted
Added a way to go to Grace's house if Izumi promoted Including:

Grace has various Conversation changes for both Grace Fear route and Grace Rel route.
Can access many sex scenes earlier by getting ben to invite you to their house. Threatening Grace in the bathroom is locked once Grace invites you herself.
Added Grace and Izumi threesome Scene in the office:

This is achieved after completed one of the above quest chains.
Different Conversations depending upon what you have done thus far.
Added Grant's Flight Investment Quest:

Unlocked by completing the full Corona Virus Quest Line and researching Finance 3 and previously finished Lifecycle quest with Grant
Full Quest chain to outline what's been going on at the office.
Unlocked Finance 3 as a research option

Renders: 261 stills and around 600 animated frames

Bug Fixes:
Fixed working never appears to be night time
Fixed Sex in Livingroom with Grace appearing sooner than supposed to
Fixed Talking with Ben not passing time
Fixed Smart-box report appearing before the meeting in Izumi and Grace Opportunities.
Fixed Tutorial for Grace and Izumi Evaluation appearing too late.
Fixed inconsistent lighting on chatting with Izumi
Fixed Opportunities bug after completing Izumi's Fear route
Fixed various spelling errors
Fixed when threatening Grace in her bathroom animations don't play again.
Fixed Grace bathroom animations lagging the game out
Fixed Secretary job still appears open after hiring Bailey
Fixed Crash in Alice Bedroom
Fixed Crash at the bar with Alice and Pei while at the bar
Fixed Crash at the bar with Alice and Pei while at the table
Fixed an image not appearing during Izumi's shower scene
Fixed an image not appearing when invisible in Izumi's Bedroom
v0.8.1b Bugfix
v0.8.1a HD Animation
Added New Grace Interaction with a small questline (Night Livingroom)
Added New Izumi Interaction (Night Bedroom)
Added New things to do on Alice Date (Medium length questline)
Added 220 stills and 47 animations (some are small)
Fixed Angela Date event not showing up
Fixed Lambo with Alice not repeating
Fixed Threesome with Aubrey and Layla not repeating when talking to Aubrey
Added some base conversations with Pei
Fixed Alice love stat and Alice Relationship stat getting mixed up
Stills - 364
Lewd Animation Frames - 1987
Story Animation Frames - 1609
Total frames rendered - 3960
Major Changes:
Added Alice Bedroom
Added Alice BJ
Added Alice Night Club Event
Added Alice Lambo Scene
Added Alice Bedroom Scene
Added Aubrey Quest Chain (Long)
Added Layla Quest Chain
Added Hotel Location
Added Night Club Location
Added Psychology IV tech
Added Psychology V tech
Minor Changes:
Added new Alice living room chat renders
Added Alice bedroom conversations
Added Corona virus Quest Chain
Added Aubrey Conversations at the Night Club
Added Layla Conversations at the Night Club
Added Alice Conversations at the Night Club
Added Alice Dancing at the Night Club
Added various things to do at the Night Club
Added various things to do at the Hotel
Added various things to do at Alice's apartment
Patch 0.71 a+b
  • New City Park events.
  • Added Coronavirus - Just for fun!
  • Three day quest chain for LVL 5 work surrounding the Coronavirus.
  • Also - Fixed Naming Error

  • Images 27
  • Added new event when Olivia is invited boating
  • Added Development tag to Drunk Angela
  • Added diminishing returns to investment income
  • Fixed some bugs with investing at work
  • Rework Olivia's boating trip so the conversations doesn't just repeat itself

  • Re-balanced eating at the restaurant.
  • Fixed Bug which allowed jumping between Grace promoted and unpromoted routes at Grace's house
  • Fixed Bug Parking Lot not working properly with all the cars
  • Slight Stat Balances on some H-Scenes at Grace's House

Renders 725:
  • 150 frames in Animations
  • 575 frames in images.
  • 50 new GUI icons added
Lewd Scenes Added:
  • Grace in shower from micro-cam
  • Bailey BJ at the office (With Grace Flair)
  • Grace Bathroom Sex Scene
  • Grace Livingroom Sex Scene
  • Grace Kitchen Sex Scene
  • Grace Bedroom Sex Scene
  • Grace Bedroom Night Blowjob Scene
  • Invisibility Suit
  • Invisibility Suit Grace Livingroom Grope Scene
  • Invisibility Suit Grace Livingroom Sex Scene
  • Invisibility Suit Grace Bathroom Spy and Sex Scene
  • Invisibility Suit Grace Bedroom Sex Scene
Minior Scenes Added:
  • Conversations with Grace Scatter throughout the house
  • Conversations with Ben (Grace Husband) throughout the house
  • Drinking with Grace and Ben
  • Coffee with Grace
  • Micro Cam Conversations with Grace and Ben x 3
  • Grace and Ben at shopping center
  • Grace and Ben in Office
Mechanics Changes:
  • New cars to buy that gives morale daily

  • Fixed hopefully everything. Just extract it to your game folder.

Main Changes:
  • Renders: 970
  • Shopping Center Unlocked
  • Pool Unlocked
  • New Investment Story Line Started
  • Bailey Pool Events (FEAR and REL)
  • Bailey Bedroom Events (FEAR and REL)
  • Bailey Weekend Sofa Event (FEAR and REL)
  • Grace Sex and BJ in Office (GRACE ROUTE)
  • Izumi Fear Route Quest line
  • Izumi Office Sex (Izumi Rel Route)
  • Izumi Weekend Conversations (Izumi REL Route)
  • X-Ray Glasses Unlock (Additional Conversations with many hangout options.)
  • Izumi Bathroom Sex (Izumi Rel Route)
  • Olivia Angela Boat Event
Minor Changes:
  • Grace Conversations at Office Reflects Changes in MC’s Position
  • Izumi Grope now changes if you are in REL route.
  • Many UI changes in the office
  • Bella Conversations added
  • Additional Izumi Conversations added in office and home.
  • Additional Bailey conversations added in office
  • Additional Office Meeting Event
  • Jack Punishment for knowing about Eshe added.
  • Gym UI Changed
  • Olivia Angela Party changes with X-ray Glasses
  • Izumi Bath Sex repeatable added
  • Bailey bathroom sex repeatable added
  • Store/Inventory UI changed
  • Angela Drunk Storyline Extended
  • Alice and Aubrey Pool Conversations Added
  • Bailey Past Present Future Added
  • Grace Past Present Future Added
Mechanics Changes:
  • Body Now Matters – Body changes your max morale up to lvl 5
  • UI interface updated to reflect body stat changes
  • Videos captured on Micro cams can be rewatched in phone menu
  • X-ray glasses works with Chat
Bug Fixes:
  • Chat Counters not resetting at the beginning of the game
  • Random jumps for some events.
  • Chat Glasses not accurate
  • Bailey Shopping image does not appear in some obscure situations
  • Emily Event cannot progress after certain events
  • Body stat and Work Stat not displaying properly
  • Many many more I forgot about.

  • Fixed Chiron Bugs
  • Added Opportunities where players might get lost
  • Added blue bubble to all active opportunities next to person's name.
  • Fixed Angela Opportunities without a picture
  • Fixed Bella Chat not refreshing
  • Added Skip Button to Angela Bedroom Sex
  • Fixed Leah (Lawyer not calling on Emily Quests)
  • Added Hints to Bailey Promotion
  • Fixed spelling errors in many areas
  • Fixed endless loop in Grace Therapy Session
  • Fixed Waitress Opportunity Bug
  • Added Extra Credits for $40 Patrons

Major changes:
  • 522 Frames Rendered
  • Olivia House Party
  • lzumi Apartment Unlocked
  • Level 5 Work Quest Chain
  • Eshds Request
  • Bailey Bathroom Event
Minor Changes:
  • Bailey chat
  • lzumi shower cam
  • Angela Drunk
  • Engineering 3 Tale.
  • Solving Jack's Office
  • Camera Quest Chain
  • Olivia Past Present and Future
  • Olivia Chat

  • Fixed a number of bugs involving installing micro-cams.
  • Fixed Angela Opportunities in phone being buggy.

  • Bugfix.

  • 647
Major Events Added:
  • (4 Sex scenes)
  • Bailey on Sofa (Weekend)
  • Bailey Shopping
  • Angela Shopping
  • Izumi Rel Route
  • Izumi Fear Route
  • Grace Route
  • Angela Sex
Minor Events Added:
  • Lambo in store
  • Angela Lambo
  • Bella Lambo
  • Engineering 2 talent
  • Hacking (Izumi, Grace, Jack)
  • Weekly Conferences
  • Bailey in the kitchen
  • Angela hangout in bedroom

  • Fixed Critical Bug preventing Grace fear story line from progressing
  • Grace Correctly goes to MC new office from physical interactions
  • Balance Changes
  • Added Hints for certain parts.

  • 400 + Renders
  • IzumiBJRel x 1
  • IzumiBJFear x 1
  • GraceBJ x 1 from JackGraceQuest
  • GraceSexRel x 1
  • GraceSexFear x 2
  • Angela BJ x 3
  • Alice Sex x 1
  • Promotion level 3
  • Bella Micro Cam
  • Alice Micro Cam
  • More Bailey Night Scenes
  • Bailey Massage
  • Izumi Date
  • Psychology 3 talent
  • Grace Psychology III
  • Izumi Psychology III
  • Emily Sex Scene
  • Grace Day Dream Scene

  • Slightly under 300 images
  • Angela Date Event
  • Alice Event x 2 (Req. Psychology I)
  • Ida Event (Req. Biology I)
  • Izumi Event (Req. Engineering I)
  • Promotion Event
  • Angela Past Present Future
  • Izumi Past Present Future
  • Angela Grope x 3
  • Izumi Grope x 2
  • Grace Grope x 2
  • Get Phone #s ( relatively easily)
  • Hints: There is no right choices in this game when given a choice many times there will be an alternative path.

  • Slightly under 300 images
  • Angela Date Event
  • Alice Event x 2 (Req. Psychology I)
  • Ida Event (Req. Biology I)
  • Izumi Event (Req. Engineering I)
  • Promotion Event
  • Angela Past Present Future
  • Izumi Past Present Future
  • Angela Grope x 3
  • Izumi Grope x 2
  • Grace Grope x 2
  • Get Phone #s ( relatively easily)
A lot of the code was changed from previously, so there may be issues with previous saved games.


As mentioned so much of the code was changed that there's also likely to be bugs. Please post them here or let me know in messages if you find one. I'm aware the tech tree piping is gone. That's because I'm still unsure how to link them yet. I don't want the progression to be too fast or slow so I'm gonna need to do some further calculations before I re-link them. Aside from the first 3 techs everything else is currently locked. Also some of the small font issues in Prologue are still there. I plan to apply the new font styles from Chapter 1 to them in the upcoming week."
  • N/a

  • 01.08.2019 - первый релиз русской версии игры 0.65b
  • 01.12.2019 - игра обновлена до версии 0.70c
  • 14.03.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.71b
  • 01.11.2021 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.8.1b Bugfix, английская до - 0.9a
  • 15.01.2023 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.9a, английская до - 0.92a


Эро и хентайные игры отключаются в настройках профиля:

Релиз обновлен 15.01.2023! Русская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.9a, английская до - 0.92a!

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Мне кажется, или авторы уже перестали заморачиваться и используют одни и те же модели в каждой игре ?
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меня больше смущает что игра вообще без каких либо звуков и музыки.
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azziddo писал(а):

меня больше смущает что игра вообще без каких либо звуков и музыки.
Вот это прям бесит крепко.
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Есть еще наподобие игры?
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post 28-Окт-2019 17:41 (спустя 1 час 53 минуты) [-]0[+]


ron3711 писал(а):

Есть еще наподобие игры?
Полно, чувак, целый раздел, выбирай любую! kolob_111
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Извините но скорости нет
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azziddo писал(а):

меня больше смущает что игра вообще без каких либо звуков и музыки.
Тогда за счёт чего такой объём получился (5.41 GB)?

Люблю блондинок, у них светлые головы... (с)
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