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Threads of Destiny [ver.0.2.4]

Год выпуска: 2021
Версия: v0.2.4
ADV, RPG, Virgin, Fantasy, Demons, Elf, Maids, Pet, Slave, Female/male heroes
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: ElisarStudio - www.patreon.com/ElisarStudio
Издательство: ElisarStudio - www.patreon.com/ElisarStudio
Перевод: Авторский
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Авторский (Неизвестен)
Язык интерфейса: Английский / Русский /
Язык текста: Английский / Русский /
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • Операционная система: Win XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Процессор: CPU: Athlon / Pentium 200 MHz
  • Оперативная память: 512 MB
  • Видео-карта: 128 MB (1280 x 720)
  • Свободное место на диске: ~2,30 GB


События игры разворачиваются в совершенно новом, но уже детально продуманном мире, в котором не всё так просто, как кажется на первый взгляд.
Нити судьбы тянутся из прошлого в будущее и сплетают всё вокруг в замысловатый узор, подхватывая наших героев и вовлекая их в жестокий мир борьбы за свои жизни и будущее. Главных героев ожидают приключения, сражения, развитие экономики личных владений, новые знакомства и множество разных пикантных ситуаций...

Релиз обновлен 14.05.2021! Игра обновлена до версии 0.2.4

  • Bonus-code for access to all days: 2St6

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать архив Threads_of_Destiny-v0.2.4.zip на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл Game.exe
  • Играть

The first half of the new quest has been completed. This quest will open access to a storyline dedicated to some of the inhabitants of the brothel in Aklorion and their stories;
A new dialogue with Umi in the Alchemy laboratory has been added. And there is one more dialogue with Umi in Sardo’s study;
The dialogue with Elli about her mental abilities has been edited;
Now there is a way to learn a little about Violetta’s past (the girl from the brothel). And there are a couple of additional dialogues with her;
Some more dialogues have been added to the quest Louise Ransom;
All the graphics required for the Alchemy laboratory have been done. As new recipes are added, different animations will be added as well;
4 arts with action variations for a new event in Aklorion. All arts for this event are static, but half of them will be animated in the next version;
A bust of a new character, and different clothing variations for a new storyline event;
Bust of Milta, Melanie’s sister. Her bust is now set to all the dialogues with her;
Milta’s variation of clothes;
Melanie’s naked bust has been added;
An additional variation of Leonora’s art scene in her bedroom when Folkert attacks her;
Two new animations for Umi’s examination event: a missing choke animation and one more additional pose;
Augur’s coin has been added (the item will be needed later in the story).
Sprite - characters, and locations:
3 new locations in the game have become available. All lighting options are set in them;
5 locations and brothel interiors have been updated, as well as the ground in front of the brothel;
Several new sprite sets for Sardo have been added;
Sprite set of a new character, as well as a variation of its appearance;
Milta’s sprites in different clothes.
Technical aspect and interface:
All the main things related to the Alchemical laboratory have been almost finished. The necessary interfaces and functionality are ready. It will be replenished with new content as the story develops, but it will take less time to fill it with new items.
The sex system has been redesigned. All other scenes which require this interface will be upgraded in a similar way.
Violetta’s first scene has been redesigned to match the new sex system. Besides, this scene has been improved, and it became possible to play this sex scene again using the mechanics of the new sex system on repeated visits to the brothel.
The progress bars functionality has been improved. More details can be seen in the interface of the Alchemical and Sex systems.
A Disclaimer has been introduced which will start along with the game. Besides, there will be a page with links to various sections that have answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Later, it will be possible to disable the display of that page each time the game is starts.
Now, the female dwellers of the manor will no longer appear in the journal naked at night time. They will be displayed in either current casual clothes or armor (in the future versions).
Some plugins and other game functionality have been improved.
The Main Menu has got a sub-menu which will contain information on updates;
Bugs fixed:
An error was found at the auction at the beginning of the game;
An error which occurred before leaving for Artaun. It was troublesome to get to the beginning of the event.
An issue with horse animations.
We will post our plans for the next version later. That’s all for now. Enjoy the game!

For owners of laptops or computers with integrated and discrete video cards
Save files:

The save files from version 0.2.3 or 0.2.2 are guaranteed to work in this update.

Please, don't use the save files from the 0.1.85 or other old versions.

To use the save files from version 0.2.3, you need to move all files from 0.2.3/www/saves into folder 0.2.4/www/saves as soon as you download version 0.2.4.
If you have already run the game, you need to clear the folder named saves of version 0.2.3, and after that repeat, the operation described above.
If you want to skip the prologue click New game - Act I.

The game has two issues at the moment. One issue appears in the prologue at the auction. We are trying to fix it.
The second one is in dialogue with Melanie. That scene has an issue related to the game resources.
You can temporarily work around those issues by walking through those places in the prologue in version 0.2.2 and then transferring the save files to version 0.2.3.
We will do our best to fix the issues in the upcoming days.

Save files:
The save files from version 0.2.2 or 0.2.1 are guaranteed to work in this update.
Please, don't use the save files from the 0.1.85 or other old versions.
To use the save files from version 0.2.2, you need to move all files from 0.2.2/www/saves into folder 0.2.3/www/saves as soon as you download version 0.2.3.
If you have already run the game, you need to clear the folder named saves of version 0.2.2 and after that repeat the operation described above.
If you want to skip the prologue click New game - Act I.

We finished the scene of Umi’s resurrection. We hope you will enjoy it Улыбаюсь
Also, the scene of Umi’s examination is almost ready. We have posted the first version for our subscribers, namely the dialogue between Umi and Elli in the study from the previous version of the game. The second variation of the scene is where Umi is wearing her new clothes. This scene needs the animation to be completed, but the art itself with some modifications is ready. Gradually, as the plot develops, it will include new poses and something interesting ^_^
We are entirely focused on the development of the further plot now. We try to draw all the art scenes of the main plot as the story progresses. Therefore, some of them which are of non-primary importance will be drawn and added to the game later.
One "technical" version will be released once in several "plot" updates. It will contain previously unfinished art scenes, as well as some technical aspects of the game that require more time.
Leonora’s bust has been finished an updated. You can see it at this link.
New scene in the story quest is ready.
Minor corrections in Isabella’s appearance;
Minor corrections in Nansy’s appearance;
Minor improvements to Umi’s bust;
Rosie’s mini-bust is ready (a female worker at the inn in Venwood);
Mini art of the bundle with the book from the quest "Family Matters";
New locations. They have been set up in the game and will open for visiting as you progress through the quest "Joining Efforts". There are available:

Artaun tract - corrected and finished;
Lartons’ Farms;
Lartons’ Farms - Residential street;
Wheat fields;
A new quest, "Joining Efforts", has begun. Its plot is woven into the overall narrative. Therefore, it’s impossible to complete it right away. But, we will definitely develop it in the future versions;
The main story quest – "First Steps" will go on. Umi has a new request;
The descriptions for new characters have been added to the relationship log. Umi’s description has been updated as well;
The possibility to skip the Prologue to the «New Game» has been added. You can use it only if you have already completed the Prologue after it was updated. To do so, you will be asked to answer several easy questions. And if you played the updated Prologue, you will not have any difficulties to choose the right answers.
Sprite characters and animations have been added to the game. In total, about 20 pieces;
Technical corrections:
Alas, not many technical improvements were made in this version.

The code of several plugins was slightly corrected to improve game optimization;
The bug that led to the inclusion of highlighting of objects during events and dialogues was fixed;
We are working on the elimination of reported issues concerning the efficiency of the game among some players;
  • Continues to storyline

v0.2.0 Fix
Small fixes for in game issues.
(Just copy and replace over main game files)
Very important:
keep in mind that if you see that the character or object is highlighted when you hover at it, but after clicking on it, the character runs, but the event does not start, try clicking on the highlighted object a couple more times.
sometimes you can see the objects with which you interacted still highlighted even if you stopped interacting with them. In this case, exit the location and return back. If the object is no longer highlighted, it means it was a bug.
The highlight only works with mouse control. If you control the game using the keyboard, an indication will not fork for now.
The fast scrolling of dialogues sometimes may not work. There are few places like that, but you can use Enter or LMB (left mouse button) to scroll the dialogues.
All the issues described above will be fixed in the next version, as well as the ones that haven’t been mentioned :-D
Version 0.1.8 is available to download at the link below!

It is available now for subscribers of D'havol, Nefeer, and Wizard levels!
On November 6, it will become available for Elfs, and on November 10 for Humans!

Threads of Destiny 0.1.8
This version turned out to be very productive. Lots of things have been done, but some of the content won’t be shown in this version as not everything went according to the plan. There were two reasons for that: the first one is technical, and the second one is banal - lack of time.

The technical reason is that most of the edits and changes that have been prepared over the past two months are easier to add to the game along with ready-made functionality for highlighting transition points and character indications. Of course, it is possible to add them to the current version, but we will have to make changes almost throughout the entire story, starting with the prologue. The same goes for transition points and indications. When this functionality is ready, it will be necessary to adopt it as well throughout the whole story. Therefore, we want to make all the changes at once, to avoid doing double work and spending too much time on it.

As soon as the indicators of characters and transition points are entirely ready, we will start making all the changes necessary in the game. But for now, they are waiting for their turn. Therefore, we assume that one of the upcoming versions will mostly have technical updates. We will provide more accurate information about the start of work on the technical version closer to the time when we are ready to make all the innovations.

We will inform you of the exact release dates for the next version on November 10, and we will share our plans for the next version in more detail.

Now let’s move on to the current news and the things we have done for this version:

Quests and plot:
Taleona and Nansy’s event is ready. It is available the following morning after Umi’s resurrection.
The events with Taleona in the bar of the manor have been expanded. There are two new dialogues now, and the first dialogue has been corrected.
A new event with the Taleona in the bar has been added.
A branch with two thieves is entirely ready. We changed plans and decided to complete the events related to them. Although their fates don’t much affect the overall development of the main plot, they will intersect with Sardo more than once in the future if the right decisions are made.
Things that were done, but haven’t been included in this version:

Maggie’s quests are ready and have been proofread. Initially, we planned to divide her quest into two parts and show the first part of the current version. However, while working on it, we realized that it would be better to show her quest completely; therefore, we postponed it.
Vanessa’s event is ready. All the necessary dialogues and events accompanying the scene have been written. But there was not enough time to configure it in the game.
Elli’s event in the library is ready, but it is also not finished, because this event is part of a larger event with Elli, and its implementation depends on the release of the technical version.
Scenes and Art:
The art of Seline’s first meeting with Sardo in the library is ready. You can see it here.
An animated scene with one of the thieves is ready.
A scene of the Taleona sleeping in her room is finished. It’s not been animated for now, but in the next versions, we will finalize it and add various events with her in her bedroom.
Taleona and Nansy’s art in the maids' bedroom is ready.
The things that were done, but haven’t been included in this version:

The animation of the events with Vanessa in the locker room of the clothing store is entirely ready. It consists of two separate animated scenes.
The content for Elli’s event in the library when she is reading a book while standing is entirely ready.
The night lighting has been fixed in all street locations.
The transparency of roofs and tall trees have been added in the streets.
The tavern at the Gate has become available. The characters can also stay there overnight.
A new location for the thieves quest has been added.
Three new locations for Maggie’s story quest have been completed.
New characters and busts:
The bust of Penelope was redesigned, and the range of her emotions in her dialogues has been expanded.
Maggie’s bust has been fully updated. Previously, we posted the images of Penelope and Maggie’s appearances before and after.
One more character bust has been designed for Maggie’s quest.
A variation of Nansy’s bust has been finished.
One more character mini bust for the thieves quest.
Violetta, a girl from the brothel, also has got one more variation of her bust.
Technical part:

The functionality responsible for animations in scenes has been improved. All game resources related to animations have been changed, and now they take on average 40% less space than before.
The functionality of the storage has been completed. Now the game will have decent warehouses and boxes where you can store your things. You will also find something useful inside them.
The boot screen animation is ready:

The bug related to the black screen during the dialogue with Umi about the pendant has been fixed.
The functionality of the autosave has been fixed.
The bug in the slave market in Aclorion has been fixed.
In this version, we have included only some of the new technical changes. If anyone is interested, you can download a test version here with the functionality that was made but hasn’t been included in version 0.1.8.

Here is a description below of what was done, but hasn’t been incorporated into version 0.1.8:

A changelog has been added. Now it will be possible to familiarize yourself with the list of changes of the new version directly in the game.
All functionality related to busts in dialogues and different menus has been redone from scratch.
The ability to use jewelry and various additional clothing items both on busts in dialogues and in other menus. I have mentioned it before.
The ESC menu has been improved. Its optimization has been enhanced and various minor issues have been fixed.
The functionality of the storage has been completed.
The functionality of the Relationships menu has been improved.
The main character’s inventory interface has been completely changed. We decided to bring all the interfaces related to the storage and use of objects to one standard. Thus, the storage interface, the inventory interface and the store interface (which is currently under development) look similar and have a common way of operation. This will help to navigate objects more easily.
Have a good day, and thank you for your support!
Hello everyone!
This month turned out to be productive. Some of our old ideas are shuffled into oblivion, allowing better solutions to take their place. The plot also underwent certain improvements. The changes particularly affected two side quests, which were originally planned to be completely different. During days that I spent on the plot this month, I realized that those two quests need to be significantly improved and now they look more interesting. I suppose that by the end of the year we will be able to show you about 8 more new side quests and the completion of the main quest that has already started. Not to mention that we will also do some other stuff apart from loading the quests.
So, let me tell you a bit about the things we have accomplished over the last month.
Three new quests have been written. One of them is written for one of the following updates, and two others for the current update. In the coming days, they will be sent to our translator. We have got some changes according to the plot in this version, so we decided to focus on quests in Artaun in this version.
The events in the manor for Taleona and for Elli are also being translated. The events related to Umi and to other residents of the manor have shifted slightly in priority and will be sent to our translation later.
Arts and Animations:
The economic system has been improved. The new animated scenes have been drawn. Sometimes Elli or Umi will drop into the office to chat. Basically, it will happen when the main hero works.
The art with Louise in the brothel has been improved;
The scene where Sardo gives Umi the pendant has been expanded;
A new scene with Vanessa is in progress, and the previous scene with her is being finalized and expanded. You could have seen it in the changing room of the clothing store. Don’t forget to visit Vanessa after the release of the next version.
In the meantime, when we were finalizing the scene when the pendant is being given to Umi, we realized that the pendant didn’t look the way it should, so we completely changed it. As a result, it affected the very first art of the prologue, so we also improved it a little, otherwise, it would completely lose its relevance.
The bug that appeared in some variations of Taleona’s clothes in the bar has been fixed.
Mini busts have been drawn for the following characters: Emilia - the maid from the Allion hotel, Jude Vinrek - captain of the South Gate of Artaun guards, Verlian - the magician who was in the prologue at the slave market;
New sprite characters have been added;
Technical aspect:
The new boot screen animation has almost been done. We will post it for review later Улыбаюсь
The game interface has been partially updated. The background of the ESC menu is slightly lightened and improved.
The bug that didn’t allow the game to take into account the time that the player is travelling between large gaming zones has been fixed. Now, the time spent on trips affects the level of fatigue.
As for the old story of the development of new mechanics indicating transition points between locations and highlighting of objects and characters available for the interaction, I’ve laid out a post where I shared the first screenshots of our success. It took a lot more time than we had planned. The complete realization of our idea, and making all the mechanics work smoothly will take some more time. Nevertheless, we can show you at least a bit of what has been achieved there, so as not to speak without proof. I hope that the time spent on improving the engine in this aspect wasn’t a waste of time, and you will find those changes convenient.
That is all about the news, I guess. There is still a month before the next version release, and we will try to do everything possible to make the plot and the atmosphere of the game enjoyable and not to spoil your mood with uncomfortable controls ^_^
With love, ElisarStudio team!
We have developed the storyline of side quests in this version. We also refined some things that we didn’t manage to do in the previous update. Of course, some things have been left to be completed in the next version.

There will be a more detailed information on our plans for version 0.1.7 and its release date on July 10.

Now let’s move on to the part where I tell you what was done over the last month.


The animated scene with Elli in the library is fully complete. Wizards can see all the static variations of this scene in the Gallery right now. This event, and other similar events, will have a development depending on the level of the heroines depravity and their relations with Sardo... But this version has only light scenes, since Elli cannot be debouched to the limits necessary to see all the events this scene contains...
Static scenes with Taleona in the bar are also available in the Gallery for Wizards. It is still impossible to see all the variations of this scenes in the game, since the quest line for developing relations with her, as well as a few more scenes, are still in progress.
An art scene showing the first meeting with Louise has been added. We didn’t have time to finish it a bit, that’s why it looks like this for now.

There are 3 new locations ready: the village of Venwood, a tavern in the village and the study of the owner of the sawmill, as well as evening and night light for those locations.
The Venwood setting is partially ready. The location still needs more actions. The main focus has been placed only on the quest and the residents taking part in it.
Aklorion is again available for travel. The location of stables in Aklorion has also been improved.
The Aklorion setting is slightly modified, various errors and bugs left over from the prologue are also cleaned up.

The quest which refers to looking for the information about Taleona’s missing family is ready. It provides access to the Venwood village.
There is also a new quest, which was supposed to be part of Josette and Venedi’s return (two slaves from the very beginning of the game), but in the course of work we decided to separate those events. I will clarify that. This quest will be available only to those players who spoke to Venedi and received a request to buy Louise from Bou at the beginning of the game. If everything is fine and if you use saves from version 0.1.5, you will receive a notification that a new quest has been added.
Now it is possible to rent a room and stay in a hotel for a night. In the future, it will involve several story and side quests.
In addition, several new events are ready, including a small dialogue with Nansy in the study, and with the maids of the Aklorion hotel.
The dialogues with girls from the brothel are also refined, and if, for some reason, you missed the scenes in the brothel in the prologue, you can see them by visiting the girls at any time.
Partially, it will also affect the plot in the future. Actually, like many other choices you make... It is difficult to make an extensive system of events, but it makes our work even more interesting :-D
By the way, I almost forgot to mention that I updated the scenes with the girls in a brothel. I removed almost all black screens between transitions of animations. Each change of animation used to be accompanied by a black screen to hide lags when changing cyclic animations. New functionality for animation scenes allowed us to completely eliminate those problems, so now all the animations in the game will be replaced more smoothly. You might have noticed that during the first dialogue with Taleona in the bar of the mansion.
New characters and busts:

2 new characters with a full set of busts, variations of clothes and emotions have been added.
More than 40 new sets of sprite characters have been finished. They include variations of sprites for new characters, as well as a decent amount of new city dwellers.
Venedi’s appearance has also been completely changed, as the old one didn’t fit into the style of the game. Well, the same happened to many other characters that we created when we just started working on the game. Venedi has got 4 different variations of garments, including different busts for the time when she was a slave and when you meet her when doing Louise’s quest.
Technical aspect:

There are only few changes concerning the technical aspect of this update, as it took us more time than we expected to modify the engine for the new functionality related to highlighting the characters when pointing at them and highlighting the transition points. But still, the promised test version is sure to appear before this functionality is added into the game. There will probably be some more information about it this month.
The loading screen has undergone some minor changes. It works in a test mode, we didn’t have time to work on it, but there are some nice improvements. It’s just a decorative element, but when we have time, we will modify the loading screen so that this element doesn’t stand out from the general style of the game.
The error which caused some bugs in the dialogues with Elli in the late evening has been fixed. Elli’s naked busts didn’t load.
Besides, some changes were made to the code of the game. The game will load faster now.

Enjoy the game!

With respect, ElisarStudio team! Улыбаюсь

Save files:

The save files from version 0.1.5 are guaranteed to work in this update. It’s advisable to loading the save file BEFORE writing a reply to Aelmar which symbolize the end of «Family affairs» quest to avoid any bugs that might occur in the game.

If you use the save files from version 0.1.35, there might be errors and bugs, but it’s only a supposition :-)

To use the save files from version 0.1.5, you need to move all files from 0.1.5/www/saves into folder 0.1.6/www/saves as soon as you download version 0.1.6.
If you have already run the game, you need to clear the folder named saves of version 0.1.6 and after that repeat the operation described above.

Fix update of July 9th:

We've fixed an error that appeared during the dialogues with Taleona when using saves from previous versions of the game.
A bug has been fixed that could have appeared in the journal when trying to enter the menu of relations with Umi after talking with Taleona.
A bug has been fixed with the absence (incorrectly typed name) of a graphic resource in the Ansilla street.
The error related to a missing file called Abraham_1 in the resources of the game has been corrected.
An error has been fixed in the dialogue with Taleona after completing her first quest. It was impossible to invite her to the bar.
A short preface will apply only to current work on improving the controls in the game. The problem with controls hasn’t been completely solved, but we’ve achieved a quite convenient way to control the characters. The highlight of the transition points between locations and the indication of characters when you point at them are almost ready, but we didn’t have time to implement this idea into this version, because we still have many things to do. We plan to introduce improved controls in the next version. Perhaps next month we will upload a short test version of it for Elf subscribers and above so that they can see what the controls in the game will look like and express their opinion on things that need to be improved.

And now let’s move on to listing the things we have managed to do for this version!


New quests - First steps and the Mystery of the Arkuen family. Both quests are central quests for the main storyline. They are at the initial stage of development right now. They will develop only after we finish loading the side-quests of the first act.
There are two branches of the main plot, the Family Relic and Family affairs. As you walk through these quests, you will open an additional location, and see new characters.
Graphic and technical aspects:

The main works on the economic system have been completed. We just need to load the content as the story progresses and add some functionality for the account book.
There are two new busts for new characters. You have already met one of them in the prologue. This character starts playing a more significant part of the game.
Taleona’s bust was also updated, she’s got additional emotions, variety of her garments and their absence Улыбаюсь
The issue related to the mouse control has been fixed. The main character’s party members used to move backwards sometimes while walking around the locations;
In-game menu has been optimized.
More than 30 new sprite characters are ready, including urban residents of Artaun and surrounding villages, guards, as well as new sprites of heroes;
In addition, we spent some time updating all female urban dwellers who were rendered at the end of last year;
Some parts of the game code are modified to allow players to use the save files from the previous version of the game. I can’t fully guarantee that the game will work well, but I didn’t face any issues while testing it. If there are other issues related to the old saves in the future, we will gradually eliminate them. But for now you can try and use any save file from version 0.1.35, before the moment when Sardo and the girls stayed at the Artaun Hotel for the night after visiting the store.
The method of animations of new scenes in the game has been completely changed. There are smooth synchronous animations now. You can see the new art scene in the dialogue with Taleona at the bar of the manor, but in the future most of the interactive scenes will be built in a similar way. What’s more, the animations should become more optimized now.
Events in the estate:

The start for the events with Taleona in the bar is made. All frames are drawn and animated for all future dialogues and variations of scenes, as well as all emotions and actions. For now, only one dialogue is available for the demonstration, but in the next updates we will load all the dialogues with her so that you can get to know this character better.
One of the events with Elli in the library is ready. There is only one static art in the game now;
The same goes with Umi. There is only one art ready with her in the greenhouse so far. You will see the rest later.

Portrait of Celine in Sardo’s bedroom.
A pair of small artworks that you will find on the desktop in the study.
Locations and improvements related to them:

The location of the port of Artaun is completely finished.
The port is revived and has the day and night shifts.
The library of Artaun has been improved. Both the possibility of realistic movement around the room and the day and night shifts are adjusted.
There is a possibility to visit Aelmar’s office in the City Hall.
The system of fast movement between different gaming zones is arranged. The trips between cities and other individual gaming areas take a certain amount of time now;
The time system has been improved. Now the game automatically switches between day and night, even if the main character hasn’t slept yet, and stays awake for more than a day or two.
Many other things related to sleep have also been improved. The necessity to sleep has been removed as we had planned before. Now you can stay awake for an unlimited time, but keep in mind that it will be necessary for the character to sleep at least once every two days in the future as sleeplessness will affect both the character’s skills in battles and the endurance of the main character during various sex scenes.
The time skip system has been added. It can be only used to skip sleeping time, but we will add it as an option to the inventory.
It seems like I have mentioned all the changes. There will be some information on our plans for the next version on the 10th of June.

Have a nice game!
To begin with, I’d like to say a few words about this version. Initially, we planned to improve the old art scenes from the previous version, as well as to prepare and to fill in the estate with various events, but the control in the game bothered us all the time. We had some groundwork in this regard, but it didn’t response to the needs of the game. In fact, we didn’t have time to bring it to our mind. In this version, thanks to you, we realized that it’s better to find a solution to this aspect, to focus on the control, since this is one of the elements of the game that can irritate more than others if it’s not conveniently implemented and if it doesn’t meet the requirements of the most obvious method to control the game. We had to urgently do certain amounts of work, both with the program aspect and with the locations in general. There is more information below on this matter.
As for other things, everything is going as we planned. Moreover, there will be more story content in the next updates.
Now let’s move directly to what has been done for this version:

6 locations of the estate have been improved. Now there are no locations left in the game that will stand out of the general style of the game.

A large piece of the plot related to the events in the estate has been written and prepared for being translated. The systems for the development of relations based on various random and non-random events in the estate for Elli and Umi are thought out and completed.
The events with the other inhabitants of the estate are also partially finished.
Sprite characters and time system:

In this version, almost all new sprite animations were created for the time system. All this is the basis for the events that I have mentioned about before.
12 different animated actions for Elli and Umi are completed. You can find the girls doing something in different parts of the estate at different times of the day. The same will be done for the night time later.
The animations for Taleona, Nansy and Leonora are also ready.
Character busts:

Nansy’s clothes are slightly modified: both her new maid dress and its variations. For now, her new look appears just as you progress through the quests in the estate, but in the next update, when we load some events into the estate, certain things will precede the appearance of her new image.
We found out that many of the busts lost their quality and looked blurry when we loaded them into the game. It turned out that most of the work on drawing the details of clothing and the features of their faces became blurry. Perhaps it wasn't really noticeably, but we have corrected that issue. There are a few examples below to show you the difference. Almost all characters that appereared in the story arch for Sardo have been updated. At that time, we changed the approach to making new busts, but didn't take into account one feature of the program that we used to set up a range of characters' emotions.

Statistics menu:

The statistics menu has been fully updated. Now it will be possible to receive the information about the level of depravity and obedience of the heroines, as well as the current level of their arousal, which will have a certain influence on the behavior of the characters.

The description of the characters, which previously could be read in this menu, hasn’t gone to anywhere. You can call it by pressing Enter.
Also, there is a menu of achievements appeared for each character. It will show you if there are any events or quests related to this or that character, or some other achievements.
In general, you can look at the frame of this system in the Journal, but as soon as we finish it, we will update the guide and describe how it works.
There is an indicator now on the quests which are still in progress. Now there is no need to guess which quests are possible to complete and which are still in development.
Arts and animations:

As we promised, we have completed 3 art scenes in this version. Two of them are animated, and one is static. You can find them in the quest related to the trip to Artaun and to shopping for clothes.
It seems like saves from the previous version of the game more or less work in this version, so if you want just to have a look at new arts, you can move your saves and try to download the game before going to Artaun, as well as before going shopping for clothes.
There is a small size art before the trip to Artaun, and there are two animated art scenes in the clothing store. Just keep in mind that you can’t see both art scenes at once. Each art is specific and can be seen only if you do certain things that are written in the walk though guide.
Mouse control:

In this version, we added the ability to control the character with the mouse, but it is still in the test mode. This function has been completely adjusted only for several locations of the estate so far. It means that in those locations the character will behave as adequately as possible when moving.

The system of movement uses the route calculation in real time. So, we will be able to get a feedback on how this system works on different computers.

We also tried to add the ability to walk behind the furniture in all the listed locations.

If you have played the game before, you may have noticed that it was impossible to walk around many places, although there was enough space for it.

In version 0.1.35 you can test the mouse control in the following locations of the manor:

Living-room on the first floor;
Library on the 3rd floor;
As for the street locations, only Yard is available.
But keep in mind that moving with the mouse will work adequately, as we expect it to work, only if you start «New Game» or «Chapter 1». It is very important.

If you use a save file from the previous version to see new art, the character can sometimes get stuck when approaching to walls and obstacles if you control him with the mouse. But you can easily get out of it by using the keyboard controls.

You can move around with the mouse in other locations of the game too, but sometimes there can be moments when a character gets stuck in places that you can visually walk through.

So, if you like the implementation of the mouse control, which you can test only in the locations listed above, let us know, and we will add the mouse control functionality for all locations in the next update, and we will also change the display for transition points between locations to make them visually clear, as when switching to mouse control, current transition points don’t always work properly.

We will let you know the date of the next release on April 10.

Have a nice time playing the game!

ElisarStudio team!
There has been much work done for the version 0.1.3. We have completely finished all the main characters. We have figured out how lots of aspects of the game might be done. Those aspects bothered us all the time. What’s more, we have completed one of the most difficult part of the game – the update of the Main menu.

We’ve done almost everything we needed to do. However, there are some things that we had to put off until the next version of the game. See more details below.


The work on new locations for this update has been completed.
Characters and their busts:

5 new characters for the further development of the plot and their sets of emotions have been completed.
1 character got new clothes.
Sardo, Elli and Umi’ wardrobe has got updated. You can forget about their old clothes now.
In addition to the update of Sardo’s wardrobe, he has undergone some changes concerning his appearance. In this regard, all his clothing options from the prologue were corrected.
The range of his emotions has been also expanded, as there was a lack of some emotions necessary for expressing his reaction in the dialogues.
Umi has been updated and refined. Her emotions and the position of her head and hands has been expanded for her for greater expressiveness.

Added 42 sprite sets for new and updated characters.
Updated Idle and Walk animations for Sardo.
The animations for horses and horse riding have been added to the game.
Main menu:

The Main menu of the game has been fully updated. The art was carefully considered. There are some hints in it that can tell you something about the further development of the plot. And also, just for fun, there are a couple of secrets hidden. You can find them if you click the right places:-D
And all the errors that were found in the Main menu after the release of the test version have been fixed.
Technical aspect:

The options menu has been updated. There are much more settings in it now.
The issue where the cursor was not highlighted when hovering over active zones and buttons has been fixed.
The support for the web version of the game has been improved. There will be some news about it later.
The time system in the estate has been partially refined, but there was not enough time to complete it, so I’ll deal with it closely this month. Therefore, please, don’t pay attention to the fact that not all the characters of the estate can be immediately found in their rooms or working during the day. It will be fixed in the next version, which will be devoted to the estate and various events related to its inhabitants.

Corrected and partially refined dialogues and events after arriving at the estate.
Loaded 2 new quest continuation of the plot, in which you can get into Artaun, and after that the city will be available for visiting at any time.

It was originally planned to upload several animated scenes, but the work on the art for the Main menu took longer than we expected, so we had to put off those arts until the following update. Perhaps it will be done in update 0.1.35, which will include all developments over the next month. We will do our best to release it on April 3rd.

It seems like there are no more news for now. Maybe I’ve missed something, but I’m sure I told the most important things Улыбаюсь

P.s.: We want to apologize for the delay of this update. We hope that our efforts and several restless nights will make a good impression on you and you will like this update ^_^

Have a nice game! Улыбаюсь

Sincerely, ElisarStudio!
Now, I will talk a little about what we managed to do in this version:
Two arts from the prologue part have been updated. They didn’t match Elli’s new appearance, so our artist redrew them. There is also one art and one animated scene in progress. The scene will undergo the same changes as the scene in the brothel. We wanted to have finished these four arts for the current version, but there wasn’t enough time for us to do it.

Combat system:
Some part of the interface of the combat system and skills is ready at the moment. One of the fragments of the combat system is a menu of characteristics. It will be possible to track the current indicators and stats of the characters, as well as to customize active combat skills.

Also all pumped skills are partially completed, both for the main character and his companions. The only thing left is to modify the icons for them. The balance of skills and other aspects of the combat system will be done as soon as we finish drawing new sprite characters. We are also working a little on AI for enemies and companions so that they can adequately behave in battle.

Main menu:
This menu turned out to be more difficult to create than we expected. We have done the menu of Credits, but yet not completely. We didn’t have time to finish the Patreon submenu. There isn’t much work left. I just didn’t manage to configure it for the release of this update. Only two submenus are available for review so far: Gratitude and Developers.

As for the new Title menu, we are still working on it, because it is very difficult to make, and we want to make it beautiful and comfortable. Its art is also in the work, as Agnessa couldn’t get down to work on it since she helped me with drawing locations that I had difficulty to finish without her help.

Relationship Journal:
Improved relationship journal. We have completed its functionality and now the descriptions of all the characters met by the main character during the passing game are available.

Also in the next updates we will finish work on another fragment of the relationship journal.

Seventeen new locations are ready and loaded. There are also two new additional locations that you can open later in the estate after you repair and make changes of certain rooms.

All these locations have day and night shifts.

We didn’t manage to finish seven more locations, they are at different stages of readiness and we decided not to load unfinished locations into the game, even if we want just to show them to you. It would be better if we load fully finished locations instead of raw works.

We didn’t have time to finish the mining village with the entrance to the mines, the village of Wenwood, and five forest locations.

I also added a map for movement around Artaun and we updated the indicators for entering the world map and city maps.

Now, new locations:
Estate - 4 new locations have been added, 2 of them are in different versions. This game zone is 100% complete. Only plot will develop in this area. There will be one more location added, but it will only be needed for the secondary quest, so there is no need to spend time on it right now:

Сommon room :

Two forms of an alchemical laboratory:

Two forms of a torture room:

Farms - two new locations. The Farm Zone is now 100% complete. Only plot will develop in this area:

Home interior:

The interior of the barn:

Coast Kanosund - 1 new location added. The coastal game area is 50% complete. In the future, another chain of caves will be added, the entrance to which is on the Coast:

The interior of the house on the beach:

Artaun – We had to work hard and a lot on creating this city as there were a lot of things to draw from scratch. We wanted Artaun to look different from Aklorion, so we spent some time working out the general style of the city. There is one more large location, that we need to make in Artaun, comparable in size to Central Avenue and 3 smaller locations. But the work on them will go faster now, since we have completely decided on the style of the city and have prepared most of the necessary tiles.

Street locations:

Central Avenue
Park and promenade
Town Hall

Interior locations:
Grocery store
Living room
Study room
Artaun Library

Things we didn’t have time to do:

Sprite characters’ update:

As we wrote before, we completely remake the appearance of all sprite characters and proceed to their creation in 3D. Studying the Blender program and mastering all the necessary functions to create normal low-poly models with good animations requires a lot of free time, which Agnessa didn’t have while working on this version (oh yea, sure, I’m writing about it as if we usually have free time to devote it for something else rather that for game development :-D). In any case, she has already managed to understand the basis of the program, so right after the release of this version she wants to delve into the work on all the models and animations for the game. As soon as we have the first good rendered sprite character with animation, we will immediately show it to you.

As for the next version:

We really want to finish all the technical work on the game before the end of the year, so that we can fully immerse ourselves in the plot starting with the next year and then, in the process, just correct minor flaws and errors that can appear in the technical aspect. Therefore, the December update, we want to devote to the work on technical aspect of the game.

Until the end of this year, we want to:

- Complete the main menu of the game.

- Complete all the work on sprite characters and animations, in order to have at least some basis to create quickly new animations and sprite characters for new characters.

- Finalize some more important plot locations so that we can implement the plot story.

- Also, we want to correct all the accumulated errors, and to finish work on the atmospheric conditions of ready-made locations. Various sounds, music, animations, effects that will add a little more life to the game.

In general, there is still a lot of work to do, and some things are done either half or almost completely, while others haven’t been even touched. But we like our work and you will definitely see everything we want to do in the game.

With love, ElisarStudio team! Улыбаюсь
Обновления с версии 0.0.5 по 0.0.7:
  • В прологе пока ничего не поменялось, кроме появления пары глюков, от которых я пока не успел избавиться. Они будут устранены в версии 0.0.8. Поэтому, если хотите, можете сразу начать играть с начала 1 главы. Туда можно легко попасть, начав новую игру и нажав соответствующую кнопку.
  • Добавлено продолжение сюжета в версиях 0.0.5 и 0.0.6. Версия 0.0.7 не имеет дальнейшего развития сюжета и сосредоточена на технических аспектах и работе над локациями, так же, как и следующая версия 0.0.8, которая выйдет в начале июня;
  • Добавлено 37 новых локаций поместья;
  • В Главе 1 вы познакомитесь с тремя новыми персонажами;
  • Кроме того, еще 5 локаций почти завершены. К сожалению, они не вошли в это обновление, но вы увидите эти локации по мере развития сюжета. Каждая из этих 5 локаций является частью различных побочных квестов и игровых механик. Например, 2 варианта локации алхимической лаборатории будут доступны только тогда, когда мы введем алхимию в игру. А комната для BDSM и воспитания рабов появится в игре тогда, когда сюжет игры будет готов в этом направлении. Тоже самое касается и некоторых других локаций;
  • Журнал квестов и взаимоотношений: журнал квестов полностью закончен и работает. Что касается журнала взаимоотношений, мы немного изменили его, и он будет содержать в себе общую информацию о персонажах: их интересы, характер и расписание. Информация об интересах и характере поможет вам выбрать правильные ответы при разговоре, а также подскажет, какой девушке, что можно подарить. Знание расписания персонажа поможет ориентироваться в том, где и в какое время суток вы сможете найти того или иного героя.
  • Библиотека. В библиотеке, которая находится на 3-м этаже поместья, вы можете найти книги по истории мира. Так же, в кабинете на 3 этаже вы можете найти рассказ о каждом персонаже. На данный момент там есть информация только о Талеоне, но в будущем будет доступна информация по каждому важному персонажу.
  • Система времени находится в разработке, и некоторые персонажи уже имеют собственный график, а время дня и ночи меняется не только на часах, но и визуально;
  • Система быстрого перемещения. Система быстрого перемещения откроется после прохождения доступного на данный момент сюжета. Сейчас она просто показана для ознакомительных целей и у вас не будет возможности перенестись куда-то. Эта возможность появится уже в версии 0.0.8.
  • Галерея - галерея претерпела определенные изменения, и теперь она более понятна и информативна.
  • Музыка и звуки добавлены в игру, и теперь тишина не пропитывает всю игру во время прохождения :-D
  • В кабинете вы также можете увидеть набросок экономической системы. Этот набросок пока готов только в Photoshop. Он еще не завершен, поскольку мы написали для него несколько строк кода и на него пока нет ни времени ни необходимости. Но мы хотели показать вам, как экономическая система предположительно будет выглядеть, когда мы дойдем до настройки её в игре.
  • Так же мы начали работать над системой диалогов со всеми персонажами. У вас появится возможность общаться со своими спутниками в любом месте. Эта функция работает в тестовом режиме. Так же мы немного начали развивать отношения между главными героями. Постепенно это будет дополняться новыми событиями и анимациями.

We want to inform you right away that you will not see how the plot will develop in this update.

If you want to skip the prologue and Chapter 1 begining quests, click New story - Chapter 1 - Free Play

Bonus-code for access to Prologue: 2St6

  • We would like to share some things that we have done lately and to tell you what we are working on right now.
  • Elli’s new appearance: You will meet new Elli only when the narration of the story starts to be told on behalf of Sardo. As for the prologue, there is still an old version of Elli, but we want to devote some days to working on the prologue and to improving things that we couldn’t improve before because we didn’t have enough time.
  • We also want to share with you a short presentation of Elli’s new emotions:
  • New locations – the game has got 14 new locations. Besides, 5 more locations of the estate are almost completed. Unfortunately, this update of the game doesn’t include them yet, but you will see these new locations when the plot of the story continues to develop and gradually leads you to them. Each location is a part of different side quests and the game mechanics. For example, 2 variants of an alchemy laboratory locations will be available only when we introduce the alchemy into the game, and the BDSM room will appear in the game when you go through the main plot far enough. The same thing goes for the treasury and two more plot locations. As for the locations that you will see in this update, I’ll make a list of the them:
1 floor of the estate:
  • Taleona’s bedroom;
  • Leonora’s bedroom;
  • Maids’ room;
  • Bathroom;
  • Storeroom;
2 floor:
  • Seline’s bedroom (Sardo’s sister);
  • Wardrobe in the main bedroom (the technical aspects of the wardrobe are almost completed and as soon as we finish drawing the clothes for the characters, you will be able to choose clothes you would like to see best on a character);
  • Bathroom in the main bedroom;
3 floor:
Forbidden section in the library (actually, this location should still be closed for players because you will be able to get to another location through it, anyway, we decided to let you see at least one of the two plot locations. When we release the update with the development of the plot, you will understand what I’m writing about);
Estate’s lands:
  • Courtyard (you need to turn right from the front door of the mansion. You can find a training area, a forge, a pen for horses, a stable building and stablemen’s rooms. There will be a blacksmith in the courtyard soon, also you will be able to buy horses and a carriage.)
  • Stables building;
  • Residential premises at the stables building;
  • Alley with an ancestor;
  • Hot springs in the backyard;
One more important news. We spent much time improving the system of animations. The animations that you saw in the testing mode last month were created with help of standard inside-game functions, but these functions can’t manage supporting a big amount of cyclical parallel animations. Therefore, we started to work on a supplement to the game engine that will help to create lots of smooth animations. Here, I’ll try to explain what kind of troubles we faced:

Almost from the very beginning, the game was started being developed on the RPGMaker MV engine v1.5 and later we moved the game to the version 1.5.1.

Recently, a huge update 1.6.0 of the engine that we are working with to create our game was released on February 21. The previous update wasn’t stable. Besides, lots of errors occurred in the game, so we had to spend much time on writing an appropriate code for the game and on eliminating those errors. Right now we are planning to move the game to 1.6.0 version of the RPGMaker engine in April after we release 0.0.7 version of the game.

Having spent a lot of time developing a new animation system that will allow us to make beautiful animations without lags or FPS subsidence and that will make the switching different animations smooth, we’ve found a way to make sure that it won’t overload computers when there is a long sequence of animations. But there was a problem with the preloading of resources: if the preloading was skipped, an unpleasant visual bug of animation appeared and when the animation changed, there was a blinking, I mean a slight delay between the old animation and the new one. It looked very ugly, and we didn’t want to use a black screen to avoid showing you this bug.

We used a black screen in the first testing version that was released last month. It looked, to put it mildly, not well and it destroyed all the positive feelings. As a result, having tried many different solutions, we’ve found a way out. We had to move our game to the 1.6.0 engine in end of March to fix the inconveniences with animations, otherwise the development of the sex system would take even longer.

In turn, I want to note that the developers of the RPGMaker MV engine performed a very extensive work on updating 1.6.0. After the first launch of the game on this version of the engine, it was noticed that the consumption of computer resources by the game decreased by approximately 30%. Besides, the problem with memory leak has disappeared for good. Previously, many players could notice that when they played the game for a long time, sometimes there could be problems with FPS subsidence or a disproportionate increase in the RAM consumption of the computer memory, on some computers the values could reach 2GB, when this type of games normally consume 600-700 mb. That was terrible.

All our attempts that we made to solve those problems slightly improved the situation, but not completely, because for this it was necessary to rewrite the code of the engine directly. Fortunately, the developers of the engine have moved it to a new version of JS, which increased the processing speed of the game code.

I understand that many of you probably are not interested in such details, anyway I will post them here to answer the questions concerning the work that we have been up to lately.

Version 0.0.7 is a kind of tipping point where I would like to get feedback regarding the performance of the game on different computers. It is very important for us, because we don’t want to waste our time creating a lagging and freezing game. Gamers want to enjoy the passage of the game, but not to look at lags when we live in 2018 and the technologies can do lots of unbelievable things.

So, I really hope to hear from you about condition of the performance and stability of the game. I will really appreciate for any comments about it!

Now back to the sex system and animations. After moving the game to 1.6.0 version of the engine, all our problems with animations were finally solved. Several days were spent looking for various kinds of bugs and lags that could appear, as well as on their elimination. Now, I can return back to working on the sex system.

Speaking about the work that our artist has done: all work in this direction was completed a very long time ago. Now she goes ahead, drawing everything that the game needs according to the plan, both for locations and for other things. As for me, I’ll try to catch up with the backlog caused by technical problems of the game and as soon as a playable version of the sex system is ready, I’ll post it for you to test it.

In the meantime, you can see how some of the animations from the sex system look like. Right now, these kinds of works are still at the stage of downloading and configurating.

We hope you will understand how hard we try to create this game the way it can look and we hope that you will have enough patience! On our part, as we promised, we will try to make everything we planned for the locations and technical aspects of the game over the next couple of versions, and after that we will completely devote all our time to work on the plot and an entertaining part of the game.

Sincerely yours, ElisarStudio Team!
  • Continuation of the plot;
  • The system of time is being in development, and some of the characters have got their own schedule;
  • In the Study room you can see the outline of the economic system. This outline is ready in the Photoshop version only. It’s not completed yet as we’ve written just a few lines of code for it, but we wanted to show you how it may look after our hands get to setting it up in the game.
  • 5 new locations are added. You will go through them as the story develops;
    We’ve started to develop the relationships between the main characters. Gradually it will be built up with new events and animation, and we will do our best to create more interesting animations in this field.
    the light for the time of day in locations is completely finished;
  • Also, the main character can get tired now. You need to watch his schedule, because it can affect his health. But at the same time, it won’t create unnecessary difficulties during the game. At least until the moment we implement the combat system.
    we've started to work on the system of dialogues with all the characters in the estate. Also, you have a possibility to have a dialogue with your party members. Now you can talk to your companions while you walk. This function is also working in a test mode.
    We have slightly changed the relationship journal. The Journal will show you general information about other personages: their interests, character and schedule. The information about somebody’s interests and character will help you to choose the correct answers when you have a conversation, as well as to give suitable gifts. Knowing the character’s schedule will be a convenient hint, helping to orientate in where you can find the character at different times of the day.
    You can find a story about each character in the Study room on the 3rd floor.
  • The display of gold/silver/copper in notifications. You will see it more detailed in the game;
    In addition, the engine of the game was optimized, as we found one more way to slightly reduce the requirements of the game. A couple of new plugins will help to reduce the load on computers and make the game smoother, which in turn will reduce the FPS drawdown during animations and events.
    And as we promised, we wrote a walkthrough that will be constantly replenished and expanded, especially considering the way the quests and events will now appear. (To find some events of the game, you will need to understand what characters might visit what place at this or that time of the day and night, and also their location will depend on their indicators of lasciviousness and the level of protagonist’s relationship to other characters.)

  • 17 new locations are added;
  • You will get to know to three new characters;
  • All art and chibi scenes are done;
  • System of money (gold / silver / copper) - The system of money has been improved;
  • Journal of tasks and relationships - the task journal is completely done. As for the relationship journal, it is still in the test mode;
  • The system of time - The time system works incorrectly right now. We didn’t have enough time to adjust this function to all locations, so don’t be surprised when you see some locations without night lights.
  • Library - In the library, which is on the 3rd floor of the estate, you can find some of the books on the history of the world.
  • Storage - Also, you will find one storage of things that works in the test mode.
  • The system of fast travel - The system of fast travel will be available after you go through 0.0.5.version. But for now it is impossible to be transferred to anywhere, you can just have a look at the map itself and at how this system will work in the future.
  • Gallery - the gallery has undergone certain changes and now it is more understandable and informative. Besides, you can zoom large arts, such as the world map, by using the Enter button to see more details.
  • Music and sounds - For now, we have added the musical accompaniment only in the estate zone, but in the next update we will complete the prologue by adding all the necessary sounds and music effects where required.

  • The Prologue on behalf of Elli is completely finished;
  • All art and chibi scenes are done;
  • One more new character is completely done. You will get to know her in the nearest update;
  • Also you will meet one of the characters that you already know, but have not seen him/her almost from the very beginning of the game.
  • Three new locations are added;
  • You will also see a fragment of a Fast Travel map. We have almost finished working on the system of Fast Travel but we won’t introduce you this feature of the map in this version, because you won’t really need it yet;
  • The conflicts between the plugins have been fixed;
  • The code of the game has been optimized. This must help your computers to support the game;
  • The visual part of the interface of the game has been remade. The save/load menu and the menu of settings have been improved;
  • There is a new function in the settings. Now you can choose the mode of the text to appear in dialogues. There is an option for the text to appear at once, not like it is being typed right in front of you;
  • Unfortunately, most of the things that we worked on over the last two months is still behind-the-scenes for our players. We spent too much time on development of the technical part of the game for the future versions and on drawing new locations. But in the following updates we will gradually implement
  • everything that we told you about and we hope that you will like them Улыбаюсь
Enjoy the game and have a good day!

Greetings! We are pleased to announce the release of Version 0.3 of Threads of Destiny on Patreon!

Much of the work during this release cycle has been focused on the technical structure of the game, and the background systems that drive the game. The team has been working tirelessly on both sides of the game, and we are extremely excited to show you the fruits of our labor. Devian has been writing both code and story elements, and Agnessa has been making full use of her new tablet to bring you fabulous art! Juliana and Siawn have been talking themselves hoarse while reading the scripts of the first three days, refining and re-refining the script.

You can look forward to seeing this new version come to this site in one month, or you can feel free to look us up on Patreon if you don't want to wait!

  • The plot of the third day has been added and drawn in full. New adventures, scenes, and locations can be found.
  • We made the city more alive and filled it with some surprises.
  • The movements of chibi characters around the locations have been optimized to look better.
  • The script of the first two days has been refined to a more natural English.
  • Animations!
  • All the bugs from version 0.2 have been fixed.
  • We have changed the font of the text to a more readable variant.
  • An additional thank you to one of our subscribers who helped to simplify the system for adjusting the translated text to the game. Thanks to this man, we will save much time. Previously, we had to program and maintain two versions of the game, one in Russian and the other in English. Future development times are drastically reduced with this new consolidated system!
  • We have decided to turn off mouse control until we find a better way to implement it. In comparison with what we had in the beginning, we managed to improve it, but, unfortunately, some players still get problems from this function, like getting stuck in some places, not to mention some other inconveniences.
  • The save system has been also changed. Now you can save at any time: in the middle of a dialogue or an event. The Esc button will bring you to the save menu, which has also undergone some modifications and changes. At the beginning, it was impossible to save the game at the answer selection box, but we found a way to avoid this problem, so now you can play more comfortably 
  • Devian identified and fixed a bug that led to accidental scrolling of the choices in the events. Now, when you are offered a choice in the dialogues, the game won’t be able to ignore your choice and make a different one. This bug couldn’t significantly affect the development of the plot in the prologue, but in the future the outcome of many quests will depend directly on your choices, and such a bug would make you return to your previous save.
  • In some locations the ability to use the teleportation items to enter the Unknown Place is blocked.
  • The pathfinding of followers has been significantly improved.
  • To quickly scroll through the dialogues, you can use the PageDown key. The Enter key no longer significantly speeds up the output of the text. This will help avoid accidentally skipping dialogue lines. PageDown skips some dialogue screens, but in some places there may be times where this creates odd behavior of the chibis during events, so use much as you like.
*** Please note that if you are experiencing lag it helps to close any other programs you may have running, especially internet browsers.

Best wishes, and happy gaming!
  • The Team at ElisarStudio

Релиз версии 0.0.3!

Приветствуем! Мы рады объявить о выпуске версии 0.3 Threads of Destiny на Patreon!

Было проделано очень много работы и мы постарались уделить много внимания технической стороне игры. Наша команда неустанно работает по обе стороны игры, и мы очень рады показать вам плоды нашего труда.

Вы можете рассчитывать на то, что версия 0.3 появится на Порнолабе через месяц, но если не хотите ждать, можете смело заглянуть к нам на Patreon! ^_^
  • Сюжет третьего дня был полностью загружен. Вас ждут новые приключения, сцены и локации.
  • Мы сделали город более живым и наполнили его сюрпризами.
  • Движения чиби-персонажей в локациях были оптимизированы. Теперь они выглядят лучше.
  • Некоторые сцены были анимированы! Это наш первый опыт такого рода, так что, надеемся, вам понравится то, что у нас получилось
  • Исправлены все ошибки из версии 0.2.
  • Мы изменили шрифт текста на более читаемый вариант.
  • Мы решили отключить управление мышью, пока не найдем лучший способ реализовать его. По сравнению с тем, что у нас было в начале, нам удалось улучшить его, но, к сожалению, игроки по-прежнему имеют проблемы от этой функции, например, застревание в некоторых местах, не говоря уже о некоторых других неудобствах.
  • Была изменена система сохранения. Теперь вы можете сохранить игру в любое время: в середине диалога или события. Кнопка Esc приведет вас в меню сохранения, которое также претерпело некоторые изменения. В начале было невозможно сохранить игру в окне выбора ответа, но мы нашли способ избежать этой проблемы, поэтому теперь вы можете играть более комфортно
  • Так же была исправлена ошибка, которая приводила к случайной прокрутке вариантов ответов в эвентах. Теперь, когда вам предлагается выбор в диалогах, игра не сможет игнорировать ваш выбор и автоматически выбрать первый. Эта ошибка не может существенно повлиять на развитие сюжета в прологе, но в будущем результат многих квестов будет зависеть непосредственно от вашего выбора, и такая ошибка создала бы много проблем при прохождении, заставляя вернуться к предыдущему сохранению.
  • В некоторых местах заблокирована телепортация в Неизвестное место при помощи кулона и украшений.
  • Улучшено поведение сопартийцев. Теперь в группе их анимации движутся в нужном направлении.
  • Клавиша Enter теперь просто незначительно ускоряет вывод текста. Это поможет избежать случайного пропуска диалоговых строк.
  • Клавиша PageDown теперь ускоренно пропускает диалоги, и помогает быстро прокрутить события. Но в некоторых местах иногда могут возникать небольшие дефекты, не влияющие на стабильность игры. В любом случае, используйте эту функцию на своё усмотрение.
*** Обратите внимание, что если игра лагает, то необходимо закрыть любые другие программы, которые вы, возможно, используете, особенно интернет-браузеры, потому что движок игры в больших локациях немного требователен к оперативной памяти.

С наилучшими пожеланиями!
  • Команда в ElisarStudio

  • Тайтл скрин доработан и анимирован;
  • Пролог был расширен и доработан, а так же в него добавлены арты;
  • Добавлена возможность пропустить пролог;
  • Сделано главное меню;
  • В настройки добавлена возможность перенастроить клавиши управления по вашему желанию;
  • Добавлено управление при помощи мыши. Но пользоваться ей можете на свой страх и риск, потому что иногда с ней возникают глюки, которые могут привести к застреванию персонажа. В дальнейшем постараемся найти решение этой проблемы.
  • Добавлены две новые локации и некоторые анимации в них;
  • Аллея Славы, на которую вы можете попасть из инвентаря с помощью кулона у Сардо или украшений у Элли.
  • В данном обновлении вы познакомитесь с четырьмя новыми персонажами. Каждый из них имеет свой уникальный характер и историю, которые будут раскрываться по ходу игры.
  • Так же в конце второй версии добавлена возможность свободного перемещения по локациям. Особо внимательные игроки смогут найти пару сюрпризов, доступ к которым откроется в следующей версии.

  • 25.02.2018 - первый релиз игры версии 0.0.6
  • 03.05.2018 - игра обновлена до версии 0.0.7
  • 16.06.2018 - игра обновлена до версии 0.0.8
  • 07.10.2018 - игра обновлена до версии 0.1.0
  • 14.03.2019 - игра обновлена до версии 0.1.3
  • 08.04.2019 - игра обновлена до версии 0.1.35
  • 13.06.2019 - игра обновлена до версии 0.1.5
  • 11.07.2019 - игра обновлена до версии 0.1.6
  • 27.09.2019 - игра обновлена до версии 0.1.7
  • 26.12.2019 - игра обновлена до версии 0.1.8
  • 15.04.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.2.0
  • 21.06.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.2.1
  • 17.07.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.2.2
  • 20.09.2020 - игра обновлена до версии 0.2.3
  • 14.05.2021 - игра обновлена до версии 0.2.4

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post 26-Фев-2018 00:41 (спустя 2 часа 18 минут) [-]0[+]


А по названию будто бы РПГ какая.
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post 26-Фев-2018 10:09 (спустя 9 часов) [-]13[+]


Эй-эй, а где скриншоты 18+?
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post 26-Фев-2018 14:50 (спустя 4 часа) [-]4[+]


grey77ru писал(а):

Эй-эй, а где скриншоты 18+?
Я убрал их почти со всех своих раздач, чтобы народ меньше страдал

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post 26-Фев-2018 15:08 (спустя 17 минут) [-]121[+]


trenk писал(а):

grey77ru писал(а):

Эй-эй, а где скриншоты 18+?
Я убрал их почти со всех своих раздач, чтобы народ меньше страдал
Странно, я от такого наоборот наслаждаюсь. Может они неправильно руку ставят или вроде того?
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post 26-Фев-2018 15:55 (спустя 46 минут) [-]92[+]


Я сюда зашел только ради скриншотов. kolob_133
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post 26-Фев-2018 17:18 (спустя 1 час 22 минуты) [-]79[+]


Kaspian писал(а):

Я сюда зашел только ради скриншотов. kolob_133
Неистово плюсую, верните скриншоты 18+ kolob_102
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post 26-Фев-2018 17:55 (спустя 37 минут) [-]28[+]


trenk писал(а):

Я убрал их почти со всех своих раздач, чтобы народ меньше страдал
вы думаете пуритане после этого будут меньше слюной брызгать? без скриншотов 18+???
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post 26-Фев-2018 18:01 (спустя 5 минут) [-]30[+]


Верни, пожалуйста, скриншоты 18+.
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post 26-Фев-2018 20:18 (спустя 2 часа 17 минут) [-]22[+]


Чем-то напоминает истории с гамасеками - те жалуются, издатель уберает повод для жалоб и продукт неинтересен уже ни тем кто хотел, ни гамасекам, которые жаловались))))
Автар, включай моск - хейтеры твою поделку и без скринов 18+ не скачают, а не хейтерам, без этих скринов она неинтересна.
Так что завязывай с толерастией и гамасятиной! kolob_107
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post 27-Фев-2018 06:08 (спустя 9 часов) [-]25[+]


без правильных скринов непонятно, ради чего это качать Улыбаюсь
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post 27-Фев-2018 21:15 (спустя 15 часов) [-]26[+]


apap33 писал(а):

Чем-то напоминает истории с гамасеками - те жалуются, издатель уберает повод для жалоб и продукт неинтересен уже ни тем кто хотел, ни гамасекам, которые жаловались))))
Автар, включай моск - хейтеры твою поделку и без скринов 18+ не скачают, а не хейтерам, без этих скринов она неинтересна.
Так что завязывай с толерастией и гамасятиной! kolob_107
- Что там за шум на улице, Бэрримор?
- Это гей-парад, сэр.
- И чего же они требуют, Бэрримор?
- Однополой любви, сэр.
- Им разве кто-то запрещает?
- Нет, сэр.
- Так почему же всё-таки они шумят?
- Пидорасы, сэр.

"пидорасов" заменить на нытиков =)
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post 03-Мар-2018 01:28 (спустя 3 дня) [-]2[+]


Игрушка прикольная, арты классные, но иногда дико занудная: полчаса тычешься в поисках пути, полчаса читаешь диалоги и всё что бы получить пару годных артов и так по кругу. Вроде как интересный сюжет, но я устал читать :С
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post 04-Май-2018 02:46 (спустя 2 месяца 1 день) [-]6[+]


Radunhageydu писал(а):

Игрушка прикольная, арты классные, но иногда дико занудная: полчаса тычешься в поисках пути, полчаса читаешь диалоги и всё что бы получить пару годных артов и так по кругу. Вроде как интересный сюжет, но я устал читать :С
Погоняй в Galdur's Gate, а потом вернешься со словами: Боже как тут мало текста!))

2хAMD FX-8370 Eight-Core Processor 4,5Ггц
RAM 32Gb
2xNvidia GForce 1060Ti
SSD 250Gb; HDD 5Tb
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post 04-Май-2018 19:28 (спустя 16 часов) [-]6[+]


DracoSS писал(а):

Radunhageydu писал(а):

Игрушка прикольная, арты классные, но иногда дико занудная: полчаса тычешься в поисках пути, полчаса читаешь диалоги и всё что бы получить пару годных артов и так по кругу. Вроде как интересный сюжет, но я устал читать :С
Погоняй в Galdur's Gate, а потом вернешься со словами: Боже как тут мало текста!))
Скорее в плейнскейп тормент =)

Все будет.
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post 07-Окт-2018 17:34 (спустя 5 месяцев 2 дня) [-]5[+]


CJloHuK писал(а):

grey77ru писал(а):

Эй-эй, а где скриншоты 18+?
Я убрал их почти со всех своих раздач, чтобы народ меньше страдал
да я ради них только и заходил в эти раздачи, посмотреть интересно хоть и качать не собирался
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post 07-Окт-2018 18:13 (спустя 38 минут) [-]12[+]


gengen001 писал(а):

trenk писал(а):

Я убрал их почти со всех своих раздач, чтобы народ меньше страдал
вы думаете пуритане после этого будут меньше слюной брызгать? без скриншотов 18+???
Мне кажется, большая часть описание игры не читает, только скриншоты и обложку смотрит, если понравилось, то только потом читают о чем игра.

i5 4460 16GB RAM GTX1060 6GB Win7
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post 08-Окт-2018 12:31 (спустя 18 часов) [-]7[+]


CJloHuK писал(а):

grey77ru писал(а):

Эй-эй, а где скриншоты 18+?
Я убрал их почти со всех своих раздач, чтобы народ меньше страдал
Не обращай внимания на этих нытиков, они везде найдут где пострадать, "это же смотрят дети", в топку ваших детей!!!
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post 08-Окт-2018 17:56 (спустя 5 часов) [-]3[+]


Зашел только ради того чтоб скриншоты 18+ увидеть и понять игра то что надо или нет. Нет скриншотов, игра того не стоит

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post 13-Ноя-2018 22:09 (спустя 1 месяц 5 дней) [-]1[+]


Игра не полная. Только первый день.
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post 09-Дек-2018 18:46 (спустя 25 дней) [-]1[+]


без скринов 18+ не понятно, пока не буду качать...

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Предупреждений: 1


post 14-Мар-2019 21:53 (спустя 3 месяца 5 дней) [-]0[+]


Это опен ворлд да ? ) Типо можно делать че хочешь ? )
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post 13-Апр-2020 03:13 (спустя 1 год) [-]0[+]


Автор, а можно задать такой каверзный вопросик. ОБНОВА БУДЕТ?
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post 19-Апр-2020 23:15 (спустя 6 дней) [-]1[+]


БЭЭЭ, спасибки и уважуха тебе.
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post 14-Май-2020 20:52 (спустя 24 дня) [-]1[+]


Обещали 3 июня 1 главу добавить в игру.

Может кто посоветовать такую же игру.
Сюжет классный, рисовка хорошая. Я так понимаю, разработчики хотят ещё кучу всего внести в виде механик взаимодействия с миром.
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