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Rogue-like: Evolution [ver. 1.3a Rus / 1.51 Eng]

Год выпуска: 2024
Версия: 1.3a Rus / 1.51 Eng
ADV, SLG, Animation, School
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Oni
Издательство: Oni
Перевод: creDz
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Ren'py
Язык интерфейса: Английский / Русский /
Язык текста: Английский / Русский /
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • ОС: Windows 7 или новее
  • Процессор: 2,0 ГГц Core 2 Duo
  • ОЗУ: 2 GB
  • Видеокарта: Совместимость с OpenGL 2.0 или DirectX 9.0c
  • Место на диске: ~300 MB


Вы - новый студент института Чарльза Ксавье для мутантов, обладающий способностью блокировать способности других мутантов при соприкосновении с ним. В школе вы встречаете девушку Rogue, чье прикосновении к кому-либо забирает память, способности других мутантов и жизненные силы, вплоть до смерти. И в этой игре вам предстоит показать Rogue, какого это иметь тактильную связь с другим человеком.

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив Rogue-Like-v1.3a-pc_Rus.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл Rogue-Like.exe
  • Играть (Язык меняется в настройках игры)


v1.51 - 2024-04-03
v1.5k - 2024-03-03
v1.5e - 2024-01-26
One thing I did change was that phone sex was working oddly with some changes I'd made with the "view shift" option, in the new version it should work better, allowing you to successfully change the viewing angle of the girl on the phone.
v1.4d - 2023-09-10
Bugs fixed:
Some graphical stuff with Jean's doggy pose,
Some more issues with the vibrator dialogues,
Some situations where the "in class" artwork didn't do what one might expect.
v1.4c - 2023-09-07
A few issues with accessing the vibrator options.
A few dialogue issues at the party.
An issue with selecting Gwen's new hair style in the wardrobe.
v1.3e - 2023-07-09
Ok, hopefully this one should be relatively bug minimal, I hope to not have another build before 1.4. It's mostly bug fixes, although I did do a pass on Jean's doggy pose, I thought her face looked weird.
For those who missed the last post, I'd apparently never noticed that Patreon has a 200mb file size limit, and the latest game builds have _just_ over that, so I needed to split the install files. Since a lot of people were having issues with split archives, Plan C is to use Mega as a host, we'll see how that works out. So far, not too big a hassle on this end, probably easier than manually splitting up files, although I am going to experiment with 7z. Does .7z format work for Mac and Linux users?

As for new content to 1.3, I added Gwen's sex poses, and a "green button" in McCoy's lab that will show up to all 8 girls at once on screen, which early feedback (including my own) is that it causes input lag that seems unrelated to hardware specs. I'm going to see if there are any options on my end to improve that.

What's new this build? Some more art fixes, including to the anal plug animations, another fix to the "View" menu, which has been giving me some hassles, and just general "better"-ness, hopefully. Whoa. Deja vu. This is what I'd *wanted* to ship as version c, but forgot to include some of the updated files in that one, so not all the intended changes had made it in.
(Don't be a lazy uploader and copy paste without removing the redundant)
For those who missed the last post, I'd apparently never noticed that Patreon has a 200mb file size limit, and the latest game builds have _just_ over that, so I needed to split the install files. Since a lot of people were having issues with split archives, Plan C is to use Mega as a host, we'll see how that works out. So far, not too big a hassle on this end, probably easier than manually splitting up files, although I am going to experiment with 7z. Does .7z format work for Mac and Linux users?

As for new content to 1.3, I added Gwen's sex poses, and a "green button" in McCoy's lab that will show up to all 8 girls at once on screen, which early feedback (including my own) is that it causes input lag that seems unrelated to hardware specs. I'm going to see if there are any options on my end to improve that.

What's new this build? Some more art fixes, including to the anal plug animations, another fix to the "View" menu, which has been giving me some hassles, and just general "better"-ness, hopefully.

Where can you find it? With any luck, through this link. which is the folder, but might not work? If not, try these links to individual files: (Don't be a lazy uploader and copy paste without removing the redundant)
Ok, this should fix some of the bugs from the last one. I've also included split mac and linux files, let me know if those work for you, it's a bit of a hassle, but managable on this end. For those who missed the last post, I'd apparently never noticed that Patreon has a 200mb file size limit, and the latest game builds have _just_ over that, so I needed to split the install files.

Grab BOTH files for your intended system, have them both in the same directory, extract the first and the second should extract automatically. This time I used split zips instead of split rars, let me know whether those work more smoothly for you than the rars. And yes, I am still looking into alternate file hosting so you can download them in a single package, there WILL be a version of 1.3 available in that format eventually.

As for new content to 1.3, I added Gwen's sex poses, and a "green button" in McCoy's lab that will show up to all 8 girls at once on screen, which early feedback (including my own) is that it causes input lag that seems unrelated to hardware specs. I'm going to see if there are any options on my end to improve that.

As for this specific build, it includes fixes for the crash bugs people are reporting, although it turns out I need to fix some of the art for Gwen's doggy pose and that will happen next build. This should also fix issues people were reporting with the "facing direction" not working right. Also some issues have been reported with Kitty and Rogue's standing poses in certain outfit configurations, I'll look into that for next build too. I made a change that *might* improve the lag effect on the green button test, and might improve lag in general, at the expense of making the game use a couple hundred MB more RAM. Test the green button again and see if it performs better at max, and also whether any other "high stress" animations work more smoothly, and also report if the memory changes are a problem for you (it's still a fairly low memory game, so hopefully it won't be an issue).
v1.3a - 2023-06-14
Ok, this should fix some of the bugs from the last one. I've also included split mac and linux files, let me know if those work for you, it's a bit of a hassle, but managable on this end. For those who missed the last post, I'd apparently never noticed that Patreon has a 200mb file size limit, and the latest game builds have _just_ over that, so I needed to split the install files. Grab BOTH files for your intended system, have them both in the same directory, extract the first and the second should extract automatically.

As for new content to 1.3, I added Gwen's sex poses, and a "green button" in McCoy's lab that will show up to all 8 girls at once on screen, which early feedback (including my own) is that it causes input lag that seems unrelated to hardware specs. I'm going to see if there are any options on my end to improve that.
v1.2a - 2023-04-17
-Gwen will no longer show up while Gwen is giving a BJ. The other Gwen. The first Gwen stays.
-Fixed an crash bug if you cum in Gwen's mouth
-Added the option to turn their head facing in the sex poses, and also added the option to change her pose view when she's masturbating (assuming she knows you're there). Let me know if that one can cause any weirdness.
A quick warning for anyone relatively new around here, this first release of the new version is likely to have a lot of terrible bugs, and it mainly intended for people who want to bug test and report them. If you just want to play and have a good time, relax, I'll be fixing bugs and releasing new versions until it settles down to a reasonably stable point, and you can wait until then to get a cleaner experience. For those who do enjoy bug testing, please report any you find either here or in a PM. If there is a crash, it should give a crash report, copy-paste that to the post.

Ok, I think I've got enough together for a version here. I've been doing some other elements that wouldn't have been useful in this version anyway, but that's no reason to delay this one, so here we go. New things this version:
-Gwen's BJ/Cunnilingus and TJ options. Let me know what you think of the new animations, and let me know if they are unavailable in a situation where you think it should be an option. I may have left in a "brake" somewhere.
-I added the ability in doggy style pose to choose whether the girl is facing you or facing forward. This may have consequences at low stat levels. I may do more with this later.
-When the girls are in a lesbian scene, and the lead is going down on the partner, there is a new doggy-style visual for that. I do still need to play around with how this works, but let's give it a shot.
-Various other bug fixes.
v1.1a - 2023-03-04
v1.0 - 2023-01-16
Ok, I guess I'll have to use numbers now.

With any luck, this version will have few, if any significant bugs. It shouldn't be all that different than 0.999z, I made a few tweaks that I discussed in the comments to that one, but nothing major. So I guess, give this one a try.

In the meantime, I'm well underway on Gwenpool, I have probably 80-90% of her basic sprite worked out by this point and it's looking pretty good. I'm also working on some ideas for additions to other characters for the next versions.
I was at work all day I guess 999c is Oni rotating Jube's sex pose around a bit the frontal one & I'd assume bug fixes, d is more bugfixes with something related to Jube's wet sprite? Edit: based on what I saw he edited Jube's frontal pose & it looks somewhat better, haven't seen it in game tho.
2 new poses for Jubilee (Front and Rear) + associated sex scenes
A new outfit for Jubilee
Halloween content for Jubilee
Ok, putting together the finishing touches now, no more major content additions before it goes out, so I wanted to lay out what to expect. If this is your first time in the community when a new version goes out, welcome, but you should know what to expect. Day one releases tend to be pretty buggy. And day two. Sometimes day three. Ideally not day 7. But the point being, the early versions tend to be pretty buggy, DO NOT DOWNLOAD if all you want is to have fun playing the game without it crashing or causing weird animation glitches or something. That will come later. The early builds tend to be a bit of a mess, but with the help of this lovely community finding and reporting bugs, I try to work very hard to correct them as fast as possible, and tend to get out 2-3 new versions over the first few days, depending on how "game breaking" a given bug might be. Eventually over the next week or two I'll be bringing the game back to a stable version, and then you can jump on if that's all you're looking for. That's certainly how I'd play it. Смеюсь

If you do find a bug, please report it in the release thread for that build, or in PMs to me, whichever you prefer. Take note of which version you have, and if I've come out with a version since then, you can still report the problem, but make sure to let me know because I may have already fixed that issue. If it's a game crashing bug, it should throw out a crash report. I will want to know the top portion of that report so please copy/paste it. There will be a line that says "Full Traceback" and then sometimes a lot of stuff after that, I generally do not need all that so if it's, long, you can trim that bit off, I usually only need the portion above it to track down the problem. Try and keep a game save from a bit before that bug, so that when I fix it, you can see if the fix worked for you. Oh, and before playing the new version, make sure that you have a save where you are in your room and alone, those are least likely to cause import issues between versions.

So what is in this version?:
- New HJ/BJ/TJ poses for Jubilee
- New relationship milestone dialogues for Jubilee
- Storm's new doggy style pose
- A new restaurant background when on dates.

What is still missing?:
- Storm's stockings and a few other clothing pieces in her doggy style pose.
- Storm's footjob pose in the doggy position

I intend to get that missing stuff finished up over the next few weeks and included by the last build of 0.998 before pivoting to the next one.

Things to look out for?
- Any animations that play in a way that doesn't seem right, please describe what is happening, and what you think should happen as clearly as possible.
- Any story scenes that break in some way, or do not play when you expect them to, etc. I may have missed a hook or something.
- Basic idiot typos (there are bound to be some).
Jean new pose
No spoilers
This version will have some new content. You can access this content at any time by hitting "Special Menu" in your room, although it is only accessible in the evening (sunset). You'll get more out of it if you play it on a more "developed" playthrough, but you can do it on the second evening if you like, and can repeat it any time you want. Beyond that? Spoilers. I might suggest waiting a few days for bug testers to get to work on this, because I expect there will be at least a few bugs to work out in the early builds. New builds will come out frequently as necessary.

Spoilers Below!!!!:

Ok, so the new content is a Halloween Party. I know, I know, I was being extra subtle about it and you're totally shocked now, but collect yourselves, we have work to do. So as for the party itself, it is an event you can launch from the player room special menu. I considered having this happen automatically like other events, but wanted to give players flexibility on when to launch it, and didn't want to have to reach some arbitrary calendar date. I also wanted to let people go through it more than once, so you can do it every evening if you like, but you only get stat effects during the intro on the first playthrough of each girl's scenes. You can't miss out on too much though, just a few points here and there, so don't stress.

Once the intros are out of the way, you'll be able to spend the time block chatting with the girls however you like, full sexual options and some other chatting options are disabled during the party (for now, at least), but most flirting still works. At the end of the evening, you can pick a girl to take home, although no guarantees as to what will happen there.

The other major inclusion is, of course, the costumes. These are added as full custom costume pieces, so once the party is over you'll be able to mix and match these options with their existing clothing.

I also did a few other tweaks here and there, one of which was updating Rogue's sprite to use a new head configuration. This is more of a behind the scenes thing that should not look significantly different to you, but it's worth noting. I also made some tweaks to Emma's TJ animation, and some other minor artwork tweaks, in the process of working on the costumes.

Things to test:
- Making sure the basic scenes work out, no typos, no errors, etc.
-Making sure that the new costumes work, no errors related to that, nothing that seems out of place or clips weird, or that you can't apply or take off where you think that should work.
-Making sure that stat bonuses are not applied on repeat play-throughs (you will see the little +- numbers floating up, but the actual values should not change).
-Making sure that you can't "break" the party by triggering sex scenes or other chaotic events that "escape" the scenario. You should be able to hit "leave" at any time, but there should be no other ways to reach other locations.
-Anything else I forgot to mention."
"Ok, so one thing to note off the front, this build adds a new feature that can be fun, but also has a LOT of potential to break things. I added the ability to, when you're cumming, choose the other girl in the scene to be the target. This will then shift back to the original girl once it's over (doing otherwise would be pretty messy to untangle, sorry). I know it works under at least some basic testing on my end, but I suspect that there could be a lot of potential places this could implode, so test away. If it leads to any crashes or more likely weird scenarios where something happens that just doesn't seem like it should happen that way, let me know. I would want to know which the primary activity you were doing was, and what cumshot option you went with, most likely.

-Hopefully fixed some issues with girls models vanishing during certain fondling actions.
-Fixed various issues relating to the new costumes and changing in/out of them.
-Added a feature that will revert girls to the hairstyle they had before the party, hopefully. This may not work when continuing savegames from the middle of the party. You can always change it back to that style later if you preferred it, but I didn't want to make that the default.
-Added a short scene for Laura that most people will never see."
There's a bug in "b" that will just keep happening, so here's a new one. Смеюсь Ok, I made some changes to when and how it checks whether a girl in gym class is wearing their gym clothes, so this might behave oddly and require more fixes. Let me know if they are or are not changing too much or something.

I also fixed some display and crash errors involving various doggy style poses and clothing pieces not appearing or overlapping things wrong.
Various typos, etc.
* Emma's boots and gloves should work in her doggy-style pose now.
* Fixed a few cases where "interruptions" could break the continuity of the scene, but continue to point these out.
* Fixed some cases where you could keep pantyhose on during sex scenes (where it would typically end up looking weird).
* A few various typos
I have kinda been distracted working on Emma's new pose. I'm liking how it's turned out. Anyway, this should add in some new interactions in the doggy style and sex poses, ones that didn't use to have fingering, dildos, or whatever, those options should have been added in. I might add more later. Some of these might cause some animation hiccoughs when switching from one action to another, so let me know if you see any. I have some ideas."

However, I downloaded h version and for some reason I don't find any new pose with Emma. It's a work in progress that have not been implemented despise the text implying it was?
This one should fix some bugs, but might cause some new ones. I've kinda been distracted working on Emma's new pose. I'm liking how it's turned out. Anyway, this should add in some new interactions in the doggy style and sex poses, ones that didn't use to have fingering, dildos, or whatever, those options should have been added in. I might add more later. Some of these might cause some animation hiccoughs when switching from one action to another, so let me know if you see any. I have some ideas.
From me will edit the Mac & Linux as I'm still uploding those
Ok, so this one should remove a few bugs,
One relating to Rogue's wardrobe crashing
One involving girls sometimes appearing on campus before they are meant to be in the game. This was more of a display bug than anything too serious, but there were some tricks you could manage with it. I believe this patch will not only prevent them appearing again, but also any existing games that had this issue should be able to continue forward fine, though if you actually interacted with them during this time there might be some oddness, no guarantees, I guess.
I added the default view shifting option for massage rather than the more unique option it had, let me know if it does anything weird.
I added an "auto" option for massages that just shortcuts the process and spits out a "decent" result if you don't enjoy the mode.
I fixed an issue with Xavier sometimes not properly sending girls away when asked.
Well since you asked, here it is anyways:
Ok, things this version attempts to address (not including changes I've forgotten I made):
Some changes to how the clothing management system checks things that should give more accurate results. This applies when a character shows up somewhere (they should be in clothing appropriate to the room), or when they "fix" discarded clothes (they should end up in the outfit they were wearing, unless they give reason to believe otherwise). This was a messy process, so might have created new errors. Let me know what you see there.

Changed time management in the game a bit, travel time is currently set at 5% per room. I may adjust this. It occurs to me that Travel Mode is now a bit unbalanced against "Map Mode" travel, so I might need to further refine this, but play with it a bit.

Fixed a few crashes and issues where characters were entering or leaving scenes in ways that seemed weird.

Fixed an issue with being unable to change Storm's name from the menu.

Other stuff, probably.
New this build:
I spent so much of this afternoon just poking holes in various stockings. . .
Jean and Storm should have proper holy stockings now, Emma still doesn't, and might not until next major version (0.995+).
The "shrug" crash that comes up in Storm's life story should be fixed.
Some issues with Kitty flipping poses unexpectedly should be fixed, but report any that are still happening.
I made some changes to various components in which girls are partially stripped and then behave in an expected way, like repeatedly trying to change back to other clothes or lost clothing magically reappearing. It's complicated.
A few other little things.
Fixes new to this version would be a fix to the view swapping menu that sometimes called crashes (most often during massages), a change to Storm's TJ animation when she's licking you, some changes to Kitty's sex pose animations to fix a "ghost dick" in the background, and Storm's relationship stuff should actually work this time! I forgot to remove the roadblock that locked them out before. :p

One issue to keep an eye out for is, if Kitty or any other girl with dual sex poses switches from one pose to the other without you doing anything deliberate to make that happen, let me know what was going on immediately before that. Was it just a normal "continue" cycle? If so, what was the last dialogue that played? Was it during an orgasm sequence? I'm not seeing any glaring issues on my end, but there might be something flipping it someplace and I need to pinpoint where.
Fixes in this version are a crash error in the Special Options menu, and a graphical error with Storm's hair in the BJ/TJ pose that led to a large black square instead of her head. Смеюсь

If anyone wonders how such a mistake could slip past even lazy testing, it's because I did test a version of it that mostly worked weeks ago, but it had some minor clipping issues, and then just yesterday I exported out a version that "fixed" those issues, but apparently forgot to set the alpha channel for that one, dropped it in, and didn't think to check that it actually was what I thought it was. /shrug. Thanks to the testers for pointing that one out.
Do Not Download, I cannot stress that enough. This version is likely riddled with issues and should only be downloaded by those interested in testing and breaking things to figure out what went wrong. Later versions will be more stable and playable and fun for people who just want to play the game, so give it at least a few days if that's what you're here for.

For those that do download it, if you get any crashes, please report them in this thread, or PM me with them if you prefer. There will be an initial part to the crash report, and then it will say "Full Traceback" and there will be what is typically a longer part. I don't *usually* need that info and it can make the thread longer, so you can clip that portion out unless I ask for it, but the first bit is important for tracking things down. Try and keep a save from a bit before the error occurred if you can (save early and often), so we can test whether what I try next fixed the problem. Let me know whether the error occurred in a playthrough fresh to the new version or from a save from a previous version.

If an error occurs that does not cause a crash, the best way for me to track it down is to describe which type of scene this was, which characters were involved, and ideally the exact lines of dialogue that were said during or right before the error, because that will let me word search and pin down the exact line of code where things stopped working right. Much easier than trying to run through the entire scene looking for potential problems.

And of course feel free to just offer feedback and suggestions that are not "bugs," but just things that you think could be better.

The obvious causes of issues would include, but not be limited to:
Storm's new relationship scenes not appearing or breaking at some point.
The Hose-ripping option not working as intended in some way. I'm not sure that all the girls who have this option have it properly set up. Probably won't work right on Emma, come to think of it.
The new surprise mechanic.
Storm's new sex poses not working right in some way, looking weird, whatever. There might be some "brakes" I put on these poses appearing that I forgot to remove.
Kitty's new clothing options not being available or not appearing properly in some cases.
A lot of people were reporting similar errors involving the new view-swapping system, I couldn't figure it out for a while but eventually tracked it down. Should be fixed in this build. Also cleaned up a few other issues here and there.
Ok, this is a TEST BUILD, it is NOT a normal build of the game, DO NOT delete your most recent version of the game, because you'll still need that one.

This version is for testing Rogue's new sex pose, and as such ONLY includes Rogue as a playable character (if I've set it up properly). Adding other girls into the mix on this one would get. . . wonky.

I still need to add some of the fluid effects to it, so those aren't in yet, but you should be able to test out her sex pose, as well as using this new pose or her doggy style pose in the fondling activities as well. I don't have all the little moving hands animations keyed up with her sex poses though (I intend to correct this).

Let me know what you think of this version.
Ok, so this one should be one of the last to test out for this version cycle, and then I pack up and start working in earnest on 0.994. Expect all bug fixes after this.

This should add in Rogue's new sex pose, Jean's new psy constructs, and a new option for Storm. I've also made it so that Rogue's two sex poses should both display some new animations like pussy licking, fingering, breast licking and fondling, etc., allowing them to be used better with fondle poses and offhand moves. Let me know if there's something you think should work there that doesn't.
I'm skipping some letters to avoid confusion with the jk version and i vs. l, but this is basically the one after i. It should fix some issues where using the standing pose view during fondling would sometimes loop the view option instead of the normal menus, it should fix some spunk display issues Rogue was having, should fix a problem with Storm's shoulder during the HJ scene, various other stuff.

I'm skipping some letters to avoid confusion with the jk version and i vs. l, but this is basically the one after i. It should fix some issues where using the standing pose view during fondling would sometimes loop the view option instead of the normal menus, it should fix some spunk display issues Rogue was having, should fix a problem with Storm's shoulder during the HJ scene, various other stuff.
Ok, this should fix some issues created in a last version with shifting views while fondling, and should open up some new options in future builds (but might cause new complications if I missed something). Let me know if you get the impression that a girl is shifting poses unexpectedly, or failing to do so when you expect her to. Also fixes another issue with the event system. Almost done with that.
Ok, like with the previous version, this one will pop an error message when a girl asks to meet you, and you return to your room, and for some reason the event is not playing. I've narrowed down that a lot of previous cases were due to the "fix" system, but also some were due to other things. If one of these messages appears, please let me know the character, the stats it lists, and the "why" message that comes after. These messages might not be accurate on the first "day" after using this build, so let the day move to the next one. I do plan for these messages to be gone within a build or two, so don't worry about them being there forever.

This build also fixes some complaints brought up on the last one, hopefully.

I'm also putting the finishing touches on Rogue's new sex pose, I think you'll enjoy it.
Ok, I'm trying to nail down this issue people have been reporting about a girl telling them that she wants to meet with them in your room, but then not showing when you go there. I've got a (temporary) error messaging system in place for that, so please help me out with it. If a girl asks to talk with you, and then you go to your room, then let me know which girl it was, then the numbers that it tells you, and then the next message which should say what she intended to talk about.

The last part might not work if this is on the same day that she asked you in your current save file, so for testing purposes, please just advance to the next day. Hopefully she will ask again and then see what happens.
-Some tweaks to Storm's hairstyle scene.

-Some changes to Storm's wardrobe menu so that more clothing options should work as expected.

-Some tweaks to Storm's Xavier scene and a few other scenes.

-Some fixes to the dating content with Storm and also some of the harem stuff.

-I made a change to how random events trigger such that if a girl says "I need to talk to you" then she should be the only character who's random content will trigger if you return to your room. If this does not happen, it should instead print an error message with some info on it, so please let me know that info if it happens so I can try to track down which events are being skipped. Hopefully if those messages do appear, they will stop by the next build. Подмигиваю

-I've finished some more of the Rogue's upcoming pose art, so progress is being made. Still a week or so out, probably.
-Rogue's wandering business.

-A few other small tweaks.
-Anything involving "Num" errors in her wardrobe stuff should be corrected now.

-"Storm" missing in Dance/Stripping scenes.

-An error when on a dinner date solo

-Storm appearing for morning BJs (she can be there, but won't join in since there is not animations for it)

-Various storm-related errors when entering certain spaces

-btw, if you were having the "'noise' not found" error in the last build, you might need to restart from before that scene began for the fix to actually take.
New stuff added:
- Storm has been added as a character. She should enter the game some time after Jean joins the roster.

- Storm should have her main standing sprite, several outfit options, and any activities that take place using the standing artwork. She does not yet have her BJ, HJ, TJ, or other sex options accessible. These will be added in updates later this year. Her chitchat and quiz options are a bit limited, I do hope to flesh these out, and she does not yet have her "relationship milestone" scenes in either.

- During dates, you can now chat with the girls while eating dinner. I just thought this would be a fun bonus interaction.

Known issues:
- When doing lesbian/threesome stuff with Storm and some other girls, the "ghost hands" displayed on non-Storm girls may not appear accurate to Storm being in the scene. Those appearing on Storm's body should be accurate. I intend to fix this over the next couple weeks, but it's a really fiddly and annoying process that would have delayed release by several days and I didn't think it would be worth it.

Things to test:
- Make sure Storm's sprite works in all situations, and never does anything that seems weird, like clothing not displaying as expected, or appearing in the wrong location or something.

-Make sure Storm's scenes all play out as expected and her interactions with other characters function properly.

-Once Storm joins the cast, she should take over Tuesdays and Thursdays from Emma in class, and Emma shifts to other areas on those days. If this does not occur, if Emma shows up there on days she shouldn't, let me know. Or if you notice anything weird about Storm as a teacher.

-If you see Rogue's new sex pose somewhere, let me know. Улыбаюсь

-If you can somehow access any of Storm's sex scenes that should not be available, let me know. The artwork for them does not exist, the links to access them should be locked off, and the dialog for them is just copy-pasted placeholder stuff at the moment, but it's possible I let a path to them slip through and it would just lead to weirdness.

And just in general, if the game crashes to an error screen, please let me know, either on the release thread, or in a private message. Please include the TOP portion of the error message, but when you hit a line that says "full traceback," you probably won't need to include the information that comes after that, and it can get a bit long so you should probably cut that bit out. Save early, save often, and try and keep a save before the error happened so that we can test whatever fix I attempt.
this version updates the feet for Laura's doggy style pose to better fit her model, as well as various typos and minor tweaks.
Continues to storyline
v0.990l Bugfix
Anyway, this one should clean up various little issues. Rogue's stat popups weren't happening during her intro, that should be fixed now. Some of the face expressions during sex have been tweaked to be more in line with previous versions. Some scene interactions have been cleared up. There were some character display issues in the classroom scenes that should be cleared up. Various other stuff.
One minor element I added was, any time you see a girl naked for the first time, or she sees you naked for the first time, there is a potential dialogue, but in some cases this dialog is skipped because it wouldn't really fit with the circumstances of the scene. I've made a tweak to this so that now if the dialogue is skipped, alternate dialogue appears in the potential chitchats later to achieve the same results.
This new version has a refactored codebase so the "old" console cheats don't work. Will hope
Please be aware that Oni is aware there is likely MANY MANY bugs still in this version and it is likely that there will be a few for a while due to the new codebase.
Minor BugFixes
The first is an update to the showering system, now if you shower with girls, some more interactions can take place. Let me know if the actions seem to work out ok. Note that you can't do this more than once per time block for full payoffs.

The second is that from the "Flirt" options you can now say "I love you." You probably want to avoid this early in a relationship, it might be a turn-off, but later on, especially after the girl's warmed up to you, it might be nice. Let me know how this one is working out at various relationship phases.

Also, fixed a bug that was happening when leaving the showers in some cases, and. . . a display bug with Laura's leg and with one of her fondling animations, and. . . all the girls should have artwork for cum on their chests and the ability to choose that option, and. . . maybe some other stuff, I forget. There might be a version d, even with no more bugs, We'll see.
[to be added]
For those of you new to the community, I want to make clear that the first releases of a new version will likely be highly buggy, crash-filled messes. They are essentially a beta test of the build, not fit for casual consumption. If it would bother you to get halfway through a scene and the game crashes, this won't be the build for you. Улыбаюсь Over the first few days of its release, I expect to put out several builds to cover immediate bugs, and hopefully work to a more stable version within a week or so. When it seems to work in a stable way, I'll let everyone know, so if you just want to have casual fun with the game, I recommend you wait until then.

If you do encounter bugs, I'd appreciate you either post in the release thread to that version, or private message me about it. There will typically be an error message with any crash, a first bit followed by a "full traceback" which can be much longer. I recommend you don't post the full traceback unless asked to do so, the portion before that is typically plenty to find the problem. It can also help to know the sequence of events leading up to an error occurring, or as complete a description possible of a non-crashing error, but I can ask follow-up questions if I don't understand or can't narrow it down. The point of the buggy versions is to find and fix as many of them as possible, so please do let me know.

New content/features:
  • An intro/cameo for the next girl in the franchise. It's just a short scene, around 200 lines of code, nothing too sexual, so don't get your hopes up, but it should give you an idea how she looks and acts. We'll be discussing her more as we move into the version after this one.
  • Titjob scene for Kitty
  • Rogue's sex scenes can now involve her torn hose/tights or her stockings with garterbelt. The art for this didn't work in previous builds so it was disabled, but I fixed it.
  • Emma's relationship scenes are in, they should happen automatically as you hit milestones (should hit fairly rapidly if you have an existing save), or in some cases can be accessed from her Chat menu.
  • I changed the way relationships work slightly, now, if you are already dating one girl, any girl, and get too cozy with another girl, the first will approach you and either wave you off or give you permission to bring her into the relationship, do what you will with that advice. If you're dating two or more girls and are getting cozy with a third, a slightly different scene will play out relating to that. I haven't fully implemented all the details I want with this system either, beyond basically getting the ball rolling, but eventually there will be more scenes and conversations based around who is in your "harem." If girls give you hassles about this, just work to raise their stats, or to make them more comfortable with the newer girl. Let me know if anything weird happens on established saves, but it should adapt.
  • Emma's Room now exists, you can visit her there, do the other room-based activities.
  • I updated the studying system to be more adaptive. You should be able to study with multiple girls, and in some cases have encounters with one or both when you do. If Emma is there (and cool with it) there are some slight differences.
  • I updated the sleepover elements to make them more adaptive as well, compatible girls will be fine with both sleeping over now, and hijinks can ensue.
  • I updated the some of the orgasm animations allowing both Kitty and Emma to take cum in the mouth while giving titjobs, without changing poses first. Hopefully this works out without too many glitches.
  • I updated the classroom adjacency system. This will allow theoretically infinite girls to be present in the class, without overly taxing the system. Now one or two girls can sit next to you (or you next to them), and that will determine most things that take place there, while other girls are just "nearby" and mostly ignored, unless you choose to bring them into things. This system is not completely filled out, I plan to have more events proc off of it, and give you more control over shifting girls in and out of your orbit, but the underlying systems are in now.
  • I tweaked the way scene refreshes are displayed to remove some default transitions that I believe were slowing things down. You should hopefully notice less lag, primarily on main room menus, and when entering a room especially.
  • Various other little bug changes here or there, like some glitchy art or dialog.

New Features:
  • Emma now has the option to have sex with her, as well as anal sex, and titjobs. Let me know if there are any issues with the animations or text flow for these.
  • Emma now has the potential to do sexual things in public or with the other girls (previously I tried to hard block these options). There should be dialog involved expressing her misgivings, and you'll have to overcome that in various ways. Let me know how these interactions feel, or if something seems out of place.
  • Emma's chitchat options are in place, and can interact with the above described additions.
  • There is a new system for dating in place. You can now ask for a date any time of the day, but then have to meet the other person in the university square in the evening (don't stand them up). You can also double date by asking more than one girl out (up to two only). Of course this might cause complications. There are a lot of ways this system can go, so please try out your options.
  • Rogue has a new sex option.
  • Maybe other stuff? I forget. I might update this list is someone says "was this new?" Подмигиваю
Known Issues:
  • Emma still has no room (let me know if the game ever makes it seem like you're in her room or something, and how you got there.)
  • Emma is missing several clothing pieces when in her sex/TJ poses, so they might appear and disappear as she shifts in and out of these poses without commentary. Just roll with it. Eventually these items will be in.

Ok, with any luck, this will be a non-broken version. I went through and removed some options from Emma's wardrobe (because the art wasn't in for them yet), but don't worry they will go back in when they do exist. If you have her in a towel anywhere in the game, try to change out of that, because the art isn't in yet and it throws errors, but in most cases that should no longer be available anyway. I also added an option in the store to buy Rogue's stockings and garterbelt option, which I'd set to unlock during certain relationship milestones, but since it was added late, some players may have missed it on their savegames. It does require you to have her total stats about half maxed out though to unlock it in the store. Once unlocked you should be able to use them in the wardrobe like normal. I should point out that these, and a few other hose types, do not function during the sex scenes, this is because currently they cause clipping issues with the animations. This may not be impossible to fix, but will at least take some time, so I'll work on it. Let me know if there are still any outstanding bugs, or even mediocre bugs, and I'll try to patch them up before investing fully into the next version.
Ok, with any luck, this one should iron out some bugs. Emma will appear more often outside of class, detention will be slightly more common, the character placement should be even smoother, I added a few tweaks to various systems, it's nothing major that's entirely new to this build, although the showers do work slightly differently. I also made a tweak to the way Emma is displayed in class, which might improve performance while she's at the podium, although that's purely guesswork on my part. Oh, and I did add the ability to ask Emma and Rogue for their panties, if anyone was interested in that. I also got the art for Emma's shower scene, but still have a bit more to do before adding that in.
Ok, so this one includes some (I think) nifty changes to the way the game checks for character locations, and will hopefully pick up some more of the issues of characters announcing things while out of the room, as well and ensuring that you can't have more than two girls in a scene at a time, or more than two girls in a party at once.

Now, if there are already two girls in the room, you should not be able to call a new one over, and if another girl does show up on her own, one of the current ones should leave (although party members are prioritized over new arrivals).

It also swaps the UI bar over to at least one of the girls already in the room, rather than sticking on someone who isn't even there (although you can still manually flip it back if you like).

Things to check out for in this build:
  • If there are ever all three girls in a single room, let me know. If Emma is at the podium in the classroom, that doesn't count, that's a special case, but she should not be standing there at full size next to the other two. If you ever do get into that situation, let me know the order of events that led there.
  • If Emma allows for a sexual encounter when in public or around the other girls. Eventually, she will be ready for that, but right now a lot of those systems aren't set up for her. If you get busy with another girl while she's in the room, she should wander off immediately, if you try to engage her with another girl around, or in public, she should refuse. If you can manage to get her going against those rules, let me know the order of events that led there.
As for "why only two girls per scene?" Currently, that's all that the mechanics are intended to handle, there's the primary girl you're dealing with, and then a secondary girl that is also there. A third girl is either ignored by the system or causes errors. I don't really plan for that to change any time soon, but then who knows.

Various other small bugs were fixed in this, like a few lines of dialog that weren't displaying right, a bug with Emma's reaction to public sex, a bug where Xavier was watching your bedrooms a little too closely, etc., most of the stuff brought up in the last thread.
This build should correct some cases of girls telling you that they're changing clothes when not in the scene, it should have more natural character placements during the intro scene and during scenes in general (more toward the middle than toward the far right side), maybe some better placements during sex positions, fixed Xavier's office using some too-early graphics, and tweaked a bunch of different stuff that came up in the last build. Anyway, give it a shot.
  • edit: just added a small change that fixes an issue with trying to feel Emma up while making out with her. If you already have version C, you can either redownload it, or just don't do that until the next build.
  • edit 2: ok, third try, this new one should fix the sleepwear issues mentioned in the comments.

    Ok, I'm not sure what was causing some people to not encounter Emma, but here's a new version that will hopefully allow her to show up after any afternoon class, among other things. Also, I added the ability to add and remove her gloves, and removed the sleepwear option, since she doesn't really work with that yet.
    Already at B, just hours after release. This is gonna be one of those where we go through half the alphabet.

Ok, thanks to a flurry of quick bug reports, here's a new version. Again, probably still bugs, so maybe avoid this one unless you want to bug test, more stable builds will be on the way.
Check the logs from the last one to see what major changes are in the version overall, but here's what's changed between 0.978 and 0.978a:
  • Emma has a chance to randomly appear after class, and is more likely to give you detention. Expect some tweaks to this in later builds, but this at least makes it easier to test things.
  • Kitty's Footjob scene should work now, variables should be fixed, and I added an option for when orgasming.
  • The Lesbian scenes should allow you to properly change their activities, and I also added one to let you change what Kitty is doing. Let me know if there are any oddities there. Also I toned down the dirty talk on the secondary girl a bit.
  • I forgot to mention, but I added a dirty talk addition. I'm not 100% happy with how this flows and will likely tweak the order of events here, but it's kind of fun.
  • I believe I removed the option for Emma to spend the night. That should not be available yet since some of the subsystems involved have not yet been updated for her. Let me know if you can still convince her to stay over.
  • If you see an "[E_like]" error, let me know what you were doing at the time, it would result from Emma trying to say something in a dialog sequence that shouldn't be available at the moment (because it hasn't been edited to fit her).

>-Ok, first off, WARNING, this is the first pass and will likely have plenty of bugs to it that I hadn't managed to nail down. Do not download this build if you just want to have fun with a stable game, this is more for people who want to test out bugs and report them so they can be fixed. I'll try to put out better and better builds over the next few days and ideally have a relatively stable one within a weeks or so.

>So what's new?:
  • Emma now has more interactions available. She will show up in class every day after you meet her, and sometimes after class. She might interfere in your romantic actions in class. She will initially be a bit standoffish and hard to talk to, but after certain conditions are met, a lot more of her options will open up.
  • In this build, Emma will be able to [Spoilers follow] flirt, strip, masturbate, and be fondled.This is sometimes easier than other times. She is much less likely to do anything in public, and will not currently do anything with the other girls. More options will become available as development continues. She also has a "wet look" hairdo available, although she doesn't currently use the public showers or
Danger Room.
  • A new "Watch them do lesbian stuff" option has been added between Rogue and Kitty. It currently only works with Rogue in the lead and Kitty in the room, but it should be fairly easy to expand to work the other way. I just wanted to have it tested thoroughly before that.
  • A new "foot job" option has been added for Kitty. I do plan on adding this to the other girls eventually, but it's not in at the moment.
  • A new chibi UI appears in the lower left corner. This will display when your cock is out, when you're jacking off, when a girl is jacking you off as a secondary action, or when a girl is blowing you as a secondary action. This is still a work in progress.
  • I moved the text balloons around a bit, placing them firmly in the top right corner, so as to leave more space in the center of the screen. This is also a work in process. I definitely need to update the intro scene to look a bit better with this style.
  • A great new classroom backdrop courtesy of Miss Muffin.
  • Plenty of other little tweaks, spelling corrections, bug fixes, and other stuff.
  • Please give me plenty of feedback if anything is actually broken or buggy, and also just general impressions about these new systems, what works, what doesn't?

Should fix:
  • K_Gag/R_Gag error
  • File "game/Kitty_Scenes.rpy", line 1475, in NameError: name 'line' is not defined error
  • Kitty taking her pants off during sex but they pop back on after orgasms
  • Stamina-related stats behaving oddly during sex with Kitty (it was a left in diagnostic thing).
  • Red text above Kitty's head during BJs, related to nipple piercings.
  • The "shades of grey" infinite loop.
  • Various other stuff.

Чтобы появилась консоль:
открыть любым текстовым эдитором "00console.rpy" в папке renpy/common
найти строчку (можно поиском): config.console = False
заменить False на True
в игре нажать Shift+O (русская Щ). Закрывается консоль Esc.
  • store.R_Love=X
  • store.R_Lust=X
  • store.R_Addict=X
  • store.R_Addictionrate=X
  • store.R_Obed=X
  • store.R_Inbt=X
    большая R - Rogue.
    большая K - Kittie. (всё тоже самое для Китти.)
    если заменить на большую P - статы игроку подкручивать можно.
  • store.P_Cash=X
  • store.P_StatPoints=X
  • store.P_Lvl=X
  • R_Action=x запас сил Руж (сколько "подходов" к ней можно сделать)
  • P_Focus=x аналог R_Lust, но для ГГ
  • P_Semen=x аналог R_Action, но для ГГ
  • Round=x сколько действий осталось до смены времени суток

- Just use "K_" for “Kitty" and....."R_" for “Rogue”....."E_" for "Emma"....."P_" for "Zero" aka Player
- Upper and lower case letters ARE important!!! Spaces [ = ] are NOT

>Player Stats
Playername = “Zero”
P_Male = 1
R_Petname = “sugar” # What Rogue calls the player
R_Petnames = [“sugar”]
R_Pet = “Rogue” # What player calls Rogue
R_Pets = [“Rogue”]
K_Petname = “sweetie” # What Rogue calls the player
K_Petnames = [“sweetie”]
K_Pet = “Kitty” # What player calls Rogue
K_Pets = [“Kitty”]
P_Semen = 2
P_Semen_Max = 3
P_Focus = 0
P_FocusX = 0
P_XP = 0
P_StatPoints = 0
P_XPgoal = 100
P_Lvl = 1
P_Traits = [ ]
P_RecentActions = [ ]
P_DailyActions = [ ]

>Player Inventory Variables
P_Income = 12 # How much money player makes each day
P_Cash = 20 # Modify the Cash

>Rogue Stats [R] / Kitty Stats [K] (for Kitty Stats change 'R' for 'K')
R_Love = 500 # Remenber lowest=0, full=1000
R_Inbt = 0 # Remenber lowest=0, full=1000
R_Obed = 0 # Remenber lowest=0, full=1000
R_Lust = 10 # Remenber lowest=0, full=1000
R_LikeKitty = 600
R_Addict = 0 # How addicted she is
R_Addictionrate = 0 # How fast her addiciton rises
R_AddictStore = 0 # Stores her base addiction level
R_Resistance = 0 # How fast her rate falls
R_OCount = 0 # Orgasm counter
R_Loose = 0
R_XP = 0
R_Cheated = 0 # Number of times player cheated on Rogue
R_Break = [0,0] # Minimum time between / total number of break-ups
R_StatPoints = 0
R_XPgoal = 100
R_Lvl = 0
R_Rep = 80
R_Shame = 0 # Shame amount Rogue generates with current clothing/action
R_Taboo = 0 # Taboo level of the location Rogue is at when not with player

>Sexual Encounters
R_Action = 3
R_MaxAction = 3
R_Caught = 0
R_Kissed = 0 # How many times Rogue and player have kissed

Main ones I use below:




Add +=(number) to increase score) or -=(number) to decrease score) at the end of those. no spaces

  • 18.02.2018 - первый релиз игры русской версии 0.976b и английской 0.977b
  • 19.03.2018 - английская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.978b, добавлена английская версия игры 0.978b со встроенными модами
  • 22.01.2019 - английская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.981f
  • 15.04.2020 - английская версия игры обновлена до версии 1.0
  • 28.10.2020 - английская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.992b
  • 05.06.2021 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.992g, английская - 0.994d
  • 11.06.2021 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.994d, с поглощением английской версии
  • 15.01.2023 - игра обновлена до русской версии 0.999e; в раздачу добавлена английская версия 1.0
  • 13.04.2024 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 1.3a, английская до - 1.51

Эро и хентайные игры отключаются в настройках профиля:

13.04.2024 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 1.3a, английская до - 1.51!

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Хорошо хоть Логана там нет
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Хорошо хоть Логана там нет
Как нет?! Какой тогда во всем этом смысл? )
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Спасибо чел) давно ждал
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Поиграл немного и скажу, что интересная задумка, приятная рисовка персонажей(но их как-то малова-то), за саму игрульку спасибо, надеюсь автор не забьёт на неё.
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В наше время и спидермэн был крут.

Я мнению вашему вращение предавал и осью был мой детородный орган!
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Радиоактивные люди.
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на последнем скрине у правой тёлки с мандАринки слюнявый чужой вылазит?
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Вроде есть - 0.978e русская версия
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Это шедевральная игра но конечно есть что исправить и добавить)) вот бы шейхи разрабам денег дали

Он человек,который не мог не стать-Королем Пиратов!
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