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Tales Of Androgyny [ver.]

Год выпуска: 2018
Версия: ver.
Жанр: Monstergirls, Hermaphrodites, Animated Combat, RPG, Drawn art
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: The Majalis Duo - https://www.patreon.com/Majalis
Издательство: The Majalis Duo - https://www.patreon.com/Majalis

Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Авторский (Неизвестен)
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык текста: Английский
Таблэтка: не требуется

Системные требования:
  • Операционная система: Win XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Процессор: CPU: Intel Pentium IV (2.0 GHz) / AMD Athlon XP 2200+
  • Оперативная память: 1 GB
  • Видео-карта: 512 MB
  • Свободное место на диске: ~ 395 MB
  • Windows version should work on any computer with Java installed


Tales Of Androgyny - это небольшая РПГ игра с эротическими элементами.
Данная игра разработана командой Majalis, состоящей из двух программистов - один художник и один писатель. Игра создана с использованием libgdx.
  • После скачивания необходимо разархивировать игру (архив Tales_Of_Androgyny_Win32.zip либо Tales_Of_Androgyny_Win64.zip для игры на 32-разрядной или на 64-разрядной Windows соответственно) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Запустить файл TalesOfAndrogyny.exe
  • Играть

Version: - 2nd May Weekly
New features:
  • Perception (3) now reveals possible encounter endings, visible on the top-right of the battle screen
  • Hover to see what each ending means and some hints on how to get it
  • When an ending is achieved, the other ending icons will gray out, so you'll know which one you've gotten
  • New items and item slots:
  • Added mouthwear slot and a Ring Gag item to equip in it
  • Added anal beads
  • Added tail plugs
  • Added ring plugs
  • All new items available as purchasable by the Gadgeteer (discount/toy merchant)
  • Timestamp is now included in save file info
  • Implemented pinch zoom on the world map for android
  • Put real road textures in for a more natural look
  • Overall improved the appearance of the World Map
New content:
  • Dullahan encounter expansion!
  • Dullahan stealth branches - stealth before encountering her!
  • Includes a branch for companions
  • Requires agility
  • Added Dullahan headless art
  • More erotic message variance in battle
Tweaks and bug fixes:
  • Fixed endless level up animation
  • Tweaked the text placement for skills on skill selection
  • Fixed potential crash bug when a battle ending has no mapping
  • World Map gen failure (particularly on android) should no longer cause a crash

Version: - 1st May Weekly
New features:
  • Can now zoom in and out on the World Map with scrollwheel or 'M' and 'N' keys - gestures to come!
  • Can now scroll World Map with WSAD
New content:
  • Added Dullahan encounter
  • Branches for Charisma, Top perk, lewdness, and a new tight butthole check
  • Battle optional
  • Encountered randomly in the later areas
  • Chastity cage alternative for Mermaid defeat scene
  • New clouds on the world map that look purdy
Tweaks and bug fixes:
  • Limited Warlock spell list
  • Added free cock check to Angel encounter
  • Fixed Kylira healing bug
  • Adjusted some enemy stats
  • Tweaked the intro to make it more seamless and stylish
  • Clouds on the world map now move at different rates

Version: - "Alpha" update
New features:
  • Implemented Stealth and Sneak Attacks
  • Stealth allows you to sneak up on characters to get the drop on them, whether that's surprise attacks or engaging in dialogue
  • Sneak Attacks give you a few rounds, depending on the circumstances, during which the enemy doesn't respond
  • Not all encounters can be snuck up on
  • Like Scouting, Stealth is both passive (based on Agility and the Stealthy perk) and active (increasing stealth by taking more time to travel to your next destination)
  • Can now sell items to vendors
  • Added masturbation option to Camping screen when lust is high
  • Implemented a global mute pull down button, Delete key also, unmuting returns sound and music to their previous levels
  • Added icons, particularly marking stance switches, to the combat log and fixed a bunch of readability issues therein
  • Combat log also now divided into four outcome quadrants, albeit still top-to-bottom: enemy to character, enemy to enemy, character to enemy, character to character
  • Choice requirements are now always displayed consistently, including multiple requirements for a single choice
  • Perception can now show next stance/technique on intermittent turns at lower level Perception scores
  • Splash screen now fades to main menu and main menu has a UI fade-in
  • Added willpower gains
  • Implemented skill level requirements
New content:
  • Giantess Futa encounter
  • Always in a set place on the far north side of the map (for now)
  • Giantess battle is challenging, but fair ("fairness" is relative)
  • Many branches that are safe to explore
  • High agility and perception recommended
  • Werewolf story mode encounter
  • Added Beastmaster mounting art
  • Added initial Warlock feminization art
  • Added Beastmistress animation
  • Added Ghost Animation
  • New game mode select art
  • Added Slime sketch to Slime topping scene
  • Added new techniques in Doggy, Fellatio, and Handy bottom stances
  • New Doggy techniques include Push Back and Spread
  • New Fellatio techniques include Lick Balls, Suck and Stroke, Suck and Beat, and Blow
  • New Handy techniques include Tandem Stroke, Fondle Balls, Spit on It, Kiss Balls, and Open Up
  • New "Spank" technique for Doggy top stance
  • New in-battle text for anal for most characters
  • Added more enemy battle chatter
  • Added random lewd scenes in the town square on a cooldown timer
  • Can earn some money this way depending on Charisma
  • There are four separate possible encounters
  • Created a small cap encounter that will serve as the end of story mode while it's in development to ensure players know about normal mode
  • New power-bottoming encounter victory branches for the following:
  • Centaur/Unicorn (oral and anal variants)
  • Harpy
  • Goblin Femme/Masc
  • Brigand
  • New topping encounter victory branches for the following:
  • Harpy
  • Goblin
  • Updated Brigand battle/encounter dialog and gave her a modified sex technique
Tweaks and bug fixes:
  • Updated replay screen with any new CG art
  • Tweaked UI of some of the auxillary screens
  • Added no-cage requirement to more encounter options
  • Reduced skill point increases
  • Doubled experience requirements
  • High tier encounters are now more diverse
  • Fixed balance bar coloration
  • Changed the layout of shops, shops now display their inventory with a more economical use of space
  • Buttons are now always a consistent size with each other
  • Made some changes to the Werewolf strength check to increase salinity levels
  • Tweaked visibility of unscouted roads
  • Hidden paths are no longer shown until scouted
  • Tweaked appearance of options on world map
  • Separated blockable from parryable and evadeable as technique modifiers
  • Fixed creampie animation for large creampies
  • Fixed Town Portal scrolls
  • Fixed carriage dialogue
  • Text is now a bit more compact
  • Possibly fixed an OpenGL issue for some Windows 10 machines

  • Mermaid encounter
  • She shows up in the river, and acts as a potential gateway to the far side
  • High charisma will let you avoid fighting her
  • She has an ovipositor - be forewarned
  • She has no Game Over currently
  • Implemented long-term egging
  • Lowers agility
  • The more time passes, the more the eggs gestate - you'll receive periodic notifications as time passes, and also be able to check on your status in the Quest Log
  • Eggs now display as belly fullness
  • Slight expansion of the story mode merchant encounter
  • Fixed some music queues

New features:
  • Arousal received a major update
  • Different enemies now have different fetishes and are aroused accordingly
  • Lust is now separate from arousal, and is a percentage, building up over time and only reduced by cumming - affects combat strength and impacts encounter branches for high or max lust - lust is visible on Character screen
  • Lust effects enemy behavior - e.g. Trudy will submit if you seduce him right
  • Fixed receptive anal not causing arousal without Weak to Anal perk (Weak to Anal still doubles said arousal)
  • The player character's fetishes change accordingly with the various perks, causing additional arousal and higher lust reduction from orgasm
  • Seduction techniques arouse someone based on their type - seducing someone (or arousing oneself) by appealing to a desire to be topped or bottomed anally or orally, for instance
  • Ejaculating now reduces stamina by a large amount
  • Added feminized portraits (need very high Cock Lover perk)
  • Can now hire girls in the brothel
  • Can now move to distant areas on world map by clicking on them - projected path is displayed on hover/touch
  • Major overhaul of skill/perk/magic selection interface
  • Now displays what the maximum level of a skill/perk/spell is
  • Displays all skills a character can use, even if they aren't upgradeable
  • Skills now also have a short description describing their intended use
  • Skills are displayed by stance - toggle with arrow buttons and left/right arrow keys
  • Slight improvements to class selection UI, including + and - buttons and class descriptions, as well as some new sounds
  • Gave character customization screen a facelift and added cock size selection
  • Encounters now have background art in general
  • Implemented a help screen with info
  • Implemented armor info on hover in battle, can see remaining durability and armor absorption
  • Can now unequip equipment by clicking on the equipment slot
  • Implemented alternate Game Over screens - currently Mouth Fiend is the only one
  • Added cums sounds to combat
  • Added statuses for low HP/Stamina or high lust to the battle screen, reduced how much an impact these have on current Strength
  • Current scouting score displayed on world map screen (little eye icon)
  • Added time display to encounter screen
  • Added level display to world map
  • Button width of choice options now varies dynamically
  • Grapple indicator
New content:
  • Implemented full Mouth Fiend v1.0 questline. To access:
  • Get banned from the Brothel (hire Daisy or Rose and force them after failing their respective Charisma checks: Rose is very easy to fail)
  • Visit the Town Square
  • Implemented goblin animation (male and female goblins)
  • Added werewolf anal art
  • Implemented Seduction stance and a suite of techniques to use in it
  • Added some new anal sex topping techniques, as well as stroking skills while receiving and some new fighting skills
  • Added bomb items, available for purchase at the Witch's cottage
  • Magic bomb that deals high damage to an enemy, ignoring armor (useful for Ghost)
  • Magic bomb that knocks the enemy down
  • Magic bomb that destroys the enemy's armor
  • Added new combat learnable perks (Quickfooted, Combat Finesse, Sunderer, Versatile, Cum Drinker)
  • Added "Top" perk that increases arousal from being on top
  • Added more combat dialog (particularly for Quetzal)
  • Added more dominant sex dialogue
  • Added more sounds across the board
Tweaks and bug fixes:
  • Reduced load times across the board
  • Can now initiate grapple or otherwise pounce on enemies from Balanced or Offensive stances, as long as other conditions are met
  • Attacks while knocked down will no longer destabilize a character, helping to avoid stunlocks
  • All Catamite checks in encounters now replaced with either having Catamite, Anal Addict 3, Cock Lover 8+, or Lust > 75
  • Lowered enemy base defense
  • Reduced damage and bleed of Overrun (making it easier to knock down enemies without killing them)
  • No longer causes instability to use an item
  • Goblin facesitting now more common
  • Orc victory now gives experience
  • Changed font
  • Improved meat
  • Updated the goblin animation
  • Weakening Curse now available in Normal mode
  • Replaced world map buttons with separate placeholder
  • Adjusted some battle UI locations for better readability
  • Harpy animation fixes
  • Some music fixes
  • Fixed Ogre screen position
  • Encounters are now easier to generate, which should reduce future encounter bugs
  • Removed Town Square from story mode to avoid quest confusion
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to ride unrideable enemies
  • Fixed Well Rounded perk
  • Fixed some stances not triggering erotic text
  • Fixed battle hover - now properly displays stat modifications by status
  • Typo fixes and some slight scene rewrites
  • Made it so that on certain encounters MC's portrait resets and added arbitrary portrait swapping capabilities
  • Fixed crashes on android
  • Removed some old obsolete assets to reduce download size
  • All encounters should now take chastity cage into account

  • Implemented full Mouth Fiend v1.0 questline
  • To access - hire Daisy twice from the Brothel and select all the first options
  • Visit the Town Square
  • Implemented goblin animation (male and female goblins)
  • Added werewolf anal art
  • Can now hire girls in the brothel
  • Current scouting score now displays when you scout
  • Lowered default resolution
  • Added more dominant sex dialogue
  • Added more sounds across the board
  • Improved meat
  • Reduced load times across the board
  • Button width of choice options now varies dynamically
  • Made saves more backwards compatible
  • Made it so that on certain encounters MC's portrait resets and added arbitrary portrait swapping capabilities
  • Fixed crashes on android
  • Should work on more devices, both mobile and desktop
  • Removed some old obsolete assets to reduce download size
  • Fixed naga encounter not taking chastity cage into account

  • Implemented Town Crier questline
  • Implemented Town Square
  • Added Witch's Cottage
  • Added Mount Xiuh
  • Added new boss encounter
  • Added experience gain to satisfaction endings for various encounters
  • Implemented Bunny Anal art
  • Bunny/Puca now shows on Pervert screen
  • Modified standing/recovery techniques so that they can only be used when they won't cause immediate collapse
  • Enemies can still knock you down immediately through stamina destroying attacks or just unbalancing if you don't have your footing
  • Techniques used in a downed state will no longer display in red
  • Load on the Main Menu now displays the Save/Load screen
  • Added some feedback to the Save/Load screen
  • Deletes and overwrites now prompt the player
  • Added Story Mode indicator to save files
  • Added Quick Load to world map
  • Added perks for increasing Perception, Magic and Charisma
  • Inventory screen now displays if shield is equipped or not
  • Added a description for shield
  • Fixed harpy hanging in the air instead of divebombing
  • Some enemies have alternate climax skills now
  • Added some clarity to error messages
  • Level gain now displays when you level up in an encounter
  • Added lilies to the world map

  • New rendering method having a memory leak that caused crashes and performance issues fixed.
  • A crash bug related to story mode and the town is fixed.

  • New world map UI/UX!
  • Includes some tweaks to the world gen to guarantee encounters appear
  • Terrain, trees, rocks, shadows, water, some cloud tweaks and a more cohesive map in general
  • Reduced travel times
  • Fixed a longstanding bug regarding being able to click on buttons that had clickable items under them
  • Quest Log (viewable from World Map)
  • Fixed where Save button appears during encounters (both position and when you can save)
  • Adjusted some battle UI elements to prevent overlaps
  • New world map sound

  • Permanent save files
  • Accessible from the World Map and Encounter Screens
  • 10 slots available currently
  • Shields!
  • Blocking or Guarding now can reduce damage by full, three-quarters, half, or a quarter (parrying is similar)
  • Shield will eventually break after sustaining enough damage - blocking will still parry for some amount of damage
  • Added a few Brothel Madame scenes!
  • Kissing/handjob/oral/anal Brothel encounters!
  • Each has an associated skill which effects payout/outcome
  • Can now give service in the Brothel twenty times
  • Starting armor dependent on class
  • Added a handful of new armor pieces

  • Naga encounter!
  • She can wrap you up if you're on the ground - you won't be able to escape unless you can overpower her or she runs out of stamina
  • She has a very different set of encounter possibilities if you scout out her cave beforehand or not
  • Started to enhance the brothel
  • Added new Brothel Madame art
  • More options
  • Lady of the Night doesn't cause a game over as quickly, and gives warning in advance, so more prostitution can be done on each playthrough
  • Sex perks got a rename, and "Cock Lover" perk was added
  • Added cave background for Spider and Naga battles.
  • Can now see perk descriptions by hovering over them on the Character screen
  • Added Angel battle background
  • Lowered armor score for enemy armor.
  • Fixed Focus Energy - this skill, which regenerates mana and increase endurance, was not previously working properly
  • Enemies will no longer initiate sixty-nine on a chastitied character
  • Replaced spider cum with eggs
  • Updates to credits screen
  • Fixed crash bug when player character has no actions.

New features:
  • Implemented armor! For purchase at the blacksmith
  • Armor currently has three slots, covering two places - upper body and lower body
  • Doll on battle screen shows where armor is
  • Armor is hit/broken by attacks with the proper height
  • Armor worn on the leg must be destroyed or removed before underwear can be destroyed or removed
  • Lower body armor/underwear that obscures the backdoor must be removed or destroyed before anal penetration in most cases
  • Pervert screen bestiary
  • Can now view CG for different characters on the Pervert screen
  • Added new "Inventory" screen, accessible from the world map
  • HP/Stamina/Stability/Bleed/Armor changes in battle for a given turn now appear on the UI
  • Some sex stats are now visible on the character screen
  • Job class now shows on character screen
  • Status effects like bleed now display on the Character screen, as well as character health
New content:
  • Angel encounter (encountered in the second fort-looking place)!
  • Harpy story mode encounter!
  • Brigand story mode encounter!
  • Ogre story mode ogre encounter expanded
  • New Gadgeteer (Merchant) branches, including a new game over! Can now revisit the Gadgeteer
  • Trudy cowgirl art added
  • Implemented a new spell - Weakening Curse, currently story mode only. Halves enemy strength for its duration, which increases with Magic score
  • Displays in battle under opponent's paper doll
  • Added more in battle dialog for enemies
  • Added clubs - weapons that don't cause bleed - to the shop in skirmish mode
Tweaks and bug fixes:
  • Reduced food cost!
  • Tweaked world gen for more encounters
  • Reduced knockdown on ogre's "Smash" ability
  • Added "Rip" ability to Ogre for removing lower body armor and underwear. Ogre will also now wait much longer before grabbing you.
  • Story mode shopkeep now gifts you a large potion
  • Fixed spider facesitting
  • Renamed "Bird Lover" to "Cuckoo for Cuckoo"

New features:
  • Chastity cages - Can only be de-equipped once it's equipped if you possess a Key. - Can not get erect while wearing a cage, and certain options in encounters are not selectable
  • Butt plugs - Enemies can remove plugs in combat - you can re-equip the plug after battle
  • Enemies will generally react to butt plugs in encounters - Equipment can be unequipped by clicking the item in your inventory - equipped items are highlighted in yellow
  • Can now toggle blood on and off in the options menu
New content: - Ghost! - Different encounter if encountered in the daytime rather than the night
  • Don't try to fight her if you don't have a source of magic damage! (or do?)
  • Orc animation!
  • Harpy anal art
  • Harpy expanded encounter
  • New defeat - no longer a guaranteed game over, but can be - Different scene if you're wearing a plug
  • Gadgeteer expanded encounter - Different outcomes if you're wearing a plug or cage
  • Different outcomes if you're a Paladin
  • Chastity cage art
  • New interface for class selection Tweaks and bug fixes: - When you select Level Up, all levels are applied, rather than having to click multiple times - Harpy crashes should be all fixed

  • Coming soon

New features:
  • Camping! Can rest, sleep, and chat with companions - more to come!
  • No longer have to deal with the annoying repeated stick encounter - can now move about somewhat freely on the world map!
  • World map encounters, finding rewards (gold, food, items) and traps
  • Scouting! Can scout ahead to warn of dangers and increase rewards and safety at the cost of time/food
  • Town screen and encounters in town now tint with the time of day
  • Time based encounters - Trudy the Adventurer now auto-encountered
New content:
  • Elf (Kylira)!
  • Automatically encountered at the dawn of the third day
  • Can be met in the wild after that encounter
  • Can be invited to join as a companion (able to talk to them in the new Camp menu)
  • A hunger charm which reduces metabolic rate (how much food is used per tick!)
Tweaks and bug fixes:
  • Harpy animation fixes
  • Food hunger messages now a bit clearer
  • Bleed now heals with rest

New features:
  • Debt and prostitution implemented
  • Time now passes and the world map displays accordingly
  • Now displays the base stats and modifiers in stat checks
  • Can now use the arrow keys to select different options in encounter branches
  • Options that cannot be selected are greyed out - including stat-based options (like in the Goblin encounter)
  • Swallowing cum now feeds you a bit
New content:
  • Basic Bank and Brothel (BBB) encounters in town
  • At the bank you can borrow money, but you'll be charged interest per day - right now the bank can't come to collect the interest, but they will soon!
  • At the brothel you can sign up to be one of the working girls - just don't overdo it!
  • Added "+1" superior weapons in skirmish mode
  • Item are now retrievable from certain events - including slime and a spider (items?!) - defeating the Spider encounter bestows a powerful weapon
Tweaks and bug fixes:
  • Fixed issue with enemies not cumming ever in certain stances because their lust doesn't build
  • Can no longer violate the unicorn (you monster)
  • Choice options that cannot be selected are now properly greyed out and cannot be selected
  • Fixed an issue where black boxes appeared instead of certain graphics
  • Character portrait no longer persists between encounters

New features:
  • New stances - Ouroboros (standing 69!) and Facefuck
  • Entire battle UI is now hidden when you press tab
New content:
  • Spider Queen encounter! (it's the first fort-looking place you come across for now)
  • Centaur/Unicorn anal images!
  • Updated Harpy animations, including an attack and "divebomb" animation
  • Brigand idle animation
  • Added a lot of encounter changes to make events occur at the proper time, meaning more belly filling and facial expressions
Tweaks and bug fixes:
  • Centaur will no longer initiate missionary
  • Tweaked some perk descriptions to make them more understandable
  • Made the player character able to cum from oral sex
  • Fixed a few crash bugs
  • Increased lust gain from taunting
  • Major refactor to make encounters easier to build

New features:
  • New stances - reverse cowgirl and prone-bone
  • Can now scroll through all available skills in a given stance
  • Stability is now a sequence rather than a number
  • New android build!
  • If no attacks are available, there is now a "Do Nothing" option
New content:
  • Drow Beastmistress encounter!
  • Orc pounding art for prone bone stance and in encounters
  • Loading screen art updated
  • Town background art updated
Tweaks and bug fixes:
  • Stats > 10 no longer cause crashes on character screen
  • Fixed scrolling in battle text (click and drag)
  • Enemies should no longer get stuck with negative stamina
  • Fixed which enemies will sit on your wang (sorry, no more power-bottoming ogres)
  • Unicorns now permanently erect, as they should be
  • Increased the size of branch buttons
  • Goblin(Male) has male pronouns now
  • Refactors to reduce potential future bugs

  • 16.02.2018 - первый релиз игры версии
  • 23.05.2018 - игра обновлена до версии
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боже , что случилось с русалкой на последнем скриншоте ?
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Vr3D писал(а):

боже , что случилось с русалкой на последнем скриншоте ?
Ела после шести ag

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Vr3D писал(а):

боже , что случилось с русалкой на последнем скриншоте ?
МакДак - "наше всё! Улыбаюсь
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Vr3D писал(а):

боже , что случилось с русалкой на последнем скриншоте ?
Феминистки называли это "реалистичными пропорциями" в отношении других игр. Одно из обличий толерантности.

Труд сделал из обезьяны человека, а лень - из человека программиста.
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Толстая дама в эротической игре - это норм, ведь фетиши абсолютно разные, кому-то нравятся полные тян, кому-то худенькие, а кому-то совсем толстые.
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Предупреждений: 1

Французские Юж. и Антарктич. Тер-рии

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Мне больше всего нравится то, что вы, ребята, кажется совсем не понимаете, что не в весе дело в данной игре.
И правда вас шокирует.
П.С. Хоть я и не сторонник такого контента, но такова цена свободы слова. И это, в принципе, здорово.
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