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Glassix [ver.0.30]

Год выпуска: 2018
Версия: v.0.30
Жанр: 3DCG, ADV, All Sex, Animation, Fantasy, Flash, Hypnosis, Oral, Sex sim, SLG, Titsjob, Incest, Mom-Son, Brother-Sister
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Gaweb Studio - www.patreon.com/gawebstudio
Издательство: Gaweb Studio - www.patreon.com/gawebstudio

Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Авторский (Неизвестен)
Язык интерфейса: Английский / Русский /
Язык текста: Английский / Русский /
Таблэтка: не требуется

Системные требования:
  • Операционная система: Win XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Процессор: CPU: Intel Pentium IV (2.0 GHz) / AMD Athlon XP 2200+
  • Оперативная память: 512 MB
  • Видео-карта: 128 MB
  • Свободное место на диске: ~3 GB
  • Звуковая карта, совместимая с DirectX: 8.1 или выше


Вы следите за историей главного героя, который берет в руки подозрительный предмет - очки. Эти очки позволяют ему видеть сквозь одежду и использовать некоторые приказы на своей цели, чтобы сделать их более восприимчивыми к довольно своеобразным заданиям...

Релиз обновлен 02.11.2018! Игра обновлена до версии 0.30
    Язык интерфейса меняем в настройках (Options) игры

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив Glassix_0.30.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл Glassix.exe
  • Играть

  • Added a daily event for Naomi's vibrator event to make it repeatable
  • Change affection cheat to increase affection to 200 directly
  • added suspicion cheat code in main character menu. Click on the supicion value to reset it to 0.
Bug corrections
  • Disabled Atsuko vibrator option during Naomi's vibrator event (Not implemented yet) (Thanks Dylan!)
  • Fixed missing bed blowjob pictures (Thanks Dylan!)
  • Fixed bug with alternative endings for Strip-Tease and Show tits/ass (Thanks Dylan!)
  • Solved Bug with Rin Ayumi cheerleading training final option (Thanks Dylan!)
  • Solved some pathfinding issues (Thanks Alex2011!)
  • Solved bug when sleeping with girlfriend (Thanks Ric!)
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka

  • Added slave mode feature
  • Added 3 new dates
  • Added 2 new vibrator events
New sex options
  • Added bed blowjob command for all girls
  • Added alternative endings for show ass, show tits and strip commands
Bug corrections
  • Added outfit check for vibrator events to avoid missing images warning (Thanks Turntsnaco!)
  • Solved bug where affection would sometimes reset to 160 after dates (Thanks dblev!)
  • Solved bug where Aiko's vibrator event could not trigger (Thanks Gtgtz!)
  • Solved bug where Lily's plan couldn't be triggered (Thanks bbnn!)
  • Solved Suspicious events not triggering (Thanks PotatoKing!)
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka
  • Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong

  • Bug fixes

  • Added girlfriend option when affection reaches 200
  • Added choice during night to sleep with girlfriend
Suspicion feature added
  • More personalized texts for the Aquatic Park date
  • More job H-scenes for the cheerleader training and the Aquatic Park lifeguard (threesome and foursome)
  • Utako's wedding. This event completely change the way you have to handle Utako, because you have now less than 5 weeks to raise her to level 4 before she gets married. After the wedding, obedience events won't be possible anymore: to get her, don't forget to go at this wedding.
  • Utako's emancipation: if you succeed the wedding event and you bring her to 160 Affection and Obedience, you can date her
  • New item: vibrator. You can give it to a girl and activate it in certain detailed circumstances to have a bonus scene. Aiko and Saiko's scenes are ready. Probably more will be ready next month.
  • Added sex shop in Northside
  • Added hotel in airport
  • Added lots of missing key check for apartments and houses (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Lily's plan event can only be triggered if she has met Rin (Thanks Avaren!)
  • Solved Anael casual outfit bug. She only has work outfit now. (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Solved Yatsumi missing image during bath event (Thanks LoganJ!)
  • Search and Wait functions can't be used when there is an objective now to prevent current event interruption (Thanks Avaren!)
  • Added missing images during Naomi's confession event (Thanks Knut Wuchtig!)
  • Corrected bug when buying outfits in shops and getting charged several time for the same outfit if clicked several times (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Corrected bug where player would not faint even when stamina was depleted (Thanks Hermenegild!)
  • Corrected salary incoherence for librarian jobs (Thanks Squark!)
  • A lot of buggy bugs removed!
  • Corrected Naomi's confession event not being repeatable when you selected the "Later" option (Thanks Quazar87!)
  • Corrected incorrect girl affection when starting a new game and skipping day 1 (Thanks jamjam!)
  • Corrected bug when interacting with another girl after a date (Thanks Whionstan!)
  • Corrected affection change tooltip not displaying anymore (Thanks Meushi!)
  • Corrected bug where girl sometimes interrupted the date when their follow time expired
  • Corrected bug where pathfinding to abandoned shrine on day 7 was bugged (Thanks SimpleFapper!)
  • Corrected bug where girls would disappear during school gym event (Thanks Yume-Noun!)
Misc :
  • Changed pool hobby trait from Relaxation to Fitness to add more variety and added a few text variation between girls at the beginning. More coming in the future.
  • Russian translation updated by Basilka
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem

What's new?
  • New dating feature
  • Kristina level 4
  • New H options for jobs
  • A few extra and a lot of bug corrections

  • Исправлен баг при запуске игры

New events list interface:
  • This new page is accessible from the top right scrolling menu or pressing F6 during the game. It lists all unique and daily events accessible in game (I removed a few which were not relevant though). It uses a simple color code :
  • Events in white are completed
  • Events in grey are not completed
  • Note that repeatable events reset each day so they will only become white the day you completed them then go back to grey the next day.
I've taken the time in this update to organize events a bit mot properly. Now they have a type and a trigger condition.
  • Unique: It will trigger only once during your playthrough. Some unique events can sometimes be repeated if the wrong choices have been selected.
  • Repeatable: Those will be reset each day. Among them, some have conditions which only repeat each X days, such as christmas events.
Trigger condition:
  • Walk: Those events automatically triggers as you walk around and fulfill the conditions
  • Sleep: Those events trigger when you go to sleep. Only 2 events so far use this trigger type.
  • Talk: Those events trigger when you use the "Talk" option after interacting with a girl. So far, only the new student uniform quest uses this trigger.
  • Give: Those events trigger when you give the right item to a specific girl. So far, only giving the diamond necklace to Hikari to get her vote uses this trigger. If you already completed this quest, no need to retry it because this small event doesn't have any H content.
  • 90% of events have a Walk trigger but I'm hoping to give more interactivity in the game and maybe CarpeNoctem will have some use for those 3 new trigger types to give more diversity in events (before this, it was hard-coded so not much liberty).
A filter allows you to quickly search through them.
  • Filter by name: Filter all events containing the string you typed.
  • Filter by type: Mentioned above
  • Filter by girl: It will filter all events where the girl you want appear in its trigger conditions (Girl must be in room condition) as well as events linked to the girl's gallery
  • Filter by trigger: Mentioned above
  • Finally, clicking on an event will list all its conditions in the bottom right panel. Here again, a simple color code is used :
  • Fulfilled conditions appear in white
  • Missing conditions appear in grey
  • With this new interface, you should have a complete understanding of what you can do in game. Moreover, since this interface parse the game files directly, the listed conditions can't be wrong like what could happen in the wiki or the walkthrough. Finally, this list is automatically updated as the game gets more events so no more missing events.
This should really help make the game clearer for everybody and resolve a lot of problems some of you had to trigger specific events. You will now know why it's not working.
Complete choices list during events:
  • Similar to the new events list interface, this update will helps makes things clearer during the game. Now, all choices will appear during an events. It uses a simple color code as well:
  • White choices are accessible choices
  • Red choices are accessible choices which will trigger a fail. Failed choice usually give an affection penalty but some rarely trigger some naughty result so keep an eye on those.
  • Grey choices are inaccessible choices and can't be clicked
Choices requirements tooltip:
  • Similar to event trigger conditions, choices have requirements to become accessible. Listing all of them as explained above will give players the complete list of choices in game. While hovering a choice, if it has any requirements, they will be displayed in a tooltip which also uses a simple color code:
  • White requirements are fulfilled requirements
  • Grey requirements are missing requirements
  • With this, you'll just have to remember the grey requirements, fulfill them then retry the event to get access to this choice. It should make the game less of a hassle in general.
Layer system:
  • I've implemented a first version of the new layer system for the girls. When a girl appear in town while you walk or when she talks during an event, instead of having only 1 image displayed, the game will show 3 layers : naked, underwear and cloth. This will allow the player to see the proper underwear below the cloth and allow any combination of cloth/underwear. This won't work during H images in events though so as explained before and as the poll result decided, we'll only prepare a fixed set of images for this part.
  • This new layer system is not perfect yet. The edges of the cloth and underwear have lost transparency during the process for some reason I still have to figure and the automated process is not perfect when removing the required part. This is quite visible for girls with pantyhoses or socks. We'll correct those images manually at a later date since it's not that game breaking and not too annoying visually yet.
New events:
  • I've been busy with all this new stuff on my side but don't worry, thanks to CarpeNoctem, you'll get new sexy content:
  • Kristina level 3 and here related commands
  • 6 new teaser events for Lily: Accessible for her level 0 or 1, they are intended to make her easier to level up meaning faster access to the end game
  • Blowjob variation for some girls
  • New academic training for Okimi, more expensie than with Saiko but more rewarding
  • Added Shiho house in Street O, Southside
  • Added Miwa house in Street P, Southside
  • Added Fujiko room
Bug fix:
  • The events list and choices tooltip have actually helped me figure out a lot of problems in some events which I've fixed. I also got reports for some annoying bugs here and there so here are the most notable ones which have been fixed:
  • Fixed bug where sexen was not displayed in the hero status page even after Lily opens shop. You will now know how much sexen you have without needing to go to her shop.
  • Yastumi chain night event have been fixed. With the choices tooltip, you should now be able to easily figure out how to complete this chain.
    Some of you reported you couldn't unlock Emika. This was due to a bug in her meeting event and has been fixed. So if you're missing Emika in the girl list but her meeting event is indicated as completed in the events list, you'll have to edit your save file with a text editor, search for "stewardesslift":XXX, and remove this part to be able to trigger the event again. Sorry about that ;x
  • Fixed bug where choices requiring money could still be clicked even if you didn't have enough money.
  • That's all for this update. Less H content, sorry about that but I think it will make the game easier to play since all the required information are not shown and easy to access. I also couldn't complete everything I had planned for this update, like adding proper tutorial events for the new features or adding H options for the sport and swimming classes but don't worry, those are not forgotten and will be added at a later date.
  • I also couldn't fix all the reported bugs, like missing images in sex events or girl behaving strangely during the playthrough but they are on my check list and will be solved asap.
I tried to test most of the new stuff but as always with this kind of new features, new bugs could appear so let me know if you encounted any trouble with this new version.
  • Money added to the game
  • 15 items added
  • 4 shops added
  • 7 jobs to earn money
  • 5 private lessons event to raise your skills faster
  • Emiri obedience level 3 & 4
  • 4 new extra girls
  • New Yoga club in Street J, Downtown
  • New Firm law office in Street N, Southside
  • Girls now use their swimsuit and sport outfit when required



This patch solves 2 more bugs :
  • Girls not appearing in city map for new players or players who never saved the game options
  • Mitsuko school uniform unique event wrong trigger
Let me know if you encounter any other bugs.
This patch should solve the remaining bugs reported :
  • No more sexy school uniform right on start
  • Girls not appearing on city map after loading a game
  • Girl losing stats after loading game (same bug as city map actually)
  • Underwear appearing in x-ray mode even though she was not wearing any
  • A few others (check changelog in game)
  • For the girls not appearing on city map, it did occur on my set up but after I worked on other bugs, it seems to have disappeared as well. not sure what was the problem so if it still happens for you, please let me know !

I had another report about girls appearing naked during toilets event when she was supposed to wear underwear or bath towel. This is normal since the images for those 2 outfits have not been generated yet. We'll add those outfits once all other extra outfits are completed since it will save us hours of working time. Sorry for the inconvience.

This should solve all the bugs reported so far. My bug list is empty at the moment so either the game is clear of bugs, either I forgot to add some reports to my list so don't hesitate to spam me again if you encounter any trouble !

Have fun !
  • Added Shiho and Emiri missing icons in city map
  • Added missing heel hypno avatar image for Emiri
  • Corrected heel footjob command for Emiri
  • Obedience events level 1 corrected for Kristina and Emiri (missing images)

  • Emiri obedience level event 1, the related commands and her pact event
  • Kristina obedience level event 1, the related commands and her pact event
  • New school uniform quest
  • A few bug corrections (Check changelog if interested)

  • The language switch in the options menu is now working again. A few other bugs have been solved too. Another patch will be released soon for the french translation and the remaining bugs not solved yet.

What's new :
  • Story completed
  • Anael obedience levels 2, 3 and 4
  • Kumiko level 4 with related commands, toilets, bath and night options
  • Utako level 4 with related commands, toilets, bath and night options
  • Yatsumi level 4 with related commands, toilets, bath and night options
  • New extra girl : Emiri, Strip club barmaid
  • New extra girl : Shiho, business woman
  • New unique event for Naomi related to Rin's birth
  • New anal option for Yatsumi threesome
About the story :

With this update, the story reaches its end. Just level up Anael to level 4 to proceed with the story. You'll have to make a choice between Anael or Lily which will then unlock a new option when talking to girls to trigger their unique endings. Two endings per girl : good or bad depending on who you chose. Beware that proceeding with the last story event will make Lily and Anael disappear from the game even though you'll still be able to play the game. This means any event related to one of those 2 girls will not be accessible anymore, like the pact events to get the doll mode option for a girl.

Depending on the girl you chose, the condition to trigger the ending will be different. With Anael good endings, you'll have to reach maximum affection with a girl. The current max affection is 100 which should be pretty easy to reach. However this will change with the Dating feature and make it a little more entertaining to raise affection as well as choosing one official girlfriend among all the girls which will become the new requirement for good ending. If you choose Lily bad ending, you'll have to grind until 200 obedience points. With the Lily's spells feature, grinding such an amount of obedience should be much faster. So basically, the mechanic of what you have now will change a bit once the game is completed but not the content itself. I know usually, all features are implemented first but Glassix being in the work for so long, a lot of new things have been thought over the course of development and carefully analyzed before adding it to the list of potential features. I hope you can understand.

The endings are not done yet and will require an update of their own to complete, maybe 2. A poll will be started with all previous remaining options plus the endings so you will be able to vote for the content you want to be added first.

Small change in features :

If you're a long time supporter, you might remember I was talking about implementing a Karma parameter in game to decide which ending you'll have access to. However, following some brainstorming with CarpeNoctem, I decided to scrap this idea. The game is already complex enough and will be even more with the future updates and I wanted to avoid forcing players to grind even more.

Misc :

I've spent a few days this month working on a translation interface to make it more easy for translators to... translate. In the long run, I'm planning to use the same XML structure for all my games so we can reuse the same interface and translate files easily.
This new interface is currently linked to Bing translator which gives the possibility to automatically generate a full machine translation of the game in any language you want. I still need to work a little more on it though.

Moreover the language files have been split in several smaller files related to each girl to make it easier to manage.

I made several tests and everything seems OK but the game containing so many events, some might be buggy so let me know if you encounter any trouble.

That's all for this release !

Happy New Year !
  • More bug corrections, this should cover most of the bugs I received as feedback from you all, thanks again for your help to make this game bug free ! If you find a bug which you already reported but still present, please let me know again because now that I use the new bug interface, I might have failed to add it to the list so you'll have to let me know again. I tried to review all your comments but some might have escaped my sight, sorry about that.
  • This patch also add a nice small feature : A 100% gallery unlock button. Many of you requested it so I added it. Just click on the button and wait for the page to refresh. All replayable events as well as all their choices should be available. I didn't test all events to make sure all their choices are ok but it should cover 99% of the cases. There are still a few issues with the avatar display during replay, some might not appear (during the St Patrick event for example). I've not found the problem yet but I'll keep investigating this.
  • This is the last patch for this version. Any future bugs reported will be solved in v0.20 coming at the end of the month.
  • Check the changelog in game for more info.

Many bugs solved among them :
  • Missing images added for students in swimsuit, school swimsuit and sport outfits during doll mode. Often noticed after a pact event with Lily involving a student.
  • Kumiko's event level 3 "Not here..." bug solved
  • Avatar overlap during 69 command solved
  • Girl not getting naked after ordered to during doll mode solved
  • Skills can no longer get higher than 100
  • Check the changelog in game for more info.

What's new :
  • Story advancement
  • Small introduction event for each district
  • Anael obedience level 1
  • Utako obedience level 3
  • 69 bed command for all girls
  • Boobjob bed and chair commands for all girls
  • Cunnilingus bed and chair command for girls how have the same command in standing pose
  • Hanae unique doll mode command
  • Unique event for Hanae
  • Unique event for Mitsuko
  • Added strip club in Northside, Street H
About the story :

To continue the story, you'll need Lily level 2 and simply go to the shrine on Sunday. The rest should be pretty obvious.

The story is not completed yet and will require another update. I'd advise the players who wants to discover all pathes to create a copy of the game before continuing the story since it will fork there, either to go classic demon/angel ending or to go full harem ending with special extra steps.

About the extra commands :

Since players asked for more commands, we've (or CarpeNoctem should I say Ухмыляюсь) been working on adding extra commands those 2 last updates and we'll start a new poll for new extra content this month.

About the update in general :

To be honest, I've been quite busy this month with a website project which was supposed to be easy but ended up with a customer who kept adding extra stuff to it. I wrapped it up now but it did cost me a lot of time this month and I couldn't focus as much as I wanted on Glassix which is why you only have one obedience level for Anael instead of the usual 2 I try to finish each month. I'll catch up the missing time next month in any case, wrap up Anael and get to the endings as well as the other new features.

Moreover, due to lack of time, I haven't been able to test all the new commands so I'm expecting a few bugs here and there nor have I had time to solve a few remaining issues already reported by some of you. I'll take some time in the following days to test this myself but I didn't want to delay the release for too long and I was already late so I had to push it.

Quick fix :

The language files besides english are not up to date, I released a small fix for them available on the download page. You'll need to get this file if you downloaded the full 0.19 or even the patch. The torrent is up to date though.

Sorry about this. In any case, I hope you'll enjoy the new content and as always, let me know if you encounter any trouble, I'll be much more reactive this month !

Thanks a lot for your support and patience !
  • This patch solves a lot of issues reported and add the missing image for Kana sport outfit. The remaining french strings have been translated in the english language file and the file has been reviewed up to v0.17.
  • Check the changelog in game for more info.
  • Thanks again for all your feedback which helps make the game better !

What's new:
  • Wardrobe management added
  • Yatsumi obedience level 3
  • Kumiko obedience level 3
  • Handjob command for bed and chair
  • All scenes images have been optimized to reduce the game size
About the wardrobe management :

To access it, you need to bring the girl to either her room or a public female changing room (In bathhouse, Aquatic park, Beach or School gym) and talk to her. A new option, Wardrobe management, will appear and let you choose what outfit the girl will wear during specific periods.

There are 4 periods at the moment : Casual, Work, Swimsuit and At home.

There are 6 possible outfits for all girls (except Lily which only has the 2 first) : Casual, Work, Swimsuit, Bath towel, Underwear and Naked (you need to get the girl in underwear or swimsuit and choose to go pantiless to get her naked)

Students have 2 extra outfits : Gym cloth and School swimsuit.

Each outfit requires a certain of audacity from the girl depending on the period and her obedience level. Girls will be more likely to wear sexy outfit at home than at work. And of course, certain outfits require more audacity to be accepted, as well as going pantiless. You'll see the outfit audacity and max audacity possible for the period in the new interface. The formula is quite simple so you should figure it out pretty easily. It's quite close to what I explained before :p

The outfit will be reflected during the girls daily life and daily commands, however unique events such has obedience level will still show the original outfit. This is simply because handling those variations would just be way too much work so only the images of daily events have been updated. Same goes for pantiless outfit, the underwear will still show because too many possible variations otherwise.

If the outfit does not have the proper images ready yet, it will default to the naked variation. This will be visible for the school swimsuit and underwear outfits which are currently missing a few images but that shouldn't be too troublesome.

About the images optimization :

Following some patrons advices, I decided to optimize the images and processed all the scenes images. There is some slight quality loss in result but it has roughly been reduced by 66% which means the game has gone from ~5.2Gb to ~1.8Gb in size even though the amount of new images for this update reach about 2700+ new images which makes it worth the quality loss. I know it's mainly duplicated images with alternate outfits nevertheless it's still a pain in the ass to create them ^^ That's why I'm more than happy to migrate to 3D assets with Lust Complex in the future :p

About new commands :

Following the last polls, players voted to have new commands. This update contains 2 of them which are variations of the handjob for the bed and chair. In the future, we'll try to create more unique commands so be patient.

I tried to test this new version as much as I could to avoid bugs but due to the type of content, there might be some events or situation which might still be quite buggy so let me know if you encounter any trouble with this update.

Torrent and more links will be added tomorrow !

Have fun !

  • Just a small patch to solve the bug with Aiko and Kana's events level 4. The french translation is also up to date now. The english translation review is unfortunately delayed for v0.17.


Following your reports, I've corrected the new events fucking up the game :
  • No more infinite loop
  • No more freeze after clicking a choice
  • Toilets and bath events now properly trigger again
  • I'm also aware of the really bad English translations in the teaser events. I'm having the file reviewed by a proper source but it'll take a few days to get it fully reviewed. Sorry for the inconvenience.


What's new ?
  • Story has been advanced
  • Lily becomes playable
  • New erotic events added at low levels (0 and 1) to speed up obedience grind
  • Lily obedience level 1 and 2
  • Lily basic sex commands : handjob (standing and chair), boobjob, blowjob
  • New sex commands for bed and chair
About the story :
A new girl will appear in the game, not playable yet. With this, you should have a better idea of how the game will end depending on the player choices.
With the story advancing, Lily is now partially playable at level 1 and 2. She currenly has no toilet, bath or sleep events. I plan to add special sleep and bath events for her in next version but no toilet event is planned for her being a demon.
To proceed with the story, just go to street K once the second week starts.
About the new erotic events :
To help reduce the grind and add more things to do in the city, many small erotic events have been added in town thanks to CarpeNoctem. Those events are currently aimed at Aiko, Kana, Rin, Ayumi, Hikari, Mitsuko and Okimi. Those events are limited to level 0 and 1 and focused on sexy/erotic situations rather than pure sex but are worht a glance. Check the walkthrough if you want to find out more, in the "Teaser events" new section.
Due to the amount of new commands and events added in this version, I've not been able to test all of them so let me know if you find any problem in game.
On a side note, my old laptop graphic card crashed and I had to move everything to a new laptop for the time being. It took me a while to reinstall all the necessary tools which is also part of the delay but since I had to reinstall everything, the software for the game engine has been updated as well. I remember there were some issues due to the software version in the past, so let me know if you find them again.
I'd like to thank you for your patience. I know this delay was quite long this time but I can assure you v0.17 will be released by the end of the month, meaning the v0.17 BETA will be out before v0.16 PUBLIC is out. Now that I have more support confirmed, I'll be able to focus on the games and reduce my main job much more than before.
Next version will focus on finishing Lily while CarpeNoctem will work on Kumiko and Utako since they were the winners of last poll.
  • I added an event in the changing room before the afternoon classes on Tuesday and Thursday with many small choices. I'll add more to those gym and swimming lessons in a future update.
  • I also solved the stamina bug when you repeatedly fainted and broke the game.

  • Grades feature added
  • 3 new skills to improve : academic, fitness and swimming
  • Added stamina to the game
  • Enabled cum in girls statistics
  • Added new cheats
  • 2 new extra girls : Iyo, a police woman and Miwa, school nurse
  • Blowjob events have been updated to add cum in/cum out choices
  • Shizuru obedience level 4 event added
  • New unique event for Shizuru in the mall girl toilets
  • Added partial polish translation by Akla

  • 09.02.2018 - первый релиз игры версии 0.21.2
  • 12.02.2018 - игра обновлена до версии 0.21.3
  • 05.03.2018 - игра обновлена до версии 0.22
  • 13.03.2018 - игра обновлена до версии 0.22.1
  • 02.11.2018 - игра обновлена до версии 0.30
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Зашел почитать нытье униженных и оскорбленных, а их нет. Ну как так то?
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Эта студия взяла все ассеты от илюжиновского Honey Select ,как и сам двигач и теперь продает это на патреоне ?
Пора зарабатывать по-русски наверное на патроне )))

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Релиз обновлен! Игра обновлена до версии v.0.21.3
This patch solves 2 more bugs :
  • Girls not appearing in city map for new players or players who never saved the game options
  • Mitsuko school uniform unique event wrong trigger
Let me know if you encounter any other bugs.

  • Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER
  • Intel Core i9-9900K @ 3.60Ghz (4,70GHz Turbo Boost) Coffee Lake Refresh
  • Kingston HyperX Savage DIMM DDR4 32GB (2*16GB) 2666 MHz
  • nVidia GeForce GTX1080 Ti AORUS Gigabyte Xtreme Edition 11GB
  • ASUS Strix Raid DLX
  • Windows 10 Pro x64
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Gta fan

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Дико извиняюсь, но как порно-игрули из общей ленты убрать?
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профиль-настройки-Скрыть эротические игры и хентай: Да

win10x64. 16340 МБ (DDR3 SDRAM). AMD FX-6300, 4100 MHz. ASRock 970 Pro3 R2. Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics (8 ГБ)
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Gta fan

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pohyall писал(а):

профиль-настройки-Скрыть эротические игры и хентай: Да
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Релиз обновлен! Игра обновлена до версии 0.22

  • Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER
  • Intel Core i9-9900K @ 3.60Ghz (4,70GHz Turbo Boost) Coffee Lake Refresh
  • Kingston HyperX Savage DIMM DDR4 32GB (2*16GB) 2666 MHz
  • nVidia GeForce GTX1080 Ti AORUS Gigabyte Xtreme Edition 11GB
  • ASUS Strix Raid DLX
  • Windows 10 Pro x64
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Psycho Paul

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Gta fan писал(а):

pohyall писал(а):

профиль-настройки-Скрыть эротические игры и хентай: Да
"А че так можно было?!" kolob_107 спасибо

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Начал новую игру (v22) - не отображаются девушки на карте. Согласно официальным данным в предыдущей версии этот баг уже был устранён, но, очевидно, это не так. Что делать?
upd: изменения в игре, в 21.3 всё исправили, теперь так и должно быть.
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Патчик выкатили.

Intel Xeon E5-1650v2 + Thermalright Arhon | DDR3L PC-12800 32Gb | MSI 1050 2Gb | SSD SAMSUNG 850 EVO 1Tb | HUANAN GDE v13 | Samsung S24A850DW | Creative Sound Blaster Z + Edifier R2700 | Win 10 PRO x64
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Хороший, плохой... главное, у кого ружье!
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В XP выдаёт Точка входа в процедуру ReleaseSRWLockExclusive не найдена в библиотеке DLL KERNEL32.dll.
В 7 появляется окно дебаггера, который чем-то недоволен в config.xml, затем ответствует, что выбран язык '0', больше от него добиться ничего не удаётся.

百花齐放 - Пусть расцветают сто цветов.
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