(Drum & Bass) DJ Gvozd - Пиратская Станция @ Radio Record - 2014, MP3, 320 kbps

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DJ Gvozd
Пиратская Станция @ Radio Record


Жанр: Drum & Bass.Год выпуска: 2014.Формат: MP3.Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 93:30:24

Новость ведется путем добавления Новых выпусков

Продолжительность: 02:01:02
FLADE guestmix:
01. Rae & Christian - Check The Technique (Rollz Remix) [Drum&BassArena]
02. Mediks feat. KJ Sawka - Cannibals [Audioporn]
03. Hectix - Final Destination [Heavy Artillery]
04. Misanthrop - Greed Of Gain [Neosignal]
05. Emperor feat. Georgia Yates - Begin [Critical Music]
06. Rolar feat. ReMOv - Summer Burn [dub]
07. Rudimental feat Foxes - Right Here (Andy C Remix) [RAM]
08. Break - Music Is Better [Symmetry]
09. TC - Vegas [OWSLA]
10. Friction feat Arlissa - Long Gone Memory [UKF]
11. A.M.C. & Loko - Only One [Drum&BassArena]
12. MaxNRG - Hide Away My Heart [Technique]
13. Alex Mind - Black Sunset [Pandorum]
14. Mat Zo & Porter Robinson - Easy (Andy C Remix) [Anjunabeats]
15. Faithless - Insomnia (Danny Byrd Bootleg) [Free]
16. BTK - Vigilante [Drum&BassArena]
17. Calyx & TeeBee - Strung Out Vip [RAM]
18. TwoThirds - Universal [Monstercat]

GVOZD igogo style:
1.iNexus - Year Long Riot (Funky Element)
2.Neonlight - Powerhour (Lifted)
3.Teddy Killerz - Machine Room (Bad Taste dub)
4. Detail - Time Stratching (Commercial Suicide)
5. Gamma - 2347 (Demand)
6. Royalston - Tabula (Hospital)
7. Smooth and Markoman - Kronos (Viper)
8. Need for Mirrors - Ambush (Chronic)
9. Drumsound - Neighbourhood (Technique)
10.Varien - The Scarlet Dawn (Monstercat).. intro
11.Hoogs - Jungle Bad (Digital Terror)
12. Supa Ape - Jamaican Style Girl (In Da Jungle)
13. 6Blocc - Reggaematik Style (Digital 6)
14. Feyder - Lets Do It Again (Mashed Youth)
15. Audio Habitat and Mad Vibes - Get Your Music Heard (Sun and Bass)
16. Boy Kid Cloud- Unruly (Init rmx) (Play Me)
17. Teddy Killerz and Nphonix - Burnin (Bad Taste dub)
18. Arkaik - Wax (Diffrent)
19. Bazil - Singularity (Proximity)
20. FD - Bleack (Dispatch)
21. Incognito - Kerb Stomp (Syndrome Audio)
22. eRRe and Hardlogic - G-Thanos (Noisj.nl)
23. Hoogs - Meditate (Method Music)
24.Jikes and Nori - Fireflies (Maxxed Music)
25. Karl Frierson - Only You (Innersoul rmx)
26. Beepo - If I Had (Liquid Brilliants dub)
27. Keeno - Nocturne (Med School)
Продолжительность: 01:52:16
GUNSTA (Toper & 007) guestmix:
01. Gunsta Intro
02. The Qemists - No more
03. Divine Elements - Kamikaze
04. Metrik - Break of dawn
05. Mediks feat KJ Sawka - Cannibals
06. Cyantific - Hold back
07. Gridlock & Prolix - Slingshot
08. Lets Be Friends - Pull up your finger
09. Audio - Headroom VIP
10. Naughty Boy feat Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre - Think about it (Wilkinson remix)
11. Camo & Krooked - Armageddon
12. Dushi - Mirage
13. Moko, Chase & Status - Count on me (Andy C remix)
» Callide & Intraspekt - Axis
14. Divine Elements - Dub killah
15. DC Breaks - Burning
16. Wilkinson feat Tom Cane - Half light

GVOZD vibez:
1.The Prototypes feat Darrison - Evolution (Ozma rmx) (contest stuff)
2. Dimension - Crowd Reaction (CYN)
3.June Miller - Operation Ivy (Ram)
4.State of Mind & Percieve - Mr Cover Up (Neonlight Remix)(Blackout)
5.Sub Daymon - Fiberglass (Greypost)
6. Optiv & CZA - Dead Beat (C4C)

BOJ LUCKI (Mir Crew) – Pirate Station Guestmix
Side1 – Moment Of Truth / Gangstarr tribute (Dub)
» Commix – Faceless / Marcus Intalex Remix (Shogun Audio)
Gold Dubs – Nocturnal Confusion (Dub)
Calyx & Teebee – Strung Out / Calibre Remix (Ram)
Mir Crew feat. Dani Cuadra – What Good (Mir Rec Dub)
Mutt & Generic – The Goods (Liquid V)
Mindstate – Sensi (Liondub Dub)
»Nico D & Turbulance – Inna Mi Draw / Potential Badboy Remix (Dub)
Rahmanee – The Stopper (Dub)
» Dom & Roland – Unofficial Jah (Metalheadz)
Theory – Lotta Soundboy (Dub)
Dj Fresh feat. Ms Dynamite – Dibby Dibby Sound (Sigma rmx)(MOS Dub)
>Dillinja – Twist Em Out (Renegade Hardware)
Marcus Visionary & David Boomah – Nice Up The Dance / Serial Killaz Remix (Dub)
Marcus Visionary & Demolition Man – It?s The Music (On Point Dub)
Bladerunner – Lock off (V Rec)
Dizzee Rascal – I Don?t Need A Reason / Mampi Swift Remix (Dirtee Skank)
»Sigma – Rudeboy (3Beat)
Mindstate – Badman (Liondub Dub)
General Levy – The General / Mir Crew Remix (Dub)
Cabin Fever – Hard Going (Co Lab)
» Mr Williamz – Top Rank Skank MIR Dubplate

GVOZD vibes:
1.Edecay & Soulpride-Apache (Formation)
2.Jayline - Intervention (Biological Beats)
3.Two Mind - Reptile (dub)
4.The Upbeats - Predator (Subhuman)
5.Adoxe - Second Wind (Atom)
6.DJ Chap - Inna Streets (L-Side remix) (Formation dub)
7.Optiv & BTK - Zero Tolerance (Dispatch)
8.Inferno - Werewolf (dub)
9.Anomaliya - Welcome to Rockinwood! (dub)
10.Static - Brass It (Jazzsticks)
11.Intelligent Manners - Sweet Promise (Innerground)
12.Zhanna Aguzarova and Bravo - Old Hotel (Marty Chill bootleg)
Продолжительность: 01:58:03
TYKE guestmix:
1.Retronym - Mirage
2. Hazard - Mark Q
3DEcimal BAss - Dronezone
4. Voltage - Basically Basic
5Hazard- Badman
6 Tyke - Bloody MEss
7Taxman - Judgement
8Tyke & Prestige - Should Have Listened
9.Dominator - Gift Of Life
10.jaydan - Superhero vip
11.Damage REport - Insomniacs
12.prestige - walking mountains
13.Tyke - Dogs VIp
14Potential Badboy - Soundboy
15.Tyke - I havnnt been sleeping well
16.Taxman -Rebirth
17 Dan Blackout - Sparks
18 Potential Badboy - NAtty
19Konichi - Dont Make ME laugh
20Tyke & prestige - Losing YOu
21 Tyke & prestige - Schizophrenia - Annix Remix
22.Tyke - You Dnt hAve to Go

LOWRIDERZ and mc SMOKY DOGG guestmix:
1) Lowriderz & MC Smoky Dogg - Badman
2) Hazard - Digital Bumble Bees
3) Jaydan - Shes Heaven
4) D Bridge - True Romance VIP
5) Command Strange - Disco Ball
6) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Serious Business
8) Original Sin - Superman
10) Sigma - Rudeboy
11) Fresh - Heavyweight
12) Andy Pain - Emptiness
13) Lowriderz - 2000 Miles
15) Lowriderz - The Plant
16) Hazard - Killers Don't Die
17) G RAW - DA F DAY
18) Funtcase - Out For Da Millli (Annix remix)

GVOZD vibez:
1. Bionick - Holod (dub)
2. Teddy Killers - New Drums (Neonlight rmx) (Bad Taste dub)
3. Phace - The Set Up (Critical)
4. Infamous, QK Hack - UFO (Melting Pot)
5. Dimnet - Wild For The Night (Harder & Louder)
6. Suicide - Black Hole (Deadlines dub)
7. Two Mind - I'll Kill You (dub)
8. Jam thieves - Abutre (Prestige)
9. Candyland and Zak Waters - Not Coming Down (Gunstaband rmx) (Gunsta dub)
10. Den Vector - Cyber Dance (dub)
11. Director: Loki and Bit M Glory - Resident Beaver (Respect dub)
12. Teddy Killers - Off World (Bad Taste dub)
13. Kurfew - NZT (E5kipta rmx) (contest stuff)
14. Noiger - X Galaxy (dub)
15. Malk - Friends (Hysterical and T Jobi rmx) (You So Fat dub)
16. Mayel - Salamandra (Nocid Business)
17. Jumpforce - Son of MF Bitch (dub)
18. Eastcolors - Toys (Program)
19. Foreign Concept and DRS - Falling Stars (Critical)
Продолжительность: 01:57:40
GVOZD vibes:
1.Teddy Killerz - New Drums VIP (Bad Taste dub)
2.The Sta11ker - Closed Loop (dub)
3.Bustre - Shadow (Monstercat)
4.Alex Centra - Collide (Breed 12 inches)
5.NickBee - Terra Formation (Vandal)
6.Trilo - Vexation (Disturbed)
7.FullCasual & The Torch - Glacier (Black Seeds)
8.Item - Shadow (dub)
9.AudionoiZe - Hot Pursuit (dub)
10.Kasra & Enei - Breath (Critical)
11.Philth - Python (Flexout Audio)
12.The Masertrons - Fate Of Your Planet (Freakz Me Out)
13.Angerfist - From The Blackness (Gancher and Ruin remix) (Masters of Hardcore)
14.Teddy Killerz & Aeph - Mistrust (Bad Taste dub)
15.Mr Explicit - Blackdragon (Dread)
16.David Boomah Feat Solo Banton - Hot Girls (Aries Remix) (V dub)
17.Eski B - Sunshine (Digital Terror dub)
18.Aries feat Blackout Ja and Carasel - Stop Freeze (Hot_remix) (Jungle Clone)
19.Channel 2 & Noble vs Nas - Surviving The Times (BLK PRL)
20.Duble Time - Stop The Music (
21.Monsieur Adi feat. AME- What's Going On (ShockOne Remix)(Sony)
22.Furney & Locksmith - Dub a Dub (Sheer Velocity)
23.dRamatic & dbAudio - Delivery (Soul Deep exclusives)
24.Marvel Cinema - Forever (Liquid Drops)
25.I Wannabe - Alpha and Omega (Cymbalism )
26.Pharrell Williams - Happy (Singlep remix) (bootleg)
27.Duoscience - Declarations of Love (E-Motion)
28.Funkware - Fleur (Funkstuff)
29.Gordon City - Ready For Your Love (Etherwood Remix)(Virgin)
30.High Performance - Over Here (Respect dub)
31.Krot - Like A Circle (Blu Saphire)
32.Alex Easy - Romantic (dub)
33.Marso & Gala - Paper Plane (Soul Deep)
34.Total Science feat Grimm - Another Time (Spearhead)
35.Skeletone - Lady in Satin (Think Deep)
36.Paul T - Head Bobbing (Tilt audio)
37.Drift Man - Gang (dub)
38.Skanka - T.R.S. (Grimey Grooves)
39.The Untouchables - Adamantium (Tribe12)
Продолжительность: 01:53:59
BTK (Br) guestmix
01. Neve & Bayou - Alligator (Dutty Audio)
02. Cause4Concern - LowLife (Maztek Remix)(C4C)
03. Bohemian - Bad Monday (Dutty Audio)
04. Optiv & BTK - At All Costs (Chronic)
05. Minor Rain - Regeneration (Renegade Hardware)
06. Dayni - Extinction (Dutty Audio)
07. Mob Tactics - Unbalanced (C4C)
08. Mindscape - Gene Labs (Optiv & BTK Remix)(Commercial Suicide)
09. The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Viper)
10. Ed.it - Sound Killer (Shogun Ltd)
11. Conduct - Cataclyst (Dutty Audio)
12. BTK - Thorn (Mindscape Remix)(Drum&BassArena)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Lynx ft. Newsome - Take Back The Night (Ram)
2.C-Netic - Fuel vip ( Motormouth)
3.Erre and Hardlogic- Apocalypse (Ninth Circle)
4.Syrinx - Deadlines ( Harder & Louder free)
5.Undergang - Falling (Gancher and Ruin rmx) (dub)
6.Agressor Bunx - Rock It To The Future (Black Systems dub)
7.Teddy Killerz and Billain - Wizard (Bad Taste dub)
8.The Sta11ker - Dirty X (dub)
9.Shiza - Dementia (dub)
10.High Contrast - Twilights Last Gleaming vip (Hospital)
11.True Colors and 2 Mind - Sunday Morning (dub)
12.James Atrthur - Get Down (Smooth rmx) (free)
13.Packer and Rhodes ft. MC Shureshock- Natural Ride ( Interphase Digital)
14.Tobax - Reason (dub)
15.Hyroglifics - Esseker (Peer Pressure)
16.Robustus - Water Beast (Im:Ltd)
17. Borderline - Collosus (State Of Mind)
18.Illusionist - Non Numerical (dub)
19.Sunchase, Detail - the chips (2222)
20.Nazgul - More Love (dub)
21.JumpForce - Dirt 13 (dub)
22.2mind - Justice (dub)
23.Birdy - Wings (Nu:Logic rmx) (Hospital)
24.Atlantic Connection - Nothing Can Separate Us (Fokuz)
25.Marty Chill - Warning (dub)
26.Hugh Hardie ft. Kyan - Tearing Me Apart (Hospital)
27.Sektor ft. Oscar Michael - Live Without You (Celsius)
28.J.Robinson - Lion Music (Tribe 12)
29.Driftman - Tropic (dub)
Продолжительность: 01:56:04
NITRI (Brasil) guestmix:
01 - Nitri, Level 2 feat Grimm - Lies (Calibre Remix) [Horizons Music]
02 - Tokyo Prose - Songbird [Hospital]
03 - Level 2 - Montara [CHRONIC]
04 - Nitri - Diskoteque [DUB]
05 - Eastcolors - Creeper [ProgRam]
06 - Emperor - Control [Critical]
07 - Safire & Amoss feat Gusto - 4th State (Icicle remix) [PLASMA]
08 - Spinline - Alien [???]
09 - Nitri - Control the Music [Ingredients]
10 - Quadrant & Iris - Depth Sounder [Commercial Suicide]
11 - Arp XP & Nitri - Before Dark [Horizons Music]
12 - Nitri feat Grimm - Going to the Sun [Horizons Music]
13 - Sonic - Times Flowing [Nemesis]

GVOZD vibez:
1.Run Tingz feat YT - Born Inna Babylon (Serial Killaz) (Run Tingz)
2.4Corners Crew ft. General Levy - 4 Corners fi Life (Dubwise Station)
3.Spection - Original Badman (Formation dub)
4.Rob Blaze - Sound Boy (Short Circuit)
5.Lowriderz - Waste (dub)
6.Boom Bass Brothers - Puff Tha Police (LowFreqMX)
7.Mr Vegas ft Burro Banton/Carl Meeks/Lukie D/Fuzzy Jones - Sound Exterminata (Ricky Tuff rmx)(Maximum Sound)
8.Ed Solo & Isaac Maya feat. Ranking Joe - Movie Star (Jungle Cakes)
9.DJ Fresh & Jay Fay feat. Ms Dynamite – Dibby Dibby Sound (Sigma rmx) (Ministry Of Sound)
10.Run Riot feat Benji Webbe Aka Skindred - Kill Dem (Pyramid rmx) (Skint)
11.Downlink - Choper (Trei rmx) (Uplink Audio dub)
12.Body & Soul & Mc Daxta - Just A Story (Mainframe)
13.Rusty K - AC130 (Close 2 Death)
14.BSE and Noisia - Hideous (Disprove rmx) (Blackout)
15.Jade - Audio Hypnosis (Eatbrain free)
16.Optiv and BTK - Jacknife (Demand)
17.Silent Witness - Arc Light (Dispatch)
18.Nymfo - Beep (Commercial Suicide)
19.Technical Itch - Daughters of The Night (Tech Itch)
20.Fall Out Boy - Alone Together (Krewella rmx) (Island free)
21.Tim Ismag - Hell Racing (Firepower)
22.Rollz - Electric (Hospital)
23.Fen-X ft Sisley - Taste Me Hold Me (Heavy Artillery)
24.Loko - Rage (Viper vip)
25.Carvar and Clock - Flare (Des rmx) (Carvar & Clock)
26.Darkelixir - Polaris (Styx)
27.Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit rmx)(31)
28.Stephen Jacobs ft. A Rose Jackson, Henry Strange - Anywhere (Rudebrat rmx) (Simplify)
29.Msdos - Impressions (Liquid Drops)
Продолжительность: 01:54:31
PATA NEGRA (dj Art y dj Dosis)
1. Mala Juntera - Mato (Dub Elements remix)
2. Trippcore & Mc Mood - Get Up (Vocal Mix)
3. Mooncat & Karlixx - Did You Really Know
4. 2BrotherSound - Get Up & Fight (Fak Scracth remix)
5. Kursiva & Kid Mix - Retreat
6. PabloDrea & Lasai BigaHeads (Mooncat remix)
7. Tamen & Alien Kid - M.I.N.D
8. Malsum & Krone - Overloaded
9. Ketz - Reflection
10. Strago & VU - Driving Force
11. Clima - Both Sides

GVOZD vibes:
1. Nu: Tone - Fly Away (Hospital)
2. Forbidden Society - Antistar vip (Forbidden Society, 2013)
3. Paranoiac Del - Demolition (Respect dub)
4. Fascad and Tizwald - Poised ( Greypost)
5. Kantyze - Scare Crow (Disturbed)
6. Them Lost Boys & Gummy - War Horse (Play Me)
7. Rigidsound - Damnation (Respect dub)
8. Kove - Gobble (MTA)
9. Tripcore Mc Mood - Get Up (Climate)
10. Ed:it - I Would (Shogun LTD)
11. Forbidden Society - Hard vip (Forbidden Society, 2013)
12. Gancher and Ruin - Helltrap (Tainted Audio)
13. Syrinx and Traffik - Reincarnation (dub)
14. Two Mind - Rat (dub)
15. Homemade Weapon - Sliver vip (Protect Audio)
16. Royalston - Arps of Fury (MedSchool)
17. Hidden Element - Fakefunk (Break-Fast audio)
18. M Zine and Scepticz - First Strike (Avantgarde)
19. Razor Tek - XTC (dub)
20. Total Science, S.P.Y & System - Sleight of Hand (C.I.A)
21. Fane - The Law Of The Jungle (Shitbeats)
22. Chino McGregor - Boom Draw (Marcus Visionary refix)(Liondub)
23. Mako, DLR, Villem - A Certain Flavour (Metalheadz)
24. Champion - Love Letter (Keeno Remix) (Liquicity)
25. Taxman - Rebirth (feat. Diane Charlemagn) (Playaz)
26. Carter - Сlose Up (Influenza Media)
27. Astronaut - Rain (Raise Spirit Remix) (Monster Cat)
28. Mayforms & DuoScience - Body & Soul (Diskool)
29. 3rd Eye Buddha - Buddha's Dream (Hidra Beats)
30. Thing - Liberation (Dubthing)
Продолжительность: 01:52:58
1.Hallucinator feat. The Modern Age Slavery - Redlines
2.Audio - Burn It Down
3.Current Value - Ghost Rider
4.Killer Industries - Side Kick
5.Forbidden Society - Cobra (Katharsys Remix)
6.Receptor & Engage - Gothic
7.Forbidden Society - Monger
8.Forbidden Society - Can't Be Soft (Counterstrike Remix)
9.Faith In Chaos - Possesion (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) (FS Hype Up)
10.Receptor - Punks
11.Current Value - Shimmer
12.Katharsys & Forbidden Society - Lords Of The steel
13.Forbidden Society - Forcer (Killer Industries Remix)
14.Katharsys & Forbidden Society - Lords Of The steel VIP
15.Rene Lavice - Perfect World
16.Evol Intent - Punchout
17.Mefjus - Dissuade
18.Lucio De Rimanez & Dereck - Why
19.Katharsys - Deadman
20.Black Sun Empire feat. Forreign Beggars - Dawn Of A Dark Day (Prolix Remix)
21.Forbidden Society & Coppa - Hurtlocker
22.The Bloody Beetroots feat. Refused - New Noise (FS Hype Up)
23.Forbidden Society & Coppa - Clap Back / Dope D.O.D. feat. Redman - Groove
24.Forreign Beggars feat. Noisia - Contact / Pornothrasher - Disco Illusion
25.Spl - Sickness / Noisia & Evol Intent - The Liquid
26.Hive - Neo (Audio Remix)
27.Excision - X Rated (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
28.Proton Kid - Scare (CA2K Remix)
29.Gancher & Ruin & CA2K - The Return Of Ardo
30.Forbidden Society - Hustlers & Hardcore
31.Forbidden Society - Bodycount
32.Katharsys - Iron Sky
33.Forbidden Society - Cobra
34.Forbidden Society - Surge
35.Slayer - Reign In Blood (PK Bootleg) (FS Hype Up)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Street Child World Cup feat S.P.Y, London Elektricity-I Am Somebody (S.P.Y Remix)(Hospital)
2.KG, Erb n Dub - Could This Be Love (Talkin Beatz)
3.The Prototypes - Lights (Viper)
4.Locuzzed - Polyphonic (The Zoooo)
5.Crissy Criss - Superstar (Technique dub)
6.Royalston feat. August Storm - Jungle Gone Down (Med School)
7.Terravita & KJ Sawka - Atlantic Drifter (Firepower)
8.Tiesto - Red Lights (Blame remix) (Musical Freedom )
9.Foxes - Let Go for Tonight (High Contrast Remix)(Sony)
10.Hectix Ozma Mellon - Bring It Back(Formation dub)
11.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Phantasm (Technique)
12.Dub Zero - Get Ready (Multi Function)
13.Macky Gee & Dub Berzerka - How To Do It (Hoover Bass)
14.Sigma - Rudeboy (VIP) ( Life)
15.Nu Elementz - Fight With Me VIP (Sweet Tooth)
16.State Of Mind - No-Operative (Blackout Music)
17.Dossa - Rucksack (Mainframe)
18.Le Castle Vania - Disintegration (Memtrix Remix)(Mau5trap)
19.Audeka - Silverback (Ammunition)
20.The Sta11ker - Demons (dub)
21.Disphonia, L 33 - SSD (Rise Audio)
22.Current Value - Rit (The Sect Music)
23.Cod3x - Subway (dub)
24.Nazgul - Aquatica (dub)
25.Detour City, Wilkinson - Too Close (Frankee Remix) (Ram)
26.Mercedes - Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Tear Up Mix) (Airwave Hustler)
27.Royalston - Slimebanks (Med School)
28.Ivy Lab & Emperor - Pepper (Deft Remix) (Critical)
29.Tim Ismag - Old Cartridge (Firepower)
30.Logam & Mayhem - Vanguard (Full Force)
31.Marty Chill - Remember the Titans (dub)
32.Karma - Terminal (Сyn)
33.Rowpieces - Cuban Jungle (Digital Blus)
Продолжительность: 01:51:43
GVOZD vibez:
1.Teddy Killerz - Big Blow (Program)
2.Andy C - Workout (Ram)
3.EH!DE - Big Adventure (EH!DE)
4.Noisia,Bad Company - Meditation (Bad Taste)
5.Rene Lavice - Where My Ladies At (Ram)
6.Receptor & Maject - New Message (dub)
7.Break & DLR- New Design (Symmetry)
8.Black Sun Empire feat. Foreign Beggars - Dawn of a Dark Day (Receptor Remix)(Blackout)
9.Black Sun Empire, Noisia - Feed the Machine (Black Sun Empire)
10.Mindgrinders - Technologik (Battle Audio)
11.Syrinx - The Knights (Noisj dub)
12.Goldberg Variations - Zomby of Kasino (Position Chrome)
13.Andy C - Haunting (Ram).
14.Taxman feat. Mondeya - Real In The Field (Playaz)
15.Amit & Nomine - Mr Clark (Amar)
16.Mutated Forms - Reach You In Your Sleep (Blu Mar Ten)
17.Black Sun Empire feat. Thomas Oliver and Youthstar - All is Lost (Memtrix rmx)(Blackout)
18.NickBee - X-Ray (Dispatch)
19.Project 71 & Exfeed - Gates of Insanity (Greypost)
20.Symptom - 1000 Corpses (Close 2 Death)
21.Black Sun Empire - Arrakis (Noisia remix) (Blackout)
22.Eastcolors & Noel - Mudguard (Addictive Behaviour)
23.Trei & Tali - Homecoming (State of Mind)
24.Alpha Noize - Swinging Fear (Raving Badger)
25.Nu:Logic feat Lifford - Everlasting Days (Hospital)
26.Nu:Logic - Brown Shoes (Hospital)
27.Poschek - Last Generation (Soul Deep)
28.Carter - The Sweetest Thing (Soul Deep)
29.Taxman - Close Your Eyes (Playaz)
30.Mutated Forms ft Tali - Tiny Little Pieces (CIA Deep Kut)
31.Mutt feat. Kevin King - Conversations (Rene Lavice & Gremlinz Remix) (CIA)
32.Reds ft Delhi Sultanate ft Begum X -Fever (Mungos Hi-Fi Special) (Liondub International)
33.Thing - Cold Tune (Dubthing)
34.Nu:Logic - Grizzly (Hospital)
Продолжительность: 01:53:54
ZARDONIC - Pirate Station Inferno Minimix 2014
1) Zardonic & Reid Speed - Sideshow Symphony (Hecq Remix) [Big Riddim]
2) Noisia & Evol Intent - The Liquid [Vision]
3) Psidream - Tech 9 (Zardonic VIP) [Onset Audio]
4) Davip & Encode - Vamonos [Breed 12 Inches]
5) Zardonic - Pulzar [Zardonic]
6) Zardonic & Receptor - Destroy (Gancher & Ruin Remix) [Big Riddim]
7) Zardonic & Counterstrike - Hardcore Will Never Die [Human Imprint]
8) Current Value - Burn In [The Sect Music]
9) Hedj - Paranoia (Zardonic Remix) [Assimilate]
10) Pestroy - Popped Collar (Counterstrike & Zardonic Remix) [Dubplate]
11) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Phantasm [Technique]
12) Semargl - Credo Revolution (Zardonic Remix) [Dubplate]
13) Zardonic - Brujerizmo (Brujeria Cover)* [Dubplate]

GVOZD vibez:
1.Limewax - Dust Suspension (Lb)
2.Psidream & Pacific - Throwback (Borderline Remix)(Nightfall)
3.Crissy Criss - Rinsin Selection (Technique dub)
4.Jaybee - Juggling Sound (Chronic dub)
5.Terravita - Bach Off (Firepower)
6.Secret Panda Society - Analog Fractal (Play Me)
7.Critical Bang - Fallout (Musical Generation)
8.DJ Manga - Cyborg Kurumi (Neutronic Beats)
9.Spillage - Arabian Swag Division(Spillage)
10.Royalston - Lunar (MedSchool)
11.Woogie - Warning Shots (Abducted)
12.Rawtekk - No More Vaccine (Mefjus remix)(Medschool)
13.Andy Pain - Wormhole (dub)
14.Subtension & MC Nuklear - Break The Rules (Renegade Hardware)
15. Shram - Nitrogen (Respect dub)
16.Hemoglobin - This! (Authentic Music)
17.Dreadmaul - Ignorant (Soul dub)
18.Science Energy - Gadget (dub)
19.Rawtekk - Ambers Love Was Like A Marble (Billain remix)(MedSchool)
20.Nelver & Elleven - War Of The Worlds
21.Director Loki - Woolf So Far (Respect Dub)
22.Dabin & Feint feat. Daniela Andrade - When You Return (Kannibalen )
23.Mc Fats Collective - What U Dont Know (Makoto remix)(U Understand Me Music)
24.DJ Suv, Patife, Tali - Inta Outta (V)
25.Level 2 Feat Hannah Eve - All I Would To Say (V dub)
26.Alex Easy - Breath (Respect dub)
27.Skeptical - Tundra (Soul:R)
28.Klax - Vendetta (Renegade Hardware)
29.Safire & Minor Rain - Transit (Dispatch)
30.Safire - Homeland (Dispatch)
Продолжительность: 01:55:02
ENEI guestmix
01 enei - prometheus
02 bse - sideways (btk remix)
03 smooth - drone
04 audio - botfly
05 halogenix - maniac
= audio - mudshark
06 NickBee – Third Entity
07 enei - count to ten vip
08 rawtekk - photone reqruits (phace remix)
09 loko
10 konflict - system bleed
11 inside info -
12 enei - woodrunner
13 phace - the set up
14 emperor - foxholes
15 mikal - killa soundboy
16 bad company - the nine
17 break - steam train
18 jamaican thug
19 gridlok - heathwave (vip)
20 jungle music
21 hybris - graphene

GVOZD vibes:
1.Emperor & Mefjus - Disrupted(Critical)
2.Fade & Dudawles - Propeller (Avantguarde)
3.Silent Witness - Rack'em Up (Modulate)
4.Insom - Electric (Disturbed)
5.QO - Hopeless (Citrus)
6.Raiden - Celexa (Tech:nology)
7.M.D. - Warheads (Respect dub)
8.Follix & Back Up - Genetic Distance (dub)
9.Andy Pain & Z Connection - Outlaw (dub)
10.Mediks - Snake Charmer(AudioPorn)
11.Calvertron - 50k (Traced remix) (Jack Knife)
12.Kexit - Solar Wind(Respect dub)
13.Spectrem - Trigger (Technique dub)
14.DJ Manga - Fukamachi (Neutronic Beats)
15.Version - Double Revenge (Hangar)
16.Freqax - Fuck You Back To The Stone Age (Tatlum Remix) (Harder and Louder)
17.Dramcore - Charizard (Greypost Dub)
18.Machine Code - Insomnia (Subsistenz)
19.Dreadmaul - Rattlesnake (Souldub)
20.Noiger - Nightingale Of The Sensei (dub)
21.Bad Gibbonz - Hunting The Caterpillar (You So Fat)
22.Shram & Cmpnnt - Chromosomes(Respect dub)
23.Voltage - Do It (Natty Dub)
24.Jaybee and Andy Sim - Forgotten Funk (Chronic dub)
25.Bruno Junglist - Little Birdie (Sheer Velocity)
26.Route 94 feat. Jess Glynne - My Love (Sigma Remix)(Ammunition)
27.Kijimoshi - Circle Full (Respect dub)
28.Seba - Mesmerism (Secret Operations)
29.Marty Chill - Sunshine and Frosty Swirl (dub)
30.Reso - Pulse Code (Hospital)
Продолжительность: 01:52:48
JAY ROME guestmix:
1.Rizla & Krot_-_My_Only_One (Digital Blus Dub)
2.Carter - Leave To Get (Andrezz Remix) (Digital Blus Dub)
3.Rowpieces - Eternal Peace (DIGIBLUS027 - PROMO)
4.Looking For You - Dj Chap (Digital Blus Dub)
5.Lenzman & Switch - Ice Cold Soul (Lenzman VIP) (CIA)
6.Break - They're Wrong (Calibre Remix) (Symmetry)
7.Sigma - All Because Of You
8.Jodi & Macca & Hosta - Nothing to Prove - (Dub)
9.Macca & Hosta - New Beginnings - (Dub)
10.Derrick & Tonika - Genius (KOS.MOS)
11.Roy Green & Protone - Dachs (Blu Saphire LTD dub)
12.Implex - Whiskey Bar

GVOZD vibes:
1.Wilkinson - Every Time (Ram)
2.Blokhe4d - Great Cities (Formation)
3.Aeph - Back To The Jungle (Lifted)
4.Dementia,Rregula and Disphonia - Doom Loop (Mefjus remix)
5.Fade - Punch (Faded)
6.Frankee - Gully (Ram)
7.Fred V & Grafix - Recognise (Emperor Remix) (Hospital)
8.Joe Ford - The Moment (feat. Tasha Baxter)(Shogun Audio)
9.Sniper FX - Stop The Inevitable (Black System dub)
10.Bohemian - Moonstruck (Dutty Audio)
11.Fox Stevenson - Lightspeed (Cloudhead)
12.Ozma - Dancefloors (dub)
13.Example - Kids Again (Dimension Remix).
14.KG - Woodblock Riddim (Viper)
15.Nazgul - Wop-Wop (dub)
16. Direct Shift - Submarine(You So Fat)
17.M.D. - Ellipsis (Respect dub)
18.Scar - Burnside (Dispatch)
19.Tobax - Fire (dub)
20.Amc and DBR UK - Break (Proximity)
21.Command Strange and Dynamic - Future Perfect (Celsius)
22.Flowrian - Nemesys (Influenza media)
23. High Performance - Sun Goes Down (dub)
24.Nitri feat. Grimm - Going To The Sun (Horizons)
25.Alliance - Shame(I Wannabe Remix) (EDM)
Продолжительность: 01:54:05
DETAIL guestmix:
1. ???
2. Alix Perez - Don't this ish
3.Z connection - Untitled
4. Subwave - Deadhead
5. Spinline - Alien
6. Mefjus - Primal Instinct
7. Icicle - minimal funk
8. Mefjus - Struggle & Pain VIP
9. Detail - Detached
10. Detail - zooi
11. Detail and Mako - tell me something
12.Sunchase - 420

Joe Ford ft. Tasha Baxter - The Moment [Shogun]
DC Breaks - Gambino [RAM]
I am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz remix) [OWSLA / Par Excellence dub]
State of Mind ft. Nymfo - Put It On [Blackout dub]
Delta Heavy - Apollo [RAM dub]
Hive - Neo (Audio remix) [RAM]
Teddy Killerz - Violence [EatBrain]
Mindscape ft. Coppa - Do It Like This [Dutty Audio dub]
Lynx - Take Back The Night [RAM]
Teddy Killerz - Mock [Dutty Audio dub]
The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot [Shogun]
TC - Get Down Low [OWSLA]
Mefjus - Dissuade [Critical]
Aeph - Scumbag (Teddy Killerz remix) [Bad Taste dub]
Teddy Killerz - tba / dj tool
Aeph - Back 2 The Jungle [Lifted]
Rusty K - All That We Lost [Bad Taste dub]
Teddy Killerz - Machine Room [Bad Taste]
Concept Vision & Z Connection - Deserted [Blackout dub]
Teddy Killerz - New Drums (Neonlight remix) [Bad Taste]

GVOZD vibez:
1.Fred V & Grafix - Hydra (Hospital)
2.Loadstar - Under Pressure (RAM)
3Terravita and Fs - Follow Me (Firepower)
4.Prolix - Set The Place On Fire (Trendkill)
5.State of Mind & Black Sun Empie - Unconscious (Blackout)
6.Mob Tactics - Wasted (C4C)
7.Cause 4 Concern - Nothing Lasts Forever (Trei Remix)
8.The Upbeats - Diffused (Vision)
9.Dementia & Rregula - Doom Loop (Mefjus Remix) (Citrus)
10.Myselor - Forest Guide (Sinuous)
11.The Panacea - Trapmusic Resurrected (Counterstrike Remix)(Position Chrome)
12.Plastik Funk & Tujamo feat. Sneakbo - Dr. Who! (Smooth Remix) (3Beat)
13.Tyke and Prestige - Closed In (Playaz)
14.Two Mind - Raygun (Respect)
15.Need For Mirrors feat Ragga Twins - Bun It Up (Philly Blunt dub)
16.Memro - Colony (Proximity)
17.DLR and Script feat Martyna Baker - Blue Room (Metalheadz)
18.Brain Crisis - Hands Up (Subtitles)
19.Alix Perez, DJ Rashad & DJ Spin - Make It Worth (Exit)
20.DuoScience - Lunar (Influenza)
Продолжительность: 00:55:51
NEONLIGHT (Ger) guestmix:
01) State of Mind & PercIEve - Mr. Cover Up [Neonlight Remix] (Blackout)
02) The Upbeats - Def Cresent (Blackout Dub)
03) Trei - Seeds (Viper)
04) Prolix - Freeze Frame [Black Sun Empire Remix] (Trendkill)
05) Black Sun Empire & Eye-D - Brainfreeze [Neonlight Remix Vers.2] (Blackout)
06) Mob Tactics - Unbalanced (C4C)
07) Jade - Lazer Tag [Neonlight Remix] (Lifted)
08) Jade - What You Are (Eatbrain Dub)
09) Dabs - Sniper (Eatbrain Dub)
10) Maztek - Sinestesia (Dutty Audio Dub)
11) State of Mind - Three Dimensions ft. Sacha Vee [Neonlight Remix] (SOM Music)
12) Fourward - Phase Align (Shogun Dub)
13) Teddy Killerz - New Drums [Neonlight Remix] (Bad Taste)
14) Mefjus & Emperor - Void Main Void (Critical)
15) Neonlight - Basso Continuo (Lifted)
16) Neonlight - Computer Music (Lifted)
17) Zardonic & Playma - KickAss [Neonlight Remix] (Big Riddim)
18) Neonlight & Receptor - 800-Pound Gorilla (Lifted)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Tantrum Desire - Nightmare (Technique)
2.System Error - They Came To Eat You (You So Fat)
3.Artificial Intelligence feat. MC DRS - War Horse (Metalheads)
4.Black Sun Empire & State of Mind- Long Time Dead (Blackout)
5.Fourward feat. Kyza - Countdown (Shogun audio)
6.RaZoRTeK - Human Race (dub)
7.Lowriderz - Pitch Fork (Digital Terror dub)
8.Dementia & Rregula - Timeline (Optiv & BTK Remix) (Citrus)
9.Humanature & J.Logic - Get Ya Down (Soul Deep)
10.dj Rap - Spiritual Aura (Mustache Riot and Notation remix)(Propa Talent)
11.Marvel Cinema - Goggle Eyed Freak (Omni Music)
12.Director Loki - Woolf So Far (Respect)
Продолжительность: 01:55:56
GVOZD vibes:
1.Frederic Robinson- Vamp Till Ready (Blu Mar Ten)
2.Billain-Colossus (Bad Taste dub)
3.InsideInfo Feat. Miss Troube - Metamorphosis (Viper)
4.SPY - Brooklyn Dub (Hospital)
5.Datsik Feat. Georgia Murray -Hold It Down (Joe Ford remix)(Firepower)
6.Chords - High Groove (Ram)
7.Krafty Kuts feat. Dynamite MC - Pounding (Erb N Dub Remix) (Instant Vibes)
8.High Maintenance - Running Away (Audio Porn)
9.Chris Lake Feat. Jareth - Helium (Rene Lavice remix) (DIY)
10.Brainfuzz - Bad Beginning (Melting Pot)
11.Dom & Roland - Remember Your Rootz (Dom and Roland Production)
12.Counterstrike & Katharsys - Lifes a Bitch (Counterstrike remix) (Barcode)
13.Magical Gravity - Supersonic (Mainframe)
14.Original Sin - Screamers (Playaz)
15.Fred V & Grafix feat Kate Westall - Catch My Breath (Hospital)
16.A-Sides & MC Fats - Temperatures Rising (Command Strange remix)(U Understand music)
17.Makoto & Danny Wheeler feat. Aina Roxx - Let The Magic Unfold (W10)
18.Flaco and Duoscience - Joshua (Influenza Media)
19.SPY feat Suku of Ward 21 - Rise Again (Hospital)
20.Kolectiv Dexta & Mauoq - Human Sacrifice (Dispatch dub)

1 Mediks - Snake Charmer
2 Rawtekk - Photone recruits (Phace rmx)
3 Rene LaVice - I want more
4 The Prototypes - Lights
5 State of Mind - Response Signal
6 Rawtekk - Snowflakes (Rawtekk Neuropop VIP)
7 The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot
8 Teddy Killerz - Una Mattina
9 Taxman - No more Anthems
10 Teddy Killerz - Jackyl & Hyde (feat. Coppa)
11 Smooth - Drone

GVOZD vibes:
1.Urbandawn - Torus (Bad Taste)
2.D Struct and Quadrant - Sexy Beam (Intrigue music)
3.Signs - Osaris (Red Lights)
4.Sub Focus - Close (Ivy Lab Remix) (Ram)
5.Villem and Mcleod - Putting Down Roots (Warm Communications)
6.Glyph - Escape (Proximity: LTD)
7.SPY - Step & Flow (Hospital)
8.Raz - Origination (Hangar)
9.Carter - Mind Mosaic (Digital Blus)
10.Submorphics feat TRAC - Higher Ground (V dub)
Продолжительность: 01:52:00
Dub Monkey Club presents: THIS MEANS WAR! guestmix
01: Major Lazer ft. Flux Pavilion - Jah No Partial (RUN DMT Remix) [bootleg]
02: Zomboy - Terror Squad (VIP) [Never Say Die]
03: Sigma - Rudeboy (Gunmen Dubplate) [dub]
04: Krafty Kuts - Pounding (Erb N Dub Remix) [Instant Vibes]
05: Callide - Pulse Wave [Titan Records]
06: Erb N Dub - Moshpit [dub]
07: Dub Zero - Get Ready [Multi Function Music]
08: Gunmen - Mayhem [dub]
09: Richard Murder - Halcyoon [dub]
10: Lords Of The Underground - Tic Toc (Future Prophecies Bootleg) [dub]
11: Future Prophecies - Dreadlock (Playma Remix) [dub]
12: Krys Talk & Rootkit - Brainstorm [Adapted Records]
13: Tony Anthem & Axl Ender - Ruckus (Tim Ismag Remix) [Dub Monkey Records]
14: Hashtag - Shit Bang [dub]
15: PsychoFreud - Coo Oonuh (Cooh Remix) [dub]
16: Granity - Humble In The Jungle [free]
17: Slogun & iOh - Beatdown [dub]
18: Gunmen - Warning [free]

GVOZD vibes:
1.Tristam & Braken - Frame Of Mind (Monster Cat)
2.Hamilton - Be There (Ram)
3.Dub Motion - Gold (Cyn music)
4.Optiv BTK - Let It Loose (Dutty audio)
5.Wicked N Sick - Cyberpanda (You So Fat)
6.Dr Faustus - Frandes (dub)
7.DJ SS - Download Is Complete (Formation dub)
8.Need for Mirrors and HLZ - Blow Fish (Zoltar)
9.E-Dappa and MR Teeps - U Dont Know (Liquid Brilliants)
10.Om Unit - Timelines (Metalheads)

TONNIE FOX guestmix:
1) Foreign Concept & Stray - Bang It (Amen Bang Out VIP)
2) Pixelord - Floppy room 2001
3) Morcheeba - Looking In (Dk Foyer remix)
4) Soundwall - Original Pleasure
5) Nas - Nas Is Like (Camo & Krooked Remix)
6) BTK & Presence Known - 40 Channels of Funk
7) Gridlok - The Media Is A Joke
8) Fresh - Mission To Mars
9) Evol Intent feat. Blip - Flipside (original mix TBT remaster)
10) Dom & Roland - Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy, Kaos and Karl K Remix)

GVOZD vibes:
1.Hamilton - Fire(Ram)
2.Dr Faustus - Olympus(dub)
3.Paranoiac Del - Slamming (dub)
4.Lo4der - Headshot (Greypost Recordings dub)
5.Hudik - Mirrors (dub)
6.Drift Man - 8:30 (dub)
7.Black Mamba ft Bladerunnah - Jumpdafuckup (dub)
8.I&I Crew ft. Smokah Dee - Babylon(Respect free)
9.Vly - I Don't Care (You So Fat)
10.Nigel Good - Fourth Wall (Silk Royal)
11.FullCasual & The Torch feat Intimate - Mute (Mailky remix)
12.Ivy Lab & Hydro feat. Frank Carter III & Lucy Annika - Make It Clear (Metalheads)
Продолжительность: 01:53:46
THE HARD WAY (Limewax, Bong Ra, Thrasher) Pirate Station Promo Mix
01: The Hard Way - Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers (PRSPCT)
02: Sinister Souls, Gein & Bratkilla – Come At Me Bro (PRSPCT)
03: Cooh & C-Netik – Retrofit (PRSPCT)
04: The Hard Way – Sodomizer (PRSPCT)
05: Cooh – Iron Revolution (L/B)
06: Lucy Furr – Desolation (PRSPCT)
07: Fragz – Go Psycho (PRSPCT)
08: The Hard Way – Total Fucking Nihilism (PRSPCT)
09: The Limewax – Arsch Noiseam (PRSPCT)
10: Sinister Souls & Ruffneck – Excecutioner (PRSPCT)
11: The Hard Way – THW Wrecking Crew (PRSPCT)
12: The Hard Way – Meatstick (PRSPCT)
13: Detest – Witch Hunt (PRSPCT XTRM)

GVOZD vibez pt.1:
1.Foxes - Holding Onto Heaven (Kove remix) (Sony)
2.DC Breaks - Lock In (Ram)
3.Fretman - Good Feeling (Multi Function)
4.Mr. Fox -This Is The Shit (Simplify)
5.L Plus - Everyone (Technique dub)
6.K12 - Wreckless (Funkatech)
7.Granity - Humble In The Jungle (Dub Monkey)
8.Okiru - Systematic II (Philosophy)
9.Neomind - Please Don't Hide (Melting Pot)
10.Arkasia - Endless (Heavy Artillery)
11.The Upbeats - Rituals (Blackout)

GVOZD vibez pt.2:
1.Technimatic - Night Vision (Shogun Audio)
2.CLS - Real Love (Spearhead)
3.Spastik - Respect (Think Deep)
4.Eveson - The Sweetness (Fizzy Beats)
5.Innaself - Jazz Fifty Nine (Soul Deep)
6.DJ Marky & Andre Espeut Quinte - Rising (DJ Marky Remix) (Imagenes)
7.I Wannabe - The Agent (Black Seeds dub)
8.Implex - Surfing On A Rocket (Blu Saphire)
9.Jaydan - Who Are You (Low Down Deep)
10.Dub Berzerka -Tell You (Hoover Bass)
11.Hizzleguy - Yoga Flame (Biological Beats)
12.Hoogs - Straight Jacket (Gun audio)
13.Symplex - Danger Zone (Disturbed)
14.Skulpture - Recovery (Scientia Music)
15.Optiv and BTK - Breakthrough (Commercial Suicide)
16.Project 71 & Exfeed & Cleage - Nuclear Rod Collapse (Dabro music)
17.Evoke - Nitrogen (Abducted LTD)
18.Funk4Mation - Welcome To Formation (The Pooty Club)
19.Busy Signal & Million Styles -As Mi Forward (Marcus Visionary remix) (Necessary Bass)
20.Gregory Isaacs - Report (Marcus Visionary remix) (Necessary Bass)
21.Fade - Phobia (117)
22.Sickorwell - Moment of Depth (VIP Mix) (Abducted LTD)
23.Thing - antique (Dubthing)
Продолжительность: 01:53:39
GVOZD vibes:
1.Matrix & Futurebound feat. Tanya Lacey - Don't Look Back (3Beat)
2.Bustre feat. LaMeduza - Don't Forget(Monster Cat)
3.Slogun & iOh - Beatdown (Heavy Artillery)
4.Macky Gee - Shine (Dub Voltage)
5.Axiom feat 2Shy - Watch My World Burn (Eatbrain)
6.Tony Anthem & Axl Ender - Ruckus (Tim Ismag Remix)(Dub Monkey dub)
7.Calyx & TeeBee - Strung Out (VIP) (Ram)
8.Fretman - Downfall (Multifunction)
9.Zap & Nskul - Media War (dub)
10.L 33 - Detuned (Program)
11.Moody Good- Hotplate (Prolix remix)(MTA)
12.DiMAN!X ft. Splazh - Darkness Falls (Triamer dub)
13.Kove - Liberator (MTA)
14.Form - Array (You So Fat)
15.Sniper FX - Shadow Of Your Life (dub)
16.Command Strange & Artificial Intelligence Feat Jamakabi - Dismiss(V dub)
17.Paul T and Edward Oberon -This Love (Liquid V dub)
18.Submorphics feat TRAC - Higher Ground (Liquid V )
19.BCee & Bladerunner - Moonstruck (Celsius)
20.Kelle - Respirator (Program)
21.Myst and Dephecta - Phenomenons (Vril dub)

GVOZD vibes pt.2
1.Jade - What You Are (Eat Brain)
2.Slogun & iOh - Roundabout (Heavy Artillery)
3.L 33 - Helvetica (Program)
4.Noisia & Calyx & TeeBee - Hyenas (DNB arena)
5.Maxim R - RoboWars (Negative Sound dub)
6.Krot - Make Me Rollin (Respect)
7.Submorphics - Burnside Park (Liquid V)
8.Bladerunner - Auto Gravity (Life)
9.nScape - Admission (Eat brain)
10.Killerstep Noisie - Space Monsters (dub)
11.Naughty Boy feat. Wiz Khalifa & Ella - Think About It (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
12.Musicestetik - Ty Uslysh (dub)
13.B.CORE & Paul B - Summer Love (Respect)
14.Phat Playaz -Yesterdays History Tomorrows Mystery (Fokuz)
15.Redston - All For You ( Soul dub)
16.Xtrah - No Good (Metalheadz Platinum)
17.Jam Thieves - Bass The Funk (VIP) (Promo Audio)
18.Zero T feat. Steo - Walk Away (M1te Remix) (dub)
19.Teebee, Form - Return To Forever (Subtitles,2002)
20.Gunston - Resurgence (Im:Ltd)
21.Inf.Inia - Ultramundane (Audio Theory)
Продолжительность: 02:03:48
OZMA guestmix:
Hectix & Ozma & Mellon - Bring It Back VIP
Original Sin - decibel
Code Red - Byte The Dust
Ozma - Hurricane Sounds
Hazard - World Of Darkness
Supreme Being - Brainwash
Ozma & Mellon - Sharp
Loadstar - Under Pressuare
Sub Zero & Majistrate - Mother Fuckers
Ozma - Dancefloors
The Prototypes - Abyss VIP (Ozma edit)
>>> Netsky - Come And Live
Jaydan - 1 hour photo
Showtek - Cannonball (Matrix & Futerbound remix)
The Prototypes - Lights
Fresh & Diplo - Eartquake (TC remix)
Terravita - Bach Off
Code Red feat. Harry Shota - It's Going Down
Ozma - Battletoads

GVOZD vibez:
1.Xilent feat. Charlotte Haining - Free Me (Smooth Remix)(Audioporn)
2.IllSkillz, Dkay - Codename Zero (Smog)
3.Posij - Lasercat (Division)
4.Rigidsound - Protector(Respect)
5.Donny - Reign (Barcode)
6.Forbidden Society & Receptor - Stress (Forbidden Society)
7.Director:Loki - Breaking Fingers (Suicidedubz digital)
8.Landscapers - Power Struggle (Mindtech)
9.Sustance and Side Projekt -No Nonsense (Disturbed)
10.Soultec - Let it Go (Soul Rebel)
11.RoyGreen & Protone - Speak The Truth (Demand)

INVISIBLE LANDSCAPE aka Meatworks (Кишинёв)
1 State Of Mind and PNC - City On Fire (State Of Mind Remix)
2 Furney & Locksmith - Dub A Dub
3 David Boomah - Were One
4 Gappa G - Information Center (Jungle Citizenz 2013 Remix)
5 Invisible Landscape - Dance No Mercy
6 Invisible Landscape - Horns Of Jericho
7 Culture Shock - Troglodyte
8 Sigma - Rudeboy (Ft. Doctor)
9 Dimension - Crowd Reaction
10 Cyantific - Hold Back
11 Invisible Landscape & 2R - Inner Gangsta
12 Invisible Landscape - Dark Side
13 DJ Hype - Peace Love and Unity (Basher Remix)
14 Storm Crew - Step Off
15 Mista Maloy & Tru Kupchino Badman$ - Budu Pogibat' Molodim

GVOZD vibez pt.2:
1.NC 17 and KC - Reality Bites (Nemesis)
2.A Cray - Stomper (Neodigital)
3.Body and Soul feat mc Daxta - Just a Story (Mainframe)
4.Kodin - Antiquafaq (Mindtech)
5.Heist and Pleasure - Freedom (Playaz)
6.Bare and Dieselboy - Beyond Thunderdome (Original Sin Vip) (Subhuman)
7.Dr. Meaker ft Sian Evans - Right Back (Liquid V dub)
8.Malaky - Right Now (Liquid Tones)
9.Deekline - Still Passin (Jungle Cakes)
10.Clean Bandit feat. Sharna Bass - Extraordinary (Sigma Remix) (Warner Music)
11.Soultorque - The Pole (dub)
12.Qumulus - Caught in The Moment (Soul Deep Exclusives)
13.Shram & Mpnnt - Last Day (dub)
Продолжительность: 01:51:44
GUNSTABAND guestmix:
01. Fred V & Grafix - Hydra
02. Knife Party - LRAD (The Prototypes remix)
03. Body & Soul - Under the radar
04. L Plus - The price
05. Kate Mullins & The McMash Clan - Reqiuem
06. Dub Motion - Gold
07. The Upbeats - Rituals
08. Chris Lake feat. Jareth - Helium (Rene Lavice remix)
09. Cyantific - Ice cream
10. Slogun & IOh - Beatdown
11. Loadstar - Under pressure
12. Bare & Dieselboy - Beyond thunderdome (Original Sin remix)
13. Tantrum Desire - Adventure through space
14. Original Sin - Borg
15. DKay - Omega point

GVOZD vibes:
1.Naked Fish feat. Delight Better Day (Body & Soul Remix)(Mainframe)
2.High Roll - Soundbwoy (Formation dub)
3.Droptek - The Covenant (Monster cat)
4.Axiom feat. Robyn Chaos - Devil's Theory (Bad Chemistry)
5.C-Netik - Cut The Pace (DiMAN!X Remix) (Yellow Stripe)
6.Body & Soul - Auto Sequence( Mainframe)
7.Enei - Hot Plate (Critical)
8.Enei - Woodrunner (Critical)
9.Aero Chord - Surface (Monster Cat)
10.Paranoiac Del - Woof Woof (Respect dub)
11.Gmorozov - Sequence XV III (Beta dub)
12.Hugh Hardie - Kyoto City (Hospital)
13.J:Logic - Keepin' it Jazzy (Soul Deep)

GVOZD vibes2:
1.Rigidsound - Santa (Respect)
2.Sniper FX - Big Ben (Greypost)
3.Body & Soul-rebirth (Mainframe)
4.Kijismoshi - Torn Apart (dub)
5.Brainpain & Syrinx - Garden Play (dub)
6.DiMAN!X - Suck My Dick VIP(dub)
7.A-Cray - Extortion (Citrus)
8.Memro - Damage (Proximity)
9.Soligen & Type 2 - Grave (Citrus)
10.Body & Soul - Hydraulic (Mainframe)
11.J:Logic - Keep Yo Head Up (Soul Deep)
12.Paul T & Edward Oberon - Trust Me (Liquid V)
13.Dj Clart - Cruel Intentions (LuvDisaster)
14.Sapphire - Stop The Time I'll Come Off (Citrus)
15.Aural Imbalance - Icefields of Proxima (Rainforest rewire) (Movementinsound)
16.Breakslinger - Rapture (dub)
17.Enei Ft. DRS - Goliath (Critical)
18.Ed:It & Geographix feat Grimm - Shiver (Hospital)
19.Digital - Therapy (Horizons)
20.PuFFa & Sinestetik - Constant (dub)
21.Synapse - Setting sun (Vril dub)
Продолжительность: 01:58:36
GVOZD vibez:
1.Fox Stevenson - All This Time (Cloudhead)
2.Jazzatron - The Lie (Lifestyle)
3.Borderline - Colossus (State of Mind)
4.Wilkinson feat. Tom Cane - Half Light (Audio remix)(Ram)
5.Hostage - Wires (Audio Remix) (Therapy Sessions)
6.R3hab, Nervo & Ummet Ozcan - Revolution (ShockOne remix)(Spinnin)
7.Kursiva -The Office (The Pooty Club)
8.Veak - Movie Star (Ten Ton Beats)
9.London Grammar Sights (Andy C remix)(Metal & Dust)
10.Secondcity - I Wanna Feel (Brookes Brothers remix)(Ministry Of Sound)
11.Cloud 9 - You Got Me Burnin' (Madcap remix)(Phuzion digital)
12.High Performance - Over Here(Respect dub)
13.Rowney feat Swifta - Plots Plans (G13)
14.Dose - Haphazard (Commercial Suicide)
15.Dubrocca - Playin With My Mind (J Majik vs Dubrocca remix)(Broke'n'Glass)
16.Detail - Detached (Vandal)
17.Break - On The Off (Horizons)

KEXIT guestmix :
1.Kexit - Far away
2.Skrillex feat. Ragga Twins - Ragga Bomb (Original Mix)
3.R3hab & Nervo & Ummet Ozcan - Revolution(Shockone Remix)
4.Trei - Seeds
5.Fred V & Grafix - Shine (feat. Tudor)
6.Receptor feat. Kexit - New Message
7.Tim Ismag - BAM! (Kexit Remix)
8.Fred V & Grafix - Maverick Souls
9.Delta Heavy - Apollo
10.DJ Yox - Karoshi

GVOZD vibez:
1.Veak-You Got Me Burning Up (Ten Ton Beats)
2.DJ Noriken - Under The Mask (Massive Circlez)
3.Dose - Mind The Future (Commercial Suicide)
4.Nickbee - Two Empires (Invisible)
5.Lapix ft. Luschel - Nightmare (Massive Circlez)
6.Killerstep Noisie - Atom Danger (dub)
7.Jikes Feat. Greg Cooke - WonT Let You Go (Elektroshok)
8.Hoax - Fear No Evil (Phantom Dub)
9.Kursiva - Autobahn (Pooty Club)
10.Bredren and Mc Swift - Control (Demand)
11.Borderline feat mc Fava - Immortal Soul (State Of Mind)
12.Mayhem & Logam - All I Do (Santoku)
13.Fre4knc - Cardiome (Invisible)
14.The Sta11ker & Rippers - Riv (dub)
15.Dose - Soul Food (Commercial Suicide)
16.Nookie - Celebrate Life (SoulStructure Remix) (Phuzion Digital)
17.Actraiser - Without You (Fokuz)
18.Aquasion - We Got Love (Textures Music Group)
19.Marty Chill - Got My Eyes (Greypost dub)
20.Dailiv - Catacomb (dub)
21.Arkaik - The Hustle (Diffrent)
Продолжительность: 01:54:49
GVOZD vibez 666:
1.Freqax - Harder & Louder Anthem (Harder and Louder)
2.The Panacea - VD Majick (The Panacea & Counterstrike Remix)(Position Chrome)
3.Angerfist - From The Blackness (Gancher and Ruin remix)(Masters Of Hardcore)
4.Max Shade - Psycho (Metafiziq)
5.The Panacea - Trapmusic Resurrected (Counterstrike Remix)(Position Chrome)
6.The Hard Way - Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers (Prspct)
7.eRRe + Hardlogik - Apocalypse (Ninth Circle)
8.Dimnet - Wild for the Night (harder and Louder)
9.Max Shade and Ogonek - Metafluid (Future Sickness)
10.Axiom feat. Robyn Chaos - Devil's Theory (Bad Chemistry)
11.Donny - Nuke (Barcode)
12.Forbidden Society & Receptor - Stress (Forbidden Society)
13.Limewax - Skull Demo (LB)
14.The Hard Way - Sodomizer (Prspct)
15.Donny and Audio - Horribly Ribbed VIP (Barcode)
16.Goldberg Variations - Zomby Of Kasino (Position Chrome)
17.Limewax - Various Castrations (Yellow Stripe)
18.Rockwell - Molloch (Digital Soundboy)

SYRINX guestmix
1.Syrinx - Seashore Voltage (Black Hoe)
2.Syrinx - Big Bang Omega Boom Rape (DUB)
3.Inerpois & Tremors - Sarcasm (Syrinx rmx) (Aggravated music)
4.Syrinx - Gabba (Black Hoe 12'')
5.eRRe & Hardlogik - Fear (Brainpain rmx) (Black Hoe 12'')
6.Syrinx - The Knights (Black Hoe 12'')
7.Hardlogik & Syrinx - Eat Vegans, Go Hard! (DUB)
8.C-Netik & Syrinx - Alien Menace (Yellow Stripe)
9.C-Netik & Syrinx - Alien Menace (SOAP OPERA VIP)
10.Syrinx - Abducted (Nekrologik)
11.Syrinx - Culprit (Kore'n'Bass division)

FAKEMACHINE Harder & Louder part
1. Brainpain - Gundam (TBA)
2. Kevlar - Lobotomized (Harder & Louder Dub)
3. Freqax - Fuck You Back To The Stone Age (Tatlum remix) (Harder & Louder 007)
4. eRRe & hardlogik - Perfect Hunting Machine (Harder & Louder HLRECS001 12")
5. Shmidoo - The Tales Of Poo (Blast Furnace Dub)
6. SA†AN - Darksiders (Harder & Louder 009)
7. Pandorum - Reconnected (Enzyme)
8. Acid Imagination - Imago Colours (Harder & Louder Dub)
9. SA†AN - They Evolve (Harder & Louder 009)

GVOZD vibez2:
1.Friction and Fourward feat Jakes - Battle Scars (Shogun Audio)
2.Lethal Bizzle - The Drop (Trei Remix) (New State Music)
3.Uman & Vegas - Lazer Godz (Bad Taste dub)
4.Rusty K - Last Of Us (Bad Taste dub)
5.Malsum & Sinoptic - Mangrove Swamp (Citrus)
6.Silent Witness - Scrambler (Triple Seed)
7.Chris.SU & State Of Mind - Above Earth (Fate)
8.Levela & Dub Zero - My Style (Multi Function)
9.Two Mind - Mind Thieves (dub)
10.Mediks and Shimon - Mandroid (Audioporn)
11.Maztek & Cern - Multiverse (Renegade Hardware)
12.Cod3x - Hyperthermia (Bad Taste dub)
13.Agressor Bunx - Wish Killer (Celsius)
14.Skynet - Origin of Spin (Abducted)
15.Code3x - Deep Probe (Disturbed)
16.Asymmetric - Call The Police (Jungle Train)
Продолжительность: 01:58:06
GVOZD vibes:
1.Aphex ft MC Mood - Max Level (Calvertron remix) (Jack Knife)
2.Int Company - 12 Tonnes (Bad Taste Dub)
3.Audio - Heads Up (Ram)
4.Wicked n Sick - Incubus (dub)
5.Schoolboy - Aftershock (Original Sin remix) (Subhuman)
6.Gorgon City feat. Laura Welsh - Here For You (Roni Size Remix)(Virgin Emi)
7.Levela feat Spyda - new dance (MultiFunction)
8.Sub Zero & Majistrate - R Step (Playaz)
9.Fred V & Grafix - Forest Fires (Hospital)
10.Follix & Back Up & Michel P - Paronorma(dub)
11.Free Dominguez Maniac Agenda - Stranger i rema (Proto bootleg)
12.Hyroglifics - Killamanaman (Critical)
13.Redeyes - Get Me Paid (Vandal LTD)
14.Momoiro Clover Z - Lost Child (Noisia Remix) (King Record Co)
15.Lenzman feat Steo - Empty Promise (Jubei remix) (Metalheadz)
16.Malaky - Connected (Fokuz)
17.Marcus Ezra - The Dragon (Soul Bros)
18.J:Logic - Scattin' (Steppin Forward)
19.Intelligent Manners - Love Freeze (Respect)
20.Blade and Kyro - Back From The Streets (Liquid V)
21.Logistics - Somersaults (Hospital)

GVOZD vibes2:
1.Sniper FX - Stop The Inevitable Make A Choice (Black System)
2.Paul Art & M1ch3l P - Verdict (dub)
3.Syrinx - Night Watchers (dub)
4.Chris Su feat mc Fedora and mc Stamina - Illusion Of Choice (Fate)
5.Aphex - No Way Out (Jack Knife)
6.Dj Fane & Karlixx - Wicked Disease (Lowfreqmx)
7.Sub Zero & Majistrate - Idea (Playaz)
8.Crimson - Wait Until Infinity (Cymbalism)
9.Lenzman - Ever So Slightly (Artificial Intelligence Remix) (Metalheadz)
10.Six Blade - Punks (Viper)
11.Chromatic feat Michael Lynch - Senorita (Innerground)
12.Madface - In Love (Liquid Tones)
13.J:Logic - Funky Notes (Steppin Forward)
14.Funkware - Priceless (Soul Bros)
15.Ed:It and Pennygiles - Set Theory (C.I.A)
16.Mav feat. P-Gemma & Jackie Valerie - Jackie Style (Scientific)
17.Tobax Ft Sasha Loona - Summer Lights (dub)
18.mSdoS - The One (Liquid Drops)
19.dj Marky feat XRS - Distant Lover (Innerground)
20.Dan Guidance - Glider (Liquid Drops)
21.Mav - Between Heaven And The Deep Blue Sea (Naibu Remix) (Scientific)
22.Drift Man - Script (dub)
23.Tremah - Сreep (E-Motion)
24.Redeyes - Man Down (Vandal LTD)
25.P0gman & Doctor - Tearin The World Apart (Chronos)
Продолжительность: 02:04:08
GVOZD vibes:
1.Optiv & BTK feat Ryme Tyme - Blackjack (Virus)
2.Neonlight - Extrasolar (Blackout)
3.I Am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz remix) (Division)
4.Yanntek - Break The Law (Bowsar remix) (High Intensity)
5.Bong - Metroflex (Uplink Audio)
6.Slang Banger - Labyrinth (Program)
7.Serum - Big Loader (Chronic dub)
8.My Nu Leng - Knowing (DJ Break Remix) (Black Butter)
9.Mutated Forms - Jah Colours (Low Down Deep)
10.Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill - Gecko (Matrix & Futurebound remix)(Spinnin)
11.Soligen & Type-2 - Cant Go (Celsius)
12.Ozark Henry - Im Your Sacrifice (Brookes Brothers remix)
13.Lenzman feat DRS - Just Cant Take(Metalheadz)
14.Technimatic feat. Pat Fulgoni - Like a Memory (Shogun Audio)
15.Atlantic Connection - We Good (Fokuz)
16.Maduk - Vermilion (Liquicity)
17.Nazgul - Wop-Wop (Respect dub)
18.Digital - New Age Jungle Funk (Technique dub)

THE STA11KER guestmix:
01).Rawtekk - Amber's Love Was Like A Marble (Billain Remix)
02).Rregula & Dementia - Doom Loop (Mefjus Remix)
03).Joe Ford - The Moment (Instrumental Mix)
04).Dimension – Crowd Reaction
05).The Sta11ker - Closed loop
06).Culture Shock – Machine
07).State of Mind - Gradient
08).The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot
09).Tha Trickaz - Cut Like A Guillotine
10).Justin Prime & Showtek feat. Matthew Koma - Cannonball(Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
11).R3hab & NERVO - Revolution (ShockOne Remix)
12).Tantrum Desire - Adventure Through Space
13).S.P.Y - Step & Flow
14).The Sta11ker & RIPPERS - Celestial
15).The Prototypes - Evolution(The Sta11ker Rmx)
16).Lana Del Rey - West Coast (Camo & Krooked Remix)

GVOZD vibez:
1.I Am Legion - Warp Speed Thuggin (Phace remix) (Division)
2.Optiv & BTK feat Ryme Tyme - Snake Bite (Virus)
3.Locuzzed - Takedown (Mainframe)
4.Follix & Back Up & Sub Daymon - Civilization (dub)
5.Cabbie - Heavy Soundwave (3D Mode)
6.Pastaman and Nick Ed - Dem Murda Ya Sound (Stivs Remix) (Unjustified)
7.Serum - Juice (Chronic dub)
8.Dubkind - Dark Intel (Gradient Audio)
9.Donkong - Focus (Play Me)
10.Flechette - Caravan (Cream Collective)
11.L.A.O.S - Believe (Liquicity)
12.Dualistic - No Air (Liquicity)
13.Malaky - My Dreams (Prestige)
14.Lenzman eat Dan Stezo - Move and Focus (Metalheadz)
15.nCamargo - All I Need (Soul Deep)
16.Blu Mar Ten & Seba - Hunter (Tobax remix) (dub)
17.Lenzman feat Kevin King - Starz (Metalheadz)
18. LSB -Leave (Soul:R)
Продолжительность: 01:56:09
GVOZD vibes:
1.The Dirty Bunch - Discobreaka (Doctor Werewolf remix) (Simplify)
2.Varien - Valkyrie (feat. Laura Brehm) (Monster Cat)
3.Konichi - Very Exciting (Playaz)
4.Jaydrop featuring Live Mic - Blip On The Radar (Demand)
5.Lowriderz & Ceph - Enormous Weight (Animated dub)
6.Noisia - Stamp Out (Vision)
7.lockjaw-bounce (Vandal)
8.Sniper FX - Butty (Black System)
9.Champion feat Charlotte Haining - Save Me (Nemesis)
10.Keeno - Out Of Nowhere (Med School)
11.Mako - Planet Physical (Dispatch dub)
12.Enei - Goliath (Critical)
13.Nucleus and Paradox - The Return Of (Paradox music)
14.Nickbee and Freakbeak - Broken (Bad Taste)
15.Zero T and Script - Guessing Games (Bailey remix) (Dispatch)
16.Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah (VIP) (Metalheadz)
17.Moby & Darth & Vader Death Star (Tristan Garner Remix) (Dim Mak)

FLADE (MD) guestmix:
01. Delta Heavy - Apollo [RAM]
02. Loadstar - Under Pressure [RAM]
03. Prolix - Set The Place On Fire [Trendkill]
04. Kaibre & Effector - Come On Now [You So fat]
05. Justin Prime & Showtek feat. Mattehew Koma - Cannonball (Earthquake) (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) [SPRS]
06. Neonlight & Mefjus - Hot Glue [Eatbrain]
07. Cynematic - Groove Me [You So Fat]
08. Pacific - Golden Years [Nightfall]
09. Danny Byrd - Make It Weighty (feat. Serocee) [Hospital]
10. Rollz - Electric [Hospital]
11. Chris Lake feat. Jareth - Helium (Rene Lavice remix) [Ultra]
12. Urbandawn - Torus [Bad Taste]
13. Blu Mar Ten - Remembered Her Wrong [Blu Mar Ten Music]
14. Kaibre & Effector - Wild Runner [You So Fat]
15. Subwave - Moscow Lights [Critical Music]
16. Brains feat. Sian Evans - We Are One (Chris.Su Remix) [Beats Hotel]
17. Rusty K - Riot [Breed 12 Inches]
18. Concord Dawn - Fly Away Home [Uprising]
19. Maldini - Synesthesia [Nemesis]
20. Eastcolors - Toys [Program]

GVOZD vibez:
1.Halogenix ft Zoe Klinck - Too Good (Critical)
2.Seba - Addicted (Spearhead LTD)
3.Ji Ben Gong & Kalum - Looking Forward (Spastik remix) (Liquid Brilliants)
4.TI - Deep Within (Playaz)
5.Fineprint - Konkrete Skank (Liondub)
6.Need For Mirrors - Kink (Horizons)
7.Hoogs - Perfect Score (High R8)
8.Nu Elementz - MDMA (Playaz)
9.D*Minds - Terminate (DStyle)
10.Picota & Kumbh - Head Shot (Citrus)
11.Nerwen - All Later (dub)
12.C.A.2K & Cooh - Raised In The Sky (PRSPCT)
13.Hallucinator feat Isacco Pattini - Raise Your Middle Finger (Yellow Stripe)
14.Noisia & Evol Intent Long Gone (Vision)
15.Kung - Vintage Trip (Rise Audio)
16.Halogenix-Ambia (Critical)
17.Mako feat Detail - Tell Me Something (Metalheadz)
Продолжительность: 02:02:25
GVOZD vibes:
1.Blasta - Ogni (Respect)
2.Dimension - Crowd Reaction VIP (Cyn music)
3.L-Side feat Ragga Twins - Riddim Dancer (V dub)
4.Matrix & Futurebound feat.Tanya Lacey - Don't Look Back (Koncept Remix) (3Beat)
5.Tobax - Buyoner (dub)
6.Parsey Joe ft GLY - Your Muse (Noize)
7.Nitri and Release - Revolution Groove (Chronic dub)
8.The Prototypes - Just Bounce VIP (Viper)
9.dj Sly ft Trigga - Bass Face (Higher Stakes)
10.Warp Fa2e - Bass Theater (Greypost Dub)
11.NC17 & Nusense - Inferno (36 Hertz)
12.Stereoplate - Overtime(dub)
13.FullCasual & KOSIKK - Trust Me (Giocator remix) (Black Seeds)
14.Villem and Mcleod - Dutch Oven (CIA Deep Kut)
15.Rowpieces - Jazzmerising (Jazzsticks)
17.Amoss Ft. MC JC - Bleed It Vip(Horizons)
18.Fracture - Werk It (Exit)
18.Mako - Do You Know What I'm Saying (Dispatch dub)
19.Metrik & Elizabeth Troy - Want My Love (Hospital )

ART, DOSIS presents PATA NEGRA pt.2 guestmix:
01. Kursiva - The Office (The Pooty Club)
02. Aphex - My Own World (ft. J Gusto)(Free)
03. 4 Corners Crew - Mad Dem Ft. General Levy (Kursiva Remix)(Dubwise Station)
04. U.Stone - Pity (Mooncat Remix)(Dubwise Station)
05. Voltage Voodoo - Desert Eagle (Melting Pot)
06. Smitech Wesson - Sahara (Dubsidia Rmx)(Boxon)
07. Voltage Voodoo & Kursiva - Neuromancer (dub)
08. Krone - Mass Effect (Citrus)
09. Malsum and Krone – Emotions (Citrus)

GVOZD vibes :
1.Fed. - Christ Blaster (Sociopath)
2.NC17 & Soul Culture - Welcome To The Jungle (36 Hertz)
3.Critical Impact feat MC Carasel - Headtop Champion (Formation dub)
4.Spexion -Those Eyes (Formation dub)
5.Disept - Make Some Noise (Mindtech)
6.Fracture - Overload (Exit)
7.Kalm & Dan Bowskill - Living In The Red (Villem & McLeod Remix)(Flexout)
8.Salaryman & Seereal - Bullet Man (Disturbed)
9.Digital - Midnight Moves (Trei Midnight Mix)(Technique dub)
10.Dominator & Logan D - Education (Low Down Deep)
11.Figure - Cowabunga (Rottun)
12.Braincrack - Ill Be Right Back (Histeria)
13.YBM - Jump (Battle Audio)
14.Forbidden Society & Task Horizon - Meltdown (Forbidden Society violation)(Forbidden Society)
15.Minor Rain - Villain (Future Funk)
16.Vince Grain - Nyctophilia (Automate)
17.Indivision ft Thomas Oliver - Your Are My Whole World (Liquid Tones)
18.Lurch - Days Ahead (Soul Deep)
Продолжительность: 02:00:44
CONTRACT KILLERS (Innersoul and mc Smoky Dogg) guestmix:
1)BassBrothers - A Little Mad
3)Lowriderz & Ceph - Enormous Weight
4)Philth & P-Fine - Tired
5)Lowriderz - The Plant VIP
8)BassBrothers - Bolivian Yeyo
9)Serum - Tommy Gun
10)Dialogue - Vibe-ration
11)Code Red - Cruel Intentions (VIP)
12)Sativa Dub Silent Type & Skore - Unspeakable
14)Hectix & Ozma & Mellon - Bring It Back VIP
18)BassBrothers - Kidnap
19)Chromatic - Think Fast
20)Sub Zero Majistrate - Under Pressure
21)Future Prophecies - Dreadlock (PLAYMA Remix)
22)Callide - Drop Bombs
23)Dillinja - Shiners

GVOZD with Hospitality mad vibes:
1.Logistics feat Hugh Hardie - As Sure As Sunrise (Hospital dub)
2.Danny Byrd - Love You Like This ( Hospital)
3.Camo & Krooked - Move Around feat Ian Shaw (Hospital )
4.DKay - Omega Point (Hospital)
5.Fred V & Grafix - Maverick Souls (Hospital)
6.Metrik - Want My Love (feat Elisabeth Troy) (Club Mix)(Hospital)
7.Logistics - No Hurry Time (Hospital dub)
8.Metrik - Break Of Dawn VIP(Hospital)
9.Bop - Next Level (Med School dub)
10.London Elektricity - Different Drum (live) (Hospital, 2006)
11.Keeno feat Pat Fulgoni - As One (Med School)

GVOZD with Hospitality mad vibes 2:
1.Logistics feat Nu-Tone & Maduk- Stutter (Hospital dub)
2.Logistics - Transcending (Hospital dub)
3.London Elektricity - Snow Angels (Hospital)
4.Metrik & Friction - Legacy (Hospital)
5.Logistics feat Will Robert - Forevergreen (Hospital dub)
6.Nirvana vs Danny Byrd - Smells Like Teen Spirit (free bootleg)
7.Fred V & Grafix - Downpour (Hospital)
8.Logistics - Endurance (Hospital)
9.S.P.Y feat. Suku of Ward 21 - Rise Again (feat Suku of Ward 21) (Hospital)
10.Cyantific-90 (Hospital 2003)
11.Camo & Krooked - WKND (Hospital)
12.Billie, Netsky - We Can Only Live Today (Puppy) (Camo & Krooked Remix)(Hospital)
13.High Contrast featuring Tiesto & Underworld - The First Note Is Silent (Hospital)
14.Danny Byrd - Supersonic (Hospital)
15.High Contrast - Some Things Never Change (Hospital)
16.Logistics feat Sonic - Polyphony (Hospital dub)
17.Fred V & Grafix - Forest Fires (Etherwood Remix) (Hospital)
18.Netsky - Love Life (Hospital)
19.High Contrast - Twilights Last Gleaming vip (Hospital)
20.London Elektricity - NHS Funk (Hospital, 1997)
21.Logistics - Triangles (Hospital)
22.Fred V & Grafix feat Kate Westall - Catch My Breath (Hospital)
23.Street Child World Cup ft. London Elektricity, S.P.Y and Diane Charlemagne - I Am Somebody (Hospital)
24.Bop - Summer Pleasures (Med School dub)
Продолжительность: 02:07:06

GVOZD a couple of vibes:
1.Fox Stevenson - Throwdown (Fire Power)
2.Barely Alive feat Jeff Sontag - Sell Your Soul (Disciple)

KEXIT live minimix
1.Daft Punk - doin it night (CLS bootleg)
2.Danny byrd - We Can Have It All
3.Camo and Krooked and TC - Get Dirty
4.Major Look - no hope city
5.R3hab, Nervo - Revolution (Shock One remix)
6.Joe ford - the moment

GVOZD vibes:
1.Ulterior Motive - M.I.R. (Metalheadz)
2.Rockwell - 1 2 3 4 (Shogun audio)
3.Bassbrothers - Bolivian Yeyo (Playaz)
4.Evol Intent - Under The Radar (free)
5.Dimension - Command (Drum&Bass Arena)
6.Ozma - Hurricane Sounds (dub)
7.Paranoiac Del - July (dub)
8.Sub Daymon - Speedcore (Greypost dub)
9.Chromatic - Warp (New Playaz)
10.Au5 feat. Danyka Nadeau - Follow You (Rhythmics Remix)(Monstercat)
11.T-Phonic feat. Elbie - Positive (D&B Arena)
12.Netsky feat. Beth Ditto - Running Low
13.Dave Owen feat. T.R.A.C - The Partys Arrived (Liquid V dub)
14.Anth M and mSdoS - Child In Time (Soul Deep Exclusives)
15.Anth M & mSdoS - Soul On Fire (Soul Deep Exclusives)
16.Dr Meaker ft. Sian Evans - Right Back (Break remix) (V dub)
17.Critical Bang - Demoniac (dub)
18.T>I Feat. Azza - Technique (Innerground)
19.Eveson & Halogenix - Grey Dawn (Ingredients)
20.BCee - Hit You Where You Live (Spearhead)
21.Stereotype - Leave Me (Intelligent dub)
22.Bungle - You & Me (Im:Ltd)
23.Nitri & ArpXP - Move On (Chronic)
24.Blocks and Escher - Razor (Metalheadz)
25.SB81 - Arq (Metalheadz)
26.Shram - Jump In Jungle(dub)
27.Cern & Overlook - Nevada Ghost (Horizons)
28.Masada - F4lling 1n Love(dub)
29.Bop - The Backbone Flute (Med Skool)
Продолжительность: 02:01:39
GVOZD vibez:
1.Matrix & Futurebound feat. Max Marshall - Control (Viper)
2.Ayah Marar - Bass Soldiers (Prod by Drumsound and Bassline Smith) (selfrelease, bandcamp)
3.Cern & Dabs - Alter Ego (Dispatch dub)
4.Rockwell - INeedU (Shogun audio)
5.Lowriderz - Badman (djK remix) (dub)
6.Lyptikal - Scanners (Gun audio)
7.Annix -Take It Back (Playaz)
8.Two Mind -To Kill Godzilla(dub)
9.Loko - Rage VIP (Viper)
10.Stealth - Smash It (Program)
11.Teddy Killerz - Demolisher (Subtitles)
12.Dephzac and Trei - The Show Must Go On (Dephrecords)
13.Break - Groove With It (Life)
14.Ozma - Moves Your Soul (dub)
15.Venemy - Let Go (Legion remix)(Play Me)
16.Technimatic - Night Vision (Shogun Audio)
17.Utah Jazz - Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Spearhead)

1. Paranoiac Del - Welcome (Dub)
2. Paranoiac Del - Dirty Bathroom (Dub)
3. Paranoiac Del - The Universe (Dub)
4. Rihanna - Umbrella (Paranoiac Del remix) (Dub)
5. Paranoiac Del - Jam beats cool (Respect rec)
6. Paranoiac Del - Woof Woof (Respect rec)
7. Paranoiac Del - Flash in the brain (Respect rec)
8. Paranoiac Del - Demolition (Respect rec)
9. Paranoiac Del - Elephant (Respect rec)
10.Paranoiac Del - Message (Respect rec)
11.Paranoiac Del - My deadly brass band (Dub)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Dan Dakota - Shake Me (Supreme Hustle)
2.Technimatic - Innermost (Shogun Audio)
3.Hybris - Mind Grind (Invisible)
4.Dayni & Kenobi - Junkanoo (Translation)
5.Escher - Deep Architecture (31)
6.Fields - Reel Funk (Symmetry)
7.Dabs - Objection VIP (Dispatch dub)
8.STHS - Grumpy (You So Fat)
9.Rune and Kaiza - Ooze (Abducted Ltd)
10.Quadrant and Kid Hops and Iris - Partials (CIA)
11.Locuzzed - The Gate (The Zoooo)
12.Unknown Artist - Jungle On Broadway (Fokuz)
13.PA - What Dem Play (Muzic Heartz)
14.Kutz - Recall (Death By Bass)
15.Dan Dakota - Rush (Supreme Hustle)
16.Eric Prydz - Liberate (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) (Virgin)
17.Technimatic - Lost Time (Shogun Audio)
18.Logistics feat Lifford - Seasons (Hospital)
19.Logistics - Sparks (Hospital)
20.Colossus - My Desire (Soul Deep)
21.HLZ - Secret Diva (Flexout)
22.Alex Clare - War Rages On (Etherwood remix)
Продолжительность: 00:59:30
GVOZD vibez:
1.Camo & Krooked - WKND
2.Mediks - Come Back Down
3.Brookes Brothers Ft Chrom3 - Carry Me On (Club Mix)
4.Agnes - Release Me (High Performance remix)
5.Paranoiac Del - Ducks Beat The Drums
6.Camo & Krooked feat Ian Shaw - Move Around
7.2DB - Original Sound System Style (DJ Yox Remix)
8.DC Breaks - Gambino
9.Metrik - Break Of Dawn VIP
10.DJ Fresh vs Diplo, Dominique Young Unique - Earthquake
11.TC - Get Down Low
12.Slogun, iOh, J-Tec - Wicked (Sikdope Remix)
13.Wilkinson, P Money, Arlissa - Heartbeat (Calyx& Teebee remix)
14.Nirvana vs Danny Byrd - Smells Like Teen Spirit
15.oneBYone ft SevenEver - Trust Me
17.Black Sun Empire feat Foreign Beggars - Dawn Of A Dark Day (Receptor remix)
19.Elephant Man Mob Tactics - Crazy Hype (Mad Run)
20.Ozma & Mellon - Sharp
21.Spectrem - Supanova
22.James Marvel - I Am The Robot
23.Calyx & TeeBee - Strung Out
23a.Calyx & TeeBee - Strung Out (VIP)
24.Audio - Bag of Bones
25.Cause4Concern - Headroom (Audio vip)
26.I See Monstas - Evolution (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
27.Chase & Status - Alive (Mefjus Remix)
Продолжительность: 00:56:33
GVOZD vibez:
1.Fox Stevenson - Throwdown
2.Daft Punk - One More Time (Cyantific Bootleg)
3.Danny Byrd - Love You Like This
4.Rockwell - 1 2 3 4
5.Crissy Criss - Superstar
6.L Plus - The Lost Moon
7.Barely Alive feat. Jeff Sontag - Sell Your Soul
8.Bingo Players - Knock You Out (Champion remix)
9.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Can You Feel It (VIP)
10.The Two Friends Ft. Jeff Sontag - Sedated (Barely Alive Remix VIP)
11.Terravita - Spicy By The Glass
12.Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Cyantific & Wilkinson Remix)
13.Wilkinson feat Talay Riley - Dirty Love
14.Smooth feat. Markoman - Kronos
15.Hamilton - Be There
16.Figure - Cowabunga
17.Rockwell - INeedU
18.Bel Heir - Kiss the Devil (Just A Gent Remix)
19.Aero Chord - Surface
20.DJ Fresh ft Jay Fay & Ms Dynamite - DibbyDibby Sound (Sigma Remix)
21.Annix - Take It Back
22.Lyptikal - Scanners
23.Philip T.B.C. - White Dynamite (N3gus Remix)
24.BOP - Next Level
25.Zarif - Box of Secrets (Cyantific & Wilkinson Remix)
26.Foxes - Let Go for Tonight (High Contrast Remix)
27.Fox Stevenson - All In
28.Tristam & Braken - Frame Of Mind
Продолжительность: 00:59:55
GVOZD vibez:
1.Lynx feat. Newsome - Take Back The Night
2.Sigma - Nobody To Love
3.Fretman - Good Feeling
4.Delta Heavy - Apollo
5.Slogun & iOh - Beatdown
6.DJ Manga - Fukamachi
7.Insideinfo feat Miss Troube - Metamorphosis
8.Neonlight - Basso Continuo
9.Kursiva - The Office
10.Billain - Red Surface
11.Teddy Killerz - Machine Room
12.Phace - Vitreous
13.Phace - The Set Up
14.Emperor & Mefjus - Disrupted
15.Royalston - Lunar
16.Hoogs - Meditate
17.The Prototypes-Pale Blue Dot
18.Misanthrop - Greed Of Gain
19.Maztek - M Theory
20.Prolix - Set The Place On Fire
21.Prolix - Ringtone Raver
22.Sunchase - Next Rhythm (Engage Remix)
23.June Miller - Operation Ivy
24.Mindscape Coppa - Do It Like This
25.Aeph - Back To The Jungle
26.Noisia Shaking Hands
27.Wicked N Sick - Cyberpanda
28.Future Prophecies Dreadlock (Playma remix)
Продолжительность: 01:00:37
GVOZD vibez:
1.Dave Owen feat TRAC - The Partys Arrived
2.Utah Jazz - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
3.DuoScience - Lunar
4.Krot - Like A Circle
5.dRamatic & dbAudio - Delivery
6.Street Child World Cup feat S.P.Y, London Elektricity - I Am Somebody (S.P.Y remix)
7.Rowpieces - Cut and Run
8.Logistics feat Lifford - Seasons
9.Matrix & Futurebound feat. Tanya Lacey - Don't Look Back
10.Danny Byrd - Supersonic
11.Netsky - Love Life
12.Run Tingz Cru feat YT- Born Inna Babylon (Serial Killaz remix)
13.David Boomah ft Solo Banton - Hot Girls (Aries Remix)
14.Chino Mcgregor - Boom Draw (Marcus Visionary refix)
15.Ricky Tuff - Blind To You
16.Rollz - Electric
17.Teddy Killerz - New Drums VIP
18.Axon - sttr
19.Subtension & MC Nuklear - Break The Rules
20.Tobax - Buyoner
21.Enei - Hot Plate
22.Royalston - Modular Jam
23.Mutated Forms - Reach You In Your Sleep
24.The Panacea - Trapmusic Resurrected (Counterstrike Remix)
Продолжительность: 01:59:53
GVOZD vibez:
1.Wilkinson feat Talay Riley - Dirty Love(Ram)
2.Mind Vortex - Hotbox Vip (Ram)
3.The Prototypes ft Amy Pearson - Dont Let Me Go (Big Top mix) (Viper)
4.Xilent - Falling Apart (Rameses B remix) (Audioporn)
5.Erb N Dub - Parallax (Technique)
6.Spaow - Red Dragon (Kuma)
7.Zinc - Show Me (Sigma Remix)(Virgin Emi)
8.Sigma feat Stylo G - Changing vip (3Beats)
9.Sigma feat Paloma Faith - Changing (3Beats)
10.Rameses B feat Charlotte Haining - Dream Catcher (Monstercat)
11.Funk Effect - Take Off (Mainframe)
12.S.P.Y- Scruffy Bugger (Hospital)
13.Phace and Misanthrop - Sex Sells (Neosignal)
14.Nostalgia feat. Frank Moran -Perfect Lie (Play Me Too)
15.Gridlok feat Jamal - Concrete (Project 51)
16.Fade - Trap and Bass (Beta)
17.Zombie Cats & Mefjus - Must Eat (EatBrain)
18.False Noise - Dead End (Upscale)
19.Hoogs - Dog Bass (535)
20.Dj Hazard - Meen Time (Playaz)
21.VLTRN -The Ride ( Formation)
22.ISeeMonstas - Circles (ISeeMonstas Remix)

GVOZD vibez 2:
1.2Nice - Uprising (Serial Killaz remix) (Serial Killaz)
2.Chase & Status - International (Dimension Remix)(Ram)
3.Mob Tactics - Mirror Mirror (MTA)
4.Release - Tu-Rok (Proximity)
5.Zombie Cats Ft Kryptomedic - Upgrade (EatBrain)
6.Erre & Hardlogik vs. Syrinx - D.I.E. (Qkhack Remix) (Noisj)
7.C-Netik & Syrinx - Alien Menace (dub)
8.Nitri - Trust (Avantgarde)
9.Fade & Heavy1 - Beyond The Fringe (Faded music)
10.Mob Tactics - Alcatraz (MTA)
11.Hyroglifics - Terra (Dispatch)
12.Fade & Dess - My Mind (Faded music)
13.I Wannabe - Terminally Ill (Disturbed dub)
14.Random Movement with Jaybee & Adrienne Richards - Ahead Of It All (V dub)
15.Submorphics - Long Been Gone (Shogun LTD)
16.Danny Darko, Jova Radevska - Time Will Tell (Shubny Remix)(Eklipse)
17.Blade & Conspire - True Pioneers (SoulDeep)
18.Nihils - Lovers On The Run (Since Now Remix) (Velcro City)
19.Decon - Changing Times (Jazzsticks)
20.Glen E. Ston. & Flaco-Transcendence (Liquid V)
21.S.P.Y & BCee - Stardust (Hospital)
22.TC - Tap Ho (JumpForce Bootleg)
23.Tizwald - Activation (dub)
24.45Thieves - No Surrender (Conquest)
Продолжительность: 02:00:09
GVOZD vibez:
1.Metrik feat Jan Burton - Human Again (Hospital dub)
2.Vice City feat Rony Blue - Without You (Beta)
3.Prolix & Misanthrop - Transcendent (Trendkill)
4.Shapeshifter & The Upbeats - Bloodstream (Truetone)
5.Tony Anthem, Axl Ender, Erb n Dub, Urban Assault - Rise (Heavy Artillery)
6.New Invasion feat Kleox - Leaving Today (AudioBoutique)
7.Mashur feat Bbk - Bass Domination (Heavy Artillery)
8.Legion & Logam feat Adam Wright - House of Cards(Program)
9.Dj Fresh - Talkbox (Camo & Krooked Remix) (Breakbeat Kaos)
10.Nymfo - Electrosmog (Commercial Suicide)
11.Concept Vision & Segment - Meteor (Blackout)
12.Roni Size feat. Dynamite MC - Take Kontrol (Mansion Sounds)
13.Need For Mirrors & HLZ feat Stapleton - Greazy (Need For Mirrors VSOP Mix)(V dub)
14.Task Horizon - Robotoddler (Evolution Chamber)
15.Astronaut and Eyes - Pinball (Bluescreens remix)(Monstercat)
16.Foreign Concept - Make Meals (Critical)
17.Egyptian Empire -The Horn Track (Ministry Of Sounds)
18.Command Strange - Remedy (Med School dub)
19..EdIt & JDaure - Cardinal (Med School dub)
20.Mako, DLR & Fields - Old Soul (Metalheadz)
21.Task Horizon - Dharmakaya Light (Evolution Chamber)
22.The Kragen - Rastaman Said Ghettobass (Heavy Artillery)

GVOZD vibez 2:
1.Prolix & Coppa - Vital Condition (Trendkill)
2.Arkasia - Mediattack (Heavy Artillery)
3.Concept Vision & Segment - Mudslide (Blackout)
4.Aweminus - Сyclops (Octane Audio)
5.Incognito - Under The Dome (Vandal)
6.Nymfo & Detail - Survivor(Dispatch)
7.Taven - Together (dub)
8.Beta 2 - NOD (Metalheadz)
9.Foreign Concept - The Volks (Critical)
10.Skore and Dorian - Consciousness (Hangar)
11.Karma - Back and Forth (CYN)
12.Stereogatari - One Last Chance(dub)
13.The Renegades - Us Against The City (Ground Mass Music)
14.Funk Effect - Hunting You (Heavy Artillery)
15.Roni Size - Made in Korea (Mansion Sounds)
16.HoT - Heels On Mashup (dub)
17.Kabukifeat Jenna G - Just HoldOn VIP (V dub)
18.Christian Bruna - Feelin' Love (Lois & Clark's Mix)(Liquid Brilliants)
19.Colossus - The Road (Rush)
20.Blade & Okee - E=U (Liquid Flavours)
21.Static Feat. Frank Carter III - Run For Shelter (Retrograde Sound)
22.Tokalosh feat Lego - For The Listeners (Soul Deep)
23.Kill Paris - Silence of Heartbreak (Random Movement remix) (OWSLA)
24.Satl - Happiness (Luv Disaster)
25.Marso & Gala - Believe (Intelligent)
26.Hybris - Northeast Groove (Invisible)
Продолжительность: 01:57:13
GVOZD vibez:
1.Ninja Kore - Follow The Wicked (Monster Planet)
2.Spor - Aztec (Shogun Audio)
3.Locussed - Beyond (Mainframe)
4.Spectrem - Backfire (Technique dub)
5.Tuff Touch - Impact Zone (Mayan audio)
6.Upfront - Bru Dub (Smokin Riddims)
7.Downlink & Calvertron - Immortal (F3tch Remix)(Jack Knife)
8.Dylan & Kitech featuring George Noble - Hatred Written In Fire (Yellow Stripe)
9.Ninja Kore and Kursiva - This Is War (Monster Planet)
10.dj Guv - Slice and Dice (Dubz audio)
11.Document One - Revolution (Technique)
12.Audio - Bag of Bones (Blackout)
13.Signs - Indigo (C4C)
14.Trilo - Barracks (Renegade Hardware)
15.Cern - Tiamat (Dispatch dub)
16.Break - Coming 4 U (Warm Communications)
17.Paul SG feat TRAC - Stay Classy (Liquid V dub)
18.mSdoS - Big Waves (Liquid Drops)
19.Jay Rome - Love Drunk(Blu Saphire)
20.Shiny Radio - Where Have U Been (ft. La Kos)( Influenza Media)
21.Shapeshifter vs The Upbeats - Solitaire
22.Ulterior Motive feat James Sunderland - Muted (Metalheadz)
23.Dark Soul - Raze (Med School)
24.Subtension - Taking Care (Med School)
25.Document One feat. Sam Friend - Kindness for Weakness (Technique)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Bass'Flo & Ziyal - Timeless Travellers (Cosmic Origins)
2.Fanu - Paracosm (Lightless)
3.Taelimb - Krux (Med School)
4.Response-SOS (Ingridients)
5.V4ns - Dub n Jazz (HoT remix) (dub)
6.Tatlum - Trick (Critical Bass)
7.Cruk-Snuffbox (You So Fat)
8.Agressor Bunx - Ancient Mechanism (Greypost Audio dub)
9.Matful - Lost (dub)
10.eRRe - Murderporn (Melting Pot)
11.Ozma - Holy Time (DJ K remix) (free)
12.John B feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Connected (Beta)
13.Sidelock & Psyrax - Devastate (You So Fat)
14.Xilent - Step One (Beta)
15.eRRe - Play With Us (Melting Pot)
16.WARP FA2E - Cracks (You So Fat)
17.Lowriderz - Pitch ForkVIP (dub)
18.Camo & Krooked feat. Shaz Sparks - Time Is Ticking Away (Beta)
19.Hybris - Subversion (Invisible)
20.mSdoS - Earthling (Liquid Drops)
21.Spectrem - Run (Technique dub)
22.DeepestSounds feat. Lady EMZ - Smooth Chords (Liquid Brilliants)
23.Paranoiac Del - Romantic Reggae (remix) (dub)
24.TKB - Wet Impracticable Jungle 2(Neocycle Remix) (Respect dub)
Продолжительность: 02:03:33
GVOZD vibez:
1.Jacob Banks - Move With You (High Contrast remix)(Atlantic)
2.Voltage - Private Time (Innerground)
3.Intelligent Manners - Miracles (Fokuz)
4.Seven Lions & Myon & Shane 54 ft. Tove Lo - Strangers (Matrix & Futurebound remix) (Republic)
5.The Speedway - Displaced (dub)
6.Draper - Joyride (Monstercat)
7.Project 71 ft IMG - Icarus (Black System)
8.The Sta11ker - Get Over (dub)
9.Original Sin - Labyrinth (Playaz)
10.Insect - Ultrabionic (Through Sounds)
11.State of Mind - Long Term Effect (Citrus)
12.RaZoRTeK - Artifact (dub)
13.Handra - Stay Away (Addictive Behaviour)
14.Spexion - Longtime Rocka (Formation)
15.Paul SG - Lady (Liquid V dub)
16.Calibre & Marcus Intalex ft. Fox - Something Heavy (Signature)
17.A Sides - Solar 45 (Eastside )
18.Knife Party - Boss Mode (Ozma bootleg)
19.Two Mind - Serial Killer (dub)
20.Dave Shichman - Ditmars (Liquid Drops)
21.Original Sin ft. Koo - Fire Inside (Playaz)

DEEN PRIDE guestmix:
01 NickBee - Third Entity [Invisible]
02 Z connection - Hawk [free]
03 DC Breaks - Swag [RAM]
04 Fourward - Wise Guys [Shogun Audio]
05 oneBYone - Untouched World [TAMrecords]
06 State Of Mind - Gradient [Icarus Audio]
07 Neonlight - Extrasolar [Blackout Music NL]
08 State of Mind, Black Sun Empire - Unconscious [Blackout Music NL]
09 Agressor Bunx - Ancient mechanism [Greypost Audio]
10 Mr.Frenkie - Dont Fear The Reaper [TAMrecords]
11 4LC - Drumstepakilla [Greypost Audio]
12 Sigma - Rudeboy [3beat Records]
13 Wilkinson - Take You Higher [RAM]
15 ChaseR - Reese [Greypost Audio]
16 The Prototypes - Humanoid [Viper Recordings]
17 Agressor Bunx - ReBoot [Greypost Audio]
18 Wilkinson Feat. P Money & Arlissa - Heartbeat (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) [RAM]

GVOZD vibez:
1.Intelligent Manners - Love Is Love (Fokuz)
2.A-Sides feat. Vanessa Freeman - This Is Your Time (Eastside)
3.Invisible Landscape - Gangsta Paradise (bootleg)
4.Dublinjah & Riffz - Rudebwoy Sound (dub)
5.A-Sides ft Mc Fats - Teardown2k14 (Eastside)
6.Draco - Back To Jungle (Formation)
7.Metrik ft Shockone - Resonate (Hospital dub)
8.Cynematic - Space City(Viper)
9.Metrik ft Rocky Nti - Starchaser (Hospital)
10.Voltage - Channel 2 (Innerground)
11.Sniper FX - Sailor Polundra(Greypost)
12.Insect -Cryptonite (Through Sounds)
13.Vonk and Flowhertz - Shifter (Delta 9)
14.Dave Shichman - Forma (Liquid Drops)
15.Enigmatic Desire - Calm (Slk dub)
Продолжительность: 01:56:36
GVOZD vibez:
1.Nightvision - Tomorrow Comes (Citrus)
2.Memtrix - Ethereal (Lifted)
3.Must Die! & Datsik ft. Ragga Twins - Zipper (Owsla)
4.Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique - She Want It Ruff (Astrophonica)
5.Above & Beyond - Blue Sky Action (Logistics Remix) (Anjunabeats)
6.Lane 8 feat. Bipolar Sunshine - I Got What You Need (S.P.Y Remix) (Ministry Of Sound)
7.Champion - What i Need (Liquicity)
8.Tristam & Braken - Flight (Monstercat)
9.Dr. Ozi - Jolly Molly (Audiophile live)
10.Ichi - Giant Spider Invasion (Uplink audio)
11.Krot - Gag (Tam)
12. Gerra & Stone - Long Game (Dispatch dub)
13.Clarity ft T Man - Hells Gate (Samurai)
14.Dub Motion - Infected (Cyn)
15.nu Elementz - Ynforcement (Highr8)
16.Metrik - Infinity (Hospital)
17.Snug - Time and Space (Influenza Media)
18.Unreal ft Jeremy Carr - Just One Night(Liquid V dub)
19. Intelligent Manners - City At Night (Good Looking)
20.Malaky and MsDos - Long Distance (Soul Deep Exclusive)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Rob Gasser ft. Miyoki - Taking Over (Cloudhead)
2.Memtrix - All You Are (Lifted)
3.Haywyre - Back And Forth (Monstercat)
4.Ichi - Polynesia (Uplink audio)
5.Clarity feat. Overlook - Engineering (Samurai)
6.Woulg - Ritual (Terra Null)
7.Vromm - El Sol (31)
8.Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique - Back It Up (Astrophonica)
9.Inerpois - Love Is (Vril dub)
10.Must Die! - Together(Owsla)
11.Klax - Blackball (Critical)
12.Blu Mar Ten - Remembered Her Wrong (Anile Remix)(Blu Mar Ten)
13.Gerra & Stone - Bus 54 (Dispatch dub)
14.Klax - Cornerstonde (Critical)
15.Nightvision & Ed209 - War Of The Gods(Citrus)
16.Krot - Rusty Pipe (Tam)
17.Spectrah - Bad Boy Blow(dub)
18.MF - ID (dub)
19.Hugh Hardie - Closer (Liquicity)
20.Metrik - Freefall (VIP)(Hospital)
21.EZ Rollers - Breathless (Good Looking)
22.Chinensis feat.Evett Vernen - Flying Towards The Sun (Liquid Brilliants)
23.Soul Connection - Sweet Life (Influenza Media)
24.Snug - Summer Of (Influenza Media)
25.SoulTec - 1975 (Good Looking)
Продолжительность: 01:00:23
GVOZD vibez pt.2:
1.Metrik ft. Kyza - Aftermath (Hospital)
2.Chaser - Dazed (Cymbalism)
3.Krakota - Xylo (Hospital dub)
4.Fena - Consciousness (Murky digital)
5.Flame & Valrus - Sanctuary (dub)
6.Sniper FX & Project 71 - Get Out of My House (Greypost)
7.Jaguar Skills & DJ@WAR - 9 Levels of Power (Unknown Error's Bass Assault Remix)(Toolroom)
8.Coleco - Induction (Inflect audio)
9.Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork (Underfire 2001, 2014remaster)
10.Inertia - Broken Heart Funk (Syndrome audio)
11.Taelimb & Conscience - Public Eye (Flexout Audio)
12.Suboreal - Ioga (Mntl)
13.Chimpo Ft. Fixate - Bun It (Exit)
14.Ulterior Motive - Sideways (Metalheadz)
15.Krakota - Irregular (Hospital dub)
16.Incognito - Frostbyte (Flexout Audio)
17.Chimpo - Out An Bad (Exit)
18.Two Mind - Crusher Walls (dub)
19.BMotion feat. Jon Lilygreen - Feelings (Viper)
20.Die & Interface Feat. William Cartwright - Bright Lights (Netsky Remix)(Toolroom)
21.Lebedev TV - Ty Dlya Menya (Musicestetik remix) (dub)
22.High Maintenance - A Million Years (Audioporn)
23.Phase 2 - Equanimity (Luv Disaster)
24.Mutt - Changes (Faction Digital)
25.Axente - Every Day Together (DnB Mix) (bootleg by Liquid Brilliants)
26.Enjoy & Eschaton - Isolation (Omni music)
Продолжительность: 01:54:55
GVOZD vibez:
1.Gorgon City feat. Zak Abel - Unmissable (Metrik remix) (Universal)
2.Otto Knows - Parachute (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)(Refune Music)
3.Feint feat. Eric Hayes - Come Undone(free)
5.Slang Banger - Ripslinger (Program)
6.MaxNRG - Now Hear This (Technique)
7.Mind Vortex - Hotbox vip (Ram)
8.Fourward and Mefjus - Doctrine (Bad Taste)
9.Mefjus - Suicide Bassline (Critical)
10.Netics - No Good Business (Abducted)
11.Noisia & Evol Intent - Long Gone (Vision)
12.Subtension - AK47 (Renegade Hardware)
13. A.M.C - X (Mainframe)
14.Ceph - Droidek Spawn (G13)
15.Director Loki - White Devil (free)
16.Dom & Roland ft Gridlok - Moodswings (Break Remix) (Dom & Roland production)
17.Wilkinson feat. Talay Riley - Dirty Love (TC Remix)(Ram)
18.John B ft NSG - Light Speed (L Plus Remix)(Beta)
19.Billie, Netsky -_We Can Only Live Today (Puppy) (Camo & Krooked Remix)(Hospital)
20.Jaguar Skills & Chords & Matti Roots - Lust (Ram)
21.Emperor - Let The Whole World Know (Inspected)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Fresh ft. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight (Ministry Of Sound)
2.Netsky ft. Beth Ditto - Runnung Low (Epic Records / Sony)
3.Fourward Friction - Battle Scars (Shogun Audio)
4.Mefjus - Signalz vip (Critical)
5.Sniper FX - Safari (free)
6.Lethal & Hostile Mc - Icebreaker (Surround Sound)
7.Icicle & Skittles - Problem (Shogun Audio)
8.Calvetron - iJammer (Jack Knife)
9.Enei Emperor - Liberation (Critical)
10.Ikarus and Rain - Comatose (Up Scale)
11.Fortune - Future Science (Noz)
12.Pixel & Blood - Incidious (Disturbed)
13.Diatomic - Cygnus X (dub)
14.Kitcha - One For The Trouble (Serial Killaz)
15.Dom & Roland - Jungle Beast (Optiv & BTK remix)(Dom&Roland production)
16.Silent Witness - Munster (Triple Seed)
17.Black Mamba - Crowman (dub)
18.Dave Owen Zere Jaybee - Ask Them (Chronic dub)
19.Roy Green and Proton - Jazzypants (Innerground)
20.Skeleton - Make It Move (Influenza Media)
21.Definate - Bunk Dub (Authentic music)
22.Total Science ft. Grimm - So Addicted(Warm Communications)
Продолжительность: 01:53:01
GVOZD vibez:
1.Krakota - Xylo (Hospital)
2.Feint feat Coma - Forget Me Not (Subsphere)
3.Infrasonik - Explosion (Worldwide audio)
4.Detour City Merlin (Everybody Knows) (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)(Polydor)
5.Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low (Taxman Remix) (Ministry Of Sound)
6.Tyke - Do It Now (Playaz)
7.Figure feat D Styles - Its Alive (Doom)
8.Audio - Nil By Mouth (Ram)
9.Flux Pavilion feat. Steve Aoki - Steve French (The Prototypes Remix)(Circus)
10.Director Loki - Stray Bullet (Respect dub)
11.Infrasonik - Tazer Tag (Worldwide audio)
12.Dom & Roland - Bump In The Night (Audio Remix) (Dom & Roland )
13.Uman and Vegas - Lazer Godz ( Bad Taste)
14.oneBYone feat. SevenEver - Searching Complete (Greypost audio dub)
15.Dom & Roland - Jedi (Mefjus Remix)(Dom & Roland)
16.Audio - Ultron (Ram)
17.Teddy Killerz and Nphonix - Burnin'(Bad Taste)
18.Kach - Age Dinosaur ( Kery Beat Remix ) (Universe Axiom)
19.Corrupted Minds - Snake Charmer (Big Riddim)
20.eRRe - World is Changing (Future Sickness)
21.Primal Instinct feat Messinian - Outbreak (Braincrack remix)(Brainshakaz)
22.Andy C feat. Fiora - Heartbeat Loud (Ram)
23.Tyke, Prestige & Cat Knight - Keep Shining (Ram)
24.2Pac - California Love (High Contrast Remix)(free)
25.Koven - Miracle (Drum & Bass Mix)(Viper)
26.Figure - Return To House On Haunted Hill(Doom)
27.BSA - Back To The Future (Yellow Stripe)
28.Kursiva and Mooncat - Wissen (Melting Pot)
29.Inward Phase - Barricade (Disturbed)
30.Jazzatron - Exnovo (Director's Cut)
31.Quadrant Kid Hops & Iris - Microsleep(Dispatch)
32.Dub Phizix & Strategy - Buffalo Charge (Senkasonic)
33.Low Profile, Tah Phrum Duh Bush - Low Profile(Reserve Audio)
34.Glyph - Mesmerize (Absys)
35.NickBee - Westban (Invisible)
36.Nickbee & Displaced Paranormals - Mothman(Inception Audio)
37.Beyond Dimension - Pride (Second City)
38.Chromatic - Malibu (Fokuz)
39.Msdos - Conspiracy Theories (Audio Theory)
40.Wretch 32 - 6 Words (radio edit) (Levels, Ministry Of Sound)
41.Ted Ganung - Magnetism (Liquid Drops)
42.T Base - Digital Future (Influenza Media)
43.Asymmetric - When The Sun Is Down (Danger Chamber)
44.Boxcutter - Travel By Dragonfly (Kinnego)
Продолжительность: 01:53:11
SNIPER FX guestmix:
01 - Pixel - Profile (Original mix) - [Disturbed Recordings]
02 - Mefjus - Continuous (Original Mix) - [Critical Music]
03 - Sniper FX - ID (Suspect Device Dub)
04 - Agressor bunx - ms 13 (Nickname remix) - [Free Download]
05 - Cyantific - Ice Cream (Vanilla Mix) - [CYN Music]
06 - Cynematic - Space City (Original Mix) - [Viper Recordings]
07 - NickBee - Westban (Original Mix) - [Invisible]
08 - Sniper FX - Safari (Original mix) - [Dub]
09 - Gridlok feat. Dieselboy - MDMX (Original Mix) - [Project 51 Recordings]
10 - Winter Face New World Order - (Original mix) [YSF]
11 - Agressor Bunx - Triad (Original Mix) - [Black System Recordings]
12 - Sniper FX - ID
13 - Trilo - Barracks (Original Mix) - [Renegade Hardware]
14 - Symplex - The Curse (Original mix) - [Disturbed]
15 - Sniper FX - Big Ben (Original Mix) - [Greypost Audio]

GVOZD vibez:
1.Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS - Gold Skies (Metrik Remix)(Spinnin)
2.DJ Fresh feat. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight (Metrik Remix) (Ministry Of Sound)
3.NuTone feat Dynamite MC - Cannibals (Hospital dub)
4.Fox Stevenson - Throwdown (Rob Gasser remix) (Firepower)
5.MaxNRG - Midnight Rider (Technique dub)
6.Chroma - 201 Dub (Program)
7I See Monstas - Circles (Mat Zo remix)(Universal)
8.D-Sabber - Be There (dub)
9.Audio - Break It (Ram)
10.Disphonia & Camelorg - Commit (State Of Mind)
11.Braincrack - Deal With The Devil (Axiom remix)(Brainshakaz dub)
12.Cern ft Gremlinz - The Divide (Dispatch)
13.Liminal - 420 (Abducted Ltd|)
14.Macky Gee - Get Personal (Down 2 Earth Musik)
15.TR Tactics - Time Slice (Addictive Behaviour)
16.Technical Itch - Novendor VIP (Tech Itch digi)
17.Loxy - White Lotus Technique (Architecture)
18.NuTone - 'Til Dawn (Hospital dub)
19.Rowpieces - Engineers Of Our Future(Fokuz)
20.Paranoiac Del - Dirty Bathroom (Respect dub)
21.Sneo - Binary (Sectionz)
22.Aero Chord - Boundless (Monstercat)
23.Dub Phizix & Strategy - Bounce (Senkasonik)
24.Terrorrythmus - Jungle Techno (Dred Collective)
25.Jakwob feat. Rationale - No Place Like Home (Digital Soundbwoy)
26.NuTone feat Kool Keith - Metaphor 6000 (Hospital dub)
27.Dub Killer - Noboos (Another World)
28.Eclipse - Lost Empire (Urban Chemistry)
29.Dramatic & Deeizm - Here With You (Liquid V dub)
30.Voltage & Atmos T feat. Screama - With You (Cia)
31.Funkware - On Your Seat (Soul Deep)
32.Chinensis - Your Tears Burn (Lifestyle)
33.Pegboard Nerds - Badboi (Monstercat)
Продолжительность: 02:00:53
MF guestmix:
1. MF - Distant Love
2. Dropframe Feat. Annie Inkerman - Trichome (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)
3. Joe Ford feat. Tasha Baxter - The Moment
4. Skynet - Carbon Shock (Noisia Remix)
5. Sinister Souls - Make Them Dead
6. Chris.Su - Underground Culture (feat. Kryptomedic)
7. A-Cray - Stomper
8. MF feat. Lelya - Don't leave me
9. Frankee - Away (Original Mix)
10. N Technique & Nourma - Harrington
11. Koven - Miracle (Drum And Bass Mix)
12. Keeno - Nocturne
13. MF feat. Lapa - Soulful melody

GVOZD vibez:
1.Mc Shureshock - Bass Medicine (Klub Kids)
2.Aeph feat. Tasha Baxter - Fall for You (Lifted)
3.Delta Heavy- Reborn (Ram)
4.L Plus - Speed Of Light (Technique dub)
5.Ravager - Lifting Spirits (The Zoooo)
6.Bassnectar feat Simon Morel - Open Up (Minnesota remix)(Amorphous Music)
7.Eptic- Death (Never Say Die)
8.Kritix - Full Melt (Mayan audio)
9.Agressor Bunx - Motion (Citrus)
10.State Of Mind & Black Sun Empire - Long Time Dead (Maztek remix)(Blackout music)
11.Hallucinator - Extinction (Prspct)
12.Upfront - He Haw (The Zoooo)
13.Paranoiac Del - My Deadly Brass Band (Respect dub)
14.Wicked n Sick ft JIN - Bass Launcher (You So Fat dub)
15.Mutated Forms - Jah Colours (Zen remix)(Low Down Deep)

M-Zine, Scepticz, Distant Future & Makros - Bloodspread [31 Recordings]
Kije - Traitor [Paperfunk Recordings]
Sk4nz - Mechwarrior [Structured Music]
Brain Crisis & Twisted Facts (Concept Vision) - Crawlers [Never Been Released]
Brain Crisis & Twisted Facts (Concept Vision) - Last Survivor [Never Been Released]
Sk4nz - Antibaryon [Structured Music]
Robustus - Secret Medicine [IM:LTD]
Enei - Trainchaser [Critical Music]
Cursa, Subliminal & Alxr - Camino (Mindmapper & Fre4knc Remix) [Demand Records]
Detail - Resonance [Commercial Suicide]
The Untouchables & VRH - Zoids [Tribe 12]
Mental Forces - Drama Dub (J.Robinson Remix) [Free Tune]
J.Robinson & Shyn - Dark Sanctuary [Architecture Recordings]
Tom SMall - Next War (Bredren Remix) [Free Tune]
Kyrist - Divergence [Proximity Recordings]
Fearful - Knocks [Free Tune]

GVOZD vibez:
1.NuTone - Oneroa (Hospital dub)
2.Ed Rush & Nico - The Force Is Electric (remix) (2014 remaster)(No U Turn)
3.Q Project - Blood Money (V, 2014 master)
4.Tremah - Trouble Shooter (Celcius)
5.Dave Hoax - Priest (Danger Chamber)
6.Dlx - Jus Kickin It (Smog)
7.Scar - Old Ground (Metalheadz Platinum)
8.The Invaderz - Burning Book (Commercial Suicide)
9.Mauoq - Dream On (Stunna Kingston Dream Dub remix)(Absys)
10.Nucleus & Paradox - Prism (Samurai)
11.dBase - Tear Of The Titan (Liquid Drops)
12.Upfront - Wonderland (The Zoooo)
Продолжительность: 01:53:22
QUADRANT (USA) guestmix:
Quadrant + Kid Hops + Iris - Convergence [ DLR & Ant TC1 Reconverge ] - Dispatch
DLR, Hydro, Mako, + Villem - The Formula [ Break Remix ] - Dispatch
The Invaderz - Dream Is Over - Commercial Suicide
SCAR - So Suddenly - Metalheadz
Xtrah + DLR - Direct Approach - Dispatch
Quadrant + Iris - Genesis Wave - Dispatch
Survival - Dub Soldier VIP - Dispatch
SCAR - Old Time Metal - Metalheadz
Blu Mar Ten - In Your Eyes [ Ulterior Motive Remix ] - BMT Music
Quadrant + RoyGreen & Protone - Right Now - Dispatch
Quadrant + Cease - Warsaw - Dispatch
Quadrant + Kid Hops + Iris - Microsleep - Dispatch

GVOZD vibes:
1.Wilkinson - Like It Hard (Ram)
2.Billain - Macula (Critical)
3.Detail - Organic (Horizons)
4.Wilkinson - Redemption (Ram)
5.Levela - Street Killers (Multi Function)
6.Fade - Drop The Molotov Cocktail (Abducted)
7.State Of Mind - Put It (Annix remix)(Blackout)
8.Bass Shock - The Grinchs Lair (Suicidedubz digital)
9.System D - By Your Side (The Zoooo)
10.Coppa feat Adriana Hamilton - Overtake (Raise Spirit remix)(Comanche)
11.Super Rush - Deleited (The Pooty Club)
12.Engage & Receptor - Gothic (Nocid Business dub)
13.Musemesis - Gekommen Um Zu Bieiben (Dubsidia Remix)(Adapted)
14.High Rankin - Heaven & Hell (Suicide Dub)
15.Becky Hill - Losing (Reso Remix) (Parlophone)
16.Rameses B - We Love (Monstercat)
17.Roni Size 7 dj Die - Its a Jazz Thing (Juiceman remix) (V dub)
18.Joe Ford - Off Centre (Shogun audio)
19.L Side - The Alley (Young G remix)(Citrus)

GVOZD jungle vibez:
1.Rasta Vibes - World A Jungle Music (Soul Rebel)
2.NuTone - Change (Hospital)
3.Fleck feat Parly B - What A Ting (KG remix) (Serial Killaz)
4.Need For Mirrors - King Tide (Horizons)
5.Numa Crew - Impossible (Liondub)
6.Jinx - Selecta Dub (Terrahawk remix)(Ramajam)
7.Benny Page - Champion Sound (Serial Killaz remix) (Rise Artists)
8.Chopstick Dubplate feat King Kong & Mr Williamz - Rumble Jumble Life (Stivs & Kelvin373 remix) (Chopstick Dubplate)
9.Boombassbrothers - Dude (Mashup mix)(Break Koast)
10.Ranking Joe & Marcus Visionary - Ram Dance Selecta (Liondub International)
11.Bonnot Fabrizio Sotti Shaggy Res - Waiting In Vain (Bonnot remix dj edit) (Jungle Heritage)
12.Congo Natty feat Peter Bouncer - Junglist (Congo Natty)
13.Wintermute & Mc Amon Bay - Bring It To Mind (Break The Surface)
14.Chopstick Dubplate feat Top Cat & Mr Williamz - Worldwide Traveller (Chopstick Dubplate)
15.Roni Size - Box Of Tricks (V)
16.Digital - The Pain (Ingredients)
17.Wintermute & Mc Amon Bay feat Cues - Compared Affair (Break The Surface)
18.Thing - Dublands (Dubthing)
Продолжительность: 01:53:34
GVOZD vibez 1;
1.Fred V & Grafix - Recognise (Emperor Remix) (Hospital dub)
2.Mefjus feat. Misanthrop - Stutter (Сritical)
3.Icicle feat. Metropolis - The Edge (Shogun Audio)
4.Teksteppa - Animal (Cymbalism)
5.Urban Assault - The Beginning (Heavy Artillery)
6.Virtual Riot - We're Not Alone (PhaseOne Remix) (Disciple)
7.PhaseOne - Touching The Stars (Firepower)
8.Divine Elements ft. MC Dino - Heart on Fire (Audioporn)
9.Dark Soul - Hospital (Disturbed)
10.Break - Dulcid Tones (Playaz)
11.Diatomic - Funk Empire (dub)
12.Director Loki - Neuro Waves(Dub Monkey dub)
13.Fretman - Empire Business (Multi Function)
14.Dj Hybrid - Toxic Jungle (Callide remix)
15.Draven - Take Down (Simplify)
16.Icicle feat Mefjus - Isolation (Shogun Audio)
17.Manga UK - Space Adventure 2 (Neutronic Beats)
18.Inward Phase & Biloo - Planet 11 (Dissected Culture Ltd)
19.NickBee - Crazy Morning (C4C)
20.Mefjus - Emulation (Critical)
21.Mefjus - Suicide Bassline (Critical)
22.Jaydan - The Hard Way (Smokin Riddims)
23.Muzzy - Lost Metropolis (Monstercat)
24.Kexit - Summer (Allowance dub)

GVOZD vibez2:
1.Autorun & Iaco ft. TaLabun - Elements (dub)
2.Picota and Kumbh - Came On (Kosenprod)
3.Kung - Zyklon (Eatbrain)
4.RaZoRTek - You so fat (dub)
5.Concealed Identity - Shadow Warrior (Vampire)
6.Artificial Intelligence - Dillirious VIP(Metalheadz)
7.Paranoiac Del - Ancient Hindu (Respect dub)
8.Wicked n Sick - Incubus(You So Fat dub)
9.Headbite - Skunk (Cymbalism)
10.Animal Defection - Arcadia (Avantgarde )
11.Khronos - Sound Burglar (Neurofunkgrid)
12.Submotion Orchestra - Trust/Lust (The Upbeats Remix) (Counter)
13.Maduk & Nymfo - Motions (Fokuz)
14.Kenesis - Suicide Commando (Liquid Drops)
15.Survey - Collapse (Protect Audio)
16.DJ Chap - Like a FyahVIP(V dub)
17.Soutee - Kick Started (Metro Audio dub)
18.Bowsar and Wintermute - Augmentation (Future Funk Music)
19.Cruel Culture vs Keosz - Threat (Plasma audio)
20.Bredren feat M Zine & Scepticz - Faction Vip (Proximity)
21.Cryogenics - Crooked Line (Blackhill Production)
22.Arp XP vs HLZ - Good Old Days (Metalheadz)
23.Fred V & Grafix - Maverick Souls (Dan Dakota Remix) (Hospital dub)
24.Antent - I Need You (VIP) (Pandora Music Planet dub)
25.Magical Gravity - Go On (Mainframe)
26.Anile - Losing My Mind (Med School dub)
27.Need For Mirrors - Jelly Bean (Zoltar)
28.Roni Size - Strictly Social (NuTone VIP remix)(V dub)
Продолжительность: 01:55:24
GVOZD vibez:
1.Mindscape - Stardust (Jade Remix) (Commercial Suicide)
2.Mind Vortex - Overture (Ram)
3.Audiotoxin - Dark Hearth (Beat By Brain)
4.Rowney - Knock Knock (G13)
5.Document One - Purp (Technique dub)
6.Gorgon City feat Jennifer Hudson - Go All Night (Wilkinson remix)(Virgin)
7.Serum - GFunk(Philly Blunt dub)
8.Sniper FX - Revival(dub)
9.Lynx feat. Malibu - Bees Knees (Hospital)
9a.Lynx ft. Master X & Malibu - Hurting (Hospital)
10.Filthy Habits Feat. Ren Dola - Life (Murky Digital)
11.Aliman - Roll (Shake Your Bass Audio)
12.DLR, Hydro, Mako& Villem - The Formula (Break remix)(Dispatch dubplate)
13.LAXX - Step Three (Hamilton Remix) (Never Say Die)
14.Operate - Elevator (Hostile Bass)
15.Hizzleguy - 50 Caliber (Multi Function)
16.Akrophobia - Edrop (Dynamix)
17.Om Unit - Parallel (Metalheadz)
18.Proxsym- Absolved (Suspect Device)
19.Bustre - Everything's Different (Monstercat)
20.Fred V & Grafix - 3D Glasses (Hospital)
21.Bazil feat Vibronix - Soulfire (Alignment)
22.Mind Vortex - Underworld(Ram)
23.Savage Rehab - Desire (Symptom VIP remix)(V dub)

GVOZD soulful vibez:
1.Phase 2 - What's Cookin' (Fokuz)
2.Silence Groove - Bass Police (DNBB)
3.Carter - Nothing (Soul Deep Exclusives)
4.Intelligent Manners - Special Night(Celsius)
5.Nexus and Tight - Aurora (Dubtastic)
6.Billon feat. Maxine Ashley - Special (NuTone Remix)(Virgin Emi)
7.Paul SG - Never Knew It Was You (Jazzsticks)
8.Innaself - Starlight (Soul Bros.)
9.Boston feat. Solis - Go with Me (Play Symmetry)
10.Packer and Rhodes - Timespan (Interphase Digital)
11.Altered Perception & Imprint - Set You Free (Liquid Brilliants)
12.Kimyan Law feat Robert Manos - Run Ames (Blu Mar Ten)
13.Bachelors Of Science - Dont Hold Back (Code)
14.Amaning - High Roller (Fokuz)
15.PaulT & Paul SG - Lonelier Than Before (Alignment)
16.High Contrast, Clare Maguire - Who's Loving You (Part 2)
17.Soul Connection - Day and Night (Liquid Flavours)
18.Duoscience - See Right (Target Dog)
19.Dirtbag - Future Love (LuvDisaster)
20.BenZel - Wasted Love (Spectrasoul Remix) (Interscope)
21.Clart and Kalum - Musical Paradise ( RM remix) (Think Deep)
22.Humannature & Silence Groove - Just A Thought (Soul Deep Exclusives)
23.Pm - Chilly (In Da Jungle)
24.Kasper and Altitude - Reason To Ride (Soul Deep)
25.NuTone feat Lea Lea - Tides (Hospital)
Продолжительность: 01:56:50
1.SPY feat Diane Charlemagne - Dusty Fingers
2.SPY - Baconhead
3.Logistics feat Sonic - Polyphony
4.Metrik feat Rocky Nti - Starchaser
5.Metrik feat Jan Burton - Human Again
6.Krakota - Xylo
7.Logistics - Sparks
8.NuTone - Lightning
9.London Elektricity - The Plan That Cannot Fail
10.Keeno - Break The Silence
11.Lynx - Blue
12.Fred V & Grafix - Bladerunner (Loko Remix)
13.NuLogic feat DRS - We Live There(VIP)
14.SPY feat LowQui - Manicured Reality
15.EdIt & JDaure - Cardinal (Med School)
16.War Machine - Living Weapon (Med School)
17.BOP - Dancing Nerds (Med School)
18.Anile - To Live Without (Med School)
19.Lynx feat Master X - Where Are You
20.Negus - Fill Yer Boots
21.SPY - Step & Flow
22.NuTone - 'Til Dawn
23.Fred V & Grafix feat Josie - Sick Of All Your Secrets (Logistics Remix)

GVOZD vibes:
1.Tantrum Desire Ft. Laura Bayston - Underground (Technique)
2.Kaz James - Show Me All Your Love (Smooth Remix) (OneLove)
3.Tantrum Desire - Genesis (Technique)
4.Sub Killaz - Why Not (Short Circuit)
5.Natural Error - Darkside (Ego Trippin remix) (Hi Def)
6.Mob Tactics - Watch The Beat(MTA)
7.Mindscape - Gene Labs (Optiv & BTK remix)(Commercial Suicide)
8.Maztek Tokiwa (Renegade Hardware )
9.Psidream and Pacific - Into The Sun (Nightfall)
10.Fade - Feed The Beast (Free Love Digital)
11.Fourward- Exile (Shogun Audio)
12.Black Barrel - Encoded (Disturbed)
13.Spor - Aztec (Calyx & Teebee Remix)(Shogun Audio)
14.Hypoxia - Badass(Titan)
15.Mindscape feat mc Coppa - Critters (Dose and Teknik remix)(Commercial Suicide)
16.Killer Industries - Beserk (Future Funk)
17.Minor Rain - Flux (Addictive Behavior)
18.Krewella - Say Goodbye
19.DTX - Gentle Victory (Invert)
20.Jinx - This Goes Out (Asbo)
21.Black Area - Mad Funk (Big Bit)
22.Stoner and Dottor Poison - Etica (BNC Express)
23.Jam Thieves - Africa (Serial Killaz)
24.Above & Beyond Feat. Zoe Johnston - We're All We Need (SpectraSoul Remix) (Anjunabeats)
25.Murdock, Submatik & Jenna G - Good Luv (Liquicity)
Продолжительность: 01:57:01
GVOZD nu jump up vibez:
1.N3GUS - Walk the Walk (Drumandbass Arena)
2.Damage Report - Most Disturbing (Dub Voltage)
3 Hoogs- Regrets (Animated)
4.Must Die - Hellcat (Annix remix) (Owsla)
5.Killah Instinct - Salute (Shake Your Bass Audio)
6.Karas & Brewski - Living With Danger (B Town Beats)
7.Mr Alf-E feat Thunda B - Out My Head (vip mix)(Ten Ton Beats)
8.Zodiac- Its On (Modified Motion & Faction rmx)(Wild West)
9.Desire - Get Mad (Death By Bass)
10.Dorian & Skore - The Job (New Playaz)
11.Majistrate - The Sound (Sweet Tooth)
12.Top Dolla - Shiznik (Smoke Signal Audio)
13.Majistrate - Watch Yourself (Low Down Deep)
14.Decimal Bass - Have A Party (Playaz)
15.Veak - Jungle War (Ten Ton Beats)
16.Boombassbrothers & Bassflexx - Ghetto Ride (In Da Jungle)
17.Hazard - Machete (DNB Arena)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Foreign Beggars & Alix Perez - Modus (Calyx & Teebee Remix) (Par Excellence)
2.Dose - Sanctuary (Abducted Ltd)
3.Cause4concern - Phatcap (Cause4Concern)
4.Break, Mako, Fields, Villem - Shadowlines (Utopia music)
5.Nickbee - Iridium (Celsius)
6.Shy FX and T Power - Don't Wanna Know (DnB Arena)
7.Liz E - Need You (Shogun LTD)
8.Mediks & Benny L Speakers Vibrate (Audio Porn)
9.Stealth - Revival (Program)
10.Trei - Empires (Worldwide audio dub)
11.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Ego (Blackout)
12.SND - Annihilation (Lifestyle)
13.Coresyntax - External (Ammunition)
14.Disprove and Insom - All You Desire (Abducted LTD)
15.Flame - No Feathers (Icarus Audio)
16.Fierce and Zero T- Sunshine (Quarantine)
17.Hybrid Minds- Prophecy (Teddy Killerz Remix)(Spearhead)
18.4AM, Katie Sky- Illusion (Mob Tactics Remix)(Pilot)
19.Droptek Feat. Isabel Higuero - Killing Time (Monstercat)
20.Oliver Heldens Feat. KStewart - Last All Night (Koala) (Reso Remix) (Spinnin)
21.Blonde feat. Melissa Steel - I Loved You (Hamilton Remix) (Parlophone)
22.Dimension - Move Faster (MTA)
23.Borderline - Sidecar (Vandal)
24.Mayhem and Logam - Infinity (Santoku)
25.Kai- New Sense (Faded)
26.NFM - Sacred Heart (Metalheadz)
27.CLS - Here and Now (Fokuz)
Продолжительность: 01:57:30
GVOZD vibez:
1.Netsky & Metrik - Cant Speak (feat. Stealth) (free)
2.benns-could_be_famous (multi Function)
3.culture_shock-raindrops (Ram)
4.bmotion_and_chords-discotheque (Viper)
5. backdraft-wanna_do_(aphrodite_remix) (Em
6.Hamilton - Be There (Ram)
7.the_dream_team-stamina_(jayline_remix) (asbo)
9.khavy-hey_chief (Shacke your bass audio)
12.Maztek Three Point Zero (Renegade Hardware)
13.dom_and_roland-get_up_(mr_frenkie_remix) (D&R production)
14.concord_dawn-trenchcoat (uprising)
15.Rene LaVice - Where My Ladies At
17.Maztek M Theory (Audio Remix) (R H)
18.Corrupted Minds - Blood Sucker (Big Riddim)
19.Celldweller-Down To Earth Klayton Remix (Fixt)
20.Zardonic - For Justice (Counterstrike Remix) (Eone)
21..Freqax - Bronson's Fists (Algorythm)
22.slangor_and_dirty_manners-rebirth (future Follower)

GVOZD Russian vibez:
1.D-Sabber & Antent-Flash Your Lighter (respect dub)
3.Rauwx_-_GET_UP (negative sound)
4.Black_Mamba_-_Betray (respect dub)
5.Teddy Killerz - Era (Ram)
6.Project 71, Sniper FX, Exfeed - Point_Of_Agression (greypost dub)
7.Fallix and Back Up - Prognos_Will2
8.ChaseR-Breathe (Greypost audio)
9.POLICAy - Prop Shafter
10.Paranoiac_Del_-_ENEMY (respect dub)
12.Jack U - Take U There (Ozma bootleg)
14.Dima_Pulsar_&_M.S._-_La_La_La_(DnB_Mix) (Liquid Bootlegs)
15.implex & julia_marks_-_10_000 (respect dub)
16.Non_Grata_-_Marlboro (Negative Sound)
17.Maxim_R_-_Continue_Of_Nothing(Negative Sound)
18.Spectrah_-_Wop-Wop (Respect dub)
19.Marty Chill - Don't you know
1.smooth_and_futurebound-savoy_affair (Viper)
2.fantek - last night Ina Spaceship (Liquid Brilliants dub)
Продолжительность: 01:57:28
GVOZD vibez:
1.Kaz James - Show Me All Your Love (Smooth Remix)
2.Calvertron - iJammer
3.Virtual Riot We're Not Alone (PhaseOne Remix)
4.Dan Dakota - Shake Me
5.Wilkinson feat Talay Riley - Dirty Love
6.Andy C feat. Fiora Heartbeat Loud
7.Feint - One Last Time
8.Bingo Players - Knock You Out (Champion remix)
9.Champion - What I Need
10.Tristam & Braken - Flight
11.Aero Chord - Boundless
12.Fox Stevenson - Throwdown
13.Funk Effect - Devil Dance
14.Bassnectar feat Simon Morel - Open Up (Minnesota remix)
15.Backdraft - Wanna Do (Aphrodite remix)
16.Dub Phizix & Strategy - Buffalo Charge
17.KG - Woodblock Riddim
18.The Prototypes-Pale Blue Dot
19.Tantrum Desire - Genesis
20.Tyke - Do It Now
21.Rockwell - 1 2 3 4
22.Audio - Break It
23.Uman and Vegas - Lazer Godz
24.Funk Effect - Take Off
25.Dj Fresh ft. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight
GVOZD vibez 2:
1.Sigma - Nobody To Love
2.Lynx feat. Newsome - Take Back The Night
3.Jaguar Skills and Chords featuring Matti Roots - Lust
4.Flux Pavilion feat. Steve Aoki Steve French (The Prototypes Remix)
5.Fred V & Grafix feat Etherwood - Forest Fires
6.MUST DIE! - Together
7.Pegboard Nerds - Badboi
8.Bel Heir - Kiss the Devil (Just A Gent Remix)
9.Fox Stevenson - All This Time
10.Nostalgia feat Frank Moran - Perfect Lie
11.Bmotion & Chords - Discotheque
12.Slogun & iOh - Beatdown
13.Noisia Shaking Hands
14.Mefjus - Suicide Bassline
15.Serum - Big Loader
16.Icicle ft Skittles - Problem
17.Ichi - Polynesia
18.Mob Tactics - Watch The Beat
19.Mind Vortex - Underworld
20.Mc Shureshock - Bass Medicine
21.Xilent - Reality
22.Metrik - Universal Language
23.Otto Knows - Parachute (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
24.Ozark Henry - Im Your Sacrifice (Brookes Brothers remix)
25.Joe Ford Off Centre
Продолжительность: 01:58:33
GVOZD vibes:
1.Emperor - Musicbox (Critical)
2.Break - Right Now (Symmetry)
3.Andy Pain - Fck Dem (dub)
4.Metrik feat. Jan Burton - Human Again VIP(Hospital)
5.Jack B - Take U There (Netsky Remix) (Owsla)
6.Moody- Good Gatekeeper (Universal)
7.Trei - Identify Crisis (Technique)
8.Trilo - Voice Freak (Dust audio)
9.Ozma - Paranormal (dub)
10.Dub Berzerka - Riddem Of The Night (High R8)
11.Majistrate - Cannot Escape (Sweet Tooth)
12.Drumsound & Bassline Smith Featuring Youngman - Come alive (Technique dub)
13.Wobble T - Put Your Hand (Formation)
14.Crissy Criss - Go Hard (Technique dub)
15.Frankee - Instinct (Ram)
16.Sniper FX - Traveling In A Coma (dub)
17.Brains - Superheroes (Zera & Uno Y remix)(Beats Hotel)
18.Black Mamba - Haunted House (Respect dub)
19.Rune and Kaiza - Kontra (Ammunition)
20.Linkand Iyf - Pre Emptive Strike (Digital 101)
21.Majistrate feat Jessica Luck- Back To You (Sweet Tooth)
22.Wickaman - Too Tough (The Bughouse)
GVOZD vibes:
1.I Am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix) (UKF)
2.Axiom-Schizothemia (Kill Tomorrow)
3.My Nu Leng - Knowing (Break Remix) (UKF)
4.ChaseR - Coldcut(Sub Daymon remix)(Greypost audio)
5.Drifta - Find Us (Direct)
6.Maject - Breaking (Blu Saphir)
7.M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S.- This Girl Is Lost Tonight (Diskool)
8.Peshay - Funkster (Liquid V)
9.Progee - Music Keeps Me (Shake Your Bass Audio)
10.Premium - Sit Down (Gun Audio)
11.Envenom - Yes Sir (Train)
12.Nu Elementz - Wait and See (Wild West)
13.Pish Posh - Beneath The Surface (Formation)
14.Scar - Fair Game (Horizons)
15.Klax - Hyperfunctional (Critical)
16.Moa - Tamoy (vip) (Anticlockwise Music)
17.Hex - Tin Man (Transmission Audio)
18.Top Cat - Ruffest Gunark (Chase and Status remix) (DNB Arena)
19.General Levy and Bannot - Like a Train
20.Dirty Skank Beats - Step In Ya Face (Aries remix) (Kulture Klash)
21.Boombassbrothers and bassflex - Pharaoh War (Jungle Heritage)
22.Ganjah Burn Fayah - Light Of Jah (Break Koast)
23.dj Westy - Rubba Dub Selecta (Asbo)

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