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Жанр: post rock/math rock || Дата выпуска: 2004 - 2012 || Страна: Япония || Формат: MP3 (tracks) || Битрейт: 192-320 kbps || Продолжительность: 06:47:36


Музыка té агрессивна и эмоциональна. Она соединяет в себе тяжесть и изящную красивую мелодию. Чтобы выразить эти два целиком различные смысла, она не нуждается в вокале. Одной из главных причин, почему te сейчас получают различные предложения играть в других странах таких как США, Азия, является их высокое мастерство на сцене . Каждый, кто видит их выступления, не может оставаться равнодушным, поскольку их звучание настолько качественно и участники настолько отдают себя сцене, что не перестаешь удивляться насколько они талантливы и в то же время не похожи на остальные группы. Их музыка настолько полна эмоций и красоты, что затрагивая часть души, заставляет уйти полностью.

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01. It Must Be Called "Intelligence" If People Stop When They Realize They Are Not Able To Become What They Are Wishing To Be. [00:02:56]
02. A Thought Would Never Let People "Watch" What They Choose. Instead, It Let Them See What They Hope To See. [00:05:04]
03. Anxiety Is Not About The Issue. It Is Actually About People's "Mind" Related To The Issue That They Are Afraid Of. [00:03:50]
04. Avarice Would Speak With Every Word, It "Acts" Every Part And It Even Pretends To Be Not Avaricious. [00:05:01]
05. A Real "Imitation" Is The Imitation That Let People See Ridiculousness Of Boring Original One. [00:06:09]
06. It Is Supposed To Be "Ordinary" That Imagination Moves Much Faster And More Freely Than Bright Light In The Darkness. [00:05:59]
07. "Existence" Of Eloquence Is Only In A Look Of People's Face That Remain Silence, And It Even Beats Any Kind Of Words. [00:04:48]
08. Anger Kills All The Idiots, And Envy Would Torture Foolish People And All the "Instants" Being Involved. [00:03:13]
09. We Promise With A View To Hope, But The Reason To "Accomplish" What We Promised Would Be Fear. [00:05:49]
10. A Reality That People Are Living In This World Is A Lot "More" Complicated Than Fantasy-Land That They Imagine. [00:02:09]
11. Courtesy Is Considered As A "Farce" If There Are No Honesty And Reality. [00:03:00]
12. Break The "Heart" To What Is Actually Being Told Instead Of Asking Who Said That. [00:03:29]
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01. Even Mightiest Soul And Mightiest Power, It Is Same As Nothing If There Is No Intellect. [00:02:45]
02. If There Is No Word Which Tells Sound, Beautiful Melody Does Not Keep In Mind. [00:05:19]
03. Also Love And Faith Keep Up With A Daily Small Deed. [00:05:02]
04. Those Who Do Not Need Tomorrow Most See Tomorrow Most Pleasantly. [00:03:04]
05. Daredevil Is Child Of Ignorance & Mean And It Is Inferior To Other Qualification. [00:05:53]
06. Those Who Play Using Word Are Not In The Talent, It Is Only There's Memory. [00:03:31]
07. Moderation And Justice Are The Nominal Which Only A Superior Can Use Freely. [00:06:00]
08. When One's Mental Lost Right Goal That Shown Wrong Direction To The Frustrations. [00:05:33]
09. You Can Not Call Anyone Happy, If You Do Not Had Been Any Trouble. [00:05:14]
10. Human Have Ability Of Destroy Oneself By Logical Mind. [00:05:15]
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01. The Human Is Born As Free Ones, Is Connected "To The Chain" Everywhere. [00:01:28]
02. Most Of The Reliance Which Is Moved Aside To Other Things "Is Born" From The Self-Confidence Which Is Held Among Oneself. [00:03:39]
03. Dream "The Popular Name Of The Lie Which Is Similar To The Beauty Which Is Attached To Commonplace Actuality". [00:03:35]
04. Always, The Future Which Improves Is Desired, But "Change Of Moment" Fears. [00:03:46]
05. Any Which It Is Pitiful Thing, Are Weak, It Does Margin You "Endure" Boldly Margin. [00:03:20]
06. The Fact That It Is Censored In The Loyal Retainer Of Penetration Is Decision Of The Correct "Value". [00:03:34]
07. As For Poem It Is The Consolation Where The Owner And The "Lonely" Person Of The Soul Which Simply, Can Be Fallen Ill Are Lonesome. [00:02:39]
08. As For The Person Unhappily Of Others It Has The Sufficient "Strength" Which Withstands Sufficiently. [00:03:40]
09. Reason Desires Fair Judgment, Anger Desires The Fact That Judgment Is "Visible" Fairly. [00:04:31]
10. It Does Not Request The Round Meeting Which Has Meaning, Keeps Finding "Meaning" In The Encounter. [00:04:55]
11. Singing Song, We Would Like Being Able To "Neglect" It Sits Down In Someone's Side And Would Like To Have Sung. [00:03:43]
12. Of Course For A Good Name For Some Fine Words Of "Freedom" Threat "Theory". [00:02:06]
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01. Because The Unlimited Door Is Opened... [00:02:43]
02. Horizon Wan Li, Inevitability Is Caused To Be A Person... [00:03:10]
03. As For The Sword Which Does Not Accompany The Balance Reckless Driving... [00:03:43]
04. If You Put Also The Pearl Of Noctilucence On The Darkness... [00:04:59]
05. Victory Gazing / Hoping Beauty Scene Dearly... [00:03:41]
06. As For Characteristic Danger And Amusement... [00:03:19]
07. When The People Naming The Great Man... [00:03:01]
08. The Late-Blooming Which Remains In The Darkness... [00:05:23]
09. The Years When It Does Not Go Upside Down... [00:02:12]
10. The "Future" Which It Visits Is Full Freely... [00:05:15]
11. On The Reverse Side Of The Eyelid Sleep Of The Dawn... [00:03:43]
12. "Going / Participating 23,111,251,931,596,217,555,415,040" [00:04:03]
Битрейт: 320 kbps

01. 音の中の「痙攣的」な美は,観念を超え肉体に訪れる野生の戦慄。 [00:04:57]
02. 「反復」は時間観を撹拌し,思惟の歩をゆるめ涅槃の郷愁を誘う。 [00:03:41]
03. 俯瞰も仰視も果ては茫洋な空に対峙す,その偉観こそ真の「現実」 [00:06:03]
04. 人間は自由なものとして生まれ,至る所で「鎖」に繋がれてゆく。 [00:03:25]
05. 如何に強大な精神や力といえども知性なくしては「無」に等しい。 [00:02:52]
06. 天涯万里,必然を起こすは人に在り,偶然を成すは「天」に在り。 [00:03:11]
07. いつも好転する未来を望み,しかし時節の変化は「恐」れている。 [00:03:45]
08. 思想とは我々の選ぶものを見せず,我々の好むものを「見」せる。[00:05:59]
09. 沈黙中の表情にこそ,言葉選びに勝る本当の雄弁が「存在」する。 [00:04:24]
10. 夢とは現実という平凡なものに付ける美しさに似た「嘘」の俗称。[00:03:26]
11. 言葉を用いて奏でる者は才能に在らず,ただの記憶に「過」ぎぬ。 [00:04:30]
12. 我々は希望に従って約束をし,恐怖にかられて約束を「果」たす。[00:07:19]
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01. Pleasure of life is the “inoculation” of death and the raw power walking to the end. [00:03:34]
02. Magic smolder in the depth of optimism, the remnants of “sin” of the collective unconscious million people conceive. [00:03:44]
03. Realize that morarity is equipment Of power and “Shackles” of a maximum of freedom of the people. [00:04:59]
04. Fluctuation of the “string” is spun the pattern of diversity, play the transient octet. [00:04:06]
05. Seeker is the chromatic scale world’s inhabitants wandering a “middle tier” of events that relative. [00:05:04]
06. Honeymoon of “particles” in the vague is the mortal coil of my sparkling momentary existence. [00:04:08]
07. Have fun at the boundary of continuous and discontinuous, plaything called “Sacrifice” vital artery linking. [00:03:25]
08. ”Convulsive” beauty in the sound, the horror of the body beyond the idea to visit the wild. [00:04:27]
09. Dream world does not fear the “censorship” of gravity, ethereal body of freedom to break through closed inside. [00:04:00]
10. I am dent of the river. Flow is passing but ripple is kept. The “dynamic” order. [00:07:54]
11. Only the obstinate roar to reject money violate the taboo. “Shout” in meditation [00:01:21]

Битрейт: 192 kbps

01. It must be called "Intelligence" if people stop when they realize they are not able to become what they are wishing to be. [00:02:51]
02. Anger kills the fool, and envy gnaws at the fool's life with his precious "moment" together. [00:03:15]
03. One's imagination in the darkness is "always" exercised better than the one in the brightness. [00:07:00]
Битрейт: 192 kbps

01. Kotoba o Mochiite Kanaderu Mono wa Sainou ni Ara zu, Tada no Kioku ni 'Su'gi nu. [00:03:26]
02. Ai mo Shinkou mo Onajiyouni Hibi no Sasayaka na Gongyou de Nomi 'Iji'sareru. [00:04:59]
03. Ningen wa Jibunjishin ga Mienai Yue ni, Tanin ni Risou no 'Sugata' o Mitome Yasui. [00:06:14]
04. Shitou, Yuuei, Shibun, Reidon, Kouyou, Taimei, Kanchin, Yuuryoku, Hisshi, Bouba. [00:01:52]
Битрейт: 192 kbps

01. Utsukushiki Senritsu mo, Oto wo Kataru gen wo Mota zushite ha Kokoro Ni Mo Tome Me Ga Tashi [00:05:18]
02. Daitan ha Muchi to Hirestu no ko de atte, ta no Shikaku Yori Haruka ni Restu Ru [00:05:55]
03. Koe wo Motte, Kokoro no Soko o Tatai Te Miru to, Dok ka ~ Shii on ga Suru [00:05:38]
04. Kirai na mono ha Koroshi te Shimae ba ii, sore ga Ningen no Suru Koto ka ~ Nikukere ba Korose ba ii, Sore ga Ningen Toiu Mono de ha nai no ka ne [00:04:23]
Битрейт: 192 kbps

01. It must be called "Intelligence" if people stop when they realize they are not able to become what they are wishing to be. [00:02:49]
02. A thought would never let people "watch" what they choose. Instead, it let them see what they hope to see. [00:05:20]
03. Those who play using word are not in the talent, it is "only" there's memory. [00:03:29]
04. Also love and faith "keep" up with a daily small deed. [00:04:57]
05. MC [00:01:47]
06. If there is no word which tells sound, beautiful melody does not "keep" in mind. [00:04:58]
07. Daredevil is child of ignorance & mean and it is "inferior" to other qualification. [00:05:39]
08. There is something "sad" sound when you knock the deep part of the soul by voice. [00:05:32]
09. Avarice would speak with every word, it "acts" every part and it even pretends to be not avaricious. [00:04:56]
10. MC [00:01:55]
11. You can not "call" anyone happy, if you do not had been any trouble. (new album) [00:04:49]
12. Existence" of eloquence is only in a look of people's face that remain silence, and it even beats any kind of words. [00:04:24]
13. MC [00:01:02]
14. We promise with a view to hope, but the reason to "accomplish" what we promised would be fear. [00:06:55]
15. MC [00:02:00]
16. Just to kill a disagreeable thing. Is it "human's" thing to do? Just to kill a hateful thing. Doesn't it call it "human"? [00:02:03]
17. MC [00:00:36]
18. shitou, yuei, shifun, kandon, kouyou, taimei, kanthin, yuryoku, hisshi, bouzin. [00:01:54]
19. ??????????????????????????????(bonus) [00:05:25]
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