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Avalon [ver. 7.1 Rus / 7.2 Eng]

Год выпуска: 2020
Версия: v7.1 Rus / v7.2 Eng
3DCG, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Multiple protagonists, Romance
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Lockheart - www.patreon.com/keystomylockheart
Издательство: Lockheart - www.patreon.com/keystomylockheart
Перевод: Sefudc54
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Ren'py
Язык интерфейса: Английский / Русский /
Язык текста: Английский / Русский /
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • Операционная система: Win 7 / 8 / 10
  • Процессор: CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1.2 GHz
  • Оперативная память: 512 MB
  • Видео-карта: 128 Mb
  • Свободное место на диске: ~2,2 GB
  • DirectX 8.1 или выше


После того, как травматический опыт оставляет ее сломленной и одинокой, Авалон (Avalon) переезжает к своему дяде. Когда они снова начинают жить вместе после того, как были разобщены в течение нескольких лет, они начинают находить утешение друг в друге. По мере того как их отношения растут, они привлекают новых друзей, старых врагов и захватывающие приключения.
Прежде чем вы начнете знакомиться с Авалон и ее дядей Байроном (Byron), вам будет предоставлен выбор между двумя друзьями: Далласом или Октавией (Dallas or Octavia). Даллас - кокетливая болельщица, которая может быть кем-то большим, чем кажется. Октавия доброжелательна и добра, но за ее яркой личностью скрывается глубоко скрытая тайна. Кого же вы выберете?

Релиз обновлен 11.10.2020! Русская версия игры обновлена до версии 7.1, английская - до 7.2!

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив Avalon-v7.1-pc-Rus_Eng.zip либо Avalon-v7.2-pc_Eng.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл Avalon.exe
  • Играть (Язык меняется в главном меню в настройках (Preferences))

Here is the first half of the final Act 7! It will be at the bottom of this post.

Eris and I worked hard to update the first choice of the game. You'll now find there's a short description of each side girl and an updated render so you can make a more educated decision on who to choose as your secondary love interest.

Eris also helped me put together an updated Relationship Changer option in the Preferences menu. We've made it look much nicer. Please thank Eris for all her hard work if you get the chance!

I also updated the render's where Avalon screams while she has her head on Byron's lap in the first Act. A lot of people found it too unrealistic and creepy so I toned down the expressions considerably.

I've updated the Spa Scene on Octavia's path. It looks phenomenal! I have outdone myself. Both the Spa Scene and the Steam Room Scene have been completely redone.

We have over ten scenes this release, with two scenes being naughty content. I always appreciate feedback so please let me know what you think of this release.

There is no scheduled release date for the last half of Act 7. I simply have no idea how long it's going to take. But my aim is to get it out before the end of the year.

Thanks so much for your support and please enjoy the first half of Act 7!

UPDATE - Fixed the Mono path showing Poly Content
  • Released first half of Act 7.
  • Over 10 new scenes.
  • Updated some earlier renders, especially the spa and steam room scenes.
  • Improved relationship picker with descriptions of girls.

  • Continues to storyline

v 6.2
  • fixed the issue with Penny's textbox coming up as Queen Naudica.
  • redid Penny and Byron's first meeting.

v 6.1
  • This is the first half of Act 6. I don't want to spoil anything by listing out the scenes.
  • We're exploring Byron's past.
  • We are meeting a new character named Leah.
  • There are 3 new sex scenes.
v 5.7
  • Minor Fixes
  • Grammar and Spelling Mistakes Fixed
  • Sun Mei and Xianne Scene unlocked in the Gallery
  • Byron changed to [player_name] at the end of Act 5
  • Two Gallery Scenes named appropriately
  • Spaces now will not be accepted as a player name.

v 5.6


This is a really big update. If you were waiting on playing Avalon until there was a decent amount of content, now is the time to play. This is a great point at which to give it a playthrough. There's plenty of fun content now and some excellent naughty scenes.

We've had difficulty with saves in the past. So with the help of a professional coder, we've added an ACT SELECT to help allieviate this problem. Once you finish an Act, the proceeding Act will be unlocked in the ACT SELECT menu. Please thank OscarSix for this addition!

I also had a GALLERY implemented so once you've seen a scene, it will unlock in the GALLERY. Remember, there are four paths. So to unlock all the naughty scenes, you'll have to play through them all. Each path has additional information about the story but the Mono Paths have considerably less content as of this release than the Polyamorous paths. Please thank OscarSix for the addition of the GALLERY.

We've also implemented a SAVE GAME NAME feature. It's a little tricky; when you go into the Save Game Menu, type in what you want to name it and then click the slot you want to save on. Please thank OscarSix for the SAVE GAME NAME feature.

Scenes -
  • Pre-Date at Home (All)
  • Octavia Date (Octavia Poly)
  • Dallas Date - (Dallas Poly)
  • Avalon and Penny Date (All)
  • Octavia and Byron Nightcap (Octavia Poly)
  • Dallas and Byron Seduction (Dallas Poly)
  • Octavia and Penny Reunited (Octavia Mono)
  • Penny's Late Night Visit (Dallas Mono)
  • Avalon and Byron Night 5 (Mono)
  • Avalon and Byron Night 5 (Poly)
  • Merc and Lance Recovering (All)

v5.4 - Release Date May 5th, 2020

I found a new method of compression that greatly reduces file size without compromising quality. You'll find this release to be much smaller in size. (Credit to Recreation from Bad Memories for the assist!)

RENAME BYRON - That's right, you can now name Byron anything you want! If you load the game, you'll find his name is now [player_name]. You can combat this by either starting a new game or by starting the newly released content. There is an option just as you start Act 5 - Afternoon that will allow you to rename him. (Credit to Sir Dammed from Polarity and Radiant for helping with the code!)

We've altered the Mono path for Dallas. She was originally going to pursue Evans but due to popular demand, she's going to pursue... someone else. ;-) So we've altered the scene with Penny at Dallas's house to reflect this change.

Scenes -
  • Byron and Ava Couch Cuddle
  • Penny meets Gladstone
  • Avalon Video Calls
  • Avalon visits Sharol
  • Dallas, Avalon and Penny Salon (Dallas Path)
  • Penny Quits (Octavia - Mono Path)
  • Xianne's Dreaming of Sun Mei
I hope you all enjoy this release. The next one is going to take a bit longer than usual because there's going to be some exciting scenes and I want to make sure there is plenty of content. But I'll keep you guys updated, I promise!

This is the morning of Act 5, including;
  • Main Scenes:​
  • Penny's Morning Routine​
  • Avalon's Therapy Session​
  • Something on Your Face​
  • Dallas Path:​
  • A Gift from Penny​
Special thanks to Praenuntius and TrulyDemented for their hard work in hunting down grammatical and spelling errors! We'll see a considerable reduction in errors for all Acts. Thanks guys!

We've started our Patreon page and opened up Discord to the public. Come visit us!

Myrabelle's first Mini-Episode has been released to Patrons. The Time Collector, a scrapped project from Lockheart, has also been released to Patrons. See our Patreon page for details.
  • Added a short tutorial to the beginning of the game to explain how the choices work. If you've played V.4, there is nothing new.


Included in this update is Act 4.

I considered the main complaints from the community. In this release, we focused on three major things.
  • Choices - We've added choices and two additional paths to Avalon. The two new paths are Polygamy and Monogamy. Currently, monogamy just cuts out any sexual content between Avalon and Dallas or Octavia. This will be a more realized path in Act 5. Polygamy is how the game was originally designed to be played. Avalon is now a Visual Novel instead of a Kinetic Novel.
  • Sexual Content - We've added several new sex scenes. There is now a decent amount of sexual content.
  • Eyes - I know the eyes don't sit right in some of the pictures so I went back through and re-rendered quite a few scenes. We'll see much less of that problem

  • Reworked version of Act 3.
  • Removed Dentist Scene
  • Changed the personality for Penny.
  • Two new scenes with Dallas
  • Two new scenes with Octavia
  • One new scene with Penny
  • One sexy night scene with Avalon and Byron

  • Included are the first three Acts.

  • First release.

  • 19.04.2020 - первый релиз русской версии игры 4.1 и английской - 5.2
  • 03.05.2020 - английская версия игры обновлена до версии 5.4
  • 26.05.2020 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 5.4, с поглощением английской версии
  • 17.07.2020 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 5.7; в раздачу добавлена английская версия игры 6.1
  • 06.09.2020 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 6.4
  • 11.10.2020 - русская версия игры обновлена до версии 7.1, английская - до 7.2
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осторожно уши kolob_192

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Кто играл делитесь мнением?

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С главного постера обкакаться можно - баба справа старая и бледная как смерть (только косы ей не хватает), у бабы в центре такая же морда как у куклы Чаки (от такой рожи ночью сердечный приступ схватить можно). Жуть! Это что, хентай-хорор что ли?
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Семейка аддамсов - порно версия ?
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