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Flirty F [ver. 0.1.21 Rus / 0.1.8 Eng]

Год выпуска: 2019-2020
Версия: v.0.1.21 Rus / v.0.1.8 Eng
3dcg, Animated, Male Protagonist, MILF, Groping, Incest
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Oppai Comics - www.patreon.com/oppaicomics
Издательство: Oppai Comics - www.patreon.com/oppaicomics
Перевод: bar34
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Unity
Язык интерфейса: Английский / Русский /
Язык текста: Английский / Русский /
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • Операционная система: Win 7 / 8 / 10
  • Процессор: CPU: SSE2
  • Оперативная память: 4 GB
  • Видео-карта: 512 MB
  • Свободное место на диске: ~3 GB
  • DirectX: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities


Все шло хорошо, вы жили очень неторопливой жизнью - тренировались и играли в игры со своей онлайн-подругой Кэт и подругой детства Джулией, но когда переехали две новые соседки, все изменилось. Однако, похоже, судьба благоволит вам, потому что теперь вы окружены горячими женщинами... и Арнольд тоже...

Релиз обновлен 02.10.2020! Английская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.1.8!

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив FlirtyF-v0.1.21-Incest_Rus.zip либо FlirtyF-v0.1.8_Eng.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл FlirtyF.exe
  • Играть (Язык меняется в главном меню опционально)

- Jessica story!
- New images to replace many from the introduction. I will continue to replace all low definition images by the new little by little.
- New maps: Pool and workplace!, Also new HQ Images for few maps
- New characters to talk with! (No option yet, it's an anticipation for the future): Mia Pan Nanou Kat
- New repeatable actions for Christine, Nanou, Jessica.
- I changed a Nanou sentence and fixed the (sex) option
- Patrons commissions: Images and videos requested by my highest patrons.
- Many bug fix (name display, Christine leg choice, sex repeat with Julia, Julia's continue button)
- Replay coding revisited, it should work better (does't get back the lost replays from 0.1.5).
- Many new Images and animations in the old content (uses the new setup) - Game's size has been drastically reduced.
- You can find new images and animations at these old events: - Nanou at gym - sexual acts at the pyjama party
- Julia hips moves at the very beginning
Christine story part 1 is available
New dialogue options after you unlock content ():
- 6 options for Julia​
- 2 option for Christine​
Replay can now be unlocked, not retroactive*.
Also, many fix on the replay for Julia's events for people that could use the replay.
NEW BUTTON TO GO BACK TO THE MAIN MENU. It's in the settings panel. You'll lose your current not-saved game.
You can now name your MC when you "load from 0.1.3"
Julia's story button now warns when you've finished the content.
You can now continue the dialogue with the 'space' key. I guess people asked for this because their right hand isn't on their mouse
You can't save anymore on the main menu.
Fix of few names in scenes.

Not retroactive *: It means it won't be unlocked if you don't finish them "again". These replays are unlocked at the moment of finishing a scene, so you'll have to finish them again to trigger the replay record. I'm sorry for people, but see it as a beta test of my system ^^.
(It works if you load a save from 0.1.4 or 0.1.4a and finish the scene).
New scenes (Julia Story)
Replay system, not lost on future updates. (Once you finish a scene even without saving, you'll find it on the replay gallery on every updates)
Scene variant system: some scenes will be slightly different depending on your choices. (Scenes with letter 'a' or 'b' in the replay gallery)
Global rework on the coding to fit the replay system and rework of other codes, shouldn't be noticed by players.
New nipple models (not arriving at the beginning of the update)
New Penis model for the MC
New face for the MC near the end of the update
New light and post effects process on the renders

New content's size should be lighter and more high quality than without these modifications.

EDIT: The saves are not compatible so I created a button to directly skip the 0.1.3 content
EDIT 2: The link have been updated to 0.1.4a in order to fix a problem with the replay that was resetting after a new launch of game
EDIT 3: The last scene of Julia doesn't work with the replay, just make a save right before, to replay it.
I will make the fix in the next minor update near end of this month.
Some scenes on the map are now required to continue the story.
Masturbation system: sometime when a scene will arouse you, you’ll unlock a little scene to fantasize on. CLICK ON THE BED in your room.
3 new BIG scenes.
4 not-optional Scenes in the free map.
Upgrade of Graphic skills (concerns new content)
Epic new NSFW animations. I will wait for your feedback about it.
Global work on the system on the dev side. I had to work on it in order to avoid future issues.
Fix of the bugs when you type your name.
Important: You could meet with some problems when you load from 0.1.22.
I’ve faced a lot of big and unexpected issues and I've modified the coding a lot.
I also found a bug existing into the 0.1.22 that break the save if you've saved in the hallway map or if you have saved during an event loaded from this map. I'm sorry for people that did :/, however new save on this map aren't affected by this bug anymore.
So the only thing I could say is, try to load, and you’ll see :/
Actually I think I don't have to touch the code anymore, let's hope I won't have to ha ha!
Thank a lot for your support and messages, I receive a ton of message from people that really love the girls, you can't imagine how it makes me proud of me!
- fixed some relationship issues
- many little text edit
- close button is now working
- Little optimisation (game folder a lot lighter)
3,5 new main events
5 side events
13 new animations
fps optimisation
simplification of the main menu
I've implemented the video system in the game with a new video, I think I can optimize the game in future Update by replacing old animations by videos and make it lighter ^^
All texts has been reviewed and edited by Spellbreaker (native). Old and new.
no freeze between scenes (I hope so ha ha)
New feature: Scene replay. You can replay any scene from the computer in your room. It only concerns scenes from the story.
New game-play system: Story mode and Free mode. The free mode will change depending on your progression in the story mode. To continue the story you just click on continue, no need to look for events anymore, no waste of time.
It was a very important update, I had to finish to build the foundations of the game. From now on I could spend my time on the story and content only Смеюсь.
I've finished to integrate the new content, build the maps and the global system of events.

  • 08.01.2020 - первый релиз русской версии игры 0.1.21 и английской - 0.1.5
  • 03.04.2020 - английская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.1.6a
  • 02.10.2020 - английская версия игры обновлена до версии 0.1.8

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Играть и дрочить, играть и дрочить.

Этот мир безнадежен (
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Koful писал(а):

Играть и дрочить, играть и дрочить.
Звучит неплохо :3
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А где баба в игре с картинки?
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