Охотник на ведьм тренер / Witch Hunter Trainer (Team Borsch) (ENG+RUS) [L]

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Охотник на ведьм тренер / Witch Hunter Trainer [ver.Cold summer]

Год выпуска: 2019
Версия: Cold summer
Жанр: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Adventure, Voyeurism, Blowjob, Prostitution, Trainer, Paranormal
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Team Borsch - www.patreon.com/teamborsch
Издательство: Team Borsch - www.patreon.com/teamborsch

Перевод: raveNest
Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Ren'py
Язык интерфейса: Английский / Русский /
Язык текста: Русский
Таблэтка: не требуется

Системные требования:
  • Операционная система: Win 7 / 8 / 10
  • Процессор: CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1.2 GHz
  • Оперативная память: 512 MB
  • Видео-карта: 128 Mb
  • Свободное место на диске: ~600 MB
  • DirectX 8.1 или выше


Как приготовить вкусный суп, например, Борщ? Ну, возьмите немного говядины, добавьте несколько картофелин, капусты и красной свеклы. Не забывайте о специях, таких как кинза.

А как создать качественную новеллу - игру для взрослых? Возьмем амбициозную, молодую, возможно даже немного высокомерную, героиню (что может сделать человек когда он молод?) с некоторыми интересными сексуальными перегибами. Дайте ей терпеливого и мудрого наставника, который не лишен собственных личных проблем, склонностей и страстей. Приправьте его фунтом распущенности и пол-пинтой юмора. И, наконец, поставьте его вариться на медленном огне в городе, полном сверхъестественных тайн, в городе, оплетенном паутиной интриг, погруженном в порок, пронизанном коррупцией и связанным смогом. Именно так вы создадите качественную новеллу-игру для взрослых....

  • После скачивания необходимо распаковать игру (архив WHT_cold_summer_ver_PC-Rus.zip) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Открыть файл WHT_cald_summer_ver_PC.exe
  • Играть

v.Cold summer
Greetings, Dear Patrons!
Here we are with fresh news right from our cozy kitchen. Everything going just fine – fire is burning, pots are boiling and vegetables are blanching, so we may declare the date of new update for sure, and it will be – ta-dam – on the 10th of October.
So, what did we prepared for you:
  • Something solid: continue of the main story line.
  • Something fresh: we are testing new game mechanics, and you will see preamble for this.
  • Something spicy: new hot scenes with Jack.
  • Something juicy: consequences of the unexpected night visit.
  • Something in fusion style: new alchemical recipes in use.
  • And the cherry on this cake: new female character.
Hope you’ll enjoy it as much, as we enjoying creating it for you. Thank you for being with us, for your feedbacks, for your support. Hold on, it’s only 129600 seconds left!
Greetings, Dear Patrons!

Hi, guys! We are happy finally to introduce you an addition to our last update. Here is a little remark - it is an addition, with side-stories and quests, we’ve promised you before, not the full-weight update. That’s why you won’t find here more about Jack, and that’s why the link is available for all patrons at once.

So, what had we added here:
  • Two new locations. The Railway station, where you may find new job opportunities, and the Fishing Spot, where you may relax and even have some fun.
  • Four fresh issues of the newspaper – from 29th till 38th days.
  • Sam’s journal and calendar.
  • You may help Penny to find a job.
  • New employee in Passiflora. ( Note: something new is well forgotten old).
  • And some other little details.

What is there?
Well, there is the dungeon quest. It might seem you simple, but in fact it is the most complex script Mr. Beef had ever had to write. And he managed to make it only with the second attempt. While creating it we were inspired with your ideas and desires. Hope, you’ll enjoy it and won’t get lost.
We are very excited in your opinion about the dungeon quest. We are going to turn some now deserted forest locations into the labyrinths, where it is possible to wander and get to the most different situations, either. And what do you think, would you like to see more adventures in this style further?
As for the dungeon... To activate the quest, you need to run the mine and Boris should have to work in it at least 8 days.
We keep our word… trying at least. So, the link to the full version of this update will be available some days later – we still have to test it carefully, to avoid bugs like endlessly coming dwarf, cause the game script is heavily inflated from a variety of variables and conditions and continues to inflate.
What will be there?
  • personal assistant for Sam, which will perform the functions of the journal (quest- block will be finally removed)
  • Calendar
  • Fresh newspaper and breakfasts
  • New location and new possibilities in it.
    …and a bit later
  • Extended alchemy recipe book.
  • Potions used on practice.

Greeting, dear patrons!

We are still here, even if enviers say otherwise. You know, everything that happens, happens for the best. All bugs in dungeon quest are fixed by now, but there is no limit to perfectness – new episode and new views of Jack will be added.
We are also going to cancel quest system and add task-journal for Sam, which some of you wanted to see so much.
We really think that the first link to the new update will be available on the 25th of April.
What else we are going to include on it?
  • Dungeons are so muddy and dusty. What about a great bath after it?
  • New pages in the alchemy book, full of new potions. You will be interested to try them for sure, and face the consequences of course.
  • New daily scenes in the main street.
  • And may be something else, if everything would go right.

  • New trainings with Asian twin-sisters (if you’ve already had previous one.)
  • Midnight visits to Jack’s bedroom (Chief, only look how the pale window moonlight highlights all those curves… Isn't it beautiful?)
  • You can send Jack on a self-hunt and receive reports (partly illustrated) about it nightly.

  • 28.09.2019 - первый релиз русской версии игры Cold summer
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Это закос под Акабура чтоли?
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полная версия?если нет то какая версия?
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Eldaindil писал(а):

Это закос под Акабура чтоли?
Ну так после него сколкьо всяких тренеров развелось, а тут еще и рисовку пытаются копипастить Улыбаюсь
Но выглядит приятно.

Единственное не понял, а чего на скриншотах есть русский язык, английский язык и какой то китайский? 0_о
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