Adventures of Willy D. (Nenad Asanovic) (ENG) [L]

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Adventures of Willy D. ver.0.12 FIX

Год выпуска: 2017
Версия: ver.0.12 FIX
Жанр: 3D Animated, Adventure, Point & Click
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Nenad Asanovic - www.patreon.com/nenadasanovic
Издательство: Nenad Asanovic - www.patreon.com/nenadasanovic

Тип издания: Лицензия
Движок: Авторский (Неизвестен)
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык текста: Английский
Таблэтка: не требуется

Системные требования:
  • Операционная система: Win XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Процессор: CPU: Intel Pentium IV (2.0 GHz) / AMD Athlon XP 2200+
  • Оперативная память: 1 GB
  • Видео-карта: 512 MB
  • Свободное место на диске: ~4.25 GB


Приключения Вилли Д. - это игра типа поинт энд клик (point and click) адвенчуры. Если бы я сравнивал свою игру с другой, наиболее похожей была бы, вероятно, "Broken Sword", но со взрослым контентом.
Все в игре анимируется, так что это означает, что это не тип графического романа, где вы просто видите картинки или анимации только в определенных ситуациях. Даже когда персонаж стоит, вы можете видеть его движение, его дыхание...

  • После скачивания необходимо разархивировать игру (архив Willy D 012 fix.rar) на жесткий диск компьютера
  • Запустить файл Adventures of Willy D 012fix.exe
  • Играть

v0.12 fix
There was a bug with one scene that really happen only when we wanna do that scene again after we do it one. First time all works good but when we try do same second time (just for fun) it shows only black screen. It still works and will not break the game you just need to wait to animation finish, but since many people will actually wanna this scene cause it includes Giovanna here is fix for it. Another bug is that we can't at the moment talk with Nurse but That bug is a bit deeper so I will fix it for next version. Anyway we can't do anything more then talk few sentences with nurse as for now so you are not missing much. I apologize for this bugs cause I was not aware of them when testing... did not remember to try and repeat animation.
Here is new update of game. main story is going on further. There are new dolls to collect. New lingerie. And also additional room in doll house with BJ contest. So be sure to check that out. As always saves are included with game as walkthrough. Enriched walkthrough will be online in several days after blupblup finish it. So for now you will need to find satisfaction with my old text file (for 012 version). I willa lso test torrent as another option for the game to be downloaded. So anyone who like this method can now test it cause I will share torrent with you. This may take some time to upload from my PC but I will seed all time as much as I can and in first few days probably 24h of seeding. I am also testing few other sites for hosting game and will set accounts soon for new hosting methods. Lets h
v0.11 fix
Here is version where Giovanna should work normally and should not lock your game if you try to speak with her. Also fixed few minor bugs. If you already did download 0.11 version and don't wanna bother downloading this, just avoid clicking Giovanna when you see her standing on scene near Willy's car. Have fun and take care.
Here is new update. This contains path based story lines, and when you play it through you will probably see that story it self is not way to long. that is cause I lost a lot of time for creating scenes in doll house. Now I really don't wanna say anything about it till you guys see it with your own eyes. This is just Bronze door and remember in future we will be able to enter all doors so it will be much bigger. There are really a lot of new animations to explore in this update and I really mean A LOT. For now there are no new features and I am still in progress of making "memories" collections. I will add it to game only when I feel it won't be buggy as hell as it is at this very moment. Anyway. I hope you will enjoy this update as much as I have enjoyed making it. It was hard work maybe hardest so far it it was totally worth it. Have fun and take care.
**Version 0.10**

(base path)
  • No matter did you play incest or non incest path, talk to Melissa/amanda and say you will check Daisy. Now if you did not do scene with Daisy in drama school you will have to do it now. otherwise go to Willy's building and Daisy apartment will be open.
  • Go inside and talk with Daisy. Say: i could ask someone for help. now go to Neal's place and speak with claudia about Help for daisy. There will be cutscene. Now speak with mia and ask about Doll House. From Claudia's place go to Doll house (under Villa Maria on the map)
  • Speak with Nenad and say Mia sent me. he will ask you to find way in Doll house. Go to right side of screen and to forest meadow (doll house). there is a rock on enterance, examine it once and willy will say that Selina maybe may help him about carvings
  • Go to Los labia and ask selina for help. She will give you Liquid Cleaner. Go back to Doll house (meadow) and use liquid cleaner on the rock. Cust scene will start. After cutscene you may go to Nenad and tell him that you found Doll house enterance. He will say
  • he need a letter from drama teacher. Go to neal's place inside drama school speak with Drama Teacher. Tell him about Daisy. Go back home and inform Daisy about your progress. Now go back to Mia and let her know all was allright. She will tell you Claudia asked for you. Speak with her. After sex scene
  • tell her you need to go home and rest. Go home and infront of your apartment door Miss skye will be waiting. Speak with her. After you are done go inside your bedroom and click on chair by bed. Willy will take his wife stockings. Drop those to miss Skye. and enjoy.

  • In hotaboo shop you may buy lube. Drop it on Miss Skye for additional animation - Anal
  • New girl will appear in your building Jux Apo. As for now there are limited things you may do with her. Look for her in future updates also.

(New features)
  • You may scroll bigger scenes even without walking there just go with mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to scroll
  • there are new "autosaves" in save folder. You may load em from new OPTION menu (it is on main menu scene)
  • in options menu you may change volume of music/ambience and sound sfx... This is still in "beta" state.
  • In sex scenes if you see new cursor that looks like mouse, you may zoom in/out/reset main sex animation (background will stay same so it may look a bit weird)
  • If you Right click on CUM button in sex scenes cumming animation will be twice bigger then normal.
  • There are short descriptions of Lingerie collections.
  • In doll collection screen click MIDDLE mouse button to zoom certain doll in.
  • on sex scenes if you press SPACE it will togle ON/OPFF sex poses buttons good for screenshoots or even videos. By default they should always be ON when you come to sex scene
  • If they are not on some scenes please report so I can fix for next update... But even if they are not they should show after you press SPACE and even when you don't see em you may still click
  • and pose will change (on spot where they appear as default on certain sewx scene)​

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на всех скринах он сгибает левую ногу.у него проблемы и он ищет помощи?

Почётный пользователь нелегального софта
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bratboga писал(а):

на всех скринах он сгибает левую ногу.у него проблемы и он ищет помощи?
Он ищет розгибателя для его "ноги" kolob_103
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bratboga писал(а):

на всех скринах он сгибает левую ногу.у него проблемы и он ищет помощи?
Или еще хуже - он только так и ходит - картинка с согнутой ногой двигается под звуки шагов не имеющих отношения к визуальному ряду.

Труд сделал из обезьяны человека, а лень - из человека программиста.
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А ничего так игрулька, прикольно, ну а насчет ноги - так это издержки движка, ничего не поделаешь...))
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