Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Official Guide [PDF, ENG]

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Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: E-Guide
Издательство: PrimaGames
Формат: PDF
Качество: E-Book (2550x3300)
Язык: ENG
Количество страниц:2479

Полный, официальный и огромный гайд для Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition.
Около 2500 подробно и богато иллюстрированных страниц с поддержкой навигации по всему гайду.
• This complete guide features in-depth strategy for Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age Awakening, and all downloadable content.
• Packed with every quest, NPC, monster, and item across the world of Ferelden!
• Complete ascension guides with level-by-level tips on how to maximize a warrior, mage, or rogue class!
• Detailed walkthroughs to master all quests, puzzles, and pivotal story choices!
• Full equipment lists to gear out your PCs!
• Comprehensive bestiary with everything from arcane horrors to werewolves!
• Expert tactics to conquer the intricacies of combat!
• Complete walkthroughs for every side quest listing everything from maps to loot rewards.
• Spoiler warnings help identify sections in the guide which contain key plot points.
• Hundreds of maps from the ancient dwarven fortress Kal'Hirol to the deadly
Dragonbone wastes and beyond.
• This digital eGuide download features easy-to-use clickable navigation on every page.
• Fully searchable so you can find exactly what you want, when you want.
• View on-screen or print out pages.

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