(Pop-Punk) Mayday Parade - Дискография - 2006-2009, MP3, CBR 320 kbps

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Mayday Parade - Дискография

Жанр: Pop-Punk
Происхождение исполнителя: USA
Год: 2006-2009
Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: CBR 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 02:01:50

01. Just Say You're Not Into It
02. When I Get Home, You're So Dead
03. One Man Drinking Games
04. Your Song
05. Three Cheers For Five Years
06. The Last Something That Meant Anything
01. Jamie All Over
02. Black Cat
03. When I Get Home, You're So Dead
04. Jersey
05. If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask
06. Miserable At Best
07. Walk On Water Or Drown
08. Ocean And Atlantic
09. I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About
10. Take This To Heart
11. Champagne's For Celebrating (I'll Have A Martini)
12. You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds
13. Just Say You're Not Into It
14. Three Cheers For Five Years (Acoustic Version)
01. Kids In Love
02. Anywhere But Here
03. The Silence
04. Still Breathing
05. Bruised and Scarred
06. If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?
07. Save Your Heart
08. Get Up
09. Center Of Attention
10. I Swear This Time I Mean It
11. The End

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Топик был перенесен из форума Аltеrnаtivе, Рunk, Indереndеnt (mр3) в форум Архив (Зарубежный Rock)

The Buzzhorn
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