Loopmasters - Bass Boutique Label Sampler (WAV)

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Bass Boutique Label Sampler

Издатель: Loopmasters
Сайт: www.loopmasters.com
Формат: WAV
Качество: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo
Some sample collections simply go beyond the ordinary to deliver selections that you'll use time after time to give your productions that extra bounce and zing.

The Bass Boutique label sampler is one of those collections, comprising samples from five different packs on the titular imprint. Whether you're in search of dubstep pressure from world-renowned producer Ed Solo, breakbeat and jungle energy from Deekline, booty bass destruction from US main men Keith Mackenzie & Fixx, ruffneck vocal mayhem from the legendary Ragga Twins or low-slung block party beatmongery from the Ghetto Funk crew, this is guaranteed to be your first point of call when you really need a lick of studio inspiration.
24 Bit quality
40 Loops and Samples from Deekline & Ed Solo Presents the Sound of Hotcakes
40 Loops & Samples from Ed Solo Presents Bass Lab
40 Loops & Samples from Keith Macenzie & Fixx
40 Loops from The Ragga Vocals Vol. 2
40 Loops and Samples from The Sound of Ghetto Funk
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