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Acoustic Lounge

Издатель: Ueberschall
Сайт: www.ueberschall.com
Формат: Elastik
Качество: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo
Acoustic Lounge delivers a massive 24 construction kits of smooth, soulful, tunes that will always strike a sophisticated, laid-back, mood. The library is build on the classic sounds of late night jazz, dominated by the unplugged sounds of delicate drum grooves and beautiful upright bass lines complemented by tasteful acoustic pianos and guitars. The kits are further flavoured by highlight electric pianos and guitars, percussion elements, vibraphones, some special effects and the occasional atmospheric saxophone and trumpet round out the contents of the kits. The moods are always easy and the sound – 100% analogue – is always classy and warm.
Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/RTAS/Standalone

5.5 GB, 24 Construction Kits, 1944 Acoustic Lounge Loops & Samples
Beautifully Recorded Warm Analogue Sound

The recording chain was fully analogue. This included classic vintage studio equipment with everything recorded to tape. The result is a beautiful, warm, sound that brings the very best out of every instrument.

Each construction kit also features full drum kit recordings and, within each of the multiple musical sections provided for each construction kit, both pre-mixed stereo loops plus individually mic’ed loops for kick, snarebot, snaretop, trigger, hihat, tom, overheads, room and cymbals are supplied. With the mixing options provided within Elastik, you can create just the drum mix that you need.

Huge Collection Of Detailed Construction Kits

The library offers 24 construction kits in total with eight kits per tempo (70, 80 and 90 BPM). Each kit contains four or five parts, including intro and outro. Not all loops are used in the mix of each part making quick variations possible. A dry version is also available for most loops that are used with effects.

Smooth Lounge Moods

Acoustic Lounge is ideal for busy media composers looking to create an easy listening lounge mood but wanting the very best is both performance and sound.

Elastik Features

Ueberschall’s Elastik player is the ideal tool for loop based music production. The integrated browser and the effective pitch and timeshift algorithms by zplane.development increase the flexibility and creativity of Acoustic Lounge a lot.


Drums, Percussion: Phillip Candas, Upright Bass: Christian Flohr, Guitars: Kai Reuter, Andreas Jäger, Piano, E-Piano and Synth: Hakan Türközü, Saxophone: Nico Finke, Trumpet: Gary Winters, Editing: Julian Liedtke, Andreas Reinsch, Production: Uwe Kinast
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Господа, что за формат Elastik?
Раньше не встречался... Улыбаюсь)
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vaiteri писал(а):

Господа, что за формат Elastik?
Раньше не встречался... Улыбаюсь)
у этой конторы свой плеер (скачивается бесплатно), который можно ставить как vst плагин, который кушает семплы этого формата.
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Топик был перенесен из форума Библиотеки сэмплов в форум Архив (Материалы для мультимедиа и дизайна)

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