(Deep House, Tech House) Misha Tune feat. Acidoaks & Ange – Sunset Heat (Particles – PSI1519) - 2015, MP3 (tracks), 320 kbps

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Misha Tune feat. Acidoaks & Ange – Sunset Heat (Particles – PSI1519)


Жанр: Deep House, Tech House
Год издания данного носителя: 2015
Аудио кодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 40:57

1. Last Vestige [Vocal Mix] (6:48)
2. Misha Tune – Sunset Heat (7:08)
3. Misha Tune – Between the Sunset and the Sea (6:38)
4. Misha Tune – Black Sea [Tuxedo Remix] (6:59)
5. Misha Tune – Sea Port [Mikhail Kobzar & Yefim Malko Remix] (6:32)
6. Last Vestige [Dub Mix] (6:52)

Part of the dozen tracks that made up "Spring Particles 2014", Misha Tune contributed a pair of tunes that highlighted the Russian producer's smooth melodic style and penchant for intelligent house rhythms in a debut to remember. A taste of what was to come, both "Sea Port" and " Black Sea" are now included with impressive remixes as Misha adds three new original works to bathe in "Sunset Heat".

Already an accomplished DJ performing with such luminaries as Kolombo and Neil Quigley, Misha Tune's production career began in April 2014 with a Particles flourish. Subsequent work for Kunststoff Fernseher, Wasabi and Doppelgaenger has established a growing reputation with the "Sunset Heat" title track immediately providing tropical rhythms as a backdrop for textured pads to wash over a cavernous bass line and complex percussive grooves. "Between the Sunset and the Sea" continues the oceanic theme as a pulsating pad drives forward with house rhythms and shaker-fuelled percussion. A sense of foreboding prevails in the relentless motifs that roll towards a storm in the distance but calmer waters are found in the elegant mid-point string section.

"The Last Vestige" comes as Misha Tune joins forces with Russian vocalist Ange whose work has already graced the catalogues of Black Hole, Shah Music and Moonbeam, and another fellow countryman in the shape of rising producer, Acidoaks. Present here in both vocal and dub versions, whispering vocals sing of love lost as loquacious verses are juxtaposed against angular beats and sub bass. Pads and keys provide further layers of intrigue, brought to the fore through the Dub Mix, in a unique work of intrigue.

Drawing inspiration growing up in a family of musicians, Polish born, Tuxedo, from the epoch making city of Gdansk, has taken influences from a wide variety of genres. Founder of the highly regarded Electronic Tree imprint, Tuxedo's work has been a regular feature on the Stellar Fountain, Round Triangle and Passion Fruit labels. A Particles career centred on 2013's "Destinations" EP has been enhanced by a clutch of impressive remixes. Now returning to remix "Back Sea", Tuxedo has taken Misha Tune's original pad sequence and forged from it a new interpretation redolent in rich additional production through new melodies, lilting percussive groove and bass line. The resultant work is a notable highlight.

Russian duo, Mikhail Kobzar and Yefim Malko are a prolific pairing that has seen their work become a staple of the minim.all label while also featuring on Wavetech Music and Momentum League. With a passion for the minimal and tech house genres, Kobzar and Malko's remix of "Sea Port" is a deep, beats driven affair bristling with angular stabs and spot effects that provide a link to the original before its pads are replayed in reverse fashion with an innovative flourish. The result is an intelligent rework with skilled production sensibilities.

A sextet of nautically themed tracks illustrates there is much warmth to be found in Misha Tune's "Sunset Heat".
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