Divinity: Original Sin Update 1.0.107 - 1.0.169 (GOG)

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Игра: Divinity: Original Sin
Версия: 1.0.107 - 1.0.169
Защита: Нет (GOG)
Patch notes 1.0.169:

Update Version 1.0.169
15 September - Larian_Octaaf
Hi everybody,

In anticipation of the launch of the new companion DLC (which will be free for everyone) here is a new update which will further improve the game.

The most notable improvements are the new listening functionality for dialogs when playing in cooperative multiplayer, a big layer of polish on the spell and skill effects and a number of bugfixes. Please note that the new companions will only be available after installing the free DLC (to be released later today) and can only be accessed when starting a new game.


Added listening functionality to dialogs. Now you can listen to ongoing dialogs and see the complete history to better follow what is being said.
Fixed issue with logging for cooperative dialogs
A lot of fixes for savegames that refused to load
Sheath/Unsheath fixed timing of attachment of shields.
Rare crash fix in specific script calls
Rare crash fix in extinguish surface action
Fading objects and fog triggers now work for all players instead of just the local player.
Fixed issue where rotation on objects could get corrupted, resulting in huge objects
Bugfix in character movement while mouse is pressed
Fixed some UI's that were always loaded in memory. Now they are loaded when needed.
Fixed issue when swapping character during a rock-paper-scissor minigame.
Fixed some doors that were blocking after they were destroyed
Added text bubble effect above characters in dialog
Dragging action will cancel when going into trade
Fixed rare crash with attachments on objects
Fixed rare issue where the mouse cursor could become corrupted
Weight can no longer become negative
Character should slide less when arriving at their target position
Dragging an item onto a container will put it in the inventory now
Correctly substract money when hiring henchman
Correctly delete item when adding to an inventory fails.
Fixed exclamation mark sometimes being attached wrong.
Fixed rare crashes when going to and coming from the Homestead
Fixed double spaces in combat log
Changed requirement from Crafing to Tenebrium to craft tenebrium weapons
Fixed issue with sheath/unsheat after sitting or sleeping
Fixed issue with wrong resurrecting event
Skillbar items in a container no longer get removed
Fix for surface sound underflow
Skill are reloaded when switching mods
Remove blackrot status when you have tenebrium ability
Added "Additional Content" menu to the main menu
Fixed issue where characters in combat could sometimes take characters out of the combat into account
Fixed issue with disconnected during the rock-paper-scissor minigame
Fixed issue where character sometimes dont follow after a load


War of the Bloodstones, some mountain men could be neutral during the war
Quest blocker in Nadia quest when you talk to Lawrence
Arhu thinks that everything you drop in his house is his property, is fixed
Issue with killing the Trife with companions without starting the end fight
Imps were not appearing on Mac version
AI mesh fixes at Baron of Bones house, now the player can teleport the chest in the southern room
Items on some graves drop under the ground when dug out
You could start a conversation with Lurrean while he was walking away
You could ask William to teleport you to Wally once the quest was solved, this is removed
Incorrect log entry on mushroom barrier removal
Couldn't select enemies that were inside click through bushes
Zou could talk to Yox while Frederick was approaching and the quest would hang
How to handle Tenebrium quest book had been increased to unlimited uses
Cyseal burning ship got a sound event, so you can hear it burn now
The Lawrence vs miners situation used to get blocked but that is fixed now
Teleport Mirror in Luculla Mines doesn't want to teleport companions

Note: a limited amount of these story fixes require you to start a new game


Battering Ram
Crushing Fist
Cure Wounds
Divine Light
Dust Devil/Whirlwind
Power Stance
Precision Stance
Power Stance
Precision Stance
Minor Heal
Slow Current
Bitter Cold


Overall audio balance has been updated.
The burning ship in Cyseal had sound (burning & sinking) which did not work, this has been fixed now.
Player weapons such as Two Handed Sword and Magic Staff got new dedicated sounds when sheathing their weapon.
The Orcs in the game now have extra foley sounds including a huge roar, a sobbing orc and a really gross ‘buttscratch’…
For the new area, dedicated ambient sounds have been added, as well as custom sounds for a very loathsome druid and some really disgusting fx for certain pigs

MAC Specific:
This update brings all Mac tweaking options into a single place. In order to use it you have to hold 'Command' key on game startup.
The new launcher has options to:

Don't show any OS X notification popups while in game. They won't even blink.
Disable Touch Support if you feel like it
Quickly click on OS X Path control to discover your saves directory
Temporarily switch game to windowed mode
Precisely track mouse and trackpad gestures and taps
Disable hardware fade and gamma effects
Enable OpenGL performance tweaks and a heap of assorted workarounds
Divinity Original Sin (1.0.107 - 1.0.132 Patch Notes.)


HP Bug on loading
Changes to resistance cap that were supposed to be in the patch but did not make it in (zombie talent fix, can go over cap with potions and temporary effects)


Code fixes:
Leech only works in your turn
Rotation corruption fix in savegames
Unique object fix
Allow resurrect skills when vision is blocked
Added level names to localization
Added combination stats to loca parser
Added journal to loca parser
Fixed loca parsing paths
Localization of secrets fixed
Fixed bleeding damage scale
Next character in UI follows order of the character chain
Localized level names in lobby
No more invisible armour after character creation
No more double dialog log line after load
Ability, talent and stat tooltips in character creation take level into account
Fixed combinations with skulls, bones and sinew
Fixed henchman rotation in henchman ui
Updated Iggy, support for a fallback font
Fixed faulty dialog cleanup
Fixed bad savegame crash, now throws an error
Updated Troll and deamon voices to be more brutal
Tuned texture streamer to fix some objects using a lower resolution than needed
Texture streamer is more responsive now
Fixed players not getting the kick or refused connection message
Fixed character "walking through walls" when experiencing connection problems

Mac specific:
Fixed story random problem
Fixed memory crash
OpenGL experimental mode
Fixes to OpenGL renderer
Using ‘Terminal’ app you can now enable following tweaks:
1) Precise mouse tracking for low-end systems and for ‘touch’ to click functionality: defaults write com.larian.dos DelayMouseClicks -bool true
2) Completely disable any ‘bleeding’ notification centre popups: defaults write com.larian.dos DisablePopups -bool true
3) Enable performance GL tweaks: defaults write com.larian.dos EnableExperimentalGL -bool true

User Interface:
Added sorting in trade UI
No graphical artefact in scrolling of saveload, options, ...
Player portraits chain fix
Panel position reset fix
Improved long text visibility in dropdown menus
Enlarged container UI limit

Story and gameplay:
Made summons a bit less interesting for default targeting (AI)
Totem should not debuff specializations
Clarified error message during character creation when you don't have required skills or talents
Fixed end dialog on some dialogs
Added sound effect to burning ship
Fixed quest lose condition of burning ship
Removed burning status when ship is destroyed
Fixed the gossip keyword
Fixed philospohy of death, book and quest
Fixed Snorri tomb icon
Moved William water well, he got back at the wrong location
Fixed the prison key, it used to lie on the ground but now it's in the guards pocket
Hiberheim watcher synchronizaiton fix, the trap is always in sync now
Lawrence and Nadia dialog fix
Removed Free personality, changed Spirit to Free Spirit personality
These are all combat fixes, also most DF characters have been remade with new root templates because the level override didn't always work
turn ramon's chest indestructable

Note: for story and gameplay fixes, it is possible that a new game has to be started since not all story fixes can be pushed into existing savegames.

Editor fixes:
Fixed painting terrain corruption
Fixed ai grid save problem
Fixed problem with loading certain mods
Fixed crash when entering game mode
Crash fix in script parsing
The Divinity Engine - редактор уровней, можно создавать свои.
Гог успешно его установил, но не активировал, активируем так :
Заходим в C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin\DLC

Создаём файл 322490.
По английски пишут такую хрень :

Create the appid activator file "322490" inside User account Documents folder of the "Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin/DLC/"
* execute cmd "Command Prompt"
* cd Documents
* cd "Larian Studios"
* cd "Divinity Original Sin"
* cd DLC
* type null > 322490

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Подскажите по поводу папок. Какие указывать чтоб он увидел все материалы для Эдитора?

добавлено спустя 8 минут 37 секунд:


Первым делом нажмите на кнопку "GameDataPath" и выберите папку данных Original Sin:
...\SteamApps\common\Divinity - Original Sin\Data\
Если там заполнено, нажмите на кнопку "EditorDataPath" и выберите:
...\SteamApps\common\Divinity - Original Sin\Data\Editor\
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поменял структуру папок, вроде стало лучше...

Это подпись, серьёзно. kolob_103
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сохранения слетают при переходе с 1.0.132 на 1.0.169 ?
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dragomir13 писал(а):

сохранения слетают при переходе с 1.0.132 на 1.0.169 ?

Это подпись, серьёзно. kolob_103
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