CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 5.0.5315 Final [08.06.2014]

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CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 5.0.5315 Final [08.06.2014]

    Название: Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra
    Год выпуска: 2014
    Версия: Ultra 5.0.5315
    Язык интерфейса: ML, Английский
    Лечение: Присутствует

Системные тебования:
    RAM: 2GB required
    CPU: Intel Pentium D 3.0 GHz CPU with hyper-threading or equivalent AMD CPU
    HDD: 1 GB required minimum
    VGA: Graphics card with 128MB VRAM, 1024 x 768, 16-bit color or higher]
    OS: Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, 7, Vista and XP 32bit (Windows XP Service Pack 3 is required)

Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra - представляет собой всеобъемлющий инструментарий для ретуширования цифровых снимков и управления архивами изображений. С помощью пакета CyberLink PhotoDirector начинающие фотографы смогут превратить рядовые снимки в произведения искусства. Для более продуктивной работы все доступные функции и инструменты PhotoDirector сгруппированы по трем категориям.

    Быстрый интуитивно понятный интерфейс
    Широкий выбор режимов предварительного просмотра фотографий
    Уникальная технология сохранения исходного изображения, а также наличие полной истории его изменения с возможностью возвращения к предыдущим шагам
    Встроенная поддержка формата RAW фотокамер Canon и Nikon
    Возможность создания собственных профилей настроек и загрузки готовых профилей, созданных другими пользователями с ресурса DirectorZone.com
    Возможность публикации фотоснимков в Facebook и Flickr
    Наличие инструментов для создания потрясающих слайд-шоу HD-качества с разрешением до 1080p, и функции загрузки их на YouTube

    • Управление и коррекция цвета
    • Зона цветовой настройки
    • Гистограмма
    • Множественные маски
    • Настройка кистей
    • Градиент маски
    • HSL / Цвет
    • Настройка пресетов
    • Загрузка бесплатных пресетов
    • Подавление шумов
    • Четкость
    • Виньетки
    • Стилистические эффекты
    • Быстрое исправление фотографий
    • Коррекция трапецеидальных искажений
    • Фишай коррекция
    • Удаление эффекта красных глаз
    • Усиление эффекта белков глаз
    • Удаление морщин, дефектов кожи
    • Отбеливание зубов
    • Удаление объектов, фона
    • Добавление водяного знака, авторских прав, модели камеры, экспозиции, диафрагмы, выдержки и ISO
    • Вставка изображений и логотипа владельца авторских прав
    • Создание слайдшоу
    • Выгрузка в социальные сети, например, Facebook
    • Печать высококачественных фотографий
    • Экспорт в sRGB, Adobe RGB и ProPhoto RGB
    • Поддержка 16-битных изображений
    • Встроенная поддержка RAW
    • Сравнение и контраст изображений
    • Метаданные
    • Создание виртуальных копий


• Complete Adjustment Tools: Bring out the colors in your shots with a wide range of tools for tonal adjustment, white balance & saturation control, including curves and levels.
• Non-Destructive Editing: Edit photos in a non-destructive environment that safeguards the state of your original image
• Regional adjustments: Comes with a number of selection brushes to isolate areas in a photo and edit with complete adjustment tools.
• Histogram: Easily identify overexposed or underexposed areas in your photos. Values are arrayed across the graph from left (darkest) to right (brightest).
• Lens Correction (NEW): Automatically correct distortion from popular lens makers.
• Unsharp Mask: Deliver crisp, sharp images with detail sharpening adjustments.
• Noise Reduction: Remove artifacts from shots taken at high ISO or in low light conditions
• RGB Curves (NEW): Adjust individual RGB channels to control color and contrast.
• Split Tone (NEW): Impart drama and style by adding different colors to both the highlights and shadows of an image.
• Tilt-shift: Use gradient masking techniques to get the miniature model look for your photos.
• Photo Presets: Choose from a range of photo presets including HDR for quick, creative image adjustments.
• Creative Color Tones: Give your photos a classy monochrome, duotone or filtered style for a unique look
• Download Presets from DirectorZone: Download thousands of FREE presets created and shared by PhotoDirector users on the largest creative editing community website, DirectorZone.
• Unique and Powerful Editing Tools: Explore your creativity with easy-to-use tools to transform your photos into works that capture the imagination.
• Stunning Portraits: Unique People Beautifier Tools contour figures and take away the extra pounds that cameras put on.
• Protective Brush: Lets you reshape only the parts you want to adjust in your portrait photos and leave the rest untouched
• Eye Blinger: Unlike simple red-eye removal, Eye Blinger enhances whites of the eyes by removing color casts and bringing out the color of the eyes.
• Wrinkle Removal: To create smoother, youthful looking skin, use the wrinkle removal to retouch imperfections and blemishes in specific areas.
• Skin Smoother: Smooth out skin and even out tones to give your portrait a professional look with the Skin Smoother and Eraser tool.
• Tooth Brush: The Tooth Brush makes it easy to whiten teeth. Select the Eraser tool and you can fine-tune the areas where you applied the brush.
• Bracketed HDR (NEW): Merges up to 5 bracketed shots into a single high dynamic range (HDR) photo with automatic alignment and ghost artifact removal.
• Content-aware Removal: Remove unwanted objects or people from photos automatically by intelligently filling in the background area.
• Creative Photo Composition: Easily extract ojects from images and transfer them as overlays onto other photos. Includes intelligent tools to select objects or people to extract.
• Remove Unwanted Wires: Improve photos by removing distracting wires and power-lines using the versatile content-aware removal feature.
• Achieve Stylistic Effects: Apply black and white, blur, sepia and tint effects. Use brush tools to mask areas you want to remain untouched.
• Powerful Watermark Tool: Design your watermark with titles, frames, and images. Add copyright, camera model, exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO information.
• Organize and Retrieve Photos Easily: Our photo collections grow quickly. PhotoDirector lets you manage, adjust, edit and export photos in one intuitive application.
• Face Recognition: Organizing photos in your library is almost effortless with automatic face tagging.
• Import Auto Processing: Automatically organize, apply quality adjustments and presets during import to save time.
• IPTC Metadata Editing: Add and edit the IPTC metadata of an image—including shutter speed, exposure information, capture date, ISO, etc.
• Auto Image Stacks (NEW): A handy way to create groups within larger folder-based photo sets—combine a group of images with a similar frame of reference.
• Image Compare and Contrast: Within the Photo Library Module, choose between different viewing modes to compare images. View two photos side-by-side in Compare Two mode or multiple photos at the same time in Lightbox Mode.
• Multiple Photo Views for Easy Selection: Choose between three different modes (single/compare/grid) to compare the original photo with edited images to decide if the adjustments you applied are the exact effect you were looking for.
• Browser and Viewer Modes: Edit your photos while viewing them in several layout options. Display a large portion of the image as well as a small filmstrip of thumbnail images simultaneously to conveniently and quickly apply adjustments to several photos.
• Faster Importing & Exporting of RAW Photos: RAW files provide higher quality information and more flexibility in processing than other formats, but processing them can result in frustrating delays. PhotoDirector 5 solves the problem with new RAW processing technology that's faster than ever. Nearly 3x faster than the previous version, and up to 40x faster than leading competitor software, PhotoDirector 5 gives you more time to perfect your photos and less time waiting for them to process.
• Seamless Round-trip Editing with PowerDirector: Introduce photo editing into your video editing workflow with support for full round-trip editing with award-winning video editor, PowerDirector. Smooth interoperability means you can send adjusted photos to PowerDirector with a single click so they can be integrated into video productions.
• Print and Share Your Works of Art: PhotoDirector lets you export photos, make high quality prints and directly upload your work to social networks.
• Print High Quality Photos: Print module is packed with printing options and presets to suit your desired format. It comes complete with a wide range of page size settings and also allows you to adjust the printing resolution.
• Customizable File Export: Export to different color spaces including sRGB, Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB. Customize your exports with output resolution, file size, file destination, metadata and more.
• 4K Video Slideshows (NEW): When running PhotoDirector 5 on a 64-bit Windows or Mac system, you can create 2K (2048 x 1152) or 4K (4096 x 2304) UltraHD video slideshows. Produce slideshows with transitions, motion effects, titles and background music. Choose from H.264 (M2TS and MPEG4) and WMV files and upload to YouTube directly.
• Upload and Share Directly to Social Communities: Share your favorite photos with friends and family by uploading them directly from PhotoDirector to Facebook or export them directly to Flickr.

    • Отключить соединение с интернет

    • Установить "CLPHD_5.0_Setup.exe" в директорию по-умолчанию

    • После установки не запускать

    • Запустить "Activation_PHD5_x32.exe" или "Activation_PHD5_x64.exe" в папке "Activator"

    • Установить "PhotoDirector_5.0.5315.50150_GM4_Patch_Patch_PTD140518-01.exe" в папке "Update 5.0.5315"

    • Запустить,
    - Выбрать "No, thank you" box for participation request
    - Убрать галку "Remind me later" and select skip registration
    - Убрать галку "Automatic update" option in Settings - Preferences
    • Не обновлять

    CRC32: F633DB8B
    MD5: 9FBAAF7E7B4034B93A0544F0564735CF
    SHA-1: DC3446D525DD53D5C6EC298A6BE9D31E64EC9EFA

    CRC32: 4DBE10DA
    MD5: CA09CBF2E0ED50487011F5100FE89D41
    SHA-1: 1E8E27CACF267512A48D9E544DAD7AC9885A728E

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    2.9. Проявлять расовую, национальную и религиозную неприязнь, пропагандировать терроризм, экстремизм, наркотики и прочие темы, несовместимые с общепринятыми законами морали и приличия.
    2.12. Публично предъявлять претензии и обсуждать действия или . Участник форума, несогласный с действиями Модератора, может высказать своё несогласие Модератору по почте или в личном сообщении. Если от Модератора нет ответа или ответ, по мнению участника, необоснованный, последний вправе переписку с Модератором отправить Администратору. Конечное решение принимает Администратор. Это решение является окончательным и обсуждению не подлежит.
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